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Sarah cowered on the insole of the enormous shoe, waiting for the giantess’s sock to finally fall upon her … but it never did. The shaking blonde slowly removed her arms from in front of her face and looked back out of the shoe to see Lina’s face. The gorgeous eyes of the French girl looked down at her with some concern. Maybe she had realized her mistake? Maybe she wasn’t going to play with Sarah? The tiny girl could only pray as she started to feel an inkling of hope.


Lina wasn’t that oblivious. She could clearly see that her tiny friend wasn’t too keen on ending up under her socks, but she didn’t understand why. She thought for a few seconds, her brow furrowed as she stared at her shoe. She drew a few glances from other girls as they left the locker room, but none of them wanted to start a conversation with the weird foreign girl examining her shoe. After a moment, she smiled, nodding slightly in understanding, which brought an ever more hopeful smile to the tiny American’s face.


Out of Sarah’s line of vision, the enormous girl’s feet rubbed together and Lina gently slipped off her socks. It all made sense in her mind: Sarah didn’t like being in shoes, she liked her feet, and that was why she had been resisting. It was obvious that Sarah just wanted to close to her feet, without the barrier of a sock … and she was more than happy to oblige.


Sarah’s face expressed almost the full range of emotions from joyous relief to renewed terror and Lina failed to remove her from the shoe, and instead, lifted her foot back over the shoe. Her little blonde hair whipped from side to side as shook her head, the mere sight of the cool flesh that had trodden on her only moments ago made her heart race.


“N-No, please,” she begged, raising her voice as high as she could, “S-Stop.”


But Lina didn’t hesitate this time. Assured that she was doing the right thing, she slotted her foot delicately through the opening of the shoe. The soft underside of her left foot made contact with her tiny toy and slowed down. Sarah raised both of her hands and pushed against the immovable wall of flesh, the fresh smell of soap quickly fading from the thickened skin. She was still sitting as she tried to push away her tormentor, but she was slowly losing the battle. Her puny hands sank into the meaty soles, tensing but getting closer and closer to giving way. The tiniest bit of extra pressure on Lina’s part toppled her over, pushing Sarah onto her back. Lina’s foot pounced on her, pinning her down as her little arms were splayed to the sides. Without their protection, Sarah’s miniscule face was forced into the giantess’s skin, cutting off her air supply.


Lina giggled as she felt the little creature struggle against her, clearly going mad with the pure, unbroken exposure to her foot. To be honest, the way her tiny body was shaking and pushing in vain against her was sort of exciting for her too. She was being gentle, but knew that the American girl was resilient. She had survived in her shoe through running track of all things, so she could certainly survive, and enjoy a day in her shoe. She advanced her foot into the flat, savoring the sensation of Sarah’s body rolling along her sole.


Her scream was absorbed by the titan’s foot, her insignificant form tumbling along beneath the steam roller of Lina’s sole. She was pushed down along the shoe for what felt like 10 yards before she stopped. Feeling her toes touch the end of the shoe, Lina flexed her foot, allowing it to sit comfortably in its shell. Sarah’s body shook in agony as the simple movement deformed her body into an unnatural shape. The heat was already rising rapidly around Sarah, her body hopelessly trapped in the corporeal prison.


The pressure on her seemed painful enough, but suddenly multiplied by a factor of a thousand as the giantess stood up. Sarah felt as if a mountain had been dropped on top of her as the all too familiar feeling of being underfoot piled on top of her. Sarah wanted to cry as she heard Lina gathering her bag, getting ready to leave the locker room. It was clear that she fully intended to keep her in her shoe: Sarah could only wonder how long she would wait before checking if she was alive. She screamed as even more pressure seemed to shoot through her.


Lina pressed down gently with her foot, making a note to remember that the little pebble under her foot and testing to see exactly where her tiny passenger was. Satisfied that her host was secure, Lina headed out into the corridor, making her way to her next class. Each step she took ground the puny girl a little more into her sole, but after a few minutes, Lina almost didn’t notice her.  


The teenager strode along the corridors to a history class, not seeing the point as she barely understood anything anyway. Brushing a loose lock of hair from her face, she stepped into the classroom, confidently gliding between the desks to her seat. She noticed the eyes of a few of the boys being drawn to her as she walked, their gazes low as her hips swayed at the level of the table tops.


She sat down just as the teacher walked in, settling into the uncomfortable plastic chair as the lesson began. She opened a notebook and held a pen in her hand as a formality, but the speed at which the woman was speaking made it impossible for her to really understand, which in turn made her lose interest almost instantly. She tapped her pen on the desk, glancing at the clock on the wall and counting the seconds as they ticked by.


She would be glad to see the back of this school and get back to her friends, her family, her home, not that she hadn’t enjoyed her time. Entering into a new school year mid-way through had its drawbacks, like having to break into already forged friend groups, but Lina hadn’t had to worry about that too much. Sarah had invited her to as many social gatherings as she herself was asked to attend, introducing her to the other girls in their year, though none of them really stuck in the French girl’s mind. The novelty was destined to wear off, but the boys had ensured that Lina had been invited to every party in the spring term, again, not that Lina paid much attention to any of them. As she thought about the myriad faces she had gotten to know, she found herself fidgeting in the chair, her mind wandering far from the classroom. Beneath her desk, her jean-clad legs were shifting, her feet pointed with only the toes touching the ground.


