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‘I still don’t understand why you’re still mad at me for this,’  Donald sulked as the giant man laid their tray down on a tiled surface. 


‘Just forget it,’  Allison hissed, ‘I just need some space to myself before I can forgive you.’ 


The Davidsons stepped off of the tray in silence, walking across the warm, cream-coloured tiles that they had been deposited on. The block, which had once been part of a decorative wall, had been converted into a pool area of the tiny visitors of the hotel. The longe rectangle had been remodelled, with a makeshift pool about a centimetre deep, carved into the top. The pool formed the majority of the surface and the only option to sit beside it was to sit with ones legs either in the water, or dangling off the edge of the whole block. 


On one long side, a steep wall rose up and cast a shadow across the tiny-people pool. This 1-foot wall, which was tiled and insurmountable, was in fact the side of a hot-tub, placed again one side of the main pool. Beside this wall, to the left, was a sheer drop into the main swimming pool, and to the right was another sheer 1-foot drop onto the stone-paved ground. What the Davidson’s couldn’t see, was that on the other side of the 8-foot long hot tub, was similar structure to their pool, but this was in fact a step to allow larger guests to climb into the heated pool. There was a small sign guiding norma-sized guests to exclusively use one side to climb into the hot tub … and to not use the tiny people’s pool as a step …


The giant hotel staff member picked up the tray and began walking away, leaving the family on the side of the pool. The twins gave each other a look before leaping into the water, their sleek, black bikinis hugging their slim bodies. Even Micheal entered the water without concern, just about able to stand in the water. While the younger Davidsons enjoyed the private swim, their parents sat apart on the side, neither one saying a word, or looking at the other, then something caught Donald’s eye.


The gorgeous Spanish girl arrived at the poolside, dressed in a sexy Dalmatian-print bikini. Donald ogled at her cleavage from afar as the strapless, bandeau top squeezed her D-cup breasts together and created two inviting hemisphered on above it. Her rock-hard abs paved the way down to a matching bikini bottom, which hugged her hips and curved around her ass. She walked with the confidence of someone comfortable in their skin, and her curly black hair swung behind here in a long pony tail. The 54-year-old man couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and felt an erection coming on under his trunks. Unluckily for him, Allison chose that moment to look in his direction and followed his gaze to her disgust. Just when she was cooling down he had to be checking out other women. Allison huffed and turned away again, but her husband was far too distracted to notice. 


‘Oh crap, I forgot my book,’ Marta cursed, preparing to turn around.


‘Well, you can leave us here and go get it,’  Javier said, standing up in her cupped hand with Li beside him, ‘Li and I can get in the pool.’


‘Is there a special pool for you? Can Li swim?’ Marta asked.


‘We’ll just be careful,’  Javier said before the Chinese girl could answer, ‘Just set us down here, it’ll be an adventure.’ 


Marta chuckled but did as she was told, squatting down smoothly and opening her hand so that the two could walk onto the stone floor. The paving was already warming up in the sun, and bone dry, but Li followed Javier without question, trusting him to keep her safe. Marta then stood up and headed back towards the hotel and her room. 


Li took in the sight of the pool area from the ground. In the distance before her stretched the enormous swimming pool, easily the size of a lake or a small sea for the shrunken woman. It was in fact shaped like a T, with a wide, curved square connected to a thinner rectangle that ran perpendicular and faced the hotel. To the left rose a tall structure, like a metal tower, with a ring on the top. This formed the centre of a circular pool that sat on the corner of the main one, separated by a wall that was just above the level of the water. Beyond the circular pool rose another tower, but this was more like a block. Li could make out a single step, leading to up to the top, but couldn’t see what was on it. She assumed that it was another pool or long area. To the right of the pool was a bar, basting a wide array of drinks with colourful names and even more colourful bottles. On either side of the bar were lined lunge chairs, and similar chairs were set up in a row to the left of the pool, and along the hotel front on the other side of the pool. 


