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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm happy to present the second chapter in a larger commission! Enjoy!

“So how’d you like the trip?” Tanya asked Evan when she finally pulled him off of her B-cup breast. She’d kept him there for longer than she’d intended. At first, she really had only expected to keep him there long enough to get him back to the relative safety of her room. But then her parents had fifty questions for her, and she’d be lying if part of her didn’t get excited knowing she was hiding a boy from them.

Carefully Tanya set him down on her bedside table next to her phone charger. At his three-inch size Tanya knew she’d have trouble making out facial expressions, or hearing his voice, but she could tell his body language pretty easily. He was mad enough that he forgot to cover his penis as he yelled.

“What the hell were you doing?!” Evan yelled at Tanya. The giant girl knelt down until one of her eyes was at his level. That close Evan couldn’t help but notice how green they were, and he was suddenly reminded to cover his naked penis when he saw her eyes flicker down to his rod again.

“I couldn’t move or anything!” he yelled again. “You need to get me to a hospital or someone who can figure this out!”

“Well look,” Tanya replied, having faintly heard his angry shouting. Her eyes narrowed, annoyed that he was yelling at her instead of thanking her for letting him get to second base with her. “The day after tomorrow I’ll take you to Mrs. Sever’s science class, okay? She’ll know what’s going on for sure.”

Evan didn’t agree with what Tanya said, but he could tell a losing battle when he saw one. She’d already declined to call for help when she first found him, and he knew from her trips to his house that she was incredibly shy. Or maybe just for him. It didn’t particularly surprise him that she didn’t want to go asking just anybody for help.

“But listen, I’m sure you heard my parents saying they were going to a movie tonight, right? So at least we don’t have to worry about Mom finding you and thinking you’re a bug!”

Tanya’s voice grew more optimistic as she spoke. Partly because she enjoyed it when she had the house to herself, but also because of the thoughts racing through her head. Thoughts she knew she shouldn’t have about someone who definitely thought of her as an annoying little sister. Thoughts that had only gotten worse when she’d had him pressed tightly next to her nipple for an hour.

Evan looked around as Tanya smiled at him, resigned to spend the night in the most foreign place he could imagine: a teenage girl’s bedroom. There was pink everywhere.

“Well I’m gonna make myself more comfortable, you just…stay here, okay?” Tanya said as though her tiny friend had any other options.

So Evan waited, sitting on her phone charger like it was a park bench. He was so flustered by the entire situation he didn’t even watch where she was going. Until she came back.

“Hey, so I hope you don’t mind but I need to take a shower,” she told him apologetically. It wasn’t true at all; she’d showered before going over to Lea’s house on the off chance that she might run into Evan. But now that he was here?

You’ve gotta do this! her hormones were screaming at her. She’d lusted after Evan for years, spent sleepless nights with Lea keeping herself from sneaking into his room to wake him with her naked body. She’d stopped herself from naming her favorite vibrator after him only because she knew Lea would have mocked her for it.

But now that he was here? Sitting on her nightstand, inches away from her modest collection of sex toys in the drawer below? She could, and would, finally have him. Part of her hoped he would like it. And part of her didn’t care.

“Okay,” Evan said, knowing she couldn’t hear him. “Can you at least turn on the TV for me?”

That’s when he looked down from Tanya’s face. And saw that when she’d gone to get more comfortable, all she’d done was take off her shorts and underwear. The tall distance-runner was wearing a tank top and nothing else. His first view of a real-life vagina was in front of him in all its glory. She was shaved clean, a perfect slit accompanied by the well-developed muscles of her distance-running legs.

And only inches away from him, yet impossible to touch. Even if he didn’t view her as a little sister, she was literally too far away from him to do anything. Then Evan noticed the parts of it he could see looked a little shiny. A little wet.

Was she…?

“You’recominginwithme, Evan,” Tanya breathed out heavily, scarcely believing her own courage in saying those words even though he didn’t have a choice in what she did with him.

There was a long moment where she could see Evan looking between her snatch and her face, perhaps unsure of what she had said. Then Tanya seized her courage and seized Evan in her left hand before skipping her way to the bathroom.

