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Story Notes:

This story is a new commission, so enjoy! Chapter 1 will be more story, and the rest will be more slippery ;)

Author's Chapter Notes:

This story was done by commission, I hope you enjoy it! Chapter 1 will be more story setting, the rest will have more of the action.

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“Hey Lea, you here?” Tanya called out to the empty house as she let herself in. She had been friends with Lea so long that she was practically part of the family. It wasn’t uncommon for Tanya to pop in unannounced; she knew where the key was, and it was rare that a week went by where she didn’t spend the night.

“Anybody?” she called out again when there was no response. Shrugging, she took her jacket off and tossed it on the edge of the couch. It was just a little chilly outside, but that didn’t keep her from wearing short jean shorts and a tank top. It just meant she suffered through cold legs while the jacket kept the rest of her runner’s body warm. Both her and Lea had gone to state cross country last year and they were used to their legs being cold.

Tanya walked up the stairs to Lea’s room. There was a long hallway running the length of the house on the second floor, and Lea’s room was at the far end. She walked right by Evan’s room, then paused and stepped lightly back. It was possible everyone else was gone but he was still asleep.

Carefully she opened his door and peeked through the crack. His bed was immediately visible, but she didn’t see any sign of him. His covers were a mess, there was no hiding under them if he’d curled up in an attempt to stay asleep.

“Where is everybody?” she asked herself as she turned, leaving his door slightly ajar.

Evan stopped yelling and waving his arms as he saw Tanya turn and leave. He thought it was weird she’d randomly peek into his room at ten in the morning, but right now he wasn’t going to question it. Now that the door was open he at least had a chance to get out and try to seek help with whatever had happened to him.

Half an hour earlier, Evan had awoken to a bizarre situation. His covers were spread out chaotically as always, which was the only reason he wasn’t encased completely in darkness. There was no way his skinny three-inch tall form could have pushed those blankets out of the way as he searched for a way out.

The world had appeared massive to him when he had roused from slumber, and he had at first assumed it was a dream. A surprisingly lucid dream. His pillow was far taller than he was, and even his desk in the corner of the room seemed like a mountain, miles away.

It was too strange, too surreal.

“Since I’m dreaming, I’m gonna fly on over there!” Evan said to himself. He was a good student for sure, but the line between reality and fantasy was a little blurred for him that close to waking up.

So Evan had gotten a running start, sprinted to the edge of the bed, and leapt upward. For a long moment his speed carried his tiny form further out than a proportional jump would have taken him. The track star felt his body keep moving upward, his dreaming status confirmed. Then he fell.

Evan screamed as gravity took over, pulling him down.

No this is a nightmare! Evan realized as the carpet quickly approached. He kicked his legs to try and wake himself, but nothing happened. A split second before he hit the carpet his second wake-up call was expected. Instead of waking up rapidly with a pounding heart and sweat covering his body, Evan slammed face-first into the carpet.

Groaning, Evan rolled over onto his back. He laid there for as long as he could stand while he assessed his condition. He couldn’t believe nothing hurt, nothing seemed broken. But the ceiling was now as far away as the sky.

“So I’m not dreaming,” he told himself as he climbed to his feet. The carpet squished under his feet like a strange fuzzy mud. He started to walk toward his door and kept getting his feet caught in the little loops that made up the carpet. Of course, they weren’t so little to him anymore.

“Someone will still be here,” he assured himself. “Assuming I can get past the door.”

Just as he said that, he saw his skyscraper sized door open. It opened slowly, quietly, and just as Evan was about to panic that this was some kind of triple-nightmare, he saw a familiar face peek through the opening.

“Tanya!” he yelled, waving his arms, “I’m down here!”

He didn’t care at all that he was completely naked; he needed help. Even if it was from his sister’s friend that he thought had a weird crush on him. But instead of hearing him or looking down to see his tiny form, Tanya’s eyes looked over his bed, her face changed to one of disappointment, and she vanished.

“At least she left the door open!” Evan said to himself as he tried to give himself a pep talk.

Ten minutes later, Tanya left Lea’s room with an armful of clothes that she was borrowing. It didn’t really matter that Tanya wasn’t there, the two girls had exchanged enough clothes that they might as well have shared a closet.

Just as she began to walk back down the hallway, Tanya heard something in the quiet house. She paused, thinking it may have been someone downstairs. It was a small, distant sound. Someone yelling across the street, perhaps?

Then she tracked the sound with her eyes.

