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“Hurry up Ava!” her mother hissed, dragging her suitcase close behind her as she powered through the airport. Her daughter was scurrying behind, struggling to keep up with her mother. Ava was 16 years old, but looked a lot younger. Her petite 5’4” frame was dainty and delicate, hardly made to be jockeying past other travelers in the rush to catch their connecting flight. Her dirty-blonde hair was loose against the back of her yellow t-shirt, wavy and tangled on one side from having slept against a window on the long haul from Sydney. Her skin was light and seemed pale in comparison to her mother’s, but the cloudy amber eyes they shared were identical, indisputable proof of maternity. The slight teen had a backpack slung over one shoulder, containing her laptop and other prized possessions, which weighed her down as she fell behind.


“We’re going to miss the connection,” warned Lynn. The 38-year-old mother was already in a bad mood with the airline and she didn’t need a long layover on top of everything. How dare the hostess say that her husband couldn’t have his own seat? The discounted price didn’t mean a thing! What were they paying for!? Lynn was determined to just sneak her husband onto the flight next time, and she felt more than justified in his view. The bleached blonde woman was strikingly different from her daughter. At 6’4”, Lynn Pearce was an imposing woman, and she had a full body to match her stature. While she didn’t look fat, she carried and impressive 240lbs in her voluptuous form. With legs, thick like tree trunks, the towering blonde surged through the crowded corridor, her thick thighs were almost the size of her daughter’s abdomen. Atop these pillars wobbled an enormous ass beneath a pair of taut denim short-shorts. Each globe of powerful flesh was the size of a basketball, the pair swaying from side to side as she moved. Her waist narrowed at a soft belly, covered by the bottom of a grey tank-top.


The other protuberance and on her colossal form was her bosom. The bland cotton went from comfortably covering her abdomen to being stretched to breaking point by her breasts, the HH-cup bra clearly visible beneath. The monumental jugs bounced violently with each step, infuriating her all the more as she had to dodge inconsiderate bystanders that blocked her path. The fabric of her top directly underneath her arms were far darker than the rest, the sweat pouring down from her pits in the sea of human body heat. Dark semicircles were also present beneath her breasts, but thankfully the sagging balcony of her boobs kept those a little less visible. Her wavy hair tied up in a bun, Lynn was doing everything in her power to get through the throng of people while not losing her daughter along the way. At least she didn’t have to worry about her husband and son.


John and Aiden Pearce were carefully tucked away in her purse, slung over one shoulder. The tiny pair were about an inch tall each and had taken all the booster shots to make their little bodies invulnerable. John too had been angry that his son and he had been forced to vacate their seats to get more people on the flight. They had clearly not read the disclaimer under the airline’s policy on the discounted tickets from shrunken people. They had to pay half price to not get a seat and instead share with another passenger. Thankfully he had come with his wife who was given her own seat. He would certainly be writing to Quantas as soon as he got back to Australia, about their blatant disregard of the Equal Treatment Act of 2010. A seasoned lawyer, John had been very successful before he had shrunk at the age of 40, and it had broken up his marriage, but since then he had fought hard for the rights of shrunken people, and even found a new family. He looked over at Aiden as they bounced gently in the soft pocket in his wife’s handbag, the 10-year-old boy fast asleep. He had his mother’s hair, but unfortunately inherited his stature. The adventurous little man has been running all around his mother’s lap on the flight and had tuckered himself out. John ran a hand through his hair as he waited for his wife to carry them to the connecting flight.


While a firm believer in equal rights and upholding the dignity of shrunken people, John had to admit that being carried around took all the normal pressure out of travelling, albeit ushering in a whole host of new ones. Lynn didn’t understand his passion for his independence, but then he doubted she could: shrinking after a taste of normal life was hard to adapt to. He was lucky that his wife was careful, deceptively gentle despite her size. She had always been unimaginably tall to him, and had they met before he had shrunk, she would have still been a giantess. Thanks to the universally available medicine that made his body strong, they managed to have a mostly normal relationship, and even children. He longed to be able to one day hold her like he had his ex-wife, but he knew that science was some way off finding a cure for shrinking.


