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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is my first type of story like this, so I hope you enjoy!

Sitting in the waiting room, you glace about nervously trying to find a distraction so you can calm down. You’d signed up for odd medical trial revolving around nanobot technology, as it had always interested you how they worked in the human body, being a 2nd year med student but currently only Overwatch had access to it, so when you saw an advertisement for the medical trial testing a new type of nanobot you signed up straight away. It was your day off after all, why not sate your curiosity? Then, the door opens with a metallic clink as you looked up meeting the eyes of Dr Ziegler, all the nerves draining as her warm smile comforted you. You’d seen her on TV before, but she was much taller and more confident in person as she walked up to you holding a clipboard, smiling as she spoke “Ah, wonderful! Apologies for being a tad late, I had to go over a few patients.” You smile back, just glad that you didn’t have to wait anymore. “No problem, it wasn’t long to wait! I’m just excited to get started.” Dr Ziegler perked up, looking even more excited to begin as she guided you into the next room, unlocking it with a keycard as she strode in, you swallow dryly and follow her in.


She leads you into a laboratory, but it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before – the entire lab was spotless, the machines looked so advanced you couldn’t recognize anything but the basics, the equipment lining the walls has liquid moving on its own through the tubes which you quickly realized to be nanobots, giving the equipment a slight golden glow while Dr Ziegler, unknown to you, locked the door as she went over to clear an operating table for you, gesturing to it. “Alright, just lie down here. This procedure can make you a bit dizzy, are you comfortable dear?” she said, the same warm almost concerned smile decorating her face, but you steeled yourself as you were ready to get going with the procedure. “Ready as I’ll be I suppose.” You say, still slightly nervous as Dr Ziegler sat down at a desk, beginning to type something into a computer, gently stretching as you looked her over – her labcoat covering part of her grey skirt, barely covering her waist while you noticed she was also wearing stockings and flats, a very unusual combo for someone who used medical labs like this, but she seemed to read your mind as she quietly groaned, slipping her flats off and rubbing her feet, still focused on the computer in front of her. Her hands moved up, rubbing her sore thighs as she slowly moved upward, undoing her labcoat to reveal a black workshirt underneath. You regretted looking as you began to blush, she was quite attractive but you were here with her for science! To see how medicine would be in the future! But it was just the two of you, alone. Thoughts swirled in your head as your imagination ran wild, which only got worse as she looked over to check on you, locking eyes while seeming to know exactly what you were thinking.


Her smile turned slightly mischievous, as she finished her work at the computer, getting up and walking over to the nanobots from before, now glowing with a gentle pink. “Apologies for the unprofessionalism dear, it’s just difficult being on your feet all day, ya? Everyone always needing you for one thing or another, Dr Ziegler this, Dr Ziegler that, it’s simply troublesome.” She sighed slightly. “I’d prefer to just relax and not hear that name over and over, just Angela would be fine sometimes.” You couldn’t help your thoughts, responding with a shiver in your voice “W-well, I could help you out with that, Angela.” You spoke, seeing her turn with the nanobots prepared in a small vial, striding over next to you and leaning down, handing you the vial “Why of course, I believe you can. Angela will be good. For now.” She said, giggling as she leaned in closer to whisper. “Now, this will be the first trial – it will increase your resistance, the nanobots will slowly surface on your skin, protecting you from both the inside and out, I feel like you’ll need it” she says, slowly climbing up onto the bench as your mind began racing, her legs begin to wrap around yours while Angela shuffled forward, gently rubbing her hips onto you. Confused, you tried to speak out yet she simply put a finger over your mouth. “Drink. It’ll help you.” Your heart is racing, was this really happening? You’d had some thoughts but was she really doing this? Was this the entire point of the trial and you had lucked out? Wasting no time, you downed the nanobot mixture with haste, making sure every drop got in. Angela slowly shuffled her waist up a bit more, taking the vial and tossing it to the side, slowly wrapping her hands around your wrists, your face red hot at this point feeling your erection slowly form up between her soft thighs. She slowly laid down, her black shirt unbuttoned to reveal her bra, gently lowering her breasts down upon your face as you were silently going wild. Angela held you there, moving her breasts as her grip was still holding firm yet she put more pressure down on your face, grinding her waist as all this was going on. But suddenly you felt odd, your skin began to tingle, your body felt warm on the inside, but you knew this was going to happen, yet the grip seemed to encompass more of your wrists, her breasts seemed to grow heavier but you couldn’t focus on that right now – you were in absolute heaven. This strange feeling continued as her warm, soft body kept seeming to cover more and more of you, the bliss was incredible. With a rather loud laugh, you finally snapped out of this trance and realized something was wrong, but what you saw as you looked up horrified you as Angela was growing in size! No, it was you that was shrinking! Struggling, you tried to make your way out from underneath her bosom but it was in absolute vain, one of her hands was enough to hold your arms as she sat there smiling, holding you down underneath her breast. In a matter of minutes, you were reduced to about three inches held down by the weight of just one breast while Angela simply stared as you shrunk down, a sadistic look in her eye. “Ah, a perfect height for my new little pet, don’t you think so?” she said coldly, the warmth in her voice fading away yet you had no time to react as she dug you out from underneath her, holding you in front of her face like a trophy. You tried to speak but no sound came out, watching the fear seep into you, she laughed – almost a booming roar at your new size. “Ah yes, can’t have little pets speaking back to their new owner now can we? The nanobots did more than just make you resistant you know, they helped you become a perfect pet AND have removed your ability to speak! Of course, with a few clicks on the computer I can return your voice but come now, where’s the fun in that?” she said as you simply sat there looking up with a mixture of awe and fear in the palm of her hand.


