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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is a short story -- under two thousand words -- but I'll be posting it in two chapters for dramatic/narrative purposes. Please let me know what you think!



Sofia had barely answered Aaron’s phone call when he lobbed the question at her. “Could you help me out with something?”

Aaron practically heard her eyes rolling. “Maybe? Depends on what it is."

“You know that fantasy writing contest I do?”

“Sure,” she replied.

Her tone was carefully noncommittal, but Aaron thought he could almost hear her smirk. It seemed his kinkiest friend’s body language was loud enough to carry over the phone. Sofia knew where Aaron was going, and she obviously had no intention of doing him a favor without something in return. It would be gentle mockery at least.

“Right. Well, this month’s contest is Cocktober.” Aaron paused, but otherwise chose to ignore the snort that erupted from the phone before continuing. “Anyway, the stories can be basically anything involving size fantasies and dicks.”

“Of course,” Sofia said solemnly.

“Of course,” Aaron repeated, without Sofia’s tonnage of sarcasm. “So I’m trying to think of ideas and... you’re the best at what you do, Sofia. What can I say?”

It was a rhetorical question, but Sofia pounced on it. “You can say that you’ll owe me. You can say that after I give you my ideas, you have to let me re-enact one of them.”

Aaron’s brain might have frozen for a second or two.

“You heard me. Gabriel keeps his pills in the medicine cabinet. You can just take an extra-large dose.”

“What? Why does your boyfriend have shrinking pills? I thought he didn't like size play.”

Aaron almost definitely heard her smirk this time. “They’re prescription, for sex. His dick is so big that –”

“Wha—I mean, um…” Aaron’s sputter made the grin on her face even louder.

“Honestly, Aaron, we’re adults. If that information wasn’t absolutely, completely relevant to this conversation, what is?” She paused, deliberately and melodramatically. “So… deal?”

He needed to think this out. “Permission to speak freely, captain?”


“Okay, First thing: Gabriel wouldn’t mind?”

“Not really. He’s not super into size play, but he doesn’t really care as long as he's not small. Plus, he knows you.”

“Which means…?”

“Which means he’ll get off on the power dynamic more than if you were just some tiny rando.”

“Is that supposed to be a selling point?”

Sofia laughed. “I know you, too, you know. You’re into people getting off on your size shit. You’d love it.”

He would. Dammit. “I mean, I guess.” Sofia probably couldn’t hear the blood flow up to Aaron’s blushing face, but he wouldn’t put it past her. “Could it be only if the story wins a category or something?”

“Nope. The creative genius is worthy of her wages, no matter how the contest goes.” Her voice suddenly took a rounded, softer edge. “Look, I’d figured you’d be into it, but I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. If it helps, I promise I won’t let you get hurt. And, tell you what: if you actually use one of my ideas, that’ll be the one we play. This way you at least get some control.”

“That… does help, yeah. Thanks.”

This time, the smile Aaron heard over the phone was genuine. “Of course,” Sofia confirmed. “You’re my friend.” Then the barest hint of irony returned in her tone. “Wanting to make you a sex toy doesn’t change that.”

Aaron hesitated for a long moment.

“Okay,” he said. “Deal.”




Aaron was standing two inches tall. As small as he was, he looked even smaller standing next to the erect pillar of Gabriel’s cock. It would have been nearly imperceptible at his normal size, but from ground zero he could see it pulse and grow even bigger. Sofia traced crimson finger nails lightly along its girth, spiraling gently up to its head. It practically drooled in anticipation of what was coming… so to speak.

“Aaron, climb up to Gabriel’s cockhead,” Sofia whispered as close to Aaron’s ear as her relative size would permit. The burst of breath gusted past Aaron, tickling Gabriel’s titanic penis and making him twitch slightly. It knocked Aaron down like a small earthquake.

“You heard her,” Gabriel rumbled. “Climb my dick like the sex toy you are.”

Aaron obeyed, scrabbling up the hot, taut flesh till he reached the top. The cock swayed like a palm tree in the wind with every jerk of Gabriel’s excitement. Even though Aaron’s arms couldn’t even reach around the full circumference, Aaron hugged the penis as tightly as he could. He was face to face with the cockhead, which shone with anticipation and precum.

Sofia’s enormous face lowered next to Aaron, her dark hair curtaining around him. Again, she spoke directly into his ear; based on her feline grin, her whispers were meant for Gabriel’s skin as much as for Aaron.

“I’m giving you a choice, play toy. First, you can stick your tiny little dick in my boyfriend’s cock hole and fuck it till you both come.” She began to slide her fingers up and down the shaft underneath Aaron. It spasmed in pleasure, jerking him helplessly back and forth. “Don’t worry; it may be a bit of a ride, but I’ll help.”

“Or, option two: if you don’t fuck his cock, I will – with you on it.” A gleaming, wet monster of a tongue slipped out from her giant lips and painted him with saliva before sliding over the tip of Gabriel’s penis and withdrawing. “Understood?”

Aaron nodded. He shimmied his body higher onto the cockhead, trying not to lose his balance. At the same time, his movement along the sensitive skin was clearly having an effect; any sudden moves on his part meant tectonic motion on Gabriel’s part. Getting his penis into the cock hole was a high-wire act, but… it felt good.

A finger the size of a tree stroked from Aaron’s head down his back, making his back arch in pleasure. “No, no, Aaron,” Sofia chided. “Stay down.” The finger pressed down at his pelvis, forcing Aaron’s dick into Gabriel’s own with divine strength. “Fuck it.”

He did. He gripped tightly around the head and pulled his body in, thrusting into the mouth of a penis the size of a whale. It was hot and wet, dripping with precum, and Aaron’s dick slipped in with alarming, pleasurable ease. He fucked harder, and he was so lost in the task that he didn’t realize Sofia had pulled away until he heard feminine thunder peal lustfully above him.

“Sorry, Aaron: I’ve got to join in.”

The hungriest eyes Aaron had ever seen on her gave way as an even hungrier pair of labia loomed directly above Gabriel’s cock, and Aaron along with it. Pink petals dripped with Sofia’s desire, and her enormous fingers pulled open a ravenous pussy.

“Aaron,” she said. Her tone commanded his absolute attention.


“Keep fucking.”

She lowered herself down onto her boyfriend’s cock until her friend was swallowed with it.




“So, what do you think?” Sofia asked.

Aaron wasn’t going to let his erection do the talking, despite its strongly supportive opinion of her story concept. He was a writer first, dammit, and a pervert second. “I mean… it’s definitely hot, but I’m not sure what the narrative arc is. Like, is it supposed to end there, or would there be an actual climax?

“That’s what she said.”

“Grow up,” Aaron said archly and through a poorly stifled chuckle.

“But yeah, you’re right,” Sofia said. “You can’t have Cocktober without an orgasm or three. How about this idea?”

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