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Author's Chapter Notes:

This starts my story of Stella and her conquests. In this one Ben goes home with the wrong girl, and she finally finds the restraint to act on her 'accidental' fantasy.

"What?" Ben shouted to the young woman next to him over the din of the band. He loved coming to this bar, and had for years, but every time they had a band it became nigh impossible to talk to the college girls that cycled through. Or at least he thought they were college girls. Ignorance was bliss of course. He knew both the owner and the bouncer and neither of them were the type to ask questions when people paid in cash.

"I said do you want to get out of here?" the short-haired brunette yelled into his ear after pulling him down to her level by grabbing his collar. Her breath was a mix of cranberry and vodka but hot enough on his neck to get a reaction from down below. At five-two Stella had a lot of practice at pulling guys down to her level.

Like every twenty-five year old man in a college town he knew what that phrase meant.

Stella didn't wait for an answer because she already knew what it would be. She was new to town and school didn't start until next week so she had decided to see what bars would let her not-quite-legal self sneak in. Two had threatened to call the cops, but this one had happily taken her twenty dollar 'tip' when she'd given them her obviously fake ID. 

Before she'd finished her first drink this tall well-muscled man had started chatting her up. He was interesting enough she supposed, and he was certainly good looking enough for her to let him buy her a few drinks. While he told her about his work as well as he could over the noise of the local band she'd been checking out his biceps.

He'd do for a freshman girl's first weekend.

Without bothering to see if he was following she sat her drink down on the bar and headed for the door. Together they slipped out of the bar and into the hot night. Inside the air conditioning had been working overtime to keep the building cool; out here there was no respite from the heat. 

Luckily Stella had a pixie-bob haircut and was wearing as little clothing as she could. A tube top and some volleyball shorts were all she'd bothered with. If picking up guys were a sport, it would be fishing, and she would be the equivalent of dropping a bomb in a lake. Despite her hot weather preparations by the time they'd gotten to her car she'd broken out into a light sweat that simply better defined her athletic arms and shoulders. 

Her ass swayed seductively in the street light's glow. She was an avid weightlifted who never missed leg day, which was both good and bad. On the bright side she was strong and her ass looked amazing. On the downside everything she wore looked borderline scandalous. Or maybe that wasn't a downside.

Ben wasn't as lucky as she was, he'd gone to the bar with his usual jeans and whatever sports team t-shirt was on top of his laundry pile. Luckily the air conditioning in the little car was more than up to the task. 

"Huh," said Ben as he settled into the passenger seat and looked around. "I'm not usually the passenger."

Stella laughed as she buckled her seatbelt. "What, like I'm gonna let some strange guy drive away with me in his big truck?"
Ben just smiled and nodded as she started driving. "Okay, you've got a point, but this strange guy is still in the car with you."

He turned and leaned toward her, invading her personal space for a kiss. She giggled and put a hand up to his face to push him back, which he let her do without any resistance. It was obvious to both of them how the night was going and they had both had just enough drinks to be happy and mellow in each other's company. While she drove back to the house she rented with two of her coworkers, 'sandwich artistes' as they insisted they be called, her hand drifted into Ben's lap.

They didn't talk on the drive but that didn't mean the message didn't get across. Her hand was lightly stroking Ben's growing erection for most of the drive. She was impressed with his seven inches and almost wished he had been driving so she could play more. When it came time to park and get out of the car he had difficulty stuffing it back into his pants.

Stella got out of her car as her garage door lowered itself down. In moments the street was dark and quiet again. The suburbs were undisturbed but for the crickets and an occasional owl.

"Are you coming? My roommates are still out." Stella said to Ben as she passed through the door that separated the garage from the rest of the house. She didn't look, but she knew he was struggling to get his erection back into his pants and hadn't yet climbed out of the car. "Come find me!" she yelled in a singsong voice.

Quickly she skipped ahead through the kitchen and began pulling her clothes off.

