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Summer was just around the corner, and Sarah just couldn’t wait. Lying in bed with one leg peeking out of the covers, the 17-year-old strawberry blonde stretched the sleep from her body with a broad smile on her face. With somewhat plain hazel eyes, Sarah Helens was a happily average junior at the Dawn Beach High School in Miami. Beneath the covers, her B-cup breasts stuck perkily through the baggy t-shirt she wore to bed, her bare legs emerging from below it. Her pale skin was lightly peppered with faint freckles the became more and more concentrated towards the center of her body, mercifully sparing her face. Her straight blonde hair was a tangled mess that normally reached the middle of her back, a significant distance on her 5’11” stature.


She was just so ready to be done with school now. The last year had been a lot more serious than she had dreamed of as a freshman, and Sarah was frustrated by the ever-increasing workload and seemingly never-ending list of classes. Sometimes she wished that she could just get away from it all, and failing that, summer was the next best thing. This year in particular, her mom had promised her a trip abroad and the normally bubbly girl was unbearable as the term drew to a close and her vacation crept ever closer. She kicked the covers off her and made to hop out of bed, catching herself seconds before her foot landed on the other girl on the mattress beside her bed.


Sarah breathed a sigh of relief as she carefully placed her foot beside the sleeping form and gracefully escaped her bed. She carefully opened the door and stepped out into the landing. Once sure that she hadn’t woken Lina up, she skipped downstairs to get some breakfast.


“Morning sweetheart,” Mrs. Helens said as her daughter entered. The middle-aged woman was sipping her morning coffee, dressed in a night gown. No doubt she was getting ready for a day of yoga, or Pilates, or whatever she did while her husband was at work. Sarah was jealous of the carefree life that her mom sometimes lead, but reassured herself that she could too have such a life one day. She just had to follow her plan: get into college, marry rich, then party!


“What’s for breakfast?” She asked, taking a seat opposite her mom at the kitchen island. Her mom produced a plate with some pastries on it. Sarah reached for a donut.


“I thought as it’s Lina’s last day, we could all have some American pastries,” Mrs. Helens replied. Sarah barely acknowledged this, just thinking about how she would soon be free of the other girl. IN fairness, she had volunteered for the job of hosting an exchange student, but she had hoped to get a strapping French guy, but instead had been stuck with Lina Dumont. It wasn’t her fault she supposed, but Sarah couldn’t help blaming her for the missed opportunity to have a little romance with a clueless foreigner. Lina was friendly enough, but spoke almost no English. It was frustrating most of the time but occasionally down right annoying. She seemed to only understand a few words in English if at all, and didn’t seem to be making a huge effort to learn. Instead, the French girl seemed to just be enjoying being a rarity, and the boys at school were certainly making it easy for her. Sarah thought all this as she finished her breakfast and headed back upstairs to get ready. At least the other girl was leaving today.


When she reached her room, she could already hear that Lina was awake. Sarah pushed open the door and then recoiled as she found her standing completely naked in front of the mirror, braiding her hair. Lina was a little smaller than her, standing at 5’9” but while Sarah was rather lean, the French girl had been blessed with a gorgeous figure. Her tanned skin was free of blemishes as it rose from her dainty little feet to her curvy hips. Sarah couldn’t help but stare at her tight, round ass as it jutted out behind her. She hadn’t really seen Lina exercise too much while she was in Florida, but her toned glutes just couldn’t have been forged without at least some work. As she looked higher, Lina’s body shot back in at the waist, forming a narrow lower back that held her coquettish torso. Sarah watched as she wove her gorgeous chestnut brown hair into a single braid that come down to her waist.


Hearing her, Lina turned around with a big smile and a friendly though heavily accented “Good morning!” on her lips. Sarah couldn’t help but let her eyes wander down to Lina’s shapely E-cup breasts as they swayed with her turn. The soft, inviting mounds stood almost impossibly firm, defying gravity as they bounced to a stop without a bra to support them, sagging only imperceptibly. Sarah could easily understand why the guys at school were so crazy about her. As she caught herself and forced here eyes to look up meet Lina’s she could see that her guest had already noticed the ogling. Lina met her host’s gaze with a playful grin and a warm look. She understood what Sarah was feeling. Lina herself had very well-endowed friends back home, and she found it too cute that Sarah was so helpless in her attraction to her body.


