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Over the next several weeks, Lassic had time to let what had happened to him finally sink in. He was being sold in a pet store, in an alien mall, on an alien planet, where the aliens were absolutely gigantic.

As glamorous as all that sounds, most of his days were actually spent in great boredom. All he could do all day was sit around in his cell like a real prisoner. The glass wall had been wiped off by the clerk, giving Lassic a much better view outside. He couldn?t see much except the occasional browser looking at all the exotic pets the store had to offer. Sometimes the giant blue children would wander in and look at him for a second, their big eyes chilling him to the core. If he was outside the cage they could crush him without an ounce of effort?

What Lassic first thought was also proven true, the ?people?, if you could call them that, were practically identical to people on Earth in most ways. Their bodies were the same shape and, from his encounter with the clerk on his first day, their personalities seemed to be human-like at least.

Days seemed to pass by quickly, Lassic wasn't even sure how long a day was on this planet, though there a day was only twelve minutes longer than on Earth. The food the clerk had put in his bowl tasted incredibly bland, but at least it was tolerable if a little dry. Just as Lassic began to settle his nerves to his new existence, things took another change for the worse.

?Oh! Mom! Look at this one! Can I get it?? a young alien girl said bending over and looking into Lassic?s pen. Her face filled most of his outside view as he looked back at her. This had happened a few times, and Lassic still wasn?t used to it. Often times people would stop and look at him, giving a curious look for a few seconds before walking away. It terrified him each time, getting looked at like an animal in the zoo.

Steps thumped loudly as the new girl moved and another older looking woman came into view. She was blonde and looked to be in her late thirties or early forties, if she were human she?d definitely be a decent MILF if you know what I mean. In fact, the first thing Lassic could notice about her was her huge swinging rack as she bent over to get a look at him. If he weren?t so anxious about them looking at him, Lassic might have wondered if this planet even knew what a bra was.

?Hmm, well it does look pretty good, and it is your birthday,? the giant woman said, biting her lower lip before standing back upright, ?excuse me? Ms.! We?d like this one!? she called out towards the counter where the clerk stood, a bored look still stuck on her face as usual. Unenthusiastically, she got out from behind the counter and walked towards the two women, once again trying to get a good look at their choice.

?This one, huh?? the clerk said as she opened the glass once again. She reached in with her thumb and pointer finger and soon pulled out a tiny squirming body between them, only to drop him onto her other flattened palm.

As Lassic was being taken out of his cage, though, he managed to get a good look behind him at the cage he was leaving behind. He was surprised to see that his container wasn?t the only one on the wall. It made sense, but just wasn?t something he really thought about. But the things that were in the cages are what really surprised and even scared him. Terrifying ?things? that Lassic couldn?t even describe, all by their own glass walls, some hitting it with massive arms or thin tentacles or whatever these alien creatures had. It was beyond words.

?Aaahh!!? Lassic yelled out as he fell the short distance between the fingers and the light blue palm. At least he could breathe again, the soft pressure from between those fingers was enough to squeeze the air out of him.

?You sure you want this shrimp? It can talk but that?s pretty much it. It?s from a pretty small primitive planet, hardly even on any maps,? the clerk asked, looking at the two women.

?That?s fine,? the older woman said before looking towards the younger one, ?whatever my daughter wants. She?s turning 17 today, you know.?

?Cool cool,? said the clerk, honestly not caring, ?so you want me to clean it before I bag em for ya??

?Yes,? said the mother as she took out what looked like a cellphone. As she began to make a call, Lassic could see the daughter?s face light up with a smile; she?d brought her arms in and tried her best not to jump in excitement. Lassic couldn?t hear any of the older mom?s phone call, however, because the clerk had already walked off with him in her hand towards a sink that was prepped with warm water.

Without so much as a word of warning, the clerk plunged her hand into the warm water, bringing Lassic along with it. Luckily, the tiny human was an adequate swimmer, so from her open hand, he quickly managed to swim back up the surface.

?H-Hey!? Lassic yelled out, coughing from some water he inhaled, ?what the hell was that for!??

?Just a reminder I like to give,? the clerk said, now finally smiling and showing a row of white teeth.

?I don?t care if you?re smart enough to talk, or if you think you have rights or whatever, but on this planet, you?re nothing. Right now that lady is taking you home as a pet, and I bet that within a month that little girl is gonna get bored of you and accidentally step on you. Honestly, I don?t even get how your species survived this long, you?re so puny.?

The clerk reached towards Lassic with two fingers once again, but this time instead of raising him, the giant girl plunged him down into the water, not even giving him enough time to draw a breath.

Lassic squirmed, he tried to kick, open his mouth to scream, but nothing was working. His white hair tangled in his face as he thrashed violently about. The tips of the clerk?s fingers squeezed gently onto his body, gently moving side to side as if scrubbing Lassic, but the only thing that did was make him spin around in her grasp

?I can?t breathe? I can?t breathe?? Lassic thought in a panic as his consciousness began to fade. But before he could pass out Lassic was thrust up at what felt like violent speed, finally coming out of the lake sized sink and into the open air once again.

