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Story Notes:


Merry Christmas to everyone reading this!! I hope you enjoy this short special mini-series! This story to 20,000 hits thanks to you guys! I appreciate each and every one of you! And from the bottom of my heart, THANKS! Thanks for motivating me! Thanks for supporting this story! And most importantly thanks for reading my story! Over the past 2 months, I've been the most productive I've ever been!!


Half-Inch High Alternative will be back to it's regularly scheduled program on January the 4th!!


Special thanks to @LabbaArt and @McAssault_Rifle for providing the story concepts and summaries for Bunny's, Alice's, and Furyu’s short stories!! (and for helping and supporting me while I wrote Half-Inch High: Alternative


Author's Chapter Notes:

Merry Christmas! This marks day 0 of our christmas special advent calender story. I'll be posting a new chapter with a new short story in it every day until the 25th(Christmas Day) Originally it was gonna be just one extended chapter (trust me that would've been 1000000x's easier) Since, we hit 20k AND it's Christmas I thought that I should put a little bit more effort into.


So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy!!


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a micro;



Fujo: is that really what you're opening with? You literally changed one word. Also, the line you're using doesn't make any sense given the context of the scene. 


Shuichi: Shut up!! It's called parody! Just because we're doing commentary, that doesn't give you the right to interrupt my narration. 



Comfortable and warm during the cold winter night, the main cast gathered creating quite the sight. In the house of a cherished friend, they did not want it to end. The night was still young with the moon in full rise, the falling snow creating a sight for sore eyes. 


As the snow fell, it became harder to keep warm. It was clear that this was no simple snowstorm. Checking the news, they were all faced with the blues, as the weather revealed that a full-on blizzard had hit. It was a sad thing for sure, but with the fireplace lit, and the kotatsu turned on, the reason for panic was seemingly gone. 



Fujo: A kotatsu, for those who don't know, is a Japanese low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a tabletop sits. Underneath is a small heater that keeps one's lower half warmed. 


Shuichi: Look it up if you still don't understand because it'll be an important plot point later on in the story. 



"Just because we're snowed in, doesn't mean we can't have fun!" Said the girl with white hair.



Fujo: I'm pretty sure it's more of a silver-ish color. 


Shuichi: Silver as snow doesn't make sense, and white as silver doesn't fit the theming of the special… 



And as her positive smile filled the room, each and 'everyone' there said goodbye to their gloom.


"Megumi's right! If we do something fun then this blizzard will be gone before we know it!" Rentaro smiled innocently striking the 'recently' lovestruck Sekira Sumehara straight through the heart (metaphorically, of course). As she stealthily watched him from across the room, her eyes fell on that smile of his, and the blush on her face and beating of her heart, grew stronger. No longer could she wait to have him alongside her. 



Fujo: Fun Fact, the author of this story contemplated for 3 hours straight on whether or not making Sekira fall in love with Rentaro was a good idea. 


Shuichi: I hope Labba's ok with that… Though since she's only interested in him specifically, it should be fine. 



As fun and as warm as the positive party was there was still a strange feeling in the air. A feeling of fear that wasn't really fair. There were three people at this shindig that didn't really care. In a party of people who cared for small lives, a nympho, a psycho, and yandere stood in sidelines.


"Are you sure it was OK to allow them to get in?" Asked the Micro Representative fearing the three fiends. She looked at them with a look of pure disgust as their lust and desire for torture created nothing but horror.


"It was invite-only, so when I invited Bunny she must have invited Nana, and Alice and Alice invited Sekira and Tsumi…" Megumi whispered to her. "But, don't worry, I'll protect you and everyone else, so just enjoy. It's Christmas after all." Her smile melted her worries away. With caution still on her mind, she calmed herself down. Choosing to trust and believe in Megumi’s plans for Christmas eve.



Shuichi: Hnnggg Megumi’s such a nice and cute person. I'm so glad that she accepted my confession! 


Fujo: Too bad you and her only interact in the prologue and nowhere else in the story... *wink*


With the fear kept somewhat in check, and Megumi looking out for everyone’s neck the focus was turned to the young boy and his fetishes.


"Ko-tat-su~ hehe..." Rentaro stared at the table with eyes of pure lust. Getting underneath it was definitely a must. But, why would he do something as dangerous as that? Well the answer was obvious, to be surrounded and hounded by the legs that confounded. A once a year opportunity with a slight chance of impunity. A heartful desire, with slight pervertedness. But, before he could act he was backed into a corner.



Fujo: I get what you’re trying to do, but this rhyming thing is really getting on my nerves.


Shuichi: You can’t have a holiday special without egregious amounts of rhyming. It's the holiday spirit and it's all about timing!