Angela looked over you, the same curious look she had before as she liked her lips, intrigue washing over her face, she spoke in that booming tone once again “So, Pet” saying the name with distain “I do believe we’re conducting a live experiment here, we now know that the nanobots are safely within you, but are you more resistant than before?”. You looked at her lips, her tongue running over them again as it dangled out of her mouth, the faint smell of coffee wafting over you as she moved you closer, causing you to begin struggling with renewed vigor. “Test Number 2; Is our subject any more resistant? Lets find out!” she said quietly with that same warmth returning to her voice, this time bringing you no comfort as her tongue ran up your entire body. It was a disturbing warmth being coated in saliva while Angelas tongue began licking in-between your legs before she withdrew you with a disappointed motherly look. “Now, we can’t test accurately if you still have those clothes on, here, let me help you my little pet~” as she viciously tore off your clothes using her fingernails, the cool air and thick saliva causing you to shiver from the cold while she laid you down on her tongue. Trying to get up, she quickly scooped you into her mouth, beginning to throw you around while pressing you into her cheeks as her lips closed – the damp air mixing with this new horrific smell of coffee and egg, the amount of saliva causing you to have no foothold as Angelas tongue continued to assault you in everyway it could, slamming you into the walls, teeth, cheeks and bits of food around you. Suddenly, she began to focus on your lower half which brought you down to your knees, the sensation as her tongue lapped over your cock again and again was becoming too much to bear, constantly wrapping around your body while the torture repeated over again, the air becoming hotter as you could hear Angelas moaning from inside. After some time, you couldn’t hold it in anymore as you came all over her tongue, the cum simply absorbed into the endless saliva within Angela, but a slight sound of surprise came up from her through for just a moment, stopping the assault as she had her tongue wrapped around you. Then it continued over with the tongue becoming more forceful, increasing its speed and tossing you harder against the roof of her mouth. Finally after what seemed like an eternity Angela parted her lips, pushing you out as you slowly dripped down her chin absolutely covered in saliva and loose food, sliding down ontop of her chest below. As you sat there in a slimy ball, Angela let one more glob of spit down atop your head, clearing her throat as you craned your neck upwards. “Ah, I see you’ve passed this part of the experiment with flying colours, wonderful job my pet! And already enthusiastic to get onto the next part I see~” She said as she grabbed her breasts, parting them so that you began to slide down into her cleavage, desperately you tried to scramble upwards but as you did she began to squeeze her breasts together, massaging you between them as you feel deeper, your cock poking against them while kept up the rhythm. “Aww, something wrong pet? You were enjoying this before, it almost seemed you’d pass out from embarrassment, how cute!” Angela said, squeezing you a bit tighter while she continued rubbing, up, down, one after the other, the tight cleavage not allowing much air down, her sweat beginning to mix with the saliva as she kept it up. Suddenly, the pace increased while moving around in a circular motion, Angela humming a tune unfamiliar as she did it, but this proved to be too much for you cumming once again for Angela. “Oh? I felt that one my little prize, do you like my chest? Hmm? Well then, I suppose we can keep going for the sake of the experiment.” Angela said, so like before she simply kept it up, battering you between her breasts as she drooled down atop you, sometimes whispering “Good pet~” down towards you before lifting you up and squeezing even harder. By the end, you couldn’t tell what was sweat, cum or saliva but you were filthy. Angela pulled you out by the ankle, dangling you as she rewarded you with a tongue bath cleaning you entirely of sweat and cum.