Again, he thought he was lucky as he thought about how rare it was to find someone that would be attracted to him. He wasn’t bad looking, but there was so much that he couldn’t do at his size, and Lynn seemed to do it all for him. He didn’t think he could have even dreamed for travelling like this, were he on his own. The fact was, despite all the rights and protection given to shrunken people, it was still had dangerous world for the vertically challenged. The handbag shook suddenly as Lynn side-stepped to dodge an oncoming baggage-trolley piloted by a woman in a hurry. John hoped that they would get to the gate soon.




The queue for boarding was painfully long, and worst for those in coach. Marta sighed as she shifted her weight from one leg to the others, standing far from the barriers behind a family of chattering Brits. The long line of humans wasn’t even moving and Marta could see that It was because they were busy loading the tiny people first. It was fair enough she guessed as they wouldn’t be able to get in on their own and it meant that whoever was loading them could leave after they were all on board, but she still wished they could go faster. The 5’8” brunette tapped her foot impatiently, leaning on her carry-on with one elbow. She didn’t seem threatening, nor did she give off a welcoming vibe. Her tan skin and rosy, slightly freckled cheeks were warm enough, paired up with misty green eyes and curly brown hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back., a dark green bandana keeping the locks in line. Her clothes however showed the expected angst befitting an 18-year-old: dark, skinny jeans that hugged her legs and round butt, ripped at the knees and on one thigh, paired with a dark green jacket over a maroon tank top. A perky, D-cup pair of breasts poked out against the top but were hidden from the sides by the unzipped bomber jacket. A pair of sneakers covered her feet as she waited impatiently to get on her flight.


It was partly her nature to be in a rush, but also her excitement: the siblings had not traveled outside of Spain before. What luck that they had won a raffle sponsored by a local football team! She glanced over her shoulder at her brother, or rather, at her shoulder. Sitting on the broad shoulder pad of her jacket as a tiny boy. While at first glance he was hardly noticeable, on closer inspection, he had the same eyes and hair as his sister, and the same excited anticipation spread across his face. Javier had not gotten on with his sister as a child, but he had become a tiny person at the age of 17, and now got on surprisingly well with her. She and Marta still teased each other, but he no longer had the upper hand. She was always amused by his lack of fear in the face of her vastly superior size, but she cared for him and made sure not to ever take things too far. The tiny boy held on tight as his enormous sister stepped forward: the queue was finally moving.




Donald Davison buckled his seatbelt as he finally made sure that his family were all seated. The five of them would never have been able to sit together on a normal flight, but that was one of the few perks of being shrunken people. The 54-year-old businessman had saved no expense in planning this holiday for his clan and he was proud of his achievement. The specially converted business-class seat had been adapted for luxury travel for tiny people. Where one seat had stood, the cushion had been removed and fitted with a platform. On this surface, covered by a thin carpet appropriate for their size, ten tiny seats were spaced out in two rows. The seats were no different than the much larger ones on either side and it truly gave the experience of normal air travel, despite all ten of them sharing an aisle seat.


There was only one seat beside them: the window seat and it was currently unoccupied. Donald knew that a normal person would be occupying the seat soon enough, but at least it would be someone respectable, and not a commoner from economy. He had taken the seat closest to the aisle as a courtesy to his family. Beside him sat his wife, Allison, a beautiful blonde woman, 10-years his junior. The two of them had had three children together, all three with the very same bleached blonde locks of their parents. The twins sat on either side of their younger brother. The two 21-year-olds were already scrolling through their phones as if they had been sitting for hours. Jessica and Nicole were identical, right down to their matching white tank tops and pink Abercrombie sweat pants. Their hair was braided into two tight buns, ideal for comfort during their flight. Between them sat the youngest of the Davison’s, Michael. The 12-year-old was frantically tapping away on a tablet, surprisingly more expansive than the regular sized ones. But then the little boy was Allison’s favorite so he was afforded the expense.


At that moment, the lumbering form of a colossal leg materialized beside their platform and the ten tiny people gave a collective gasp: They had started boarding the normal sized passengers. The bare white leg led up to the thigh high skirt of a middle-aged woman. The thick material clung to her hips which disappeared under the low brim of a business jacket. She had on a pale blouse underneath with the top button undone, and pale brown hair falling over her shoulders: she looked stressed. The giantess was a hundred times the size of the tiny people that would be sitting beside her during the flight and it was amazing that they could be in the same vicinity, given how people had reacted to shrunken people when the disease was first uncovered.


