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Author's Chapter Notes:

Apologises if anything is entered wrong here, it's my first upload here! 

The Princess and the Large Knight


“It’s nice, huh? Having a Kingdom where all sorts of people can meet?” Bridget kept a smile on her face as she looked to the woman next to her. It was rare for someone in the tavern to steal her attention, but this particular woman to her right was doing a very good job at it.

“Hey, long ears, I’m talking to you! What too tall to hear me?” And tall the woman was, her height somewhere in the hundreds, possibly even more.

“Are you speaking to me?” Finally the giant woman spoke. Her voice booming around the spacious tavern, still she seemed to be doing her best to keep it at a low tone.

“Of course I am! Is this the part where I ask how’s the weather up there?” Bridget grinned from ear to ear as she moved a tassel of scarlet from her face.

“Is there a point to this conversation? You’re annoying me.” The tall woman’s words were quick and stern. She seemed to have little interest in the smaller woman.

“Just not often you see a giant elf is all.” Bridget took a moment to look around the tavern. She adored this place. The floor was wide and the ceiling high. All sorts could take a breather here. Be they as small as fairies or as large as giants. “Are you from giant country?”

“No.” The Elf flicked her left ear as she finally turned her azure gaze down to the little lady to her left. She couldn’t help but blink a few times as she leaned in to get a better look at the human. “You look familiar…Have we met?” The Elf changed her tone, no longer disinterested but now curious.

“Don’t think so. I believe I would remember someone as tall as you.” Bridget flashed a perfect smile as she batted her emerald eyes. “Maybe I just have one of those faces.” The Elf seemed to shrug it off, still she kept her body hunched over to make it easier to converse with Bridget.


“So, long legs. Have a name?”

“Ashera, and yours?” The Elf did her best to force a smile as she spoke.

“Bridget, nice to meet you.” Upon saying her name Ashera widened her gaze for a brief moment. She shook her head as her blonde locks spilled over her shoulders. “What is it?”

“Oh, nothing.” She finally gave a true simple smile.

“Ashera, that’s a pretty name. I’ll call you Ash, how is that?” Bridget kept her voice light and perky.

“I have no issue with it.”

“So. Ash. If you’re not from Giant Country, where are you from?”

“Where do you think?”

“Well my next guess would be the Highlands, but I’ve never heard of any giant elves there. Well, I mean elves are taller than me.” Bridget barked a quick laugh. “But not as big as you!” She couldn’t help but snicker at her own stupid joke.

“I’m not surprised, most people don’t know the legends of my kin.” Ashera kept her gaze on the small woman. Her eyes never leaving Bridget as she seemed to study every little move she made.

“Legends of your...What you mean elves? You have a lot, don’t you? Maybe I should do a better job at knowing them…” Bridget hung her head for a fraction of a second before letting out a small sigh.

“I don’t expect everyone to know them. Plus some are very old.” Ashera spoke slowly as she took in a long breath. “But aye, I am from the Highlands. I’m a guardian there, a protector.” As Ashera spoke Bridget’s eyes seemed to grow brighter and brighter.

“...The Highlands have guardians? Are there more of you? Like an army of giant elves!?” Her voice began to rise higher and higher as she spoke.

Ashera simply chuckled with a shrug, it seemed Bridget wasn’t going to get a direct answer.

“So you’re a protector...Like a Knight?”

“I suppose you could call me something like that.”

“I see, that could be...useful.”


“You see I’m looking for a new knight! Someone to help protect the Kingdom and all that good stuff! Plus since you already do that for the Highlands perhaps you could just add this one to your list?” Ashera flicked her ear once more as she replayed the woman’s words in her head.

“I see, so that’s who you are.” Ashera let a small smile linger on her lips.

“Well it’s not like I was hiding it.” Bridget waved a hand upwards as she spoke.

“Alas I do not think I could serve you, my duties are too my people.”

“Ash hear me out!” Bridget spat as quick as she could. “I’m not asking you to abandon your people! Plus at your size you could easily move between here and the Highlands! I’m just politely telling you to lend us your strength here as well!” Bridget paused as she went to collect her breath.

She went to speak once more only to be cut off as Ashera burst out into a laugh that shook the very tavern.

“You’re a fast talker, Princess. How about this. If you tell me your true intentions maybe I’ll consider saying yes.” Bridget froze up at those words, her heart skipping a beat as her cheeks began to burn red.

“Um…” She picked her words carefully. “I want what is best for my people, my Kingdom…” She went silent as she watched Ashera lift a brow. “...And you’re tall, which is great! And helpful! I’d be honored...thrilled to have a giant knight.” Before she even finished speaking Bridget buried her face in her hands.

