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“Finally, I need to fucking wee,” Becca blurted as Emilie emerged from the bathroom draped in a towel. The Irish woman was hopping from side to side, squeezing her thighs together to avoid wetting herself. With no bra on, her enormous breasts jumped and jiggled with the movements and Emilie stood for a moment, mesmerised by the colossal jugs. 


“Out of my way!” the redhead urged, pushing past the other girl in her haste to empty her bladder. Emilie stepped aside, keeping Anna balanced in her palm as the bathroom door was shut on them. She snapped out of her trance and gave Anna an apologetic look, but the tiny girl shrugged it off.


“Let’s get you changed,” Emilie suggested, carrying her friend to the bed and placing her on the sheets. Anna sank slightly into the soft bedding but cringed as she was fronted with the heavy scents of the two giantesses that had slept there before. She felt a surge of anger that she had had to spend the night on the cold shower tiles while they enjoyed this luxurious bed, but she let it go for the moment. She watched Emilie turn her back to her and open the wardrobe in which she had put away her own clothes. She carelessly tossed an outfit onto the bed before turning to head down the steps to the main part of the room. 


Anna had difficulty seeing over a mountain of cloth, but was getting a better idea of what the room looked like, and it was certainly expansive. Emilie was only just covered by the towel and her tiny friend watched the giantess’s butt wiggles as she stepped down and went to her bag to retrieve Anna’s suitcase. The little redhead lay down and fully enjoyed the warmth, only slightly interrupted by the slow swinging fan blades above. 


There was a distant flushing sound as Emilie got onto her hands and knees to search her bag, and Becca emerged from the bathroom.


“Fuck that was good, what took you so long in there anyway?” she asked Emilie as she crossed back towards the bed. The enormous woman covered the ground in a few steps, her eyes still glued into the German girl across the room.


“Aha I didn’t take that long, but you’ll never guess who I found,”  Emilie replied, turning around towards the bed, “Look who’s on the …” 


Before she could finish, Becca was already mid air. On the bed, Anna raised her arms and shrieked as the fat young Irish woman threw herself onto the bed, having not even looked to see where she was going to land. The monstrous body that was thousands of times her size flew towards her, its vast shadow engulfing the white desert around Anna. The planetary weight came down with enough force to bounce Anna to the ceiling, but unfortunately, it came down on top of her. Becca colossal right breast hovered over Anna for a split second of pure terror, before the gelatinous mass struck her, pushing the tiny naked girl onto her back before swallowing her up in its fleshy embrace. The full weight of the gigantic mound pinned her down and crushed the air from her tiny lungs, but the giantess didn’t even seem to notice. Anna’s world went black as the heavy tit smothered her and Emilie was too far away to see what had happened, but she could guess.


“Becca, be careful!” the brunette gasped and the Irish giantess gave her a bewildered look.


“What for? Am I lying on your clothes?” she asked.


“No, but make sure you don’t lie on Anna,”  Emilie said, “I put her on the bed while I looked for her clothes.” 


Becca frowned, not really in the mood to make the tiniest effort for the little bug, let alone have her on the bed after she had been in the toilet, but she was also aware that she was there only as a guest of Emilie’s, so she decided to play along. Rolling her eyes, she had a glance around the bed and found no trace of the tiny thing. Then, with her attention on finding something diminutive, she felt the tiny struggles under her boob and smirked. She made a show of placing her hands down on either side of her and then pressing down hard with her chest, getting as much weight onto the creature as she could before lifting her torso off the bed. 


To her delight, her grind had been enough for Anna to stick to the hot flesh and rise into the air along with her tit. Instead of peeling her off, Becca gave her huge rack a shake and savoured the thought of the pathetic little thing being thrown around by her bosom before she fell off onto the sheets again. Rolling onto her back, Anna gazed up at the immense orbs of Becca’s boobs, still hanging above her like boulders waiting to crush her again. As the enormous redhead laughed at her, Anna picked up and ran out from underneath her, stumbling across the soft bedding that sloped down towards the goddess’s mighty body. 


She hoped that Emilie would say more in her defence, but unfortunately for Anna, she had only just returned to the bedside and hadn’t seen the assault. The tiny girl turned and glared at the blubbering oaf that had tormented her the night before, but held her tongue, instead choosing to meet Emilie’s smile with her own.


