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     The sun is starting to rise over the land of Albion, the ground turned white from the recent snowfall. Still rising, the sun's light reaches a large castle that is a good distance from most towns. This castle is the home of a loving couple, a maiden and her knight.       Ashley is still asleep in her bed as the sun's light is starting to creep in through the nearby window. She looks content, having a big smile on her face as she is holding the man she loves in her arms. This could be seen as a normal sight except for one minor detail. The knight she has in her arms is much, much smaller than she is, about the size of a doll when compared to her. Only the knight isn't small, the woman he is laying with is actually quite large, about ten times the size of any man. With everything around the couple being scaled up to accommodate both her and her extraordinary size, it is easy to confuse the knight for being the small one.      Sir Gabriel is content laying in Ashley's arms, finding where he is laying to be very comfortable. Even though it is on the chilly side he is warm, Ashley's arms, alone, are enough to keep him from freezing. With his head nestled on her breasts, as if they are a pair of pillows, he can easily hear her heartbeat. The rhythmic thumping from beneath her chest is very soothing and has become a sound that he loves to hear.        Sir Gabriel soon finds himself moving, not because he is but it is because the woman he is laying on is starting to stir. Ashley begins to lean up, making sure that she has a tight hold on her knight to prevent him from falling; which is a good distance due to her immense size.    Sir Gabriel looks up at Ashley's smiling face, feeling glad that she is the first thing to see in the morning. His smile widens as he thinks about how her face has been the first thing that he has woken up to for months.       "Good morning, Gabriel," Ashley says, greeting the knight she loves.        "Good morning, Ashley," Sir Gabriel responds.        Sir Gabriel feels himself being lifted higher, towards a large pair of lips that are puckered up. Within moments those same lips are enveloping his face, giving him an affectionate good morning kiss, one that he is happy to return. Though due to the difference in their size, he is only able to kiss Ashley's lower lip. The morning kiss lasts longer than a typical kiss does, neither one particularly keen on wanting it to end, but soon Sir Gabriel finds himself being pulled away, once again able to see Ashley's beautiful face. "We are going into town today, right?" There is a level of excitement in Ashley's voice as she asks this. The couple has traveled around Albion and seen many different sights, but Ashley's love for heading outside of her home and traveling has not diminished, even if it is somewhere that she has already been to before.       "Of course," Sir Gabriel answers, which only causes Ashley's smile to widen. "I still have my knightly duties to perform over in Vershire." No sooner does the knight say this, he feels himself being moved once again. This time Ashley isn't moving him, she is, and he is going along with her.  Ashley throws the covers off herself as she swings her legs over the side of the bed. The moment her feet touch the stone floor, she can feel just how cold it feels beneath her, "Oh! That's cold," she says while she stands up. Ignoring how cold the floor feels beneath her feet, she walks out of her bedroom with Sir Gabriel still in her arms.         As she is walking, her long, chestnut-colored hair is flowing behind her, one of the rare times that she does not have her hair braided. The giantess' white nightgown is almost completely obscured because of how thick and wavey her hair is.        Ashley heads to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for both her and Sir Gabriel, smiling as she is still having a hard time believing that she is no longer cooking for herself. Sir Gabriel can only watch from the table, where Ashley had set him down at. The aroma of what the giantess is preparing wafting over to him. He is hungry and the smell of what Ashley is cooking is making his mouth water.        When Ashley finishes cooking the delicious-looking meal she makes her way back to the table while carrying two plates. There is a huge difference in size between what Ashley is carrying; her plate does look to be about a normal size in her hand while the other one looks as though it is meant for a doll, which is just the right size for the knight.       As the couple enjoys a nice meal, which is a simple one, Sir Gabriel can't help but stare at Ashley's left hand, more specifically the gold band that adorns one of her fingers. He can't help but smile at the sight of it, knowing that he is wearing one that looks just like it. Ashley, notices her knight staring, fully aware of what he is staring at. "You enjoy seeing this on my finger, don't you?"      "I will admit that I do," Sir Gabriel answers proudly.       "I must admit that I love wearing it," Ashley says as she looks down at the ring. "I still can't believe that you actually had this made for me." It was about four months ago that she had put the ring on, four months of happiness that she is sharing with the man she loves; the special day still seems so surreal to her.       "Not to mention the coin that went into it."       The two finish their breakfast and Ashley returns to her bedroom, carrying Sir Gabriel with her as he heads back. She places him on her chest of drawers as she begins to go through her closet. Her selection of clothes is on the slim side, only owning about ten dresses. Like everything else for her, clothes are expensive. Not just because of the amount of material that is needed to clothe her, but the type of material that is needed. Standard cloth is too thin for a woman her size, tearing too easily from the wear and tear that she exerts. She needs to have her clothes tailored with thicker material, like canvas or sailcloth. It may be more expensive, but it does last her.      Sir Gabriel can't help but watch as Ashley begins to lift her nightgown over her head, removing it so that she can change into something more appropriate for heading into town. He watches as his wife's body is now exposed, wearing nothing but her underwear and a cloth that she has wrapped around her chest, a view that he feels privileged to witness.       Ashley turns to face the knight, smiling at him because she feels as if she is showing off to him. "Enjoying the view I take it?"       Sir Gabriel smiles at his wife, seeing the playful smile that she is giving him. "You certainly are a beautiful woman, what is there not to enjoy?"      Ashley reaches out towards her husband, a single finger extended as she places it underneath the knight's chin. "I am sure that you are aware that the view is about to get much, much better."      Sir Gabriel does not respond but watches as Ashley removes the remainder of her garments until nothing remains. No matter how many times he witnesses Ashley at her most vulnerable, he can't help but admire and appreciate her body; a privilege that he can enjoy.      As Ashley grabs another cloth and a pair of underwear, her movements are slightly exaggerated to show off her body. She can't help but smile at the attention she is receiving, her husband unable to take his eyes off of her. Though she knows that this display will have to end, already getting dressed, but that doesn't mean she can't show herself off again later on.       Sir Gabriel watches Ashley grab a brown dress out from the closet, as he begins to change. The dress is double layered, designed to help keep Ashley warm during the winter months. The same way the furs that Sir Gabriel is donning will help to keep him warm.       As soon as Ashley finishes getting dressed, she begins to braid her long hair. This something that does take some time for her to finish, her hair is so thick and wavey that it can be difficult to manage. Looking over at Sir Gabriel, she can see a look of disappointment on his face, the knight preferring that she leave her hair down. As much as she would to do so, it wouldn't be wise a wise thing to do. Her hair could get caught in a lot of things, and at her size, it can cause some problems. "Don't worry," Ashley says with a smile, "when we get back I will let my hair down again, I promise."      It is no secret between them that he does love it when she has her hair down,   he finds it to be one of her best features. With something to look forward to later, the knight goes to grab his armor. The moment he takes a step towards it a large hand comes between him and it. Normally something like this would be surprising, but not for Sir Gabriel. He has been with Ashley long enough te expect such things.       "Gabriel, do you think that you could leave your armor behind?" Ashley asks hopefully. "I was hoping that I could carry you in my arms, you know, keep you warm; and if you wear your armor I can't really do that."      "But I may need my armor," the knight states, "I could end up accepting a job where I need the protection that my armor offers."           "Then I will bring it with us," Ashley says, "I can carry it until you do need it."       Sir Gabriel does see the point that Ashley has, and it is one that he can not argue with. Besides, he does love the idea of being in her arms, not just because her embrace will keep him warm when it is cold outside, but because he can feel the love that she does have for him. "Okay, you win."       Grabbing the knight's armor, piece by piece, Ashley begins placing it inside her coin pouch, since this is the easiest way to transport Sir Gabriel's armor without him wearing it. The giantess id being careful with each piece as she is grabbing them between her fingers, she is more than capable of crushing the metal because of her size. The moment all of Sir Gabriel's armor is on her pouch, she ties the pouch around her waist before she reaches down for her knight.      Sir Gabriel neither flinches nor recoils as the large appendage is coming towards him; he has been with Ashley long enough for this to be considered normal for him. He lifts his arms as her long fingers wrap themselves around his body. Her hand is so large that even though her index finger and thumb are beneath his arms the rest of her fingers can cover half of his entire body. The next thing he knows, and he is expecting this, he feels his feet being lifted from the chest of drawers. Being lifted higher and higher, he is soon eye level with Ashley's breasts, but he still finds himself moving upward. He knows exactly where Ashley is bringing him, a suspicion that is confirmed when he finds himself staring at her smiling face.      