“You have des jolies … pieds,” Sarah tried to cover herself by complementing any body part below her neck that she could think of, overshooting and landing on her feet. Lina glanced down at her recently painted toes and smiled, shrugging and choosing to let the transgression slide to make her host less uneasy. Maybe she really did like her feet? She had said so often enough, especially when they were painted their nails the other night. Sarah in fact had fallen down the same trap several times, cursing her own lack of vocabulary as she had quickly mentioned Lina’s feet too many times. Still, what did it matter, the foreign girl would be gone soon enough.


Sarah smiled at the other girl, continuing to stare at her slim, beautiful face. Lina had really lucked out in that department, with the tenderly angular features common to the most well-known French actresses, and almost a natural contour around her eyes that gave her a typically French aura of mystery. Matched with a disarming smile and rich, blue eyes, Lina was hot by all standards, but Sarah could only think what a boy from such a fantastic country would have been like, sleeping in her room for six weeks. She sighed as she went to get ready, not bothering to remind Lina about walking around naked. The French girl seemed to have no concept of modesty, and early on had even gone down for breakfast with nothing on but her panties, to the visible embarrassment of Sarah’s dad.


Trying not to think about Lina, Sarah took a quick shower and got dressed in some denim shorts and a red tank top. She threw her books into a bag and headed downstairs to catch Lina finishing her own breakfast. Saying goodbye to Mrs. Helens, the two set off for school, Lina with her suitcase in tow as she would be leaving straight after school for the airport. They walked in silence, sharing an occasional awkward smile when one caught the other staring. On the one hand Sarah felt bad about not having connected with the other girl, but then surely that wasn’t all her fault. On the flip side, Lina was delighted with her trip but was still confused about Sarah’s intentions. The French girl had a small suspicion that her American friend was crushing on her and was too nervous to do anything about it. At 17, Lina had experimented before and honestly wouldn’t have minded trying something, but alas it was her last day so she kept herself under control, guessing that maybe her gut instinct was wrong and Sarah wasn’t that attracted to her.


Friday morning Phys.Ed. had never been Sarah’s favorite, but she was thankful enough for not having to switch her brain on so early. The two girls made a detour to the front reception to drop off Lina’s suitcase, then headed for the changing rooms. Sarah questioned why she had even bothered showering that morning but forgot about it as she realized that they were late. The way Phys.Ed. worked was that the year was split into two halves, one doing an outdoor sport, and one doing an indoor sport. She was signed on for yoga, so she wasn’t too worried, but Lina had opted for track, so she felt sorry for her. The thought of the girl being punished for her tardiness by running laps was pitiful, but just a hazard of high school.

Stripping down to their underwear, Sarah once more glanced at the French girl’s body as she walked off to use the rest room. The way her butt swayed with each step was mesmerizing. Just as the girl turned a corner, her eyes darted to Sarah and the American blushed.


“I know, I know … I have the nice feet?” Lina giggled, giving her gorgeous ass a wiggle before walking off. Sarah’s face felt hot with embarrassment, she couldn’t even begin to think what Lina must have thought of her; a perverted host who was after her body. Would she tell the school? Or worse, her mother? All of these thoughts spun around with such speed that the blonde began to feel lightheaded, then nauseous. She started to sway as he feet felt unsteady. What was going on? Before she could get a grip or sit down, she felt herself falling, slowly, and as if moving a great distance. As the world around her blurred, she hit a semi-soft surface and blacked out.


