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The eye before him was as deep and blue as the ocean, as treacherous as the sea. She had painted her eyelids a glittering pink, her eyelashes like whips of midnight.

Her supercilious smile told him he was doomed.

He had known her for years though had been estranged for half of that. In their youth she had been the best friend of his high school girlfriend. Where his lost love had been intelligent, excitable and playful, her friend was petty, jealous and mean. Her words were always designed to cut, her actions taken only to benefit herself.

She had hated him from day one.

At the time he had no idea why. He had tried to appease her in every way he could think of. He had spent money on her, almost as much as on his girlfriend, bought her drinks, gave her compliments, gave her space. Nothing worked, nothing slated her hostility.

Every day she would whisper to his love, working to turn her against him. It had taken two years before she succeeded and three before her motives were clear.

They stayed friends on Facebook, all three of them, though he wasn’t sure why. The breakup had been difficult and while he had eventually moved on, he couldn’t help but visit his ex’s page from time to time. He watched her life develop, college then work. He saw her grow as a person, he saw their relationship bloom.

He should have seen it coming. When the three of them were together, it was the girls who shared the jokes, who consumed each other’s attention. Try as he might, she couldn’t help but fall under the sway of her friend. She was like a puppy before her, the grit and determination evaporating, blown away by a single flutter of her eyelashes.

Lashes belonging to the same eye that looked down on him with such superiority.

They had been together for years, both girls building a passionate and beautiful relationship. He knew that his ex, for all her spirit, would be the submissive one, bending to the greater will of her friend.

It was that will that held him now, that will that sealed his fate.

She had collected him from a shelter yesterday, despite his protests. At first he couldn’t believe his luck. He had shrank on government property and as such was transferred to a facility where victims of the mysterious illness were kept safe. They had taken his picture and posted the news online, allowing anyone with a sufficient connection to claim him. The process wasn’t ideal but it certainly helped the struggling department.

He had cursed as she walked into the room, her eyes lighting up as they fell upon him. The clerk asked her some basic questions about him, his name, his date of birth. She produced her phone and showed them pictures of him and her together in bars, in school, on holiday. That was evidence enough and he was signed over.

Despite how hard he fought and protested, squirming as they forced him into a fabric carry bag. He had felt her hand around him then, that victorious grip that squeezed him just too tightly. It was then that he had become her property.

The first hour had been the worst. Within minutes of entering her apartment he had been thrown roughly to the floor, his new goddess rising impossibly huge above him. She had placed a foot either side of him, dominating the world around him.

She had begun to hurt him then, to insult him, to mock his new found position beneath her. He was helpless as her massive foot descended from the sky, a smothering cloud of flesh that pushed him into the floorboards. He was sure he would die there, compressed beneath her weight as her thunderous laughter fell down around him. He had felt his ribs creak, struggled to draw breaths of air laced with her sweat. He had sobbed and begged as the torment continued without pause.

He was ashamed to admit that he had broken quickly. In the face of such power he was helpless, it was impossible to resist her. By the end of that first day he was crawling across the floor like an insect, his tongue rasping hungrily across her toes. He had called her a goddess as she sat scrolling through her phone, thanked her each time she took a pause from batting him back and forth with her foot like a cat playing with a mouse. His blood had splattered across his chest, thick bruises darkening his pale skin.

It was by some miracle, the whim of his new goddess that he survived that first night. She had laughed as she forced him into her gym shoe, sealing him in the toe section with a pungent sock. The shoe itself had then been placed on a radiator to further increase his suffering. It was winter and the heating remained on until the small hours, enough to turn his cell into a sweltering chamber. He had thought it the end then, confident he would choke to death on the sodden air, alone in the darkness.

The following morning she had drawn him into the light, a mix of surprise and disappointment on her face as she looked down upon him. He had passed out against the fabric, the drying moisture adhering him to the toe of her sock. ‘Ew,’ she scoffed, ‘I didn’t realise you had such a thing for my feet. I should have made use of that when you were bigger. I’ve gotta say, that foot massage you gave last night was shit.’

She scooped him up in her hand, closing her fingers around him, ‘If I didn’t have something better planned for you I could just close my hand and end you. I can’t tell you how tempting it is. It’s taking everything I’ve got not to let you fall to the floor and crush you where you land. Last night I almost did it you know, when you were down there squirming beneath my foot I wanted nothing more than to step down and feel you die. I thought about your blood and guts dribbling up between my toes, your bones and skull breaking.

I even thought about just putting my shoe on and letting you die in the darkness. I was going to go to the gym and work out extra hard, really get that cardio going. I imagined what it would have been like for you to die like that, how brutal it would be to be to be crushed and beaten and torn apart as I went about my day. In the end you’d be nothing, I bet there’d be barely even a blood stain to mark where you died. Your remains would be washed away by my sweaty workout, lost the first time I showered.’

She was whispering to him, holding him close to her full pink lips. Her tongue moved like an animal behind her brilliant white teeth. She could have consumed him right there, let him slip into her mouth and down her throat. It was all he could do not to piss himself in her palm.

‘But then I had just the best idea. I know how I want you to die, I’ve been thinking about it all morning.’

