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Lynn felt a slight tap on her shoulder and was pulled out of the trance she had been in while watching her film. She paused it and carefully removed her headphones, starting with the left. As the earpiece parted from her head, she made sure to catch John as he tumbled out. The two had gotten sued to watching movies in this fashion, with her tiny husband fitting between her ear in the earpiece so that he could hear the sound and watch the movie from right beside her, while still being able to get her attention should he need anything. They were right at the end of a tear-jerking tragedy when their daughter caught their attention.


“Mom, I need to pee,” Ava said, “can you watch Aiden?”


Lynn nodded and held out her hand so that her son could join her husband, the two tiny men easily fitting in her large palm. Having the aisle seat, Lynn had worried that their neighbor would move around a lot, but the older gentleman on the window seat was fast asleep, and had been throughout the flight thus far. Her hands now free, the 16-year-old unbuckled her seatbelt and stretched her legs before standing up into the aisle. She found her way back towards the toilets and tried the first door. It was vacant, but a terrible smell came from inside and nearly made her gag. She shut the door and turned towards the other stall, but saw that it was occupied. Ava cursed her luck and debated waiting, but the urge to relieve herself was too strong. She held her breath and hopped in the smelly stall.




The toilet seat had just missed Anna, the rubber ring around it forming a seal a hairsbreadth from her foot. The tiny girl frantically tried to crawl further but the beastly, overweight woman had already pressed the flush button. A deafening roar began inside the toilet bowl as the air was sucked out of the space and the force continued to grow, tugging at every morsel of shit that had left Becca’s asshole. Anna started to feel the suction leaking through the rubber seal and she panicked. The tiny girl could imagine herself being pulled into the dark, filthy bowl and ejected from the plane, with no chance of survival. She clawed and raked at the plastic seat as she slipped slowly towards the rubber wall. The suction reached its zenith as the noise peaked and then suddenly stopped, having ejected the feces. Anna’s body refused to believe this as she clamored forwards until she once against reached the edge of the toilet seat.


The tiny stall was silent for a moment and the little redhead thought she could finally make contact with the giantess. Unfortunately, just as she had drawn a breath of foul air to shout, the tap went on and drowned out any chance of her being heard. The giantess quickly rinsed her hands and was out the door before Anna found another opening. Once again, the tiny German girl cursed her bad luck as she lay in the gap between the toilet seat and lid, alone in the dark, waiting for someone to come in and find her.




Ava broke the darkness of the toilet cubicle as she shut the door and locked it, the lights coming on by themselves. She breathed a sigh of relief as she shimmied out of her Capris and tugged her underwear down to her knees. She pushed the toilet seat up behind her as she sat down and allowed her sphincter to relax.


Anna was at first blinded by the light but her eyes quickly adjusted. She saw a much smaller individual in the room this time, despite them being a giant. The blonde barely gave her time to think about calling out before she ripped down her red trousers and sat down. Anna covered her head, a pointless exercise in futile self-preservation, but being at the front of the toilet seat, the skinny girl’s colossal legs passed on either side of the tiny woman.


Unlike with Becca, the giantess was able to sit back on the seat and when Anna turned to look at her, had left a sizeable chasm between her young cunt and the front of the bowl. Anna was still looking at her crotch when a jet of urine shot out, hitting the bowl far below with a splash. Anna covered her ears out of habit, but in truth the number of loud sounds she had recently been forced to listen to had dampened her ears anyway. The tiny red head raised both hands and waved, hoping, praying that the teenager would look down.


Ava however, had no idea about the tiny voyeur between her legs and happily looked around the toilet as she finished peeing. When she was sure she was done, she tore off a few pieces of toilet paper and reached them between her legs to pat herself dry. She glanced down to make sure that her hand didn’t touch the toilet bowl.


Ava gasped and her hand froze as she saw the flicker of movement. Any normal girl would have concluded that it was a bug, but living with shrunken family, Ava gave the puny creature a second look. Her face went bright red as she realized that it was in fact a miniature woman and she had probably been forced to watch her pee.


Anna felt her heart flutter when the giantess’s eyes fixed on her and almost felt some sympathy for the titanic teen as she saw the red creep across her face. Ava pushed the toilet paper against her sex and fought the urge to snap her legs together.


“Umm … hi,” Ava said, her voice trembling, “Sorry for making you watch that. I really didn’t think there was anyone in here.”


“It’s okay!” Anna yelled in delight, “I’m just so happy you saw me! Can you help me?”


“Of course,” Ava said, snapping out of her embarrassment, “Just one second.”


Anna watched as the massive teenager stood up, her body sailing over her. Ava proceeded to wipe her crotch and toss the toilet paper into the bowl, the wad several times Anna’s size. The young girl then pulled up her panties and her trousers. Then quickly gave her hands a rinse.


“Okay,” the giantess said, drying them quickly, “Did you come here alone?’