A light shaking woke her up and Sarah thought she was dreaming. Rubbing her head, she guessed that she must have fainted, but the room was still dimmer than normal. Deciding to get some water, she reached for her bag on the bench, then realized that it wasn’t there. The blonde’s eyes shot open as she tried to figure out where she was. She was sitting in a deep cave, with dark blue walls that shot up abruptly from the large empty ground of a similar colour. The ground was soft and springy but carried a stale smell that she couldn’t pin point. Above her, light shone through a round opening into the cave, but behind her, the cave led deeper into darkness in one direction. Where the hell had she been taken? How long had she blacked out for? Panic started to rise in her stomach as she stood up and realized that there was no way she would be able to climb out of the cave as she stood only a fraction of the height of the lowest part of the curved wall.


Meanwhile, she noted in the back of her mind that the shaking was getting stronger. At first she thought of an earthquake but this shaking was different. Each bout of vibration came after a discrete impact, and these explosions or whatever they were, were rhythmical … and getting closer. The thuds quickly became booms and then started to shake the ground violently enough to knock Sarah off her feet. She landed hard on the sloped ground and rolled to the center of the mild crater she was in. The booms were deafening now and Sarah put her hands over her ears to block out the sound, but it still came through. And so did another sound.


“Sarah? Mais ou-est-elle passé?” thundered an impossibly loud voice from above. Sarah couldn’t help but tremble as the gargantuan voice acknowledged her, and she guessed that the rest meant that it was looking for her. As the terror sunk in that some humungous beast was out to get her, she also thought that the voice; albeit much louder and deeper, sounded familiar.


Lina returned from the toilet to find the locker room empty. Sarah clothes were messily in a heap on the ground so she guessed that her host had rushed off to avoid being late. After calling out for her once, Lina decided to finish getting ready. She slipped on her shorts and sports top, then changed into thick white socks before reaching for her shoes.


Sarah’s world was rocked as the pounding seemed to come from all around the cave. She wanted to run away from the sound, hide in the cave, but she was frozen with fear, fear that any movement may alert the monster to her whereabouts. She then felt the cave move and her heart skipped a beat. The entire thing seemed to rise and then jerk violently forwards, throwing her onto her back and towards the darkness. Before she got too far, the cave came down hard and Sarah bounced on the blue surface. A shadow fell over the opening above her and Sarah shook as she saw what was casting it.


A sock-clad foot, larger than anything she had ever seen was poking its way into the opening; toes the size of houses curled and wiggled beneath the thick white covering. The impossibly large foot continued its descent towards her as she craned her neck upwards. It suddenly struck her that she was almost directly underneath it. The panic was replaced with the sheer instinct to survive: she shot to her legs and ran into the darker part of the cave, moving away from the approaching foot in the only direction she could. Sarah barely noted that she was almost naked, dressed only in her underwear and bra. She ran faster than she had ever thought possible, her breathing ragged and her heart racing. She glanced back towards the light, just in time to see the enormous foot crash into the ground where she had been only a moment ago. The toes uncurled and spread, filling the entire width of the cave entrance. Sarah’s heart fell as the foot started to move forward, following her into the cave. The girl ran even harder, blindly hurtling through the darkness until suddenly she hit a wall.


Sarah moaned and fell back as the pain stung her chest and face. She felt around as her eyes adjusted to the minimal light coming from the semipermeable roof of the cave. The wall seemed to be curved and was sitting at the top of a slight incline that she had just run up. Sarah turned around and looked desperately for another way out, but saw instead that the titanic foot had caught up with. Sarah pressed her back against the curved wall as she prayed to anyone who would listen for the foot to stop. And it did.


The enormous toes halted their approach a few hairs breadths from Sarah’s face, the massive big toe almost pressing against her. It was then that her confused brain put two and two together and realized that she was not in a cave, but a shoe. It was impossible! It just couldn’t be right! But everything added up, from the bizarre shape of the cave down to the massive toe now in her face. Sarah shook her head as if trying to wake up from a bad dream but understood that it was very real as the big toe flicked up and the thick, meaty pulp smacked her in the face. The heavy white material dragged her down violently onto her hands and knees, keeping her face pressed against the cotton as she cried out, her voice disappearing into the tough digit.

Sarah began to sob