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Lassic woke up in what felt like a drunken haze. His back and head hurt, whatever he woke up on was hard and cold, it definitely wasn't helping at all. Bright light from above had woken him up, it also kept him from falling back asleep, which made the already groggy man very annoyed.

After a few minutes of trying to stand the discomfort, Lassic finally tried opening his eyes, fighting back against the sleepiness and the sting of the light. When he finally could see, there was only a blank, smooth, grey ceiling with a long tube bulb that lit everything with dull white light. The fixture even gave off a low buzzing noise that Lassic hadn't even noticed until then. He moved his hands around on whatever he laid on, feeling the smoothness of the cold metal.

Was this a hospital? Did something happen to him?

Lassic began to worry, quickly putting a hand on his chest and patting down his body. There weren't any tubes, no injuries he could feel, hell, he was still wearing his usual clothes, a blue v-neck shirt, and dark blue jeans. Nothing seemed to be seriously wrong with him, so what was this place..?

Lassic turned his head to get a better look at the room he was in. First, he noticed that the room had no corners, the ceiling just smoothed out into a slope until it formed another grey wall. Against that wall, to Lassic?s surprise, was a huge chrome dish, like one a dog would eat out of, just sitting empty on the floor. To Lassic, it might as well have been a small bathtub. Right next to that, of course, was a huge water bottle that, if Lassic was standing, would?ve been as tall as he was! It was filled to the top with water and looked exactly like one you?d find in a hamster cage, tiny ball at the end and all. Now that?s something he could swim in?

But this didn?t make any sense? Last night Lassic just remembered driving home after being out clubbing, now suddenly he was.. Wherever the hell this place was. That he still needed to find out, and quick too.

Lassic sat up, his head still throbbing as he kept studying the wall. Nothing else was there that he noticed? Was there even a door to get out of here?

Suddenly, as if provoked by his internal questioning, there was a loud crashing against the opposite side of the room.


Lassic turned around quickly, and for a moment didn't understand what he was seeing. He yelled out in surprise as he saw a huge wall of a very light blue.. something.. banging against the wall from outside. This wall looked like it was made of glass, but all he could see was this strange thick blob crashing into the glass, before being brought back and slammed again. again into the wall. It looked soft and slightly squishy, and when it pressed against the glass the light blue turned almost white.

This happened several times until finally, the whatever-it-was seemed to fall away, leaving only a wide smudge that took up a large part of the wall, making it tougher to see what was just beyond the glass.

Lassic, in his fear, stayed sitting during this, though now at the end of the bed frozen to the wall, eyes open wide. He strained hard, trying to see what could possibly be on the other side of that wall. Was? was this some kind of secret lab filled with monsters? Ideas raced through Lassic?s head as he tried to focus on the moving shapes beyond the blurred glass.

Soon, he was able to make out some odd details. Whatever was on the other side of that wall, it was huge. The blur seemed to move around slightly as if trying to steady itself. Slowly, Lassic began to notice smaller, more familiar details. Whatever it was, he could see two large sets of eyes surrounded by light blue skin. The strangest thing, though, was the size of them, both seeming to be nearly as tall as he was?

Slowly, Lassic stood up, still shaking a bit in fear. Whatever it was, it didn?t seem to be able to get through the glass. And without anything else he could do at the moment, he might as well get a closer look.

As he went, Lassic could see more subtle details. The face he saw behind it seemed strangely familiar, at least in the sense it looked human, aside from being completely blue of course. Below the eyes was a natural nose, lips that were either covered in dark purple lipstick or just naturally that shade, and a gently sloping chin that led to a female body. She had black hair with bangs that covered her blue forehead, but with two noticeable stalks of skin that almost looked like horns sticking up out of her head. They were blue like the rest of her but ended in white tips like a snowy blue mountain.

Speaking of mountains, she was GIGANTIC! Whatever she was, she had to be nearly a mile high, making him a relative ant to this blue lady-creature. As Lassic finally reached the glass, he saw she was wearing a blue apron, a black shirt, and khakis. Aside from the size, horns, and blue skin, she looked like just a regular working person. But? what the hell was all this..? Lassic almost couldn?t believe his eyes.

Whoever she was, she was giving Lassic a bored look inside his room. The truth of the matter was that she wasn?t gigantic, he was just incredibly small. Well relatively speaking. Right now they were both in a pet store on another planet.

For a little explanation, a few weeks ago Lassic was driving home when he was abducted at random by aliens. Not these aliens, of course, different ones. They sedated him, probed him, and once they were finished learning what they could from this specimen they just dumped him on this planet. The two species had a special arrangement, the smaller explorers would bring back whatever strange and exotic species they found on their journeys, and in return, they would get 10% off their next purchase at the mall they brought them to. This worked out pretty well for both parties, as the explorers would save some space money after gathering valuable information, and the giant blue aliens would get more creatures for their exotic pet shops. Win-win, except for the creatures.

The newest one, Lassic, was now in one of their smallest holding cells, or pens depending on which side you were on. The clerk had to bend down a little to get a good look for the introduction.

?Oh good, you?re awake. Welcome to Gliese 667,? she said in a bored sounding voice, she?d done this one too many times, ?you probably don?t understand me but welcome to your new home planet, hopefully, you?ll find a new home here of your very own with a new owner and yadda yadda blaahh. Sheesh, why do I still even have this job??

?Wha-... what the hell is going on!?? Lassic burst out, still in complete shock.

?Oh, you speak Glian? Or whatever you call it on your planet,? the clerk said, only looking a little surprised, but still bored, ?anyway yeah, you?ve been abducted from your homeworld and now you live here I guess. You?ll be someone?s pet and, yeah, that?s about it. I?m supposed to give you some food now so, look out.?

Without another word of warning, the gigantic clerk reached forward and unlatched the lock on the cage, letting the glass wall swing downwards. Lassic quickly ran to the other side of the room as the clerk brought her gigantic blue finger inside, her long painted nail dragging out the large bowl by the water stand. She set it in her open palm while Lassic could just watch, his heart thumping. Her finger alone was thicker than he was by a good amount like it was some kind of huge tree you?d find in a national park. He could?ve laid down comfortably on her fingernail with room to spare it was so big.

The clerk seemed to pour something into the tiny bowl, nothing that Lassic could?ve made out from where he was. When she slid the bowl back inside, Lassic saw the bowl was filled to the brim with small balls that looked like cereal. There had to be enough in there to last him two weeks?

?Enjoy your food, whatever you are,? the clerk said before bringing her hand down to close the pen.

?W-wait!? Lassic tried shouting.


Too late... the door was closed, and the clerk began to walk away.

?Welcome to the planet,? she finished as the sound of her footsteps slowly faded away.
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