‘So, shall we get to the water?’  Javier said, with a  boyish grin. He was dressed in only a pair of blue swim trunks and his chiseled body was on show. Li felt a little self conscious in her black one-piece swim suit, notably regarding her skinny figure and flat chest, but if anyone was going to make her feel at ease it was the playful Spanish boy. They set off across the stones towards the pool, making slow progress but enjoying the relative calm of the pool side. 




Ava pushed her way past a throng of half-dressed people as she headed to their room. He brother was still in her hand and she had to focus to not drop him as she weaved between the sticky bodies, slick with sun block. From their chattering, she assumed that they were another tour group, and they were happy enough to ignore her, absorbed in their own conversations. She finally emerged from the crowd and walked the rest of the way to their room. She entered and was a little surprised that the room was empty.


‘Dad?’ she called out, but then remembered that her mom had already been back. She smiled a little, assuming that her parents had made up and had gone to the pool together. Certainly her moms clothes on the ground indicated that she had changed here. 


The 16-year-old walked into the side room and set her brother on the bed. She fished out her own swim suit before finding his and placing it on the bed next to him. 


‘Change into your swimmers, Aiden,’  she called, stepping out of the room to change herself. Ava never understood how other people changed while shrunk humans watched. She guessed that it was part of the tragic dehumanisation that came with being akin in size to an insect, but she certainly never felt comfortable disregarding their presence in such a way. She slipped out of her clothes and into a simple, navy bikini, the top modestly covering her young breasts and the high-waisted bottom dressing her ass. She was proud of her figure; slim and elegant, but often wished that she had inherited more of the curves that her mother had. 


‘Ready?’ she asked, walking into the side room again to find her brother in his trunks, excitedly standing at the edge of the bed, ‘Careful, don’t fall off the side.’ 




‘Well we wanted to swim didn’t we?’ Javier remarked as he and Li stood before a long trench, filled with water. The space was at least two feet wide and ran the entire length of the pool. It marked the transition from the stones to the tiled floor around the pool, and it was filled with water, about 4cm deep. 


‘Is this the special pool your sister was talking about?’ Li asked.


‘I don’t know, but either way we have to go through it,’ Javier replied, ‘Can you swim?’ 


‘Yeah, that’s no problem,’ Li replied, stepping to the side of the water. Before she had a chance to dip her feet in, Javier had already leapt in, splashing her legs with the cool liquid. She chuckled but followed him in, letting the water embrace her skin and sap the grip that the heat had over her. She slowly floated up, wiping the water from her face before setting off in a breast stroke. Javier was just bobbing in the water but followed Li and began to swim. Neither one of them noticed the ripples shooting across the water. 


Li only noticed that something was wrong when a shadow fell over her. She stopped swimming and turned onto her back to look up in the direction that they had set off from. Her eyes widened and she almost sank as the water drained from her ears and she finally heard the sound of the approaching horde of giants. There were at least 15 of them, all in their 40s and 50s by the looks of it, apart from a few children. The group reached their little pool in seconds and to Li’s horror, they didn’t stop. She started kicking, swimming on her back but unable to look away from the first giant that reached the pool.


The man’s hairy leg rose, swinging out over the pool before crashing into the water. The resultant wave got Javier’s attention as well as he and Li was pushed to the side by the force. They scarcely had time to catch their breath before his other leg entered the water, and was joined by those of the gigantic woman beside him. Li screamed as she was thrown to the other side by her bare foot, as the gargantuan appendage entered the shallow water. The sound of splashing was deafening as Javier desperately tried to find the tiny girl but just as he caught sight of her, one of the giantesses trampled him.


The firm sole of her foot struck him like a brick wall, pushing him under the water and continuing until his body met with the floor of the pool. The pressure continued to mount as her foot crushed him into the ground, loading her immense weight onto his puny body. Javier felt the air rush out of him and bubble long a crease in the skin of her foot as his chest was squished. Then the foot rose and his body floated up from the depths, unable to move, and helpless but to watch as the throng of beasts kept coming. 


Li watched Javier go under and tried her best to dodge out of the way of the hail of huge limbs, she briefly saw him resurface, but was unable to get to him to drag him out. Instead, she held in her fear as she pushed herself towards the side, trying to get out fo the way of the enormous, unaware tourists. She just thought that she had made it when a colossal toe skimmed across the water and struck her from the side. Li’s body shot out fo the water like a pebble as the massive, excited child kicked her onto the tiles. Li’s head struck the hard floor and she blacked out. 