"Hey!" she heard Ben yell from the garage. From the tone she knew he thought this was funny. If only he knew how much fun it was going to be. There was a deep laugh from where she had come from: Ben was in the house and the game was begun.

"Oh yeah," she heard him say as she hid behind the couch. He must have found her tube top where she'd dropped it in the kitchen. 

Stella knelt behind the couch in a small corner of the living room that was hard to see. Sitting back on her heels she stroked her sex lightly through the tiny red thong she was wearing. It was hard for her not to moan out loud she was already so aroused. She carefully kept her head down as she heard Ben's shoes step across the hardwood floor toward the hallway that led to her bedroom. He didn't know that for sure of course, but there weren't a lot of options.

It also helped she'd peeled off her tight shorts and tossed them in that direction. 

"I'm on my way hot stuff!" Ben said as he peeled his shirt off. It joined her shorts on the hallway floor as he moved to the room at the end of the hall where he was sure he had heard movement. Several feet before the door he lost his pants and underwear.

When Stella heard Ben move down the hallway she crawled out from behind the couch. On all fours she slid her way close enough that she could peek around the corner. Ben's naked ass was visible in the dim light as he jumped into her room. He'd guessed correctly, she simply wasn't there.

"Oh playing hard to get, huh?" he asked aloud as he glanced around the room. There was the sound of a closet opening and closing rapidly as he checked it for his five-foot-two prey. "Ow!" he said to himself as he scratched himself lightly against something. Sucking his finger Ben stepped out of the room and prepared to check the next when he suddenly felt lightheaded.

"What?" was all he had time to say before he fell to the ground in a daze.

When she heard Ben scratch himself on her closet door Stella pushed aside her red thong and slipped a finger inside herself. Peeking around the corner again she saw Ben just as he fell to the ground. Then he vanished, rapidly shrinking until he was no longer visible behind the pile of clothes they'd left in the hallway.

Now for the best part, Stella thought to herself.

Naked but for her red thong, Stella stood up and walked to the kitchen. She made sure she was a little noisy, the moment for hiding was over. For her at least. 

"Hey you went right by me mister!" she called out loudly to the house. There was no response of course. At least not one that she could hear. With a huge smile on her face she stepped lightly through the kitchen and went down the hall.

She knew what to look for of course, so she spotted Ben immediately. It took everything she had to not stare at him and get her fun going immediately. Instead she walked right over his pants and carefully put one foot down as close to him as she could without actually stepping on him.

"Ben?" the giantess asked as she peeked around the corner. Her massive foot had slammed down right next to him and the shock of the situation had left him breathless.

He'd tried to yell to Stella when he heard her call from the kitchen but there was a lot of confusion in his mind right now. First he'd fallen, then when he'd gotten to his feet his pants were taller than he was! He'd had just enough time to register his new tiny stature when Stella had called to him.

I walked right past her? What the hell is going on? He wondered to himself as he took in the massive world around him. Then the world had shook.

Stella was beautiful as she walked down the hallway, everything Ben had hoped she would be. Her B-cup breasts barely moved as she walked, her stomach and legs showed off a lifetime of athleticism. Her thong was exactly what he was hoping she was wearing.

Except she was several hundred feet tall. For a moment Ben could have sworn she looked straight at him, but she must have been noting his pants on the floor. She walked to the bedroom and has almost smashed him without noticing!

When he didn't respond in the bedroom Stella took a step back into the hallway, almost smashing Ben again. From his vantage point her legs were two massive poles, towering buildings that converged on the beautiful site of a hairless vagina hidden behind a thin layer of red material. Her massive form towered above him and for a moment he was frozen in fear. He wanted to call out to her, needed to. 

But he was too overwhelmed, and the beautiful giantess walked back toward the living room.

"Ben?" she called out again in a singsong voice as she looked out into the living room.

Stella posed for a moment, pushing one hip to the side, purely for Ben's tiny benefit. If he had been full size it would have been centerfold worthy. At four inches high he regained his faculties and ran toward his jeans and his cell phone.