Anna chuckled, “Not really, but I don’t think the girl who brought me here knew what she was doing. Can you take me back to my friend?”


“Sure,” Ava said, smiling nervously, “Are you happy for me to pick you up? Or do you want me to get an attendant or something?”


“No! Please don’t leave me,” Anna said quickly, taking second to recompose herself. She didn’t like how anxious the thought of being left alone had just made her feel, but that was something to think about later. “I can climb onto your hand?”


The enormous blonde held out her palm and the little woman hopped onto it. Ava then stood up and brought the woman close to her ear to save her from having to shout.


“Where is your friend sitting?” the giantess whispered.


“Row … 27, I think,” Anna said, thankful to speak normally, “the window seat.”




Marta blinked away the dryness in her eyes as she finished her film, removing the headphones with a big yawn. She glanced down at her lap and saw that her brother was no longer there, but she wasn’t worried: Javier had a tendency to explore his surroundings. That was one of the things that had surprisingly not changed when he had shrunken. The only difference was that now; he could get as much of an adventure inside a plane as he once could on a mountain range. Marta saw the tiny string of fabric that he must have used to get down off the seat as it swayed, almost invisible beside her leg. She shook her head, unable to understand how he cared so little for his own safety. She went back to her film, making a mental note to remind him that he wasn’t invincible when she saw him next.




Li had lost her battle with the stranger’s foot. The sock-clad monstrosity easily overpowered her, smashing her into the ground and holding her there as its mighty muscles rippled over her. Li could feel each twitch and flex as the woman stretched, pulverizing her without the faintest clue. The tired, half-conscious movements were gentle for the most part, but occasionally, the sudden twist or turn would inflict unimaginable pain on Li’s pathetic little body. She cried out but obviously, no one could hear her, as each time, her little legs healed, only to be crushed again. Her face was pressed into the carpet and mercifully spared from being buried in the pungent sock, but she was still trapped all the same.




Javier was having a ball! A naturally risk-taking individual with a penchant for exploring, the airplane cabin to him, was a huge valley with mountains and cliffs and even monsters galore. He had rappelled from his seat with Marta onto the floor and then made steady progress towards the front of the plane. The seats were easy enough to pass under, the gap between them and the floor more than enough for him to stand in. The gaps between were harder, as each row was littered with unused blankets and pillows, and more dangerously, strewn with the fidgeting limbs of the giants above. Javier had a strategy however, choosing to go along the window side of the plane, keeping at the foot of the curved wall and more often than not, away from the massive shoes too.


When he had first done this, he had been mesmerized by the sheer scale of people he saw, and more than that, he was aroused. Javier had always been a strong person, easily dominant in his relationships, but he had always lusted after control, and moreover, being controlled. Having shrunken, his world was open to so much more than mere BDSM, and he had embraced it. Although, after a few months of crazy, dangerous sex with titans, it had lost the novelty, and he had gone back to dating people his own size. He now barely noticed the giants he passed but he did remain vigilant. That came in handy that day.


Javier stopped in his tracks as he could have sworn he saw a flicker of movement on the ground. His first instinct was to run towards it, but he stopped himself. Still along the side of the cabin, he looked up at the passenger on the seat nearest to him: a middle-aged woman by the look of her legs, wearing a dark red dress. Her feet were still and hands rested on the armrests. Javier looked to her entertainment screen and saw something was playing. All this, coupled with the long audio cable that spanned the space from the seat in front of her to her head, assured Javier that she was busy watching a movie, and wouldn’t be bothered with him.


Now happy that the path was safe, the tiny man took off towards the sight of the movement, his tiny legs carrying him as quickly as they could across the carpet. He glanced to the side, keeping an eye on the red dress-lady’s feet as he passed her enormous sandals. Javier powered on, running for about four minutes before he finally reached the gap between seats. Slightly out of breath, Javier kept close to the seat itself and made a new effort to see what the movement was.


The occupant of the seat he was hiding under was another woman, a little younger than the first one if her skin was any tell. Javier studied the colossal legs covered in denim down past her calf, and socks that came the rest of the way up. The legs were still but the feet fidgeted every so often and the dirty white socks shifted. As Javier continued to watch, the left foot rose a little and he could swear he saw it again: it looked like a shrunken person.


He couldn’t believe his luck that he had seen the little movement, as the trapped person seemed to struggle uselessly under the weight of the giantess’s foot. Javier had to do something. He thought and looked around for anything that might be useful, until his eyes came to rest on a discarded toothpick. The end was blunt and the stick itself was at least twice as long as the tiny man. But his decision was made. Jogging over to the wooden weapon, the Spaniard wrapped his arms around it and pulled. He managed to pick it up with little effort but it was heavier than he had expected. He looked over at the giantess’s foot, now resting on the floor again, smothering the little person under it. He knew that he had to try. Mustering up as much strength as he could, Javier ran out from the safety of the seat, straight towards the foot. He would have to be quick, and time it perfectly for his plan to work.




