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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter continues Evan's misadventures with Tanya, his sister's friend who has lusted after him for years. Enjoy!

Tanya moaned as she lightly stroked her clit, leaning back against her headboard. She’d mirrored her laptop to her television and was thoroughly enjoying the start of a babysitter fantasy. The runner had already orgasmed several times that day and was making sure she took her time with this one. For the thousandth time that day she thanked her lucky stars that her parents were out of state for the next couple of days.

On screen the babysitter spilled some milk all down her blouse, and the helpful dad quickly brought her a towel.

“Oh, you dirty girl,” Tanya said as the blonde on screen quickly pulled off her low-cut shirt, revealing her massive breasts. Her finger ran over her clit again, then moved lower as she felt a small object start to push its way out of her tight lower lips. With a giggle she let her finger trace Evan’s head, feeling his hands attempting to push her finger away, before she applied pressure and pushed him gently back inside her sensitive hole.

She heard a faint scream as he slid back inside, quickly muffled as he proceeded further. It wasn’t how she’d wanted him inside of her, for certain, but playing with her crush at three inches tall had a benefit all of its own: she was in total control. And, she told herself, if she played with him long enough like this it was only a matter of time before he started wanting to play back.

Her best friend’s brother couldn’t ignore her anymore now!

Evan pushed against Tanya’s steaming insides, kicking and pushing away her wet walls as best he could. He knew it was only giving her pleasure but he didn’t have it in him to not fight. It was what made him such a good cross-country runner. Evan never stopped.

Not that it did him any good here. For the tenth time he felt cool air on his head as he found his way to her vaginal opening. The sound of her heartbeat faded briefly as light came to his eyes. He turned his head upward to take as deep a breath as possible while her finger circled his head.

On a distant television a redhead, not unlike his sister, had taken off her shirt in front of an excessively stunned man. He dropped a towel just before his hand landed on one of her breasts, then Evan was shoved back into his wet prison with a scream.

Tanya’s eyes unfocused as she edged herself closer to another orgasm. After she’d frigged herself silly in the shower she’d carefully fished Evan out of her ass, cleaned him thoroughly, then replaced him back into her sensitive pussy, right where he belonged. Ever since she’d been looking for the perfect porn video and kept herself carefully on the edge of bliss. She knew once she came again she’d be reaching for her small collection of sex toys and she’d be in another frenzy.

Then her phone buzzed.

Her green eyes rolled as she grabbed it with her free hand. Lea had texted her, of course, confirming their dinner date. Tanya licked her other finger clean and typed out her reply quickly. Not quick enough though; as she typed Evan found his way to her opening again. This time Tanya’s fingers were otherwise occupied and he managed to slide out far enough that her tight love canal squeezed his lower body and popped him out.

Evan fell with a shout and a plop onto the pink comforter. Tanya’s long well-muscled legs stretched out for what seemed like a mile in front of him. Even knowing it was futile, Evan started to run.

Tanya giggled as she saw her crushs run away. Her comforter was too fluffy for him to get any traction, and even if he could he had no hope of escaping her. So she let him run while she leaned over to her side table. The drawer slid open quietly and she pulled out the only toys she could afford.

Her small metal butt plug got dropped carefully in front of Evan, while her pink floppy dildo and smaller teal vibrator stayed at her side. Her toy stopped running and fell to his side over the shock of the massive metal object dropping right in front of him.

“Evan, Evan, Evan,” she said with a sigh as she picked him up and held her in front of her face. She lightly stroked his three-inch body. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you in me.”

She reached out with her tongue and ran it along his body with a moan. This time she made sure she paid extra attention to his midsection, his tiny cock. She’d gotten a lot out of Evan, and she could tell he wasn’t thrilled about the way she was using him. Now it was time she gave him something back.

“I just never had the courage to talk to you!” she said between licks.

Tanya’s massive tongue ran up the front of Evan’s body and he leaned his head away in a vain effort to avoid it. Her hot breath rolled over his body, and for a moment he appreciated the mints she seemed to be addicted to before his face was bathed in saliva. He heard her moan as she tasted his skin for the hundredth time that day. And as always, his cock rose to the occasion though his mind wished desperately to be elsewhere.

Then her tongue moved back down. It wasn’t the first time her tongue had touched his cock today, but when the tongue didn’t move on Evan realized she wasn’t just getting him wet enough to slide back into one of her holes. And his cock loved it, guided by the hormones that once led him to spend fifty dollars on a meal that led to a bad handjob in the alleyway.

Without pulling him away from her mouth, Tanya said, “I’ve been neglecting you, haven’t I Evan?” Her tongue gave him cock a lick. “I’ve came so many times, but you haven’t even once!”