“Look what I found,” Emilie said, placing Anna’s suitcase on the bed. Anna felt a sudden glimmer of pride. Her own suitcase, her own clothes … she was starting to feel more and more like a human and less like the kind of bug that Becca had implied she was. She thanked Emilie as she crossed the bed towards it and popped it open. 


“Come one, Becca, let’s get dressed and get some breakfast,”  Emilie suggested, smelling up at her.


“Now you’re talking some sense,”  the Irish girl said, turning her suspicious frown into a smile. She felt a little insecure now that the two German girls seemed to be getting along. She had been worried about being a third wheel and had largely forgotten about it the past few days with how little Emilie had been caring about the little bug, but now Becca felt like an outsider and she didn’t like it one bit. Still, her tummy was grumbling and breakfast would have to do for now. She jumped out of the bed, causing the mattress to spring back and toss Anna a few centimetres into the air. The tiny girl turned and glared at the enormous ass that faced her, but decided to just get on with her morning. Becca too walked off to grab her clothes, still in her bag by the door.




John was scrolling through a guide book when he heard footsteps approaching the door. Ava had left for breakfast with Aiden a few minutes ago, following Lynn, and he had been alone since then. He had taken the opportunity to get some exercise done and had then gotten lost in the pages of a tiny book that had been on the coffee table. He could tell a lot from approaching footsteps and he was quite aware of his surroundings. He listened intently to the crunching steps as they neared the door and he stood up. The weight behind the walk ruled out Ava, and John immediately thought that it was his wife returning.


BANG BANG BANG. “HOUSEKEEPING,” shouted a heavily accented voice from the other side. The knocking echoed around the room and John frowned. He hadn’t reminded Ava to put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door. No matter, he thought, he would just explain to the maid that she wasn’t needed, and they would certainly see him on the coffee table. John walked towards the edge of the dark, wooden tabletop nearest the door, as a keycard clicked open the lock. 


The heavy door was pushed open, and John opened his mouth to get the maid’s attention, but to his dismay, she was entering with her back to him, pushing the door with her butt and dragging in a cleaning cart behind her. The first thing he noticed was her size. He had been fooled into thinking that it was his wife walking outside because the woman seemed to be of a similar weight to Lynn. However, while his wife’s stature carried her mass with a degree of voluptuousness, this stranger was about a head shorter and significantly bulkier. She filled out her uniform and then some, the tight grey pants hugging her enormously wide ass. She was bent forwards, using her rump to push the door, and John witnessed the huge booty, which nearly filled the doorway, wobble into the room. The twin mounds tugged the thin fabric of her three-quarter trousers and the tiny man could make out the pattern of her underwear beneath it … at least at the top before it disappeared into her buttcrack. The giantess’s waistband sat a little lower than intended and John just about made out a tattoo on the pale skin of her lower back before she straightened up. 


The black top re-covered the small of her back before she turned around. John tried to make eye contact with her but at that moment, a loud buzzing erupted from a radio on her top and she reached for it. The giantess swept her eyes across the seemingly empty room as she let the door shut behind her. 


“YA? NO I’M STILL AT THE FIRST ROOMS … NO, I’LL GET TO THEM IN A SECOND … YA, ALRIGHT,” her deafening voice spoke into the phone. John guessed that the woman must have been South African, front he way she pronounced her words. She stepped towards him as he gazed up her body. The maid’s top was buttoned at the front, pushed forwards at her abdomen by a noticeable belly. The buttons were mostly undone at the top however, elongating the natural V-shaped neckline to reveal the cleavage between two pale, fleshy breasts. His eyes rose further, following her double chin up to a chubby face. The giantess’s largely flat features gave her an almost ghostly look, broken up by a thick pair of dusky pink lips, a narrow, but slightly upturned nose and a small pair of eyes that seemed sunken by her dark mascara. Her long, butterscotch blonde hair was tied up in a bun atop her head and jiggled as she walked. 


Her first step shook the coffee table, her oblivious loading of her tremendous weight onto the limb transmitting a large force into the wooden floor. 


