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Story Notes:

This is a collaboration with @LabbaArt set in the #HalfInchHigh Universe. Please enjoy! 


Author's Chapter Notes:

I hope you all enjoy my new story. Please note, that I'm going to finish the first 5 chapters before posting it here. I hope you don't mind. 

“I’m sorry…” There really wasn’t much else she could say to the girl with vengeance in her eyes. What could you say to someone who just went through something that… horrific. Wait, we're getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we? You don't even know the main character yet. So let's go back to a couple weeks before the life of our wonderful protagonist Megumi Shiro changed dramatically. 


-3 weeks ago-


    It was a spring day unlike any other, cherry blossoms slowly fell to the ground outside the entrance of the famous Okisana Academy, and right nearby was the stunning young 16 year old, Megumi Shiro staring absent-mindedly at the beautiful petals as her long white hair slowly flowed in the wind.

    "Megumi, you're gonna be late if you don't get a move on!" A very peculiar boy advised, snapping Megumi out of her absent-minded state. 

    "Sorry about that Shuichi. But you shouldn't be worried about me. At your size you're the one who should be worried about being late." She teased. Note, this wasn't jab at his height or anything it was genuine concern as the thing that was peculiar about him wasn't his looks or manner of speech (both of which were incredibly average), it was his size.

    Shuichi Shinko, much like many other students at Okisana Academy, was a micro student whose height was roughly 0.49' (~12 mm).

    "Crap, you're right!! Please Megumi, carry me to class. I'll be sure to return the favor!" He pleaded desperately looking back and forth at his watch. 

    "Dummy, I was gonna help you regardless! But I guess you owe me one don't you?" She smiled picking him up and placing him inside her shirt pocket.

    "Hold on tight it might get a bit bumpy, Shuichi!" She rolled up her sleeves and ran as fast as she could towards her and Shuichi's class. 

    "Soo soft…" Shuichi mumbled to himself in light of his situation as he was pressed tightly against her chest. Rightfully so, for Megumi was what some would call 'pretty stacked' which also meant Shuichi definitely wasn't going to be getting the smoothest ride to class. As two of them were making their way to class a Shuichi started to reminisce about the day he met Megumi. 


-1 year ago Okisana Academy Entrance Ceremony-


    "Welcome, freshman, to the prestigious Okisana Advanced Studies and Arts Academy! My name is Akane Shinko, your student council president." Her passionate voice echoed throughout the school gymnasium 


    "As you may already know Okisana Academy is one of the most well-known mixed sizes schools in all of Japan whose student body consists of nearly 40% micro students. As students of this humble academy it's your responsibility to work and study in harmony with your fellow students no matter their size." She looked around at all the promising students until her eyes fell upon her younger brother Shuichi. Feeling more motivated than ever she continued her speech. 


    "Our school is at the forefront of true equality, and it's up to you promising students to shape not only the Academy's future but the future of our country! And now a few words from the disciplinary committee president Tsuyonomi Saikyou." She stepped back from the podium, prompting the Disciplinary Committee president to speak. However, who seemed to be the president at first was actually the vice president gently placing the actual president on top of the podium. 


    "To those of you who are willing to cause harm to any students on campus, please know we here at Okisana Academy have a ZERO-Tolerance policy on all accounts of bullying, or violence towards regular or micro students!!" She then went on about punishments and legal cases and other stuff like that. As someone who's heard a nearly identical speech from his sister the whole speech was boring Shuichi to death. Noticing this Megumi, who was sitting behind Shuichi began to whisper an introduction.

    "my name is Megumi Shiro, I'm looking forward to being in the same class as you." This was the first time a regular girl (that wasn't his sister) had exchanged words with Shuichi so he was kinda in disbelief when she introduced herself. 

    "U-Um My name is Shuichi Shinko it's nice to meet you too." He looked back and became completely enamored with a certain part of Megumi's 'figure'. Soon after, the entrance ceremony had ended and each student walked to their respective classes, in which the two of them discussed their interests and life experiences. And before they knew it the two of had become great friends. 


-Present Day-


    Megumi and Shuichi had made it to class right in the nick of time. Out of breath Megumi slowly collapsed onto her desk. 

    "You owe me big time for that…" She breathed heavily as she took Shuichi out of her shirt pocket. 

    "J-Just ask me whenever you need something…" He looked away hiding his beat red face. Megumi was pretty dense when it came to romance and hadn't realized what her little gesture of kindness had done to poor ol' Shuichi's teenage boy hormones. However things weren't going to be all 'romantic comedy' for long as Megumi received a shocking text on her phone.


    "Sweetie… your father got fired from his job. You'll have to transfer out of Okisana while we try to sort out our finances…" Her mom had texted and even through the phone Megumi could feel how sad she was telling her own daughter that she is being forced to say goodbye to all her friends and the school she loved. 

    Instead of bursting out in anger or sorrow Megumi just stared at her phone in complete and utter disbelief. 

    "Watcha looking at…" Shuichi silently read her text and started to back away in sheer shock. 

    "You're transferring?!?" He yelled out garnering the attention of some nearby students. Who, we're also shocked by the sudden news.

    "B-But, you can't transfer out! You're our class rep." A student remarked. 

    "You're not only our class rep, you're my, no you're everyone in this class' friend. So please don't leave!" A female micro student who seemed to be on the brink of tears pleaded. 

    "I-I'm sorry!" Megumi said getting up from her desk, her voice was shaking from disbelief. Right as she stood up the teacher had walked into the room. 

    "Before, we start I have some unfortunate news to share about your Class Rep…" The teacher said looking at her clipboard. This further set in the fact that what was happening to her was indeed real and in an act of pure denial Megumi ran out of the room towards the nearby women's restroom to lock herself in a stall and lament. 

    The fact that she could make new friends at her school hadn't even occurred to her as she was mainly saddened by one thing, how her transfer would affect all the friends she'd be leaving behind, Shuichi especially. Truly the thoughts of caring person… 



Chapter End Notes:

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