He coughed, he hacked, he tried his hardest to breathe right again. After a few moments he managed to calm down to a ragged gasping for air, that?s when he noticed the clerk?s light chuckling.

?See?? she said, still laughing between her words, ?you?re so pathetic compared to us. And you better remember that, too.?

The clerk lifted Lassic up, still breathing heavily between her fingers until he was close enough she could have licked him if she wanted to.

?Or this planet will eat you alive.?


Lassic stood awkwardly on the table, not sure of what he was supposed to do. It was the same feeling as being at a party and having people look at you. An extended moment of social anguish that felt like an eternity. Only this time, three sets of eyes were staring down at him, the eyes of his new, big, blue family. A family of three women that were now his supposed "owners".

The first, and biggest of the three, was Karna. She was the mother of the other two aliens and looked to be roughly in her forties, but that was as far as Lassic could estimate. She wore what looked like a smooth white tank top that was nearly skin tight, below that seemed to be equally tight blue shorts that only went halfway down her thigh, and that's if you were being generous. Her crystal-like eyes seemed to be looking him up and down, and for some reason it looked like a hungry look?

The next girl was Paqui, a younger looking alien, maybe in her early twenties who had a noticeably sour look on her face. Her hair was Raven black and sat in two pigtails that went over her shoulder and fell down her chest. Her shirt, like her mother's, seemed to be skin tight, like a leotard that was solid black; beneath that was another tight black pair of pants that went all the way to her ankles.

And finally, there was Linza, sitting on her knees in front of the table Lassic now stood on. She was the one who picked Lassic out at the pet store for her birthday. She was turning 17 but that was only on this planet's time; on Earth she'd be roughly 19 by now, but as far as Lassic could tell she was just a gigantic teenager. Her eyes were still wide and her white teeth showing in a smile looking down at her new pet. Her clothes were just as tight and futuristic as the other women?s, only her top was a shade of red like the inside of a watermelon, and below that was more of a white skirt that went halfway down her thighs.

?Um.. h-hi?? Lassic finally said, breaking the silence.

?See? He CAN talk!? Linza burst out looking at her sister, Paqui.

?So what?? replied Paqui, ?I still don?t see why you had to get a pet for your birthday, especially a little insect like that.?

?He?s not an insect! He?s a hue-whatever thingy from that milky galaxy place. Besides, you know most aliens are tiny to us, it?s not his fault he can sit on the tip of my finger.?

?Hey now, be nice to your little sister,? Karna said, leaning forward to give Linza a kiss on her forehead, ?it?s her birthday, 17 years since she hatched, and she?s growing up so fast. You?re still my baby though, Lil Lin.?

?Mooom! Not in front of my new pet..? Linza said in a pained protest.

?Aww, okay hunny,? Karna said, standing up as she walked away, her steps ominously shaking the ground beneath Lassic, ?now put your pet away so we can go to the party.?

With each step, Lassic couldn?t help but notice Karna?s tightly strapped skin seem to jiggle with each thumping impact. Her large breasts and ass especially.

?Aww? Fine?? Linza said sadly, reaching under the table. She looked at her new pet on the table, ?we?ll play later, okay little guy??

?Uh?? Lassic said, unsure of what to say to these women. He looked over to Paqui, who stayed silent since her first words and noticed she was looking at him negatively. Like she resented him for some reason?

Linza?s hand came back out from beneath the table, and in it she held a clear plastic cube she dropped excitedly next to the tiny man. It wasn?t that big but only slightly smaller. The interior was completely plastic and see-through, with a bench that ran all along one side. There was still the water bottle on the opposite side that held a few drops of water relative to the giants around him, and Lassic also noticed the bowl next to it; the bowl was covered by a tiny latch, of course, so no food could spill out while the container was being moved around. It wouldn?t take much strength for Lassic to open it when he got hungry. On top of the box was another larger latch, that was how you got inside of it instead of the side like at the pet store, which made sense for cleaning and refilling the food.

Linza opened the latch to this new plastic prison, setting the lid aside as she reached for her pet.

Lassic, for his part, automatically took a step back in fear as the gigantic blue fingers reached and wrapped around him.

?Hey now,? Linza said, feeling the panicked squirming between her fingers, ?quite fighting and behave, okay pet??

He wasn?t fighting, actually. Lassic was squirming around because in her tighter grip he couldn?t actually breathe. Those were just struggles for life she was feeling.

?Oh he?s just playing!? Karna said from the other room, ?don?t worry, you?ll get him trained eventually.?

?And hopefully think of a better name than ?pet? while you?re at it..? Paqui said as she also got up and walked out of the room.

?Hey! I?m gonna!? Linza said as she dropped Lassic in his new home. She then got up and walked out of the room, following her sister and mother while leaving Lassic in his new home, gasping for breath on the hard plastic flooring.
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