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Story Notes:

That's right, we're trying a gentle one here, bois

Abby just couldn't stop smiling. How could she? Today was the day! Her boyfriend was finally coming to see her and his flight would be in any minute! She stood, practically jumping bouncing around as she waited for the plane to finally dock. In her hands was a sign she made herself, her boyfriend's name, Ian, written clearly on the front in blue marker, surrounded by thin streamers and candy she'd taped to the sign (she really had a hard time holding back on this one).

This would be the first time Abby would be seeing Ian in person. They met online a few years ago when they both were finishing high school, now 20 and dating, they both fell hard for each other. And sure a lot of people would hate the distance of an online relationship, but they found it tolerable and would even make it easier by video chatting almost every night before bed. Ian was honestly one of the sweetest guys Abby had ever met. He always asked her how her day was when they talked and if she was feeling down he'd make a poster with something sweet on it and send her a picture of it. That's how she got the idea for the one she held now.

Ian, from his dating profile she frequented, was 6'2, average build, loved reading, playing games with friends, riding his bike and going to the beach. Sure it sounds pretty basic but his pictures were to die for. He had long curly brown hair that reached down to his shoulders, square glasses, and a cute boyish face that made him look a few years younger than he was.

Abby, on her profile, was a confident 5'10, slimmer build, long brown hair she dyed blonde last month, loved swimming on a team in high school, used to be part of a book club but had to give it up for school (still enjoys reading though), and loved her job at a pet store near her apartment. She was also an Aquarius.

Now I know what you're thinking, gag me with a spoon, right? Yes, their relationship is so sweet and sickening to most people, most of their friends were even sick of hearing about it. But you have to admit that it's wonderful this kind of love can last, right? Just these two being this happy together can maybe even make the world a little bit of a better place.

Now, let's throw some hard reality at it.

Abby watched frantically from the terminal at everyone the plane, trying to find the face she?d seen all those lovely nights. She saw a fatter balding man get off, then a woman in high heels and a blazer, another taller guy in a suit; what is it with people flying in suits? As the plane emptied, Abby?s heart grew more and more anxious. Did he miss his flight? He would have told her if that was the case? but what if he didn?t? She hadn?t checked her phone in a while, maybe it just didn?t go off and she was just standing there at the airport holding a sign for someone who wasn?t there and looking like a complete weirdo to all the suit people and just?

Suddenly her phone vibrated in her pocket, almost like it was responding to her own thoughts. Weird. Abby took her phone from her pocket and checked the message she got from the dating site.

?Ian: Hey Boo! I?m heeeeerrrrreeeeee!!!!! :D :D :D?

Abby quickly looked up and scanned her surroundings again. Did she just miss him? Was he still on the plane? At least now she knew he was here. Why are things like this always so stressful? Abby quickly messaged Ian back.

?Abby: Hey!! Where are u? I?m @ the terminal thingy holding a sign!?

?Ian: What do you mean where am I? I just got off and I don?t see you anywhere?

There was a short pause as Abby looked around again, feeling a little frustrated with this entire situation.

?Ian: Oh wait? This you??

Attached to the last message was something of a strange picture. Something that Abby didn?t recognize immediately. She saw a long brown wall that seemed nice and smooth. From the angle of the picture, it looked like it was as tall as a tree, ending up high in a rounded top. Above that was a wall of lighter brown that looked almost fuzzy, it kept going until it was completely out of frame.

Suddenly another message came in.

?Ian: Yeah, that?s you. Lol?

Attached to that was another picture, one that seemed even stranger. It was a picture of Abby but from way way below her. She was looking at her phone and was visibly confused, which wasn?t her best look to be fair.

?What the hell..?? Abby said to herself as she looked in front of her. Nobody was there, and definitely nobody was laying on the ground taking her picture. So how could??


?Oh god? don?t tell me?? She thought, a sense of... Something, creeping over her.

Abby looked down to the ground and squinted at the tile near her brown boots. At first, she didn?t see it, but soon she saw a tiny figure standing near the center of the large square. It was a tiny guy, roughly 2mm tall and wearing a red shirt. She saw him jumping a bit and waving by his tiny luggage, a big grin on his face. Abby could even hear what sounded like yelling if she listened close enough.


Ignoring the looks she would, and definitely did get from the people around her, Abby carefully went onto her knees, bringing her face much much closer to the person on the floor.

?I-Ian???? She said, a little loudly, ?You?re a Nano???

Ian stopped jumping for a moment, glad Abby could see him, and held onto his case. Which was a good thing too, as just the air coming from Abby as she spoke was probably enough to tip it over, if not send it and him sliding a little ways across the tile.

?Well? yeah!? Ian yelled back. ?And you?re a Giant! That?s cool I guess!?

The whole time Ian still had a grin plastered on his face. And why wouldn?t he? He finally got to meet the girl he loved in person!

Abby, however, wasn?t smiling anymore. She just looked confused.
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