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A snowed-in Christmas night. Stuck in a house till morning. What’s the worse that could happen? Well if you said “telling short gts themed stories huddled around a fireplace” you’re correct! Join the main cast of Half-Inch High Alternative, as well as most of the main cast of Half-Inch High(original), as they try to wait out a harsh blizzard by sharing short gts stories around a warm and cozy fireplace. Multiple chapters, special guests, and more surprises await you in the “Half-Inch High 20k Christmas Special.” and stick around till the end for a shocking reveal!!

Rated: PG
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Published: December 17 2019 Updated: December 30 2019
Story Notes:


Merry Christmas to everyone reading this!! I hope you enjoy this short special mini-series! This story to 20,000 hits thanks to you guys! I appreciate each and every one of you! And from the bottom of my heart, THANKS! Thanks for motivating me! Thanks for supporting this story! And most importantly thanks for reading my story! Over the past 2 months, I've been the most productive I've ever been!!


Half-Inch High Alternative will be back to it's regularly scheduled program on January the 4th!!


Special thanks to @LabbaArt and @McAssault_Rifle for providing the story concepts and summaries for Bunny's, Alice's, and Furyu’s short stories!! (and for helping and supporting me while I wrote Half-Inch High: Alternative


1. Prologue: A Very Merry Christmas Party by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 0] starstarstarstarstar (1637 words)

Merry Christmas! This marks day 0 of our christmas special advent calender story. I'll be posting a new chapter with a new short story in it every day until the 25th(Christmas Day) Originally it was gonna be just one extended chapter (trust me that would've been 1000000x's easier) Since, we hit 20k AND it's Christmas I thought that I should put a little bit more effort into.


So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy!!

2. Ch.1: Cruel Christmas by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1405 words)

Here it is! Short story number one of 1/7! Starring everyone's favorite psychopath, Alice! This story was personally conceptualized by @LabbaArt themselves. Hope you enjoy!!!

3. Ch.2: Matchmaking Bunny by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 0] (2670 words)

The idea this one was also created by @LabbaArt. So special thanks to them!! Sorry if this was uploaded a bit late but I'm at the hospital right now...


But don't worry because I'm fine. I'm just visiting someone haha. Anyways, hope you enjoy!! 

4. Ch.3: Insufferable Isekai by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3011 words)

Hope you enjoy!!

5. Ch.4(1/2): The Delinquents Sister by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 0] (1654 words)

Wow these stories are getting less and less christmas related by the day. Sorry if I had to cut this short. Getting work done with this cold sore is unbearable. The second part of this chapter aswell as, hopefully. chapter 5 will be posted tomorrow! 

6. Ch.4(2/2): The Delinquents Sister by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 0] (687 words)

Part 2 of Chapter 4. Half Inch High: Alternative Christmas Special will be back to it's regularly scheduled upload schedule tomorrow!

7. Ch.5: Detective Megumi and The Case of The Missing Rentaro by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 1] (2739 words)

8. Ch.6: This was supposed to be Megumi's story but, I ended up getting side-tracked by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 1] (2128 words)

The title is pretty much all you need to know before reading this chapter.


Merry Christmas!! I had an awsome time visiting my family in the states, but I'm back to writing this story! Only 2(?) more chapters left! Hope you enjoy!!

9. Ch.7: The Price of Justice by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 0] (2028 words)


So, Shuichi and Fujo(And I guess, Kurome) have been locked out of the recording studio, meaning that there’s no commentary in this chapter.

Sorry for the delays btw, I've been kinda busy as of late. Tomorrows the finale! Hope you enjoy!


10. Ch.8: Finale!! by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 0] (2719 words)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! From the bottom of my heart, I thank every single person who's supported or read my stories. I'll be coming out with a lot of stuff during 2020 so look forward to another year of GTS content! This chapter is a little special so, I hope you enjoy!