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Story Notes:

Hi everyone! It's hard for me to write something without at least slightly building a world around it, or thinking about how this world would function, etc. So please be like me and try to ignore the (even more) unrealistic areas in this story. 

For those who wanted it, there will be more violence and sadism in some of the chapters. 


Author's Chapter Notes:

I hope to keep this going as long as I can think of ideas for things that are effectively one-shot. Let me know what you think!

In this chapter, Ashley realizes her circumstances, gets passed around, and Coach whets his appetite.

Ashley woke slowly. It seemed like every part of her body ached. That was fairly normal for the sixteen year old, she fell asleep on the school bus back from athletic events all the time. People acted like playing football was hard, but at least they got breaks! Cheerleaders had to be tireless cheerful machines the entire time. Including after the game.

Luckily the cheerleaders often got their own bus to and from events, even if it didn't always hold them all. The boys were stinky after games even if they showered, which was why the girls drew straws to see who had to ride with them. That didn't stop Ashley from going down on them, or any of the girls of course, but she preferred her guys clean. Especially if she was going to sleep in their lap after they finished.

But this didn't feel like the bus. When Ashley made this realization her eyes flew open. Her back was pressed up against a smooth, solid wall that stretched upward until it met a ceiling of a strangely familiar red color. Her skimpy uniform was still intact, dark red and yellow for the Hawks (colors that had never made sense to her) so that was a good thing.  Usually when she woke up somewhere strange she had to buy a new uniform.

Her eyes adjusted to the dim light quickly. It seemed as though she was in a dark room almost the size of a football stadium, surrounded by other sleeping girls. Briefly she wondered if this was some kind of dream. Waking surrounded by dozens, if not hundreds of cheerleaders was too strange. But the clarity of it all told her it wasn't.

And it seemed she had awoken at the same time as everyone else in this...wherever they were. All around her cheerleaders were rousing themselves from their various sleeping positions. They must have been somewhere relatively secluded or at least one of them would have been mounted by a guy by now. Twenty years ago that would have been unheard of, but now there weren't many prudes left.

"Is this the whole team? There's too many of us," she asked aloud. All the girls around her were wearing the matching uniform it seemed, but there was something off. Maybe it was a trick of the light, but...

"What the hell?" said a familiar voice. 

Ashley turned to the voice, mere feet from her left, and was looking into a mirror.

"Who's there?" she asked, standing up to look over the mirror at whoever had spoken. Everyone was starting to move and she wanted to get a head start on figuring out what was going on. 

She got to her feet when she realized her reflection hadn't moved with her. 

"Who are you?" asked the spitting image of Ashley who was stumbling to her feet on her own. She stood and Ashley swore she was looking into a mirror again. 

Short brunette hair, pixie-bob cut. Five and a half feet tall, one hundred thirty pounds wet. Brown eyes, too many freckles. This girl had everything Ashley had, down to the B-cups (which she internally grumbled at).

"Are you me?" Ashley's doppelganger asked after a long moment where they took each other in. All around them they heard the same question asked with the exact same voice.

"What is this?" Ashley asked, looking around in confusion. 

Her doppelganger stopped herself from speaking, probably because she was going to ask the exact same question.

Thinking quickly, Ashley told her look-alike "Boost!" and moved toward her as though she knew exactly what to do. Which of course she did. With a cheerleader's reflexes the other-Ashley clasped her hands together and quickly lifted the other girl upward. Ashley had many skills, mostly predicated around being a fairly strong girl without a gag reflex. She was a natural cheerleader.

Now that she was several feet higher than the rest of the crowd, Ashley could see what was happening. All around her, for several hundred feet, she could see hundreds of copies of herself. Above she could only see a sky of that solid light red and walls that were some kind of opaque plastic material that she couldn't quite see through.

Realization flowed through her like a cold winter wind.

"Down!" she shouted with a shaky voice.

"You're me, aren't you?" said her doppelganger as she carefully lowered Ashley back to the eerily smooth ground. She still didn't realize what was happening.

"No, you're me!" Ashley said, "There's hundreds of me here, and we're in a Tupperware container!"

"What?" said another Ashley to their right. "What did you see up there?" she asked the first. They may have all been the same person, in a way, but this Ashley had taken charge by being the first to look around.