Like a snake strike two fingers on her opposing hand crashed into him, pinning him between them. The scent of her vaginal juices filled his nostrils.

‘Can you tell?’ she smirked, ‘I’m super excited about it. We’re going to go on a little journey now and have ourselves a reunion. Then you’re going to die. It’s going to be awesome!’

She ignored his protests as he was dropped into her breast pocket. Shards of pain went through him has she tapped him, securing him in place against the fabric and the warm mound beyond.

Two hours later he was again bruised and bleeding, begging for mercy to a pitiless goddess.

This time it was his ex, a living Aphrodite, who held his fate.

She stood above him as a picture of victory, the years since their parting making her only more beautiful. His new goddess had dressed for the occasion. Her toenails were freshly painted, blood red. Her long legs stretched into the heavens, her hips and breasts held in lingerie that must have cost a thousand dollars. Her toned midriff was bare, a black robe falling from her shoulders. She held her hands on her hips as she looked down at him, a black choker at her neck. On her finger she wore the engagement ring he had bought her with money he had saved from a crappy summer job. She had fished it out of a jewellery box and slipped it on, ‘for shits and giggles.’

Her ice coloured eyes were wreathed in darkness, the playful smirk on her lips the same blood red as her nails. Her hair was shorter than it had been when they were together, twirling above her shoulders in a mass of golden and black curls.

She had been his first love, the most intense he had ever felt. For the last half hour she had been his tormentor, laughing with her friend as he was broken and humiliated beneath her. His arm was broken, of that he was sure. Blood dripped from fresh wounds across his torso and face. One eye was closed, he had spat out teeth.

He shuffled towards her, in the gap between her first and second toe as commanded. ‘Please goddess,’ he burbled through swollen lips, ‘please no more, have mercy, I’m begging you.’

Her smile widened, ‘Aw babe, it’s not me you have to convince. I’m just doing as I’m told. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying having you at my feet like this. It’s super hot and feels so right, y’know? I think we all knew you’d end up here eventually, you used to be so eager to please us back in high school. I’ve thought about it since we broke up you know, really we wasted an opportunity. I bet if I had asked you would have let me date her instead of you, all the while keeping us in the way we had become accustomed to. I bet we would have appeared in Vice, two college age lesbians and the man they keep as a pet. Very modern, very woke.’

She pouted, twitching her toes sending thunder rolling through the table upon which you both stood. ‘Would you have liked that? Would you have liked being our slave while we partied and fucked and taken every cent you earned? I’d have let you sleep in the bedroom you know, right at the foot of the bed where you belong.’

He felt hollow as she spoke, her cruel words beating down upon him like cold rain. To hear their love had been nothing to her, that he was nothing to her, crushed him. He sank to his knees, deaf to the sound of her friend chuckling at his defeat.

‘We really should have done that,’ she purred, her eyes on the man at her lover’s feet, ‘we could have really made him do anything we wanted. I like the idea of coming home to a human doormat. Still, looks like he would have ended up a Shrinky anyway and then what use is he? They’re too small to do anything useful, stupid bugs. They are only good for one thing.’

The ground around him rumbled as the titanic vision above shifted her foot towards him, ‘So, you ready?’

Beneath the table, her friends bare legs curled like those of a cat. Sweat prickled across her brown, her nipples pushing hard against the thin fabric of her striped top.

She bit her lip, ‘Do it.’

He dropped to his knees, sobbing and pleasing as the massive foot rose into the sky. Her tan sole hovered above him, the ball angling down towards him. Her toes flared as though snatching at the air.

Her friend beside him watched, transfixed as the foot began to lower. She gasped, a shallow intake, as her fingers slipped beneath the waistband of her underwear and plunged into her hot, sopping sex.

‘Oh fuck,’ she whispered as her lover’s heel connected with the table. She worked herself steadily, sending waves of pleasure rippling across her body. She drew close to him, her panting rolling across the table top to where their victim recoiled in the shadow. His begging, pleading, fell into a rhythm that her fingers matched inside of her. This was it, she was going to watch him die.

He felt those eyes burning into him as he scuttled backwards, trying to get out of the path of the vast sole that descended upon him. The air was on fire with her heat as a wall of flesh slammed down in front of him, causing him to pull up his legs or lose them beneath her. The ground shook beneath the impact, tremors pooling out from the epicentre as she twisted her foot to allow her audience a better view of the creature’s impending demise.

She lifted her toe and slammed it down, barely missing pulverising her weeping victim. On the floor beside the table, her girlfriend was quivering with passion, her wrist pumping as she masturbated to the performance.

‘Shall I do it?’ she asked seductively before pausing thoughtfully, drinking in the scene below her, ‘Would you like me to end him for you…Mistress?’

A gasp of pleasure and surprise answered her, those eyes snapping upwards to drink in her majestic beauty. She had finally said it, said the word that had silently defined their relationship for years. Her heart fluttered in her chest, beating furiously with expectation.

Her lover’s eyes bored into her, two points of brilliant blue amid a swirling hurricane of passion. The command, when it came, was clear, ‘Yes…my pet, end him slowly. I want to see him suffer.’