He can't help but smile back, knowing exactly what the giant woman wants, something that he is not going to deny her. As if he could anyway. The knight is brought closer to her lips, his face being smothered between her lips. He returns the gesture, only kissing her bottom lip since that is all he can do. The kiss lasts for several moments, the two of them enjoying the intimate moment. They both wish that it could last forever, but they know that the trip to Vershire can't be put off. Their only consolation is that they have the rest of their lives to enjoy such moments.       Sir Gabriel is lowered down to Ashley's breasts, her arms wrapped around him to keep him from falling. The knight could not wish to be in a better place. Not only is he in the sweet embrace of the woman he loves, but his head is comfortably nestled between her breasts. He can't help but smile. Sure he is in a comfortable spot, but because he can hear Ashley's heartbeat. It is a sound that he has come to love, finding it to be very soothing.      Ashley looks down at her knight, seeing just how comfortable he has gotten. She knows that he is at his favorite place, and she even knows why. Smiling at him she asks playfully, "You just love being there, don't you?"       Nodding, Sir Gabriel answers, "Hm-hmm. I just might fall asleep on the way to Vershire."       The giantess gets a coy look on her face, "Oh really? I wonder why that is." She already is aware of the reason, Sir Gabriel having told her on several occasions, She just wants to hear him tell her why again.       "Well, the first, and most obvious, reason is that it is very soft here, much better than any pillow that I have laid my head on. The second reason is your heartbeat. The sound is just so soothing."        "Well don't get too comfy, Vershire isn't too far of a walk for me."       Ashley makes her way outside, stepping out onto the snow-covered ground. "Oh! That's cold!" she exclaims, feeling the cold snow beneath her bare soles and between her toes with each step she takes.       "Ashley," Sir Gabriel says, sounding concerned, "you really should have a pair of shoes for the winter."       "I'm fine," Ashley lies. The giantess is moving at a quick pace, leaving massive-sized footprints in the snow as she continues to move forward. "You know that I find shoes to be uncomfortable."      "But wouldn't you rather deal with that discomfort than the cold snow?" Sir Gabriel asks in an attempt to make a point. "Besides, unlike the ill-fitting shoes you had growing up, you can have a pair of custom made to fit you comfortably."      Ashley can see that her husband does have a point, her dislike of shoes does stem from how uncomfortable they were for her as she was growing up. She could have a pair cobbled together that would fit her feet but it still doesn't change one thing. "But that would mean I would have to hide my pretty feet."      Sir Gabriel can't help but chuckle slightly at what Ashley has just said. In the time that he has known her, he has learned that the giantess believes that her feet are pretty, something that he can not disagree with. He has been up close with her feet and seen how well taken care of they are; no callouses or rough spots whatsoever. Just soft and smooth skin. He looks up at her, smiling, knowing how important going barefoot does mean to her. "Well, I guess this means that we will have to find a different solution for then now, won't we?"             "Well," Ashley begins, a playful smile on her face, "when we get back home you could always warm my feet up with a nice ling foot massage."       To most, such a task can seem daunting. Her feet are longer than the height of any man, to massage an extremity of such a size would seem impossible to most. Not Sir Gabriel though. He has given the giant woman a fair share of massages on her feet. Not only when she does need one, but also when he wants to show his love and devotion to her. "I suppose you will be expecting kisses as well."       "Wasn't it you who told me that pretty feet deserve to be kissed?" Ashley answers.       "I remember saying that, yes," the knight answers. He still remembers that day, the same day that Ashley had asked him to massage her feet. She had asked him if he really did think her feet are pretty. He could have said yes, or even, "You have the prettiest feet I have ever seen," but these answers would have only conveyed so much. So he decided that there was one thing he could do to erase any doubts in her mind, something that many wouldn't even consider. He had planted a kiss on one of her toes. "And with feet as pretty as yours, they deserve a lot of kisses.      Ashley can't help but blush at the remark, a part of her still unable to believe that Sir Gabriel does find her feet to be that pretty. Instead of saying anything back, she gives the knight a gentle squeeze as if to hug him.        Looking in the distance, the married couple can see the town of Vershire. Ashley picks up her pace, anxious to arrive at the town with the same level of excitement that she had when she had first visited. She has big plans for this trip.      

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