Evan was overwhelmed by her words; even speaking softly it was like standing next to a bullhorn. The tongue wiggled all over his cock, bathing it with soft, wet heat. His cock, tortured all day between his mind’s resistance and his hormone’s insistence, didn’t take long to start throbbing.

Despite his best efforts to prevent it, Evan felt his body start to tense as he rapidly approached orgasm. Her tongue easily gave simultaneous attention to every part of his shaft and his balls. There was no resisting, Evan realized as he came with a yell.

Tanya kept her tongue busy and managed to keep her hands off herself for the first time in hours. If she was finally getting to blow Evan, sort of, she wanted to give it her full attention. If she did well here, maybe when he was full size again he’d let her swallow him in a different way!

Just as she had that thought Tanya heard Evan start to yell in her hand. Excited, she flicked her tongue up and down his tiny rod with a renewed passion, then quickly pulled off and leaned her head back. She carefully held him above him her lips and opened her mouth wide, holding out her tongue.

Evan couldn’t help it. When he saw her outstretched tongue and felt his cock pulse with a desperate need to cum, he grabbed his member and started pumping. It only took a moment before his cock exploded in his hand, shooting out the largest load he’d ever felt in his life. The entire day had been one long edging session, for his cock at least, and he knew if he’d been full size his spurts would have taken two socks to contain.

Or just Tanya’s hungry mouth that had been aching to taste him for years.

Her eyes went wide as she tasted something salty and hot land on her tongue. Tanya couldn’t help but let out a squeal of delight as it kept coming, thrilled she finally got to make her crush cum. Now that he had, he’d just keep coming back to her for sure!

When Evan was spent he stopped stroking himself and looked down. He could see globs of his load on Tanya’s tongue and she pulled him up and away as her tongue vanished into her mouth. Tanya’s green eyes rolled in delight and he could tell she was savoring how his seed had tasted.

Then her eyes opened and looked down at him, her mouth opening in a smile of pure satisfaction.

Holy shit that was intense, Evan thought as he looked up at the giantess. His heartrate slowed as she made a show of happily swallowing.

“Now that is something I’ve been chasing for years,” she said as she licked her lips and smiled. Her tongue flicked out and caressed his wilting cock again, cleaning off anything left. “That was intense!”

Evan could only nod to agree, he was still out of breath from his orgasm. But now he couldn’t help but see Tanya in a different light. If she’d been that into him, for however many years she’d been hanging out with his sister, could he really blame her for taking advantage of his situation and resolving years of sexual tension?

He tried to tell himself that he would’ve been able to resist himself if he’d found a tiny Lauren Abel, but he knew better. That tiny actress would have been swimming in sperm by the time he was done with her, regardless of whether she wanted it or not.

Tanya giggled as she saw the expression on his face, and Evan smiled when he heard it. He’d decided to give her the benefit of the doubt…provided she did the right thing now and tried to help him get back to normal instead of—

“We gotta run to dinner Ev!” she said in a familiar chipper tone. Now that she’d swallowed his seed she felt so much closer to him and there was no more awkwardness in how she spoke. “You better ride in the front.”


Twenty minutes later Tanya was parking her car outside of Panepoch, a hip coffee and sandwich shop. Lea was already inside and the waitress was unloading two salads onto their table; coffee was already waiting for them. Luckily Lea had found them a half-secluded alcove so that they could talk without fear of being overheard.

“Thanks for ordering Lea!” Tanya said happily as she slid into her seat. Of course the two knew what each other would want to eat, only this time Tanya had already tasted what Lea normally would have joked about her ordering.

“You’re welcome hon,” Lea said as she took a sip of her coffee. “So, did you bring it?” she asked.

“Him, you mean?” Tanya said, ignoring her friend’s omission and putting one hand below the table. Lea smiled as she saw her friend’s face when she pulled her former brother out of her snatch. She’d only gotten Tanya to make that face after going down on her as Tanya looked at shirtless pictures of Evan.

“Yeah, whatever,” Lea said as Tanya set a three-inch tall Evan on the table next to her salad bowl, still glistening from the juices that Lea knew tasted wonderful. He stumbled to his knees then stood using the side of the bowl for support.

“Lea!” he yelled when he saw his redheaded sister at the other side of the table. Tanya had only said they were going to dinner before sliding him back into her snatch, pushing something massive (to him) in her backdoor, and pulling on some tight underwear. She hadn’t mentioned she was taking him to his sister for help. His spirits rose.

“Lea! You gotta help me!” he shouted up at her. Then he stopped as he saw her eyes roll and her mouth turn to a mean giggle.

“He really thinks I’m gonna make him normal again?” Lea asked Tanya as she poked her salad with her fork before she leaned forward and jabbed Evan in the stomach with her fork. Tanya gasped, forgetting for a moment that the fork couldn’t actually hurt him. “You’re just a toy now, don’t talk to me,” she told Evan dismissively.