“No wait!” Evan yelled as her hand roughly encircled him. She couldn’t hear no matter how loudly he yelled; her hand had covered his mouth as well. The three-inch tall boy struggled as much as he could but it was futile. At his size she barely even noticed.

Through the gap in her fingers Evan got glimpses of white tile, then a toilet, then a sink. He heard a distant roar like a waterfall and realized she hadn’t been kidding when she’d said they were going to the shower.

“Here, get warmed up!” Tanya said cheerfully to him as Evan’s stomach did backflips. There was a sensation of falling as Tanya’s hand lowered him quickly to the ground, then she carefully sat him down on a clean, white, and cold surface.

“Tanya you can’t do this!” Evan yelled before he could even look around. His voice trailed off as he realized where he was. She’d sat him on the far side of a tub that easily dwarfed any football stadium he’d been in before. Not far from him water was already spraying out of the showerhead causing steam to flow through the air.

“Oh shit.”

Then Tanya stepped into the shower – tub combination. She looked down at him to make sure she wouldn’t step on him, then drew back the curtain. The smile on her face made it obvious she was about to fulfill a long-awaited fantasy at Evan’s expense.

“So this isn’t how I wanted our first time to go,” said Tanya as she carefully sat down, her legs encircling Evan and giving him an uncontested view of her pussy. The stream of the showerhead ran down the back of her head, slowly soaking the rest of her naked body. If Evan had been full size it would have been an erotic sight.

“But you never notice me and how could I possibly turn this down?” she shrugged her shoulders dramatically as she spoke and Evan saw that she had two large objects in her hands. He was inexperienced, but not naïve.

Those are vibrators, he thought to himself as he desperately looked for a way out. Her left hand held a floppy pink cock three times his size, while her right held a shorter teal vibrator with a bend at the end.

“Come here Ev,” she said over the roar of the rushing water, plastering her long hair to her shoulders. When he hesitated, she simply bent one of her legs and pushed him toward her with one of her heels.

As he stumbled forward she lowered the vibrator to her pussy and turned it on. Evan watched the tip begin shaking back and forth as she carefully inserted it into her slit. At first it didn’t seem like it would fit, then Tanya giggled as she saw Evan’s nervousness and the red vibrator slid inside.

“Don’t worry Evan,” she said as she moaned from the vibrations, “I’ll be gentle. It’s my first time with a boy!”

Evan turned and tried to run as one of her giant hands reached for him. At first her fingers were gentle as he fought them, then she turned him so that when he looked up he could see her rapidly approaching vagina. Her fingers readjusted so that more of him was sticking out of her fist.

Even if she hadn’t been sitting in the shower Tanya would have been soaking wet. The anticipation of finally having Evan inside of her, one way or another, was incredible. She pulled her vibrator out of her soaking slit and felt it quiver, eager to accept its meal.

“Oh I lied Evan,” she said as she felt a sexual fury overcome her and her restraint melt away. Her voice shook with desire. “I’m not gonna be gentle at all.”

The three-inch boy had just enough time to start a scream before Tanya drove him straight into her snatch. Evan felt a brief wet resistance before her flesh moved out of the way to accommodate him. She cried out as she felt his head enter her pussy. Finally he was inside her! Tanya pulled him out then drove him back inside. Her fingers adjusted until she was pinching him around the midsection, letting him slip far enough inside that she could feel his flailing arms but not deep enough that her pussy could consume him entirely. Even if she desperately wanted it to.

With him halfway in her pussy, she returned her vibrator to her clit. Not that she really needed it; as soon as the vibrator touched her she came. It was just too much. She’d been lusting after Evan for years and now she finally got to have her way with him!

“Oh god!” she yelled out, grateful that she was already sitting down. If she hadn’t been she would have fallen over. “Oh Evan!”

From within her soaking pussy Evan could hear her scream his name and felt her walls tighten around him. Her giant hand drove him in and out as far as her grip would allow, which wasn’t far at all. This didn’t stop Evan from panicking inside of her, when he was as far in as she could get him he immediately got a face full of her fluids. There was a long moment where he was afraid he would suffocate deep in her womb, then he realized something that scared him more than anything.