She looked down at the passengers with steely blue eyes; one pair looked back. Donald held her gaze, clearly noting the disgust in having to sit next to such puny creatures, but he didn’t break away. He knew his rights, and what was more, so did his lawyers. The giantess however, was completely unfazed by the insignificant man’s confidence, and made it a point to turn her back on them as she walked by to her seat. Donald, somewhat guiltily watched the enormous woman’s ass shift and sway as it passed over them, easily large enough to cover all ten people on the platform, and then some. The giantess sat down with a huff, her sudden crash sending vibrations through the platform, enough to make Jessica drop her phone.


‘Dumb bitch,” she muttered under her breath, thankfully too quietly for the giantess to hear. The young woman picked up her phone and resumed scrolling, as the giantess opened a book, determined not to interact with the insects beside her any further.


Another boom broke Donald’s trance as his head snapped back to the aisle. A grotesquely large body filled his line of sight and he gasped. The woman, or creature that stood over him was at least twice the width of the giantess sitting in the window seat. A very pale pair of XXL jeans covered the woman’s gigantic rear, which hung over the platform as she had to turn her body sideways to walk down the aisle. The colossal cliff of her ass cast its own shadow over them and even Allison looked up to see what was responsible. The disgustingly large rump lingered over them for another moment before the behemoth continued her way to coach. Donald shivered: the filth was being boarded now, into economy class. He couldn’t believe they had to pass through business and thought about suggesting a separate door for the riff-raff.




“Here, this one is me,” Emilie said, tossing her jacket into the empty cushion. She then carefully leaned forwards and placed her friend on the same seat, letting the tiny girl hop off her hand onto the jacket. She turned around and lifted her carry-on, slotting it into the overhead cabin with a little difficulty. She couldn’t believe that all of Anna’s stuff had fit inside her little bag.


The brunette wiped a stray lock of ebony hair from her round face as she straightened out her top. The stocky, 24-year-old woman grinned down at her friend as she stretched and prepared to sit down. She stepped into the row of seat past the aisle seat and then hovered before the middle seat. Dressed in dark blue jeans that hugged her ample, heart-shaped ass, she bent her knees slightly as if to sit down, right over Anna. The back of white-t-shirt popped up, revealing the top of a tattoo that she had gotten while at university, right on her sacrum. The tiny woman pretended to quake in fear, before getting bored of the game.


“Just do it then!” Anna screamed jubilantly, a smile plastered on her freckled face. The red head stood with her hands on her hips, starring unfazed at the enormous mounds of flesh that were moments away from crushing her. Just as Emilie’s ass spread to its maximum diameter, complexly covering the air above her friend, the giantess popped back up and giggled down at her friend.


“Careful, one day I might actually sit on you,” she laughed, stepping to the side again and then plopping down into the window seat, causing her sizeable bosom to bounce as she did so. Anna was tossed onto her back but otherwise unharmed: she was used to the slightly rough jokes her friend played on her.


“Not like you’ve ever done that before?” Anna shot back, calling to mind their first day meeting at university, when the tiny girl had spent the entire afternoon under Emilie’s butt. Since then the two had been inseparable, as befriends, as roommates, and much, much more.


“Shut up little ant,” Emilie reproached lovingly, staring down at the other woman, “Are you sure you want to sit next to me? You might get missed when the food comes if they don’t see you.”


“Oh no, whatever will I do?” Anna replied, working as much sarcasm into her German as the language would allow.


The two girls had had a long flight in from Munich, but they still seemed to have the energy to quip at each other. In fairness, Anna had slept for most of the previous flight, curled up on Emilie’s lap while the larger woman had relied on caffeine to keep her from nodding off and dropping her friend. They had worked hard in their interim jobs as interns to afford this trip and they were excited at the prospect of their travels.