"The sky!" Ashley said pointing upward causing dozens of her copies to look upward, "That ring is the inside of a Tupperware lid, and these walls are-"

That's all the further she got before the ground shook violently. There was an upward sensation like a violently fast elevator before the floor moved sideways underneath the crowd of Ashleys, throwing them all to the ground. The shaking continued for what seemed like an eternity but couldn't have been more than a few seconds. That was more than enough time for the crowd of Ashleys to get piled onto one another as their world moved uncaring of their wishes.

Finally the earthquake stopped. There was a heavy thud as something massive hit the floor of their prison. Or far more likely their prison was set on something.

"Why are you- Why am I?" said one Ashley to another.

The other saw where the speaker was looking and suddenly realized she wasn't wearing panties under her short cheerleader skirt. She distinctly remembered putting some on when it got cold out during the game! Looking around as the pile tried to sort itself out she saw that none of them were wearing panties. Normally that wouldn't have bothered her at all, but there were too many wrong things here. Like, everything. This just added to the list.

Ashley pushed her way free and rolled off the pile just as another one of her made a terrifying discovery.

"Why do my clothes taste like candy?" one of the Ashley's screamed from somewhere just out of sight. 

It seemed as though the entire pile stopped moving at once as each Ashley had to try it for themselves.

"What the hell?" the entire crowd asked themselves at almost the same time they discovered their cheerleader tops all tasted like sweet cherry.

Then the sky was torn open. One side of the broad red ceiling simply lifted upward with a light 'pop' sound. There was a bright light that intensified as more of the ceiling was pulled aside. In moments the ceiling had been replaced with a light bright enough that Ashley had to hold her hand up to block it from blinding her. Until something moved in front of the light.

She lowered her hand in shock as her mind registered a low rumbling sound, let in now that the lid wasn't blocking it out. The rumbling of an engine.

"Coach Kline?" she said aloud, even though she knew he could never hear her. Even if he could, it wouldn't help.

Above her the balding football coach looked down like a god from on high. He smiled when he saw the pile of Ashleys, then looked up at someone she couldn't see. But she could guess.

"Alright boys, you know how this works! These go a max of four inches," he yelled to what Ashley knew had to be the football team and the few cheerleaders who had been made to ride the bus with the rowdy bunch. "They're yours til you wear them out!"

In a quieter tone he said to someone nearby, "Okay, pass these around."

His own hand dipped into the container and scooped out a number of screaming girls as though they were so much candy. And so it began.


Ben Kline scooped out some of the tinies before he handed off the container to one of the linemen. Whether there'd be enough to pass around for everyone he didn't know. The boys weren't always good at sharing, though he knew the few cheerleaders riding with them would certainly get more than their own fair share.

Turning back to the front of the bus so he could see the road, he dropped the little red and yellows into his shirt's breast pocket. At their current size he could have grabbed more but that was okay. He had plenty at home if he still wanted in three hours.

Fishing one out while he listened to the football team behind him start to hoot and holler, he willed her up to two inches from her current quarter-inch. It was too loud on the bus to hear her screams, which was a shame. Ashley was a hot little number and he was one of the few guy that had never partaken of her. She was always too busy with someone else for him to slip inside her.

"I guess the tables turned didn't they?" he said to the screaming brunette as she fought futilely against his fingers as they gently squeezed her midsection. 

With a smile that made his salt-and-pepper mustache seem even larger he popped the former high school cheerleader into his mouth. She squirmed wonderfully (she really was in great shape when she'd been shrunk then copied) as he sucked lightly. The cherry flavored clothes melted away slowly as the miles rolled by. These tinies made wonderful cough drops and pills. Impregnating their clothes with flavors and medications basically let them deliver it with a little squirming goodness.

The flavor didn't last forever though, even if her squirming probably would have lasted another couple hours which (all the longer these types of tinies lasted). She must have known this because as her clothes began melting off and Ben's tongue began paying more attention to between her legs she just struggled harder. He had to be careful to pry her hands off his front teeth with his tongue to not hurt her early, though he did enjoy the sensation of a tiny arm desperately pushing its way through his closed lips before he sucked it back in. 

When the only flavor Ben tasted was coming from between her legs as she climaxed involuntarily from his heat-seeking tongue, he pushed her tiny body into his right cheek like a chipmunk. She knew what he was doing, as a normal she'd probably played this game a thousand times before herself, and stopped moving. Smiling internally, Ben opened his teeth slightly and began poking her with his tongue.

She wiggled. She writhed. In the small amount of room she had Ashley played wonderfully. But of course not being able to see in his mouth coupled with the moisture everywhere caused her to slip up. It was inevitable.

