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As her Uber approached her apartment complex, Belle slipped off her strappy high-heeled sandals. She had just come from a wedding and reception where she’d been a bridesmaid for her friend. Slightly tipsy, she stumbled towards the door, her soft white feet smashing clumsily against the red carpet leading to her apartment’s entrance.  Belle, just a few weeks shy of her 30th birthday, had done well for herself professionally. However, she was beginning to experience regret, her friend’s wedding had made her realize that she had no family, no boyfriend, and dwindling friends, all because of her burn-out job. After struggling to unlock her door, she ambled into her kitchen grabbed a Tylenol, and sat down on the couch.  She opened social media and scrolled through her phone. She saw many pictures of her friends’ wedding and the cute couple. The groom looked hot as ever, and Belle had thought of a fling with him a few times before. One brush of her ample breasts or buttocks, him staring into her big blue eyes and petty face, could lead all men one way…..but it was not to be. Belle eventually fell to sleep to the warm and pleasurable thoughts of a man sleeping next to her.

For the past few years Belle had worked as an accountant at one of the most distinguished accounting firms in the United States. As her name suggested, she was a Southern Belle. A thin but voluptuous blonde one at that. She’d come from an upper middle-class Alabama family, one who claimed to have lost their great wealth in the civil war and always tried to compensate with gaining high social status (getting graduate degrees, working for prestigious organizations). When she’d been gotten this job after grad school, her mother had advised her she must do anything to succeed.  She’d gotten her first promotion after an affair with her boss.  She remembered staying late night one night, when the office was deserted, and coming to her boss’ office with a ‘computer problem’ she bent over, her curvy ass a foot or two from his face. He’d simply mounted her and rode her. For Belle, it was exhilarating. But he wanted more. He lost his allure, and Belle grew bored and resentful, yet had to service him in return for the career favors he’d done. Luckily, after a few months, he was promoted up and she no longer had regular contact with him.

On Monday, 2 days after her friend’s wedding, Belle rolled into work. She was in the process of conducting an audit of a nuclear power plant. She was hence surprised when a HR manager wanted to speak with her. When Belle strolled into the HR manager’s office, the manager told her she would want to sit down. The news was bad. “Shan. The firm has informed me that due to recent perfections in technology, they will be automating more than half the audit process. You’re one of our youngest auditors, and I’m sorry to give you your 3 months’ notice”. Belle’s head spun. ‘I’ve given so much for this job, I’ve been mocked for my southern accent, I fucked my repulsive boss, I have no family, I’m the last of my girlfriends to be single, for this”. She eventually stormed out of the office and went to the bathroom to cry. Her manager subsequently offered her a day off, which she obliged.

Belle had not become a successful career woman without understanding the nature of power. Her mind rapidly came up with a plan to preserve her livelihood. The audit of the nuclear power plant company, a small family-owned one, put her in a position of power of them. She could certainly extort them for a bribe, or a job. After a few hours of hysterical crying and feeling bad for herself, Belle pulled herself together, hopped into a car and drove to the Nuclear Facility. The woman behind the desk asked her name, which Belle knew she wouldn’t recognize. With a smirk, she said “how about I tell you where I work, aka who I represent. I’m with Adam Applebaum (the name of her workplace), in the process of auditing your business”. The woman immediately called her boss on the Telecom. To both their surprise, there was no answer. “Jack must be doing research” the woman muttered. Wanting to make a good impression on their auditor, she followed up with “I’ll take you to his office. It’s next door to his lab, and he’ll come out to speak with you after a few minutes or so”. She led Belle to a well-furnished corporate office, with windows overlooking a large indoor laboratory. She saw a man and a woman, clad in radioactive protective gear moving around the lab. 10 minutes passed. Belle tapped her fingers. She was growing impatient. Suddenly, a violent flash of light blinded her. She stood up and walked towards the window and looked out. They were both gone.  She was seriously pissed now. Why were these people dicking her around? Breathing deeply, she opened the window and stepped out onto the catwalk. She didn’t have protective gear, but she did not care. She had nothing left to lose. She slowly descended the stairs, until her flats made contact with the cold ground of the lab……

Jack was a brilliant nuclear engineer. He’d pioneered nuclear technology and earned patents, and eventually became a stakeholder in the Nuclear company for which we worked. He’d left the company, objecting to the way it was run, caring more about short-term concerns and not the true potential of nuclear energy. Now aged 65, he was under significant pressure from his wife and daughters to retire, but was on the breakthrough of something big, a type of nuclear fusion. He’d been working in his lab with his youngest daughter, Claire the one who had most inherited his brilliance. Secretly, she was his favorite. They’d finally reached a breakthrough, a device which targeted energy to immediately trigger fusion.

Something had gone horribly wrong. When firing the device, he and his daughter both were blinded, and when regained their vision, they were in a new world. He estimated they were about half an inch tall. “Damn” he muttered. The device, rather than causing radiation sickness, had simply shrunk him and his daughter. “Dad, what the hell is going on?” his daughter yelled, near tears. “Don’t worry”, Jack said, hugging his daughter, “there’s a device up there that triggers fusion with less energy. It should reverse the shrinkage. Your mother or sisters will come looking for us soon, and they can grow us back”. No sooner had Jack said those words did both he and Claire feel the ground shake. Off in the distance, they saw her. A stunning blonde woman, donned in tan flats, black stockings, a tight gray skirt, and a very tight white blouse, flaunting her ample cleavage. The ground shook with each step. Jack couldn’t help but notice her cleavage, which to him looked like it was rising about 70 feet from her chest, sensually jiggling with each step. Jack, a Vietnam War Veteran, had instincts that knew it would be futile to run, as they were in the middle of the floor. Claire, however, did not have such instincts, she began to race for shelter under a lab table. Jack saw the giantess’ head turn. She’d seen Claire.

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