"Oh darn," Stella called out to the house as though she didn't know where Ben was. As though she thought he were hiding somewhere as part of their little game. "I guess I'll just clean up out here and finish by myself!"

With that she pulled her panties to one side and gave her pussy a long stroke along its length. Carefully she pulled them far enough to one side that they would stay put over there. Then she walked back down the hallway to where their clothes were piled together.

She saw Ben again, inches from his jeans and wonderfully nude. He jumped up and down to get her attention but she carefully ignored his movements and pretended to be focused on the clothes.

"Oh I hope no one comes up behind me!" she called out.

What the hell is she doing? Ben asked himself. She thinks I'm hiding and I'm gonna come out and fuck her?

Stella knelt on all fours as she approached the pile of clothes. Carelly keeping her head up toward her room she turned so that if she did have a hidden lover in there he'd see her presenting herself nicely to him in the hallway. This was the first time she'd actually gotten this far into her fantasy. Most of the time she ended up stuffing her catches into her snatch before they were halfway home. Her roommates would be proud of her restraint. 

Her roommates always thought her fantasy was silly. Accidentally inserting a four-incher? Sure they'd each probably stuffed a dozen micros in themselves without realizing it, but a four? They encouraged her though, because they knew these fantasies were healthy for her psyche, and to be honest the amount of time she spent planning each attempt was amusing. 

Now's the moment of truth, Stella thought to herself. She rotated her pelvis and spread her legs, pushing her stomach against Ben's jeans and her nipples against the cold floor. She pumped her hips a little as though inviting someone. She was as wet as she'd ever been in her life.

If Ben had been behind her there would have been no restraining himself from the site of the tiny woman's pussy and her panties pulled aside to welcome him. But from underneath he could only think of one way to get her attention. It was too easy. Too simple. He may have been four inches tall but she was incredibly flexible; her pussy was periodically within reach as she thrust her hips up and down. The scent was overwhelming. She was ready for him.

Desperate to get her attention Ben timed his jump with her hips and reached upward. With his hand he managed to slap her clit before gravity pulled him back down.

"Oh!" Stella exclaimed as she felt something vibrate against her clit. She brought her torso up vertical, thanked her roommates for helping her get so flexible, and finished doing the splits directly over Ben. There was a small scream, rapidly cut off, as her pussy devoured his body almost instantly. Stella's eye rolled as she felt him slide home.

Ben's feet hit the ground just as he heard the giantess exclaim. Success! He'd gotten her attention! Ben looked up just as Stella rose up above him, a titan to his tiny form. He got a perfect view of her pussy a few inches above him. 

"Down here!" he yelled waving his hands overhead. Then as he tried to walk forward to get out from under her he saw her legs spread further away from either side of him. He had time to look upward suddenly and scream as he was engulfed.

All around him she pulsed, the wet sides of her vagina both smothering him and letting his struggling body slide further inside. As Ben screamed he flailed his arms as best he could, kicking his feet in a desperate yet futile attempt to push himself out of what was supposed to be this night's conquest. For a moment he felt his feet kick against the cold floor until he was sucked further inside of her. Stella kept herself in the kneeling splits, W-sitting like a grown woman child, for as long as she could stand it. Pleasure wracked her body until she knew she needed more.

Finally! I finally did it! She'd gotten close before, but after smashing two men on the side of her thigh during the climactic drop she'd stopped pursuing it for awhile. But now? She'd never 'accidentally' inserted anyone over a quarter-inch.

The only way this could have been better would have been if she had been dressed up like a little Asian schoolgirl from one of her animes.

"Oh now I can have my fun!" she sang to herself. Before she stood up she took her left hand and slid her panties back to cover her opening. It wouldn't do to have him slide out as she walked to her room. Idly she kicked their combined clothes through her doorway and closed it behind her.

All the while her toy was pleasuring her in ways that no normal man could. She always had fun with her tinies, but this one was something special. She knew she'd picked a good strong man. Ben was in great shape.