Ashera simply laughed once more.

“I promise nothing, Princess. But we’ll give it a try. How is that?”

The moment Ashera finished speaking Bridget felt a fire burning within her chest. She lifted her head up and looked to the massive face looming above her.


Years, and years later…

“My Lady if anyone caught you doing this it would not end well for anyone.” Ashera sighed heavily as she sat back in her bed chambers. As annoyed as she was with her princess she couldn’t deny the relaxation the small woman was giving her. “How can someone so small give such a good foot massage…?”

“You ask that EVERY TIME.” Bridget rolled her eyes as continued to work on the massive heel that resided in front of her. That foot easily large enough to dominate her and pin her if the Elf so wished. “Plus if anyone catches us I’ll just tell them I’m helping my noble knight relax after a hard days work. WHICH IS THE TRUTH!” Bridget smiled as she focused on the foot in front of her.

The skin was thick and heavy, no doubt from all the walking Ashera did. These were the feet of a true warrior. Feet so strong they could easy crush and break anything they fell upon.

Bridget envied them greatly. Though she may never admit it out loud this was one of her favorite things to do.

“No one is going to catch us, you worry too much.”

“A soon to be Queen should not be rubbing feet.” Ashera wiggled her toes above as she leaned back further, she couldn’t help but enjoy the pampering she was getting.

“I’m not rubbing feet. I’m rubbing YOUR feet. I don’t do this for everyone you know. Geeze, be grateful.”

“Oh I am, My Lady. Should I show you how grateful I am? Perhaps I should pin you under the sole you lust over so greatly. Or maybe I should drop you in my boot before I go on my next patrol?” Ashera couldn’t help but smile as she closed her eyes.

Even with Bridget being as small as she was the massage still did wonders for the massive Elf. Maybe it was all in her head, or perhaps Bridget was just that good at tending to overly large feet.

“...Geeze, tease.” Bridget blushed something bright as she buried her face into the wall of skin that was before her. She breathed in slow as her nostrils took in the scent of that gargantuan sole.

The smell of sweat and exhaustion. Something Bridget never had to worry about.

“My Lady you are hopeless.” Of course Ashera felt the small face pushing against her foot, and she even knew the princess was sniffing at her tired sole. But she would say nothing of it.

“Just shut up and enjoy the massage!” Bridget pulled her face back and pushed her hands back into the meaty heel in front of her. She knew it would take all night but she had to do her best to fully relax the knight’s worn soles.

“I am, I am.” Ashera kept her eyes close as she lifted her arms and set them upon the back of her head.

“Hey, don’t fall asleep on me now. I need someone to talk to!”

“Think of it as a compliment. Your massage is so wonderful I can’t help but doze off.” Ashera tilted her foot down ever so slightly. That massive sole coming so close to pinning Bridget. But when it was just mere inches away she simply pulled her foot back with a sly smile.

Still, even for that minor second Bridget was in heaven. She could make out every lined etched into that wondrous foot. It was like looking upon a map made by the very gods above.


“Yes, My Lady?”

“Thanks for all the hard work today, and well everyday. I don’t even recall the last time we suffered an attack or anything of that nature.”

“Ah, well. If my feet weren’t so well massaged I fear I wouldn’t be on top of my game. Perhaps I should be thanking you, little Princess.” Bridget felt her heart flutter as Ashera spoke. The infliction the Elf used on the word little simply made her bottom lip quiver.

“Y-You’re teasing me so much tonight!”

“Can you blame me? I have been gone for almost a month.” Ashera pulled her feet back and sat up upon her bed. Slowly and carefully she brought her arm forward as she plucked the small princess up and dropped her onto her open palm. “I have missed you too, My Lady.”

Bridget let out the small squeak as she was brought higher and higher into the air until she was face to face with the giant elf’s face. Though this sight was nothing new it always made her shiver in delight.

Those huge pool like eyes, the soft pillowy lips, everything about Ashera was perfect. Beyond it even.

“W-Well....If the Highlands didn’t need you. We could be together more you know!” Ashera simply smiled as she pressed her lips together and let a gentle stream of air flow over and around Bridget. It wasn’t long until her fiery hair was flopping in all directions.

“While I share your sentiment you know my people need me, just as much as the people here need me.”

“I know, I know…” Bridget rolled her eyes as she attempted to fix her hair. She turned her gaze back to Ashera only to watch one massive finger rushing right towards her! She could hardly do anything before it pushed against her and landed her right onto her rump!