Fujo: Drop it, or I’ll tell everyone in class that you secretly tried to sneak a peek at Megumi’s panties but got stuck in her-





"Hey, Rentaro. It's pretty cold in here, don’t you think…? How about you and I get some alone time in the kotatsu..." Sekira crept close like a cat about to pounce. Her eyes trained on him watching each and every one of his movements.


"S-Sure I-I'd love t-" With his mind clouded by lewd thoughts, Rentaro's mind was a mess. His true desire would love nothing more than to be underneath a kotatsu as four pairs of legs surrounded him on all sides, but after his first interaction with Sekira, she knew that this girl was dangerous and that it definitely wasn’t a good idea to be anywhere near her. But, before he even realized that fact, his inner desire had done the talking for him. Luckily for him, his savior was right around the corner. Noticing how nervous he seemed, Ayame bashfully jumped into action.


"R-Rentaro! C-Can you help m-me with something real quick." The stand-offish girl with striking red hair tried to pull him aside, in an effort to rescue him from this situation. It was an impossible gamble, but there’s no way she’d try anything with Megumi and the others around. Right? 


"Hey bug, can't you see that we're kinda in the middle of something." She shot a menacing glare at the tiny Ayame, but her feelings for Rentaro were too strong for her to just back down. A bit shook up, Ayame stood her ground and continued to pull Rentaro away from the dangerous situation.


“I’m not doing this to save you, or anything! I-I just need your help! That’s all!” She whispered to him turning her head away. Holding hands with Rentaro, her heart started to beat faster and faster. The blush on her face was enough to put Rudolph to shame.



Shuichi: If you're wondering, where everyone’s favorite delinquent is, Furyu is in the bathroom, taking a hot shower because she got covered in snow and isn’t exactly the best at handling the cold.


Fujo: Isn’t fighting supposed to super effective against ice...



"Ignoring people is rude ya know…" She stomped her foot blocking Ayame's path. It was do or die, a heated situation in a place surrounded by the cold. She was cornered with no place to go. However, it wasn’t like that for long. 


"Hey, if you're cold you should probably go near the fireplace…" Megumi tapped her on the shoulder silently telling her to leave Ayame and Rentaro alone. She made good on her promise and even if it meant leaving Mai alone for a bit, Megumi was gonna protect every tiny at this party. No. Matter. What.


As the girl reluctantly complied, she shot one more threatening glare towards Ayame and joined Alice and Tsumi by the fireplace.



Fujo: Tsumi Yoshikawa… I recognize that girl from somewhere, but I can’t put my finger on it...


Shuichi: Wasn’t she first in line at your summer Comiket booth?


Fujo: Comiket booth?! What are you talking about? 


Shuichi: Oh yeah, you’re pretty secretive about your hen-


Fujo: Fun Fact about Shuichi. He once tried to sneak a peek at Megumi’s panties but accidentally got stuck in her-


Shuichi: FINE! I won’t try to reveal the fact that you're actually a secret hentai artist…


Fujo: He accidentally fell into one of her shoes and was trapped in her shoe locker for 2 hours until he was forced to call his sister for help. And now everyone in class thinks he has a foot fetish. 


Shuichi: I-I'm sorry for intentionally exposing your secret...



"Hey, Megumi…" Bunny whispered to her. "No offense, but it's getting kinda…boring. Do you have any fun suggestions?" She said pointing out the obvious while not trying to hurt her feelings. 


"None taken, and you're right. But, I have no idea what to do…pra” She said, trying to think of something fun until an idea finally hit her. Thinking back to her time at Okisana she remembered having a lot of fun telling stories, it didn’t matter whether it was Halloween, Valentines, or Christmas. Megumi loved hearing and telling stories, though she wasn’t necessarily good at it. “We should all tell stories to pass the time!” She exclaimed optimistically.


“That...sounds super fun!!” Bunny smiled excitedly. And just like that enthusiasm flowed back into the hearts of most of the people at the party.


“So, who wants to go first…?”



Shuichi: And thus the prologue of our little Christmas special! I hope you all enjoyed. From now up until Christmas day, we’ll be releasing a new short story every day until the 25th! Merry Christmas! Look forward to the next chapter!!


Fujo: It’s only just begun but I already want it to end...




Chapter End Notes:

Fujo: Hey, hey! Did you enjoy our insightful commentary. If so, you're in luck because... we'll be providing snarky humor, behind the scenes info, backstory tidbits, and much more throughout the rest of the Christmas Special!

Shuichi: Hope it's not too annoying...


Thanks, for reading! If you want updates on any HIH: Alternative news follow me on Twitter @RandomInterWeeb (https://twitter.com/RandomInterWeeb). And if you want to view the original "source material" check out @LabbaArt on Twitter (https://twitter.com/LabbaArt). Big shoutout to @McAssault_Rifle they're a really cool person!

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