“I’ll just walk over to the aisle seat then,” Anna said, sticking out her tongue playfully. She huddled up inside Emilie’s coat as the stewardess walked by, not paying any attention to the crumpled-up article of clothing on the empty seat. Anna didn’t mind sitting on a normal seat, but flight crew always got defensive and insisted that she use a seat with the proper safety features. She and Emilie agreed that the safest place for the tiny woman was with her friend, so she booked a seat like a normal sized person, then got half the price refunded upon arrival to the airport after explaining the confusion. She knew that many people did the same, to get the benefit of a larger seat, albeit without any adaptations for their size, nor a way for the much larger crew to know that they are there.




“Okay, time to sneak me on grandma, put me in your handbag,” Li said, looking left and right to make sure that no one was watching. They were standing in the middle of the queue, but being small had its advantages. The tiny figure of Li was hardly visible, and far less conspicuous amidst the chaos of the airport boarding gate. She stood, maybe an inch tall, in the palm of her 64-year-old grandmother. Despite her age however, Vivian could easily pass for 40, with tight, pale skin and a youthful face. She loved her granddaughter as the only one who would come travelling with her, but was also a little disappointed. The elderly Chinese woman had many grandchildren, but none of the others were small like Li.


The giantess held Li close to large bosom, a blessing that she alone had received in her family and took as a sign to bear many children. She had had seven of her own and now the next generation was already growing up. Vivian was proud of her granddaughter, the architect, the first in her class, and most importantly, her friend. The other grandchildren seemed to dislike her for embarrassing them, but Li never batted an eye, or else she forgave her. Either way, Vivian had been very excited when the her tiny relative had been able to take time off work to come on this trip with her. The plump Asian woman had an old-school carryon case beside her legs and stood tall in her summery dress. Vivian had wanted to try wearing the newer clothes that her children wore, to make herself seem less like a relic from a past time. Still, she had decided on a dress which covered her legs down to her ankles and her arms down to her forearms. She had however surprised Li with the dark red garment with the amount of cover it provided on her chest, or rather the lack thereof.


And just then, Vivian made full use of the enormous cleavage that stuck forward before her, mumbling something like, “I have a better hiding spot than a bag.” Li was confused at first, then outright scared as the older woman’s hand closed around her and rose. With her other hand, the woman reached into her dress and pushed aside her left breast, the thick white flesh squishing and bulging upwards. Then, with a deft motion, she pushed her other hand inside and release Li into the side of her bra. Before the tiny girl could say a word, Vivian released her bosom and the enormous mound of meat jiggled back into place, swallowing her granddaughter whole. Vivian then straightened her dress, and picked up her bag, ready to hand her passport in and board the flight. In her bra, Li was struggling uselessly against the giantess’s flesh. Trapped between her left breast and the bra that held it, Li was painfully aware of how long they had been flying to reach this point in their journey from San Francisco. The stale odor of sweat was overpowering as it poured in from Vivian’s all too nearby armpit. The smell, coupled with the sweat from the creases under her heavy bosom filled the tiny girl’s nostrils and made her want to gag.


The other problem was the heat. Trapped in the stuffy airport for so long, the enormous Asian woman’s body was readily radiating heat as quickly as it could and for Li, that meant that she was pretty much held in a furnace. Her own perspiration started to drip from every pore it could to try to cool her down as the giantess took a step forward. The movement caused her bosom to bounce and for Li, the equivalent of a thousand tons of weight to slam onto her body. Mercifully, the medicine she had taken had kept her invulnerable as it had promised, but unfortunately it did little to prevent the pain from coursing through her body. The simply movement of her grandmother walking was enough to knock the breath from her lungs.


The tiny woman was stuck, totally immersed in Vivian’s soft breast tissue, the fatty flesh erasing any sign of her granddaughter from the outside world. As she was scanned and sent through onto the loading ramp, she thought of letting the tiny girl out, but then thought better of it. No need to risk getting caught until she was happily in her seat. With that, Vivian dashed Li’s hopes of being set free and continued to walk onto the plane. The helpless little woman was bashed around by the enormous breast until the giantess sat down, and then she waited, cursing her grandmother’s humor as Vivian left her in her bra a little longer, as other passengers took their seats, not wanting to seem like she had smuggled a stowaway onboard. Which she had.


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