Li was miserable, her cries for help falling on deaf ears. If only her grandmother wasn’t so clumsy, she might have realized that Li was missing. Unfortunately, Vivian was happily glued to her screen, her tiny granddaughter the last thing on her mind. The tiny woman had all but accepted that this would be her fate when it happened.


As the giantess’s foot lifted slightly, preparing to crush her again, a man materialized in the gap. Li barely took in what he looked like before he jammed a long spear into the sock. There was a gasp and the foot suddenly flew off her, freeing her body, but leaving her with broken legs.


The man looked at Li with danger in his eyes and she froze. He glanced at her legs and then up at the foot that was only a few meters above them. He sprang towards her and Li almost screamed as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his chest. He shot forwards, carrying Li in front of him as he ran out from under the giantess’s foot.


Far above them, the slumbering behemoth only just registered the irritation and removed her foot from it. Still in her light sleep, she brought the foot back down to deal with the matter.


The tiny pair only just made it out from beneath her shadow when the foot came crashing back down, slamming into the carpet and grinding it with vindictive fervor. Li closed her eyes, certain that the giantess would chase them for the pain the man had inflicted, but no retribution came. Instead, she felt the man slow down as they reached the seat in front and passed underneath it, and the man put her down.


Li’s legs still refused to move, hurriedly repairing themselves, but in the semi darkness of the makeshift cave, she looked up at the man. A well-built young boy with dazzling green eyes and beautifully tanned skin. A mop of deep brown curls covered his head and fell over his ears. He was wearing a t-shirt that did justice to a muscular chest, and cargo pants that fell to his bare feet.


“Are you okay?” he asked with a Hispanic drag on the last word, rolling his “r” in a way that made most women melt. He looked at her, lying on the ground in her crumpled clothes, her hair a mess and her hair tie lost in the commotion.


“Yeah, I’m alright,” Li replied, snapping out of the rude stare she had been giving him, “That was crazy!”


“You are welcome,” Javier replied smiling, “You looked like you needed a hand.”


“That’s an understatement,” Li said sighing, “Thanks a million … errr, who are you?”


“Javi,” he answered, “And you?”


“Li,” she said, “Where did you come from?”


“Nice to meet you LI,” Javier started, “I was exploring the cabin and I saw you so I came to help.”


“Exploring?” Li asked confused, “Like just randomly, all over the plane?”


“Yes, it’s more fun than sitting around,” Javier stated, “And we are lucky to be able to move so much, unlike these people.” He motioned at the gigantic passengers on Vivian’s row, cramped in their seats while he seemed to be as free as ever. “What were you doing?” he inquired.


“I just fell from my grandma’s lap,” Li said, gesturing at Vivian’s skirt, “And kind of got stuck. I’m a little unlucky when it comes to that.”


“I can see that,” Javier chuckled, “But at least you are okay now. Want to come for a walk?”


“I’m not sure I can yet,” Li said, pointing down to her legs, “But I would have loved to.”


“That’s okay,” Javier said, sitting down, “I can wait.”


“Sure? I might be a while,” Li warned.


“I don’t mind, I like meeting new people,” Javier said, “So what’s brought you here?”


The two got to chatting, each one explaining why they decided to travel to Kenya and about their lives. Javier’s little walk had turned into more of a long talk and he sat with Li for the next hour, not really thinking about the time going by.




Ava made her way to the row that the tiny person had mentioned, stopping next to the woman on the aisle seat.


“Hi, can I help you?” the woman asked, looking up from her book.


“I’m just helping this lady back to her seat,” Ava replied, opening her palm to show the tiny redhead.


Anna looked up, meeting the eyes of the giantess and instantly recognizing her as the one who had tormented her all this time. The giantess looked back, unable to read her tiny facial expression of rage, but showing her own of confusion.


“I don’t think she was sitting here,” Becca said, “I definitely didn’t see her when I got here.”


“Well maybe that is because you don’t look where you’re sitting!” Anna shouted. She wasn’t sure if the giantess had heard it all, but her face dropped and her cheeks flushed as she realized that she may indeed have sat on the little woman without realizing. Ava read the guilt and shame on the chubby lady’s face and smiled pityingly.


“I’m just going to put this lady down on the middle seat,” Ava said, leaning over the Irish woman and gently dropping Anna onto the seat.


“Thank you my dear,” Anna said to the giantess and Ava nodded before getting away from the awkward situation. Anna glared up at the fat giantess beside her, who looked away and hurriedly tried to bury herself in her book, her cheeks still hot with embarrassment. Anna then glared up at Emilie, her friend who had failed to protect her, but she too was not interested, still happily asleep against the window. Anna sat down in a huff, making a note to give Emilie a talking to when they got off the plane.


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