Lina’s toes extended in her shoe, stretching as she daydreamed away. The muscles on the underside of her foot relaxed and stretched in such a way as to pronounce the ball of her foot. The stretch pulled Sarah’s body in every direction, pressing her against the sole of the shoe. The warm flesh swallowed up her tiny body, tiny beads of sweat being squeezed out of the pores in her skin.  The salty droplets of fluid slowly tagged onto Sarah’s skin, melting onto her body to form a thin film over her skin. She felt herself slowly slipping along the giantess’s sole, her body lathering in the grime from her shoe. The vile mixture made its way into Sarah’s mouth, stinging her tongue as she gasped, sucking in short breaths of air when she got the chance. She felt sick, not just because of the punishing heat and gut wrenching pain, but because she couldn’t understand why it was happening.


Why? Why was Lina doing this to her? There must have been some misunderstanding, but how could someone do this to another human? How could the French girl subject her to such torment, such humiliation? She kept going over everything that had happened: her eyes stung as her own little tears streamed out, mixing in with Lina’s perspiration. She remained a prisoner, being smothered and crushed with each movement of the giantess’s foot as she fiddled around with her feet while the class ticked by. As the lesson drew on, she began to slip down towards the titan’s toes. She continued to endure this torment as Lina went from history to math to art before it was finally time for lunch.


Lina walked through the doors of the cafeteria, straight past the food counters and out into the school field. The grassy embankment climbed to the top of a small hill and provided a quiet space for students to enjoy lunch. The brunette’s feet dug into the soft grass-covered mud as she walked. It made it harder to keep her gait normal and her tiny prisoner certainly felt her struggles.


The falls of her feet grew harder: Sarah felt the force increase with each impact, the enormous feet pounding her into the shoe. The soft leather of the insole allowed her to be pressed into it with each strike of the massive foot. Lina subconsciously tried to steady herself, her toes curling to improve her grip. The monstrous columns flexed and relaxed every time her shoe hit the earth, coiling around Sarah’s screaming body and constricting her. The powerful muscles threatened to snap her in half as they squeezed the air from her lungs over and over again.


Lina chose a spot and sat down in the grass between two roots of a little tree. She tossed her bag down and leaned her back against the bark, finding a comfortable position after a little shuffling. Her little captive was only glad to have the giantess off her feet. Sarah remained pressed against her sweaty foot, only the smallest amount of force holding her there. She was still gasping for air as Lina calmly retrieved her lunch.


Sarah reached out for the hot skin, trying to pull her body up, hoping to make it to the toes and then over them, onto the top of her foot. She was tired of being trodden on and having no control over what happened to her: she was going to be the one to decide now. She grabbed onto the hard skin as best as she could, but as soon as she pulled, her hand slipped down along the slick film of sweat. Her body lurched with the effort and to her shock and horror, she felt her whole body slipping! Sarah threw out her arms, desperately trying to find a hold, but instead, her struggles only made her slip further as she slowly descended along the adolescent’s sole.


“Lina! Lina, please!”  Sarah begged, glancing down at her massive heel and imagining the excruciating pain she would feel if she was under it when the French girl stood up. She raked her nails into the giantess’s skin, but the thickened sole stopped the behemoth from even registering it. She happily tore open her packet of potato chips and popped one into her mouth, the crisp crunch breaking the relative quiet under the shadow of the tree. She had almost forgotten about her little American friend but a little tickle in her shoe brought the blonde back into her mind. She wiggled her toes, teasing the tiny girl as she consumed another chip. She savored the taste of the salt on her tongue before setting the bag aside and reaching for her shoe.


A boy, passing some distance away called out to Lina and the girl flashed a gorgeous smile as she removed her trainer. The shoe fell from her hands onto the grass. Lina leaned forwards to look into the shoe, but saw the little speck on her sole. Her smile broadened as she saw the little limbs struggling as she slid millimeter by millimeter along the underside of her foot. She flexed her foot, accentuating the arch beneath it and causing her supple flesh to wrinkle. Sarah’s progress halted as she was caught between two of the folds in her skin. She nimbly pulled her foot towards her hips and turning her sole inwards.


“Having fun?”  she giggled with the sincerest joy over their arrangement. She actually kind of liked having a little person at her feet. It felt empowering … and a little kinky. Her broken English was intended to put her friend at ease, but all Sarah heard was the sadistic taunt of a tormentor.


“Please …”  she whispered, her body racking with sobs as she remained glued to the titan’s grimy foot, “Just take me home … TAKE ME HOME! PREND MOI A LA MAISON!” Her cracking shrieks were only just audible at the distance she was from Lina’s ears, but that didn’t mean it would save her. The French girl understood just fine: the crazy little American wanted to be taken home, back to France. So, she nodded, her lovely smile doing less and less to comfort the shrunken girl.


Sarah had given up hope of getting Lina’s help, but even as she quivered and shook, she was hatching a plan to escape.

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