The brunette glared at John for a moment longer and tiny man felt extremely vulnerable before her. He opened his mouth to speak, but she surprised him as bent down to get a closer look at him.


‘I … I can explain, please, you have to help me get …’  John started, but before he finished, the giantess’s hand materialised behind him and snatched him off the bed. John groaned as her fingers wrapped tightly around him and raised him up so fast that he felt nauseous. 


‘AND JUST WHAT ARE YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE?’ giantess demanded in a faintly southern twang. Her breath washed over him, reeking of stale whiskey from the night before. Her voice was echoed around Johns head but as he open his mouth to reply, she drowned his voice out with her own.


‘DID THE MAID LEAVE YOU ON MY TOWEL?’ she boomed, thinking aloud more than actually addressing the tiny creature. John watched her ponder the question before here eyes lit up. He hoped that it meant that she had recognised his plight, but this hope vanished in an instant, when she spoke again.




John tried to push his way our of her finger, but her iron grip didn’t budge. He tried to shake his head, but the giantess didn’t seem to be paying attention o him. She turned around, still talking aloud to herself.


‘YEAH, HEIDI WAS TELLIN’ ME ‘BOUT SOME FANCY HOTEL SHE WENT TO … AND THEY HAD LITTLE FOLKS LIKE YOU TO SERVICE ‘EM UP,’  the woman continued, glancing back at the terrified creature from time to time. 


‘UNFORTUNATELY FOR YOU, I’M A MARRIED WOMAN, AND I CERTAINLY DIDN’T ORDER ONE OF YOU,’ this was fantastic news for John, but why was she still holding him so tightly?


‘ON THE OTHER HAND, IT AIN’T POLITE TO SAY NO TO A COMPLEMENTARY GIFT, NOW IS IT,’ John’s blood went cold again and the goddess mused over what to do with him. All that was clear, was that he would have no control over what became of him next. 


‘MAYBE YOU CAN START BY GIVING MY FEET A GOOD RUB, HOW ‘BOUT THAT?’ the behemoth suggested, smiling as she walked over to the couch, ‘BUT YOU’D BETTER BE QUICK. IF MY HUSBAND FINDS YOU … WELL, YOU’D BE IN FOR A WORLD OF HURT, LET ME TELL YOU,’ she chuckled. 


John was still struggling against her grip as she sat down, and leaned forwards. She reached over and released him without warning, dropping him onto the carpet at her feet. John landed awkwardly on his shoulder and tried to get to his feet. Before he could, the giantess’s enormous toes knocked him over from behind. The tiny man rolled onto his back as her foot approached again.


‘No! Stop! I’m not a toy!’ he screamed, but either she didn’t hear him, or didn’t care. Either way, the sole of her right foot smashed into his body and pressed down firmly. John groaned as she playfully crushed him beneath her and ground him into the carpet, her foot turning slightly and seductively.




John grunted as he was rolled over to the side but the powerful limb as the giantess continued to massage him into her sole. He could feel her giggling as the vibrations came down through her body, clearly enjoying the power she had over the tiny man. She rolled him from side to side, savouring the sensation of his struggles under her, then pushed him forwards and backwards against the carpet, feeling him moving against her skin. She gentle pressed down on him, feeling him struggle more desperately as he fought for air and an end to the agony, but this only made her feel even more aroused. She pressed harder.


John felt like he was under a steamroller, as the heat radiating from the goddess’s body commanded his suffering. A layer of dirt and grim from beneath her was rubbing onto him too, and the stale stench of sweat convinced him that she hadn’t washed herself since the day before at least. He was starting to go fuzzy as the lack of oxygen overwhelmed him, but as if intentionally wanting him to experience it all, the giantess lifted her foot every so often to let him breathe a lungful of her musk, before pulverising him again. This continued for a few minutes before she deiced to switch legs and the battered, beaten man, now lathered in her foot sweat, watched helplessly as her left foot landed upon him to make him endure it all again. 

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