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Story Notes:

Hi everyone this is my first attempt at writing a story on here. As I am from Germany English is not my native language so please feel free to point out mistakes I made to improve my writing.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter will explain a lot but will end with some small action. The real fun will begin in the following chapters.


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"Every penny counts" said Natalie to herself as she pushed on the green flashing button on her phone.


Natalie sat at her desk in her office. She was a 22 year old girl which started working at an architecure firm after she got her bachelor degree at a university in Germany. Natalie always wanted to be an architect but was only able to land a job as a secretary for an architect. Now she sat in a room with 5 other coworkers and was doomed to a daily grind filled with boring tasks.


The job was "ok" at best and her salary was just high enough to live an ok life.

But Natalie really liked to go out once in a while and not just dancing she wanted to go the really exapansive clubs. After she couldn`t land a job as an architect she concentrated more on the nightlife rather than her career.


There was just one problem, Natalie simply couldn`t afford the nightlife she wanted. Entry fees, drinks, new clothes maybe some light drugs all of that must be paid for. She wasn`t ugly at all. She was still pretty young and had her fair share of action with boys already but always ended up with idiots who only wanted to get into her pants. Natalie was 5,2 tall and pretty slim. Some medium big boobs and a small but nice ass. She had middle short dirty blond hair and a mouth which was just a little to big. Most would say decent looking but some considerd her an easy girl. However she wasn`t pretty enough to get invited into the real expansive clubs so she had to earn some money herself.


Already indebted to her parents who refused to give her any more money her solution came with an advice from a former classmate. She could earn some cash with an app called D.F.A. Natalie had no idea what this app was good for but installed it anyways.


Some evening after work as Natalie ate her instand meal she started the app and was asked to create a profil. After looking at the screen she was suprised by how much information they wanted to have. Height, weight, gender, preferences and many others. They also wanted to have at least 5 Pictures of her in different outfits. In Natalie the thought began to grow that this was some kind of prostitution and closed the app immediately. She was confused. Natalie was willing to do a lot for some steady cash but not selling her body to some old guys or something.


Natalie called her classmate lulu who suggested the app to her.

" Hey whats up Nata?"

" Not much but I called you to tell that I am not a hooker or whatever this app is for".

" What do you mean? Have you already tried the app? It`s Awesome. I had one job half an hour ago which was over in like 1 minute and it was 5 Dollars worth."

" 5 Dollars? Wow thats not a lot of money"

" Yeah I know, I almost never get the real good requests. They always choose the most popular actresses..... but I do the really small ones for 1 to 10 dollars whenever I have time and I make like 50 bugs a day."

" actresses? So what the hell do you do with this app? Is it like some Striptease app?"

" not really you don`t have to show anything you don`t want to. It is basicly like Tinder. Some fetish guys who get turned on by being dominated and killed by a giantess can live out their fantasies with the app. They can post a request and a price they are willing to pay for it. You can check the requests and swipe right whenever you see something you would be willing to do. You get half the price the other half goes to the creators of the app. After both of you wrote and talked about the details both parties have to confirm and than it starts."

" what starts?"

" Don`t think to much about the details. After confirming the city or house or whatever the the person wants is cloned and tranported to a location near you at shrunken size. They have all kind of sizes. I had one as wide as a carpet and one just a big as a grain of sand. But don`t forget it doesn`t seem like it but there will be real people in that city, well at least clones of real people. All you have to do is to treat the city as requested. The client will see what happens from his clones point of view."

" Oh ok... and what kind of things you have to do with the city"

"Honestly? They just want it destroyed in some kind of way..... some want you just to step on it. It takes like 5 seconds. Easy cash as I said. The more specific or longer requests is the more money it brings. But the clients will be more pickier as well".


Natalie listen to her friend and after some more talking they said goodbye to each other. Natalie wasn`t fully convinced but was willing to try, it really sounded like easy earned cash. She created her account and started swipping to look for an easy request to start with. She filtert the search to just see the lowest paying requests and was suprised of how many there were. After a few minutes she found one which didn`t sound bad at all. She would get a city as big as a postage stamp and all she had to do was to crush it with her thumb. It was just1 dollar worth but whatever. She swiped and after a few seconds a chat window opened with the client."

" yeah you new here? I dont have that much time I just want a quickie before I go to sleep. Just look at us maybe an evil grin and than crush us ok?"

" ok fine" said Natalie feeling a bit nervous.

The client agreed and Natalie had to click on a newly appeard green confirmation button. She pushed it and after that instructions appeared which said that she had to point her camera at a suitable location. Natalie went to her table and pointed the camera at it. A light appeard on her table and after it went away a grey patch as big as a postage stamp was sitting on her table.


Natalie couldn`t believe it. It really was a little city. She lowerd her head so the city was on the same level with her eyes. What she saw was unbelievable. It was a real city sitting on her table with little people on it. She could barely make them out.


It was an absolutly normal day for the people in the city as a bright light appeared and soon the sky vanished and was replaced with a new strange enviroment which noone could make out. People were confused but most of them at home didn`t even noticed something was different. This changed when a wind rushed over the city. In instant an enormous blue eyeball appeard above the city and stared down. The inhabitants couldn`t comprehend the size of the being this eye belonged to. Cars crashed, people screamed and everyone was in terror. Everyone except Billy. Billy was a poor college student standing on the balcony of his small accommodation. He looked at the big Eye in the sky and thought that the girl on the app did had cute eyes. It was a shame that he had so little money that he could just afford this basic request but the view from below up to a giant woman was enought to bring him over the edge.


The giant eye in the sky disappeard after scanning the city and people could make out a giant girl of impossible porportions in the distance. She raised an arm and her thumb pointed at the city. It came nearer and nearer and finally made contact with the city crushing it instantly. Billy woke up in his bed and realised he had cum on his boxers. Nice girl he thought. He gave her account a thumbs up and went to sleep aber making up his mind about working and extra shift to earn more money for the app.


Natale stared at the city below her and forgot the time.


Oh yeah the client said he didn`t have time. So she got up and crushed the city with her thumb. It was so small she didn`t feel anything. Her phoned vibrated and a massage appeard on the screen: " Finished. 1 dollar added to your account"


Natalie looked at the screen and smiled.


Chapter End Notes:

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