The tiny man had barely managed to crawl an inch before she caught him. Her flesh bulldozed into him, trapping him in place. With deliberate slowness she began to scrunch her toes together, trapping him between her first and second digit. He stood, trying to run lest he be compressed on his knees. The closing sides trapped him, cracking his ribs and sending fresh blood bursting from his lips.

She released him, both girls watching as he fell limp upon the mahogany. Without pause, the toe lifted again, shifting position before slamming down onto his leg. The crack send a scream of arousal leaping from the Mistress’ lips. She watched with pure pleasure as her pet pushed through the flesh and bone to tear it from the socket.

Their victim was a sobbing wreck, a feeble hand lifted as if he could stop the whims of the goddess above him. Another crack drowned his pleas as his other leg was reduced to paste. She watched as he pulled himself across the woodwork, a tiny blood trail following him.

His above, his former girlfriend looked down upon him without mercy. To her left, her own lover was approaching climax, writhing on the floor like some creature of ancient myth. For the small man she felt nothing, he had served her purposes but now he would die for their amusement. It was as she lifted her toe to finish him off that the idea sprung to mind.

‘Are you watching Mistress?’ she asked, knowing full well the answer.

‘Fuck yeah,’ her lover breathed, pushing her back against the couch to get a better angle, ‘fucking kill the little worm.’

‘As you command,’ her attention turned back to her victim, a cold and regal expression forming on her face, ‘I’m going to kill you now slave, do you understand that? Your life is going to end beneath my foot because that’s what we have decided. Whatever you think you were, you were always property, you were nothing more than an object that we owned. Being shrunk didn’t make us your gods, we always were.’

She paused, hoping to hear a cry for mercy from the bleeding bug between her toes. The sound of her Mistresses gasping pleasure drowned out anything he could have possible said. Not that it would have changed his fate either way.

‘You’re going to die now bug but I want you to know something, your death has awoken something in us today, you’ve brought us closer. After you die, after I wipe your pathetic remains from my foot and toss it in the trash, we’re gonna go out and buy more people like you, lots more.’

‘Oh fuck yeah, tell him,’ her Mistress squealed.

‘Were going to buy them, men, women, whole fucking families of Shrinkies and we are going to do things to them a thousand times worse than what you have experienced. Do you know what that means? It means your life had purpose. It means you were more than just a insect that lived and died beneath me. I want you to think about that, I want you to think of all the people your death is going to doom. Think about every life that is going to end screaming beneath our feet, beneath our shoes, consumed like food, crushed and broken, used as our playthings. Think about how you have made that happen, how I gave you a reason to exist. Think about it and thank me, kiss my foot and thank your goddess for giving you purpose before you die.’

Weak and delirious from blood loss, he was moving before he registered what she had said. He wanted this to end, the pain, the torment, he needed it to end. To his right, the cruel titan that had delivered him here gasped with pleasure. Her eyes had been closed with euphoria but now focussed directly upon him as she pleasured herself to his plight. She was so close he could have reached out and touched her.

In the heavens, his goddess moved her toe over him. Her command was fresh in his mind, searing into his thoughts. His blood had already splattered across the deadly flesh above from where she had struck him. He forced himself up towards it, craning his neck towards her.

‘Is he doing it?’ she whispered.

Her lover leaned ever forwards, her attention focused on the small creature trembling beneath the unstoppable force of her girlfriend’s foot. She was on the verge of orgasm, her body slick with sweat.

His final three words put her over the edge, ‘thank you goddess.’

She orgasmed violently as the table shook, the foot before her slamming down and obliterating all trace of him. Blood splattered out, spraying her face as she writhed beneath the table. The sick crunch of his body collapsing could barely be heard above her own moans of pleasure. She gripped the table as she came hard, her tongue snaking out to catch a droplet of blood that had landed on her lip.

Her Pet was thorough in her work, the ball of her foot pushing down upon his remains to further liquefy them between her merciless flesh and the wooden table top. She captivated her Mistress with her movements, each one completed with dance like elegance. Slowly she lifted her foot, inspecting her sole.

Of the man that had once loved her, had proposed to marry her, nothing but a bloody stain remained. She wiggled her toes, delighting as the viscera trickled between them.

The woman on the floor let out a long sigh, her bottom lip quivering, ‘That was so fucking hot. She withdrew her fingers, slick with juices, and pushed them into her mouth, savouring her own flavour. ‘Give me your foot.’

The girl on the table did as she was commanded, balancing on one foot as her lover took the other in her moist fingers.

‘You did so well,’ her lover cooed, turning her foot in her hands to inspect the remains of their victim. Her pet gasped with excitement, a tingle of pleasure running up her leg as she ran her tongue across the arch of her foot, lapping away what little blood remained to show their victim’s passing.

‘You did so well,’ she repeated, ‘I think you deserve a little reward for your performance.’

Both girls we consumed by playful laughter, embracing passionately as they fell together onto the couch. Within moments both were moaning with pleasure, both thinking about what their new dynamic would evolve into.

With the mistake of the past resolved, the future was theirs for the taking.


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