“FUCKING BASTARD,” the giantess hissed as she hung up her radio-phone. Jayne was sick of the perky groundskeeper working her into an early grave and frowned as she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror across the room. She paused to look at herself, embarrassed by the weight she had put on in the five years she had been working at the hotel, but even more angry at the wrinkles that had formed on her face in that time. The Durban native was only 48 years old, but she looked older, the years of exposure to the heat, potent detergents and long working days had taken their toll. She was still frowning as she tucked the phone into the pocket on her top, walking forwards to get a better look in the mirror. 


John saw her stride towards him, her head high and her gaze passing high above him. He started backing away from the edge of the table, but not quickly enough. The absent minded woman’s left leg landed too close to the table and her right shin struck the side of it, on its next stride. 


“FUCKING SHIT!” Jayne swore, bending down to clutch her leg. She was comfortable enough swearing in the empty room: she had gotten into trouble for her language around guests’ children before. She bent forwards and glared at the table, it’s surface bare but for a tiny magazine. 


John cried out as he was thrown off the surface, the impact of the titanic leg’s collision too much from him to withstand. The tiny man, dressed in only his pyjama trousers and t-shirt, tumbled onto the hardwood floor, landing hard on his back and having the wind knocked out of him. He lay there, looking up along the humungous leg of the maid, following the towering from of her pale, fat leg up along her grey pants to her bulging hips. 


Jayne took a step to steady herself. Her colossal black flat slamming into the ground a few inches from the tiny man. John’s world shook violently as the earthquake created form the monstrous foot rippled through him. He was thrown onto his side and with a groan, he pushed himself into his hands and knees. 


“Hey! Down here!” he yelled up, his voice even quieter in his breathless state. It came as no surprise when she didn’t even look down at him, clearly not having heard. John instinctively reached for his phone, trying to stay calm, but felt the first pangs of panic when he felt his empty pockets. He looked across the enormous floor board he was on and saw what he was looking for. Across a crevice as wide as he was, on the next board to his right was his phone. 


Having had enough of her self-deprecating moment with the mirror, Jayne turned back to her cart to get started. She grabbed a duster-polisher and turned her focus to the tedious wooden features of the room, which was most of it. Her left foot came flying back towards John and he dove out of the way. Fortunately, he had misjudged the stride and it landed far from him. Unfortunately the resultant impact knocked his phone clean across the floor. He watched in dismay at the remarkably sturdy device clattered to a halt near the huge steps that led up to the bed area.


While he was distracted with planning to get his phone back, he didn’t notice the gigantic cleaner slipping off her shoes. Jayne carelessly kicked the flats towards the door behind her, preferring not to drag the dirt from the outside across the wooden floor. Her fleshy feet came down with loud slapping noises as she approached the coffee table. 


John felt the vibrations but they were too close for him to discern which way she was going. The tiny man looked up as the giantess approached him from behind. His neck craned back his wide eyes took in the terrifying sight of her meaty sole shooting down from above. The pale, wrinkly skin of her foot was upon him in a flash and before he could even raise his arms to defend himself, the monumental limb struck him to the ground. John fell onto his back as the giantess’s foot landed on top of him, smashing his body onto the ground. John screamed in agony as Jayne’s impressive weight came down on his trial little body. Had it not been for the vaccine, he would surely have been obliterated, but instead, he felt the same pain that an insect would have felt under the gargantuan woman’s hot foot, but his body remained intact, sinking into the soft meat as his world went dark and silent, the sickly moisture between her wrinkles engulfing him. 


Jayne pitched forwards, her legs staying largely straight as she swept the duster over the smooth surface of the tabletop. The tiny guide book was thrown off with a flick, but she didn’t see it. After all, this room was clearly occupied by normal sized people, as was evident from the bags she had seen. The middle-aged maid had no reason to suspect that there were any tiny people here, so she went about her business.


John’s body screamed as the enormous woman shifted her weight on her foot, each minute adjustment sending unimaginable agony through the tiny’s man’s figure. He thanked his stars when the weight started to lessen as she moved to take another step. But John’s ordeal was far from over: as Jayne’s foot rose off the ground, the crumpling skin and fresh, warm sweat refused to release John’s body and his face remained firmly pressed into her sole as he rose with it. Jayne’s next step crushed John beneath her again, but the puny man was too small for her to feel and remained under her filthy foot as she dusted the furniture, his cries for help muffled by her flabby flesh. 

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