His movement paused as she moved, and she took the opportunity to hop on her bed. She sank into the pink covers as Ben convulsed reflexively inside of her, brushing her g-spot. 

"Oh yeah Ben!" she yelled, hoping that he heard her. "Keep at it!"

There was a pause in movement after she said that. Then she tapped on her mons briefly and his struggles resumed instantly. He had to know. The gig was up now and it was a-ma-zing!

Stella reached under her pillow and pulled out her favorite vibrator. It came to life in her hand as she slipped off her panties. She slipped two fingers inside herself to grab Ben's feet and slid him partially outward. His flailing arms pushed wonderfully against her insides before she thrust him back in and pressed her vibrator against her clit.

The world was a pulsing mass of heat and wetness for Ben. He was too disoriented to tell where he was going but he struggled for all he was worth. The world shifted and he paused his struggles, then the world leapt upward, fell downward. Side to side he was thrust.

Was it even possible she didn't know he was here?

There was moment where he thought he heard his name. What?

"Keep at it!" he heard distantly.

No! he thought, realizing this wasn't some bizarre mistake. There was three loud taps on the flesh above him and he panicked. Blindly he thrust and twisted any way he could just as two massive fingers surrounded his ankles. But it wasn't freedom they promised, he realized, as he was pumped in and out of her steaming snatch rapidly.

The walls convulsed around him, growing tighter and tighter. His head spun with the constant movement. Somehow he still breathed, surrounded by her scent. Then the walls shuddered once. Twice. And suddenly the fingers holding his feet pushed him as far as they could just as the walls clamped down on him. Ben fought for all he was worth but it was no use. Her fingertips were more than strong enough to keep him secured deep in her pussy.

Faintly he heard a scream of pleasure.

Desperately Stella shoved Ben in and out of her as she felt her climax approach. He struggled wonderfully, he couldn't have done better if he had trained himself just for this moment. Then she shoved him as far inside as she could manage and came with a dainty scream that her roommates often made fun of.

Dropping her vibrator off the side of her bed Stella took a moment to catch her breath. Deep inside of her she felt Ben continue to struggle, though her orgasm had squeezed his now nigh-immortal self like an angry fist. His movements were muted though it would only be a moment before he regained his strength and continued to pleasure her. 

Sure enough, as Stella stared at the ceiling savoring her afterglow she felt Ben began to shift again. He must have found his bearings at least a little bit; she felt him wiggle his way toward her opening.

"Nope!" she said aloud, sitting up rapidly. With one finger she pushed him deep again before she stood up. She shuddered with pleasure. Her tiny form crossed her room in two paces, where she stepped into the tiny leg holes of her volleyball shorts.

The world shifted again for Ben, but he knew which way was which since she'd shoved him hard against her cervix. Carefully he wiggled his way downward as he felt Stella walk. Then one foot felt air.

He looked down and saw something moving through the opening. Ben pushed his arms against the walls of her vagina, barely able to keep from slipping out as she moved. He looked down just as he saw something dark and massive rapidly approaching. Then his sight was gone as he felt something soft push against his feet, and a finger once again shoved him upward.

"Nighty night!" Stella said with a giggle as she crawled back into bed. Ben continued to struggle as she crawled under the covers. Her shorts kept him from crawling out, but she knew he'd be trying to get out all night if he could. 

Ben felt Stella lay down, and crawled his way toward the opening of her pussy. Feet first he knew he'd feel cotton; he'd seen her pull her shorts upward. He may have had no idea what was really happening to him but he knew he had to escape.

So when he felt hard plastic against his feet he froze. Then the plastic shoved him upward rapidly. His head hit Stella's cervix as the plastic started to vibrate under him.

With her favorite all-day vibe in place and rumbling pleasantly, Stella drifted to a pleasant sleep.

"Sweet dreams Ben," she said aloud as she felt her next orgasm building pleasantly. It was going to be a great night. 

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