And as Ben felt her leg slip between his teeth he immediately bit down lightly on it.

He giggled to himself slightly as Ashley's tiny form began struggling again, a new panic that some of the footballers were putting to good use from the sound of it. Bashfully he looked around briefly to make sure no one had heard him giggle. One of the cheerleaders behind him might have, but it was unlikely considering the linemen were cheering on their first-string all-state center as he was trying to speed-cram as many four-inch Ashley's into her ass as possible in twenty seconds.

Smiling as the kids had their fun Ben turned back around and bit down all the way. There was a satisfying crunch and a rush of salty goodness. Unfortunately his little Ashley stopped struggling, likely from shock, after that first limb-off. Ben easily slipped her other leg between his teeth and chomped down on it too. Again the flavor was wonderful but clearly Ashley wasn't going to be a great vore toy. 

No one wanted their food to stop struggling after just one bite. Of course some people preferred a whole swallow but Ben always liked to start with a good fighter. With skill he flipped her torso around until he could carefully nibble off each arm as close to her torso as possible. The little crunchy bits that were now just floating around in his mouth were like little sweet and salty bites, something no regular food could ever really imitate even though some candies were getting close.

With all four limbs off, Ben decided to check his work. His girlfriend thought he was silly for this, but it had been his own little game for awhile now. Carefully spitting what was left of Ashley onto his hand, he looked closely at how much of her limbs really remained. The stunned tiny girl looked up at him, her short dark hair plasted to her head, naked breasts heaving from a mixture of exertion, panic, and pain.

Ben looked closely at her. It wasn't the closest he'd ever gotten to the shoulders, but he'd snipped off the legs really high up. 

"Please!" Ashley screamed at him from his palm. Of course he couldn't hear over the bus motor and the party behind him. But he knew what she was saying. There was no mercy for his tinies, but her begging was certainly putting him in the mood. He'd have to save a few for home tonight.

Satisfied with how he'd de-limbed the tiny former cheerleader placed the rest of her back to his tongue. Did he sense a little movement again? Perhaps. Among the many changes made to tinies was a pretty astounding increase in durability. It gave them a lot more uses if they weren't so fragile.

After maneuvering her to the back of his mouth, Ben took a sip of soda and washed down his first tiny of the night. He idly ran his tongue over his teeth, mopping up any flavor or leftover bits where he found them. Then he fished out another Ashley from his breast pocket and willed her up to one inch.

Carefully he helped her stand up on her palm. It was unlikely she'd seen what had just happened from her view far below his chin, but since tinies were perfect copies of their originals and high school girls loved to gossip, she probably knew. The look on her face said she knew her time was short.

"You wanna make it out of here?" Ben asked her quietly, a twisted smile on his face. 

The tiny Ashley desperately nodded her head. She had to know it was false hope, but it was better than no hope.

"John the safety is sitting all the way at the back of the bus," he told her, "If you can make it back there and back here with a piece of his red hair, I'll let you go."

Without even waiting to hear if she'd heard him, Ben sat the inch-tall cheerleader on the ground next to his shoe. It was an impossible task for two reasons. First, John had pretty short hair that she'd never get close enough to grab, let alone pull off.

Second, between him and her was effectively a half mile of giant orgy that could squish her at any time. And that was before she got to John, who was always happy to cockvore any tiny he saw.

Forgetting about her he fished another out of his pocket, willing her to half an inch tall.

"Wanna make it out of here?" 

Of course this one did too. They were, ultimately, the exact same person. The same question would get the same reponse from them all.

"You'll come out tomorrow morning," he said with a laugh. As she looked up at him confused, he popped her into his mouth like a piece of popcorn and swallowed hard. There was a pleasant feeling as she slid down his throat, followed by the gentle inside massage of a tiny trying desperately to not get burnt by the pool of stomach acid she was doomed to spend the last couple hours of her life in.

Ben had to refrain from pulling out his cock and really getting dirty with his tinies. His girlfriend wouldn't be thrilled if he used them all before he got to share. She loved to lay her head on his belly after sex so she could hear the screams of the tinies he'd deposited there. There'd be plenty for her to hear later but by then this one would be too far gone to do more than wish it had died.

Unseen by Ben, out the window passed a sign declaring their hometown only a hundred and fifty miles away. There was a brief roar of excitement from three of the receivers. One of them had carefully flipped an Ashley out the window at the perfect time; tomorrow's rain would wash a tiny Ashley off the road sign if a bird didn't do the job first.

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