He clearly didn’t need to breathe.

Her slippery secretions surrounded his body easily as he was pistoned in and out of her. Her insides were boiling and pulsing constantly and the perpetual movement didn’t give him a moment to catch his breath or find his bearings. Twice her soft walls pulsed around him, clamping down as Tanya came.

Over his own pleas for help and mercy Evan could faintly hear her cry out in delicious agony. He could tell she was speaking but couldn’t make out the words. It was obvious to him that the words didn’t matter nearly as much as what she was feeling.

The wet tunnel became his world. All he could smell was her natural lubrication, all he could hear was her moans over a backdrop of the constant squishing and squelching of his body pushing her tight pussy walls apart. Evan flailed his arms futilely to try and keep her tender flesh out of his face, but only managed to stimulate her even more.

Tanya’s teenage body squirmed and twisted in the bathtub as Evan gave her two orgasms almost back to back. She was yelling loud enough that if her parents had been home they would have ran up there to see what was wrong. As she came down from the second one she pulled the vibrator off of her clit and realized she hadn’t even started using her favorite jelly dildo yet.

“Oh my god,” she said as she pulled Evan out of her with a *pop!* and held him up to face level. She pulled him to her and planted a kiss right on his face. Her lips easily overwhelmed his entire head and she couldn’t help but reach out with her tongue and lick him. “You are so much better than my other toys.”

Through the water streaming over her face she felt him push against her lips. Without realizing she was doing it she found herself gently licking his body, tasting her lubrication on his chest. She smiled and giggle deep in her throat as she licked him more, moving her fingers aside so she could trail her tongue down his torso.

“Gah!” Evan cried out as the combination of spraying water and her saliva choked him. “No stop!”

Unhearing and uncaring, Tanya let her tongue move further down until she finally tasted his cock. Or at least she told herself she finally had his love stick in her mouth. At his height she couldn’t tell the difference with her tongue.

Evan could though. Her tongue was large enough that he could see her taste buds, but soft enough that she wasn’t crushing his cock as she ran her tongue over it. He was too terrified to enjoy his first bout of oral sex, but his cock responded anyway. Before he knew it he was hard as a rock even as he screamed in terror.

When she’d had enough of wiggling her tongue around his midsection, she rotated him with her hand and let her lips engulf his head. Evan had fought wonderfully through the entire session, but now that part of him was in her mouth he began fighting like a wounded beast.

“Oh relax!” Tanya said to him, not quite taking him out of her mouth to speak, “You’re gonna be the first in all my holes!”

Then she pushed Evan further into her mouth, making sure his entire body fit behind her closed lips. At three inches tall he slid right in, occasionally tickling the back of her throat as he kicked. Savoring the sensation of having her crush finally in her mouth, even if not how she’d originally wanted, she took the opportunity to shift her hips and lay a little further down in the tub. She slathered him with her saliva and sucked on her new toy, getting all of the flavor out of his tiny body that she could.

Just as Evan was sure he was going to lose his mind, Tanya spit him out into her hand. He had enough time to see her smiling face rapidly receding from him as her hand lowered to think about what she’d said to him. Just as he realized she’d actually said ‘all my holes,’ he was at pussy level. Out of fear he turned his head away, sure he was going back into her pussy. Instead he felt the hand lower more.

“Oh come on!” he yelled as her words ran through his head again.

Her other hand had carefully pulled a well-toned cheek to the side, revealing her backdoor. It was slick from her vaginal fluid and the shower water and pulsed lightly as she contracted and relaxed the round muscle.

“You better stay stiff until you’re in there,” he heard Tanya’s voice say distantly. “I’ve never had anything more than a finger and it’s gonna be a tight fit.”

Of course, he’s not much bigger than a finger right now! she thought to herself as she did her best to relax her sphincter. It was a little awkward bringing Evan right next to her backdoor, it wasn’t a motion her hands were used to, but momentarily she felt his tiny moving form against her last unsullied hole.

Evan threw up his hands futilely to protect himself, and it didn’t help at all. His face pushed hard against her browned skin which briefly refused to give way. Then Tanya must have relaxed better, because his arms and head slipped inside her asshole past the shoulder before the muscle clamped down on him again.