Without warning, she sat up on the operating table clutching you in her hand, you couldn’t see as she had her fingers wrapped entirely around you, nailing down the feeling of hopelessness to your new owner as you could hear her sigh before dropping you the end of the table with her giant form looming over you, her nylon-clad feet dominated your view as Angela playfully wiggled her toes, the immediate smell of vinegar, sweat and cheese hitting you so hard that you nearly tumbled back. “That last experiment was a resounding success! You seem to be the perfect little pet for your new mistress, but I’ll be running one more test just to make sure. For now, I say we take a break from this, perhaps an hour or so as I’m completely run off my feet today. Could you be a good little pet and give my feet a massage?” Angela said, the warm voice returning as her toes wiggled in front of you ready for a good rubbing. You paced forward trying to block out the horrid, cheesy smell of her feet but it was becoming too much for you, barely making it to her feet as you began gagging. Angela sighed, grabbing you while pulling her feet together, dropping you between them as a whole new hell took place – the vinegary smell overtook your senses as all the footsweat that had accumulated in the nylons began seeping into you, your sweat mixing in with hers. Angela began squeezing your cock with her toes, rubbing your back with the other as you hacked, coughed and gagged but to no avail, she had you caught on the soles of her feet. It was surprisingly hot but a lot more rough than any other place you’d been. In a rush, Angela rubbed faster into your cock, doing her best to force you to cum on her feet, but you managed to hold it in. Visibly annoyed, she stomps down on you hard with one of her feet, rubbing you against the operating table while whispering down to you. “Come on my pet, submit to your punishment and then we may continue, be a good boy for mistress would you?” Angela said, watching for you to finish. After holding out for just a moment longer, you relent, cumming on her sole as she leans back, feeling her pet submit. Slowly, she lifts her foot off you and returns you back to her sweaty soles, laid out for a good rub like Angela desired. “For that disobedience my pet, you’ll need to clean up my beautiful feet with your tongue as well or you may find yourself under someone elses foot, is that clear?” she spoke coldly, motivating you to lick her nylon feet with a new purpose, even where you had came earlier as for the next hour was spent slaved away underneath her, slowly sucking the sweat out of every part of her foot as Angela simply watched, leaning back to relax as her little pet worked hard to please her.


The hour passed as Angela retracted her feet, stretching as she did with her pet exhausted in a puddle of sweat. Angela took one look at her servant, grabbing you and shoving you under her as she began to slowly take off the nylon socks, uncaring for the servant below suffering under her ass. With this sudden shift, you found yourself pinned entirely by your mistress, barely any air getting through as she shifted her weight atop you, melting deeper into her asscheek. Then, you could hear a slight rumble above you, the cheek you were plastered against vibrated slightly while the smell of shit was becoming stronger. Not even finding the energy to struggle, you simply laid there and accepted what was coming as a deafening fart exploded on top of you, searing your chest with heat and causing all the thin pockets of air to be tainted with Angelas gas, but you simply breathed it in, you knew you had to, it was from your mistress after all as the sulfuric gas began to pass, prompting Angela to rise with you securely plastered to her buttcheek. Scraping you off, she lifts you up to her face alongside a tiny device on the end of a pole, twitching and whirring while Angela spoke to you in her booming voice. “Well, I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have pet! Don’t you worry, we’ll be able to do this all the time from now on since I’ll be keeping you with me, but we need a safe place for you to stay. Since I do have these long hours on my feet, I think the perfect place would be just underneath them, massaging your mistress as she works!” and with that, your fate was sealed. But before lowering you, she held up the pole towards you, holding you down as she took the tip of it, shoving it up your ass for a brief moment causing spasms all the way up your body along with a silent scream. Withdrawing the pole, you still felt something that had lodged itself in your ass but your look of confusion only served to please Angela, as she smiled while bringing up one of her nylon stockings, the smell hazing you even from a distance. “Don’t worry about what I’ve just done my pet, it’s simply something to keep you in line, just try to relax, breathe deeply and enjoy your new home~” Angela spoke, as she dropped you into her sweaty nylons tumbling the entire way down. As you landed in-between her toes, a horrific scratching sound defeaned you as her toes followed you in, wiggling as they overcame you, pinning you underneath her toes as she left you hanging for a moment before slowly lowering you into her old, black flats – you struggled from the smell already but looking into the well worn insole you knew it was about to get worse, a clear outline of her feet blackened from extensive years of use, a sheen of sweat already coating it before you’d even been sealed in. With no more energy to fight back, you lay there as your mistress lowered you in, fully securing her foot with you inside as the heat immediately began to rise, the smell much worse than anything you could’ve imagined as your nose burned from the horrific smell of years of condensed sweat, toejam and grime which began to rub off onto you through the nylons. You panicked, trying to bang on Angelas foot as you could hardly breathe, the smell choking you far worse than before, but as you did the device she put up your ass began to vibrate intensely – shutting down any form of rebellion as her toes wiggled around you, forcing your head between them and beginning to massage your cock, the sweat building up acting as lubricant. Then gravity shifted as you were lifted up, then slammed back down. Her first step. She began to walk as your torture underneath her feet had barely begun, the air utterly tainted by her cheesy feet and ancient insole, the vibrations forcing you to cum as your cock continued to be stuck between her toe. Every step was maddening, the pressure increased as you tried to scream out yet only got a mouthful of sweat for your troubles, bathing in this hideous cocktail your mistress had created for you. Slowly you began to break down, being stuck in your mistresses flat for the rest of the day and it seemed many more days ahead.


Chapter End Notes:

I may do a continuation, introduce other characters but for now I'm happy with this, thanks for reading!

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