“Lea!” she said admonishingly, “It’s not permanent and you know it! He’s still a person.”

Evan looked back and forth between the giantesses, hurt by his sister’s callousness and confused by Tanya’s statement.

She knows about this? he asked himself.

“Only if we let him get back,” Lea said, munching some of her salad. She flipped her hand dismissively as Evan yelled up at her. “I’ve been thinking, as much fun as you’ve been having why should we stick with the original plan? Let’s just keep him this way. Like I originally said. I don’t like him and you’re in love with him. Win win!”

Tanya turned red with embarrassment, then looked down at Evan and saw the look on his face. Her own face went white.

“What are you doing?” she hissed at Lea, though the cat was clearly out of the bag. “He wasn’t supposed to know!”

Evan looked up at Tanya and felt his opinion of her change again. She’d gone from weird little sister to giantess rapist, to something like a lover when Evan had finally came then stopped fighting it. And now with this new revelation she was back to kidnapper.

“What the hell Tanya!” Evan screamed up at her, realizing that she’d had a hand in his shrinking somehow. That she’d engineered this purely for her own pleasure at his expense. “What is wrong with you!”

Tanya turned from her best friend, slightly disturbed at how Lea was suddenly acting like her brother was an object and not a person. She’d had a wonderful day with him, true, but he was still a person! Then she turned her attention to him. The boy she’d had a crush on for years. Now the boy who was suddenly cursing at her like she was a terrible person. Like he hadn’t enjoyed what they’d done together!

“You turn me back right now!” he yelled up at Tanya, suddenly enraged at her. He’d just started liking her, and now it turned out she was the problem! “What the hell is wrong with you! You said this was an accident, not that I—”

Lea rolled her eyes and drained her empty water glass. When it was empty she upended it and set it around Evan like a glass prison mid-curse.

“Oh they talk a lot, don’t they?” she asked her friend whose face had gone white from the way Evan was talking to her. “You know, that app is pretty awesome but you’d think these tinies would be more grateful they get to spend the rest of their lives with women as awesome as us.”

Tanya’s face fell as she saw Evan banging against the side of the glass, still cursing at her.

“You know we should still change him back,” she told her friend. “You may be okay with keeping your little toys forever, but I never wanted that with Evan!”

“Look at it Tanya!” Lea said as she gathered up more salad on her fork. “He’s a tiny. Doesn’t matter if they volunteered through the app or if we did it for him, now he’s tiny,” she slipped some salad into her mouth, “So he’s a toy. It’s that simple. And right now your toy is saying some pretty mean things about you, I think.”

“How is that app even legal?” Tanya asked rhetorically.  “You trick guys on it all the time and we shrank Evan just by stealing his phone and clicking a few things.”

“And now he’s ours,” Lea said as she ate her salad. “Are you gonna let your toy talk to you like that?” she asked her friend, pointing at Evan’s irate form under the glass. “Make it do something useful,” she said with a giggle.

“Yeah,” said Tanya, letting her friend’s opinion on tinies cloud her judgement. Overrule her feelings for Evan. It had always been easy for Lea to convince her to go against her own feelings. “He can’t talk to me like that.”

Evan suddenly realized how much worse things were now that he knew they were responsible for shrinking, and that his angry protests had now angered Tanya. Her face gave it all away. He was in trouble now.

Her giant hand lifted his prison effortlessly and the other grabbed him roughly about the waist. Evan got a brief view of the restaurant and Tanya looking around nervously, making sure no one was around to see what she was about to do. Then his stomach leapt as she rapidly lowered him between her legs, which she spread as her free hand lifted her pink skirt to reveal a tight pair of white panties barely hiding her vulva.

A finger snuck aside the thin white material, revealing her sex and the heart-shaped base to her butt plug. Then he was propelled him forward as he screamed. His face contacted the heat of her vagina again, immediately sliding inside, her natural lubrication letting her push him inside easily.

Lea smiled and took a sip of her coffee as she watched her friend’s eyes cross a little and un-focus. She knew how wonderful it felt to play with tinies, but she knew this would be special for both Tanya and herself. Her friend had lusted after her brother for years, and Lea had slowly stoked that fire as they made love on their frequent sleepovers. For Lea, playing with what used to be her brother would simply be feeding her sadistic side.

She knew she should probably feel a little bad for the guys she’d lured in on Tiny Tinder, but since they stopped being people once she shrank them it was hard to have feelings for them beyond anticipation. Obviously, she knew the purpose of the app was for consensual macrophilia, but she also knew what she was into. And right now, she was into watching her best friend shove her shrunken brother as far into her pussy as she could manage in public.

“He doesn’t get to talk to me like that after everything I just gave him,” Tanya said as she brought her hand back on top of the table and Evan fought in her pussy. It seemed that since he knew Tanya was partly responsible for his situation his fighting spirit was renewed. Which she was thoroughly enjoying.

“Why don’t you just sleep over tonight Tanya?” Lea asked her best friend. “I got a couple of new ones at the mall and you can finally get the full experience since Evan was your first and you got your wish. Now you can play with more with me!”

With some effort she focused on her dinner and friend. Together they enjoyed their salads and talked about going to see a new movie next weekend. Tanya occasionally trailed off as she came, squeezing Evan tightly. The waitress just thought she was a little distracted.

Lea just smiled when she saw her friend’s small orgasms while they talked. She had more practice with tinies than Tanya, who so far had only had one inside of her (she’d resisted the lure of tinies even at sleepovers, convinced Evan would be her first). Which was why she was letting her own orgasm build slowly. The guy she’d met earlier today had only wanted to climb on her naked body at half an inch tall. Instead she’d sent him spelunking.

“I hope they don’t fix these bugs we’re exploiting,” Lea said as the little man ran into her cervix and she finished up her salad. “Sooner or later they’re gonna update it and we’re gonna be stuck with whatever we get beforehand.”


Later that evening, Tanya fished Evan out of her pussy. It spasmed in yet another orgasm, releasing its meal with reluctance. Now that it finally had Evan it didn’t want to let him go. She sighed as he slipped out of her and briefly felt bad about how she’d treated him.

Maybe I let Lea goad me a little too much about this whole thing? she asked herself. Even after Evan had started yelling at her she hadn’t been angry…until Lea had helped get her mad at him. While he’d squirmed inside she’d packed clothes for an overnight and she’d had time to think, relatively alone at her house. Was he a toy or a person?

Then, just as she started to bring Evan up to face level to speak to him, Lea came into her bedroom with an armful of extra pillows.

“Just toss that in the fun drawer and give me a hand, would you?” Lea asked from behind the mountain of bedding.

Lea pulled herself out of her brief pensive mood, ignoring Evan screaming in her hand.

“Yeah!” she replied to Lea. She pulled open the long drawer of Lea’s dresser and dropped Evan in without a second thought before she slid it shut.


Evan hit the bottom of the drawer hard but unharmed. He rolled as the floor shook under him and screamed at Tanya to help him as she slid the drawer shut without looking at him. Then the light disappeared as the drawer slammed shut.

After a moment Evan’s eyes adjusted to the darkness. Somewhere in the drawer something was giving off light.

“Maybe a hole in the back?” Evan asked hopefully. If it was a hole, and if he could find it, he could give himself a chance at turning back to normal before this insane scenario could get any worse.

He’d been naked for long enough that he didn’t even notice as he ran to toward where it seemed like the light was coming from. As Evan ran he saw what else filled the drawer with him and he had to slow down to take it all in.

“How did she even get all this?”

Surrounding Evan was the largest, pun intended, sex toy collection he could have ever thought of. He passed a small dildo with bumps along one side, then a larger with a lever at the bottom that would deploy a flared end once the woman had fully inserted it. Anal beads that progressively grew from knee-high to larger than Evan, a butt plug that—

“Is that hollow?”

Evan couldn’t help but slow down and look. Just like he’d thought, this pink butt plug was hollow and the base seemed to have a contraption that would eject the contents into whatever hole it was inserted in. Slightly further back he stumbled across a dildo that had an opening large enough for him to crawl into (if he was dumb enough). As he looked at that open-ended dildo, he stumbled over some heavy string that ended with manacles that would fit around his ankles.

Fear ran through his body as his mind connected the dots. He was far from the first tiny his sister had used, and all of these things were designed for little men. Either willing or not. Then he heard something move. Just around the corner from another set of yellow anal beads.

“Hello?” he called out, his voice small with fear. He both didn’t know what the girls were doing outside the drawer, it could have been anything from knife sharpening to watching The Journal, and he also knew whatever he was about to see could make everything he’d been through seem like a walk in the park.

“Hello?” he called again, then something slammed into the anal beads he was walking past. “Holy shit!” he yelled out as he fell onto his backside, and everything got worse.

The sound hadn’t come from the other side of the beads. It had come from within.

As Evan watched in horror a woman who had been roughly crammed into the bead slammed her hand against the side, pushing out the side surprisingly far but not breaking it. She turned her head toward Evan as much as she could and mouthed ‘help!’ The bead next to her, slightly smaller, shook as well when the man inside kicked the side, trying to get Evan’s attention as well.

Evan looked at the two anal beads, each contorted into terrible positions to fit into their new positions in life, and ran blindly further into his sister’s sex toy drawer.


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