Tanya could only look at the ceiling and try not to drool. There were no words to describe how it felt to have him in her ass. It was only halfway, but she didn’t want to lose him in there. Her eyes glazed over as she moved her five-inch dildo to her outer lips.

The tiny teenager did everything he could to push himself back out of her asshole. Luckily it seemed as though his nose has shut off: somehow he couldn’t smell anything but knowing where he was made it bad enough. All around him the heavy, humid air clearly defined his new position in life. Her asshole squeezed around his midsection as he tried to get a hand between himself and her puckered skin.

Then a new pressure appeared at his back. This new force slid up his back and kept going, before stopping and returning. Then it moved faster, faster, until Ben felt her asshole squeezing him harder, felt his entire world rock as Tanya rocked her own hips with the motion of the dildo and the sensation of double penetration.

Evan thought he would throw up when he realized that she was masturbating with him in her ass, but then he found he couldn’t spare the time. Between the rhythmic contractions of her sphincter and the dildo pushing at his back, he was being pulled deeper into her ass.

“No no no!” he yelled as he redoubled his efforts. The walls of her colon were soft yielding; there was nothing he could use to gain enough traction to push his way out of her.

At first he was only chest-deep. Thirty seconds later, he was being gripped around his waist. He struggled harder and harder to try and prevent it, but it only helped him move in faster. Soon he felt his cock pressed tight against his belly as his butt stopped him from passing entirely through her ring of muscles.

Wait, am I still hard? Evan asked himself. Despite everything he could tell that at least some part of his body liked this treatment. Then he felt his butt finally pass through the sphincter which immediately clamped down so hard on his legs that he simply shot inward, the narrowing circumference of his thighs and calves simply made him the perfect shape to slip all the way into her teenage rectum.

When Tanya felt him suddenly slide entire into her ass she paused her dildo pumping with all five inches inside of her. Her eyes went wide as she realized what had happened. There was a brief sensation of her anus no longer being stretched, which she was surprised she had really enjoyed, then a tickle inside. Then that tickle became a roar as Evan got to his feet in her rectum and began fighting against her walls, desperately seeking escape back through her sphincter.

“Oh god no let me out!” Evan screamed as he clambered to his feet in the darkness. The walls of her rectum yielded to his feet and the harder he tried to find his way back to her anus he simply found himself falling or scrambling up the sides of her tender backside.

All of Tanya’s muscles contracted at once. Her pussy tried to force the dildo out at supersonic speeds, but her hand wouldn’t let it stop pumping.  She cried out silently; part of her wanted to scream but she just didn’t have the air.  Tanya’s body slid until she was laying down as far as she could in the tub, with her feet propped up on the side. There was the incredible sensation of Evan sliding farther into her colon as gravity forced him to tumble deeper into her gut.

She managed to get out a long squeaking “oooh!” as her senses were overloaded. Tanya’s abs flexed and her body rose off the bottom of the tub repeatedly. Her toes curled and her pussy spasmed until she finally released the dildo, exhausted. It slipped out of her with force, flopping once on the floor of the tub before it settled two feet away.

Several minutes later, when she finally relaxed enough for her eyes to focus, Tanya reached up and turned off the showerhead. She breathed heavily in the silence, enjoying Evan’s movements deep in her ass. Part of her wanted to grab her dildo and go for round four, but she knew if she did any more she’d be too sore to do much playing tomorrow.

The runner struggled to her feet. Her legs were still shaking from the force of her orgasms and Evan’s movements felt so good her knees got weak every time he did…well….anything. Then her phone rang.

She almost fell as she stepped out of the tub, then set her backside on the toilet seat as she answered her phone.

“Hey Lea!” she said, her voice higher than usual as Evan found her sphincter and tried to force it apart. “What’s up?”

Tanya listened for a moment.

“Oh yeah, he’s over here with me!” More listening. Tanya smiled; she liked what she heard and what she felt. “Oh for sure! He’s been wonderful and- uh huh,” she nodded, “uh huh. Well how about I bring him back tomorrow? We’ve got the day off school and I bet we can come up with something fun.”


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