“What is that?” she asked herself as she saw a tiny moving form walking on the carpeted hallway. Her eyes narrowed and she knelt down, careful not to drop any clothes.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed, suddenly dropping the clothes as she realized what she was seeing.

Evan dove backward as a sea of shirts almost crushed him. He didn’t dive far, but it was far enough to save him from the incoming wave of pink and red cotton.

When he got back to his feet, he was frightened by the speed at which Tanya’s face approached him. She’d knelt down onto all fours and leaned closer to get a good look at him. Her long light brown hair was almost dragging on the carpet, and Evan made sure he covered his manhood from her piercing green eyes. Up this close he’d never noticed how many freckles she had, but it was hard to see anything else at this side.

“Evan is that you?” the giantess Tanya asked him in a surprisingly soft voice. For as often as Tanya was at their home, Evan hadn’t actually spoken to her that much. Her voice still shook him to the core. It was like saying the roar of a train’s engine was more gentle than usual.

Evan restrained himself from running away from her massive form. He’d been hoping to get somebody’s, anybody’s, attention but he hadn’t expected his body’s reaction to interacting with something a hundred times its size. Tanya’s face alone could have smashed him if she decided to headbutt him. She was cute and in good shape but she was also the size of a mountain.

“Tanya you’ve gotta help me!” he shouted, cupping both hands around his mouth like a megaphone. In doing so he forgot to cover his penis from Tanya’s prying eyes, and her eyes darted downward. Evan couldn’t miss the action of her giant eyes and quickly covered himself again as he turned red.

“What happened to you?” Tanya said after she giggled at finally getting to see his rod. It wasn’t how she’d hoped her first viewing would go, but it was better than nothing. Without realizing she was doing it she wiggled her butt in the air.

“I don’t know!” Evan yelled to her, cautiously approaching her face. She turned her head to hear him better and her hair slid around him like a soft rain. He ducked to avoid getting knocked over but it was light enough he needn’t have worried. “I woke up like this! You gotta get me to a doctor or something! Tell my parents!”

Evan really had no idea what she, or anyone, could do to help. He only knew at his current size he had no way to help himself.

“There’s no doctor’s office open today,” Tanya said to him, reminding him it was a Sunday. “And the nearest hospital is hours away, and I have no idea where the rest of your family is.”

Evan’s heart fell as she spoke. She wasn’t wrong.

“But you can stay with me!” she continued in a happy voice. The girl smiled broadly and Evan gulped nervously as he looked at her teeth, each as long as one of his legs. “You can’t stay here on your own.”

The tiny boy looked around nervously. Again, she wasn’t wrong. But Evan would be lying if he said he was comfortable with the idea of going back to Tanya’s, with her being the only person who knew he was tiny. She’d had a crush on him for a long time, and he didn’t know how weird this might get. He saw her practically as a second little sister. With a better backside and 5k run time.

Tanya didn’t bother waiting for a response.

“Come on Evan!” she said to him as she got back to her feet. Evan watched, horrified, as her face flew up and away from him by the casual act of standing up. In a moment she was at full height and Evan was disoriented from watching.

Tanya bent down and gently wrapped his naked form in one hand. He screamed as she lifted him up, but the giantess was as gentle as she could be. She stopped and held him at face height for her, at Grand Canyon height for him.

“Look, I gotta carry all this stuff with me,” she indicated the clothes she’d dropped on the ground that he couldn’t see over her hand cradling him, “So I gotta put you somewhere safe until then.”

The possibilities ran through her mind. Pocket? He’d be smashed. She wasn’t carrying a purse.

There were other places to put him…she thought, briefly anticipating something Evan had never considered with her.

Evan grew nervous as Tanya looked deep in thought, occasionally giggling and her face turning red.

Finally she said, “Just don’t get too handsy!” with a smile and pulled open the front of her tank top.

“Wait, what?” Evan shouted as he saw where he was going. The gap between her pink sports bra and her skin grew as her finger pulled it aside, and gently Evan was dropped in. It was hot on her small breast, and just as his legs felt squished between her pale skin and the bra Tanya let the bra snap back shut. With a grunt Evan was pushed forward into her chest, the bra too tight for him to move.

Tanya felt her crotch grow hot as she thought about how close Evan was to her nipple. She’d dropped him in a little closer than she’d intended…or so she told herself.

With a smile she gathered up the dropped clothes as her phone buzzed. She checked it and saw that Lea had messaged her, asking about borrowing a dress.

“Go ahead,” Tanya said aloud as she typed her reply. “I got everything I was looking for from your place!”

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