“...You’re such a bully.”

“Yet you enjoy it.”

“Don’t act like you don’t.”

“Are you implying I enjoy bullying and teasing small princesses? Of course I do not! I am a noble knight, not some ruffian.”

“By the gods, shut up!” Bridget cried out as Ashera kept her pinned down with the same finger. As much squirming as Bridget did it was no match for the massive digit that held her.

“That is all the fun I can muster tonight, My Lady.” Slowly Ashera lifted the finger off Bridget as she lowered her palm to the ground below. With a simple nudge the princess was forced off the giantess’s hand and sent stumbling forward. “I shall see you in the morning.” Bridget turned to speak but simply said nothing as she made her way from the massive bed behind her.

That bed rivaling the size of more than a few houses.

“Ash, perhaps I can…”

“The people will gossip, My Lady. Now be off to your own chamber.” With a defeated sigh Bridget continued to walk away from the towering mattress as she set her eyes upon the colossal double doors.


“Are you off to do your rounds?” The next morning came without any fanfare. With a crick in her neck Bridget thrust her vision upward to look upon the massive knight that loomed over her. She always enjoyed seeing Ashera in her full suit of armor. That silver plating simply shimmered in the morning soon.

Her golden hair was like that of a majestic waterfall. The way it weaved and draped down her shoulders was enough to get the attention of any wandering eye.

“I am My Lady, but I will be back come sunset.” Ashera examined the courtyard the two presently stood in. Everything seemed quiet and peaceful, something Ashera took great pride in. With a quick blink of her eyes she let her gaze linger to the small princess below.

“Is everything alright? You seem down.”

“I just wish we could spend more time together! You just got back and now I have to wait until the evening to see you again.” Bridget pouted as she lifted her arms and crossed them over her chest.

She even went as far to puff her cheeks.

“I must do my rounds, how else do you expect me to keep the town safe?” Without any warning Ashera leaned down and plucked up the small princess between two armored fingers. She made sure to be careful and delicate with her. She didn’t need her breaking.

“I knoooooow. But I’m going to miss you.” The princess hung her head for a mere moment before her eyes started to sparkle. “I know! Take me with you! Place me in your armor or something, that could be fun!” Ashera felt her eyes widen at such a request, surely the princess had to be joking.

“That sounds very dangerous, plus everyone will wonder where you have gone.”

“Oh come on! It’ll be fine! Everyone will assume I’m just touring or something. Come on Ash, please!” Bridget was practically begging now. Her chest was racing at the thought of being lost in that armor.

Ashera didn’t reply with words, she simply shook her head, That sun kissed hair of hers gently rubbing against Bridget as she did.

“Ash! Come on! It’ll be an adventure! It’ll be fun! I’m the princess, you have to listen to me!”

“I will do no such thing if it puts your life in danger.” Ashera’s voice was stern as she spoke.

“Such a party pooper…” Bridget drooped her head once more as she began to kick her legs about. “Can I at least ride on your shoulder or something? While you walk the town?” That seemed like a harmless request, at least Bridget thought so.

“You are one relentless small woman. Fine, but only until I leave the city gates.” Sighing in defeat Ashera shifted her hand up and kept it near her upper arm until Bridget skipped off. The princess was all smiles as she now stood upon her proud knight’s shoulder.
With her hand resting upon the elf’s neck she overlooked the courtyard, she truly felt like she was standing on a mountain top.

“So this is how you see the world...Everything below looks so small.”

“Now you know why I have to watch my step wherever I go.” Ashera spoke plainly as she took one careful stride forward and ducked her massive body under a stone arch.

“Well with me up here I’ll be your second pair of eyes!”

“Don’t get too comfortable, you’re only staying until I leave town.”

Bridget smiled brightly at Ashera’s words. She was amazed to see her kingdom rush past her from down below. It was truly a sight she would never take for granted. Not just that, but this entire moment. To be with Ashera and to have the ability to see her Kingdom in a new light was truly inspiring.

Nothing could bring her spirits down.

Bridget kept her focus on the streets below. Seeing Ashera nimbly avoiding people and stores with such ease was almost like watching a dance. The elf was graceful and nimble in every step she took.

“Perhaps…” Ashera’s words broke Bridget’s concentration. The princess turned her head and looked to the massive face that resided next to her. She leaned forward to get a better look at the elf’s features. There just briefly she could see Ashera holding the smallest smile upon her lips.

“Perhaps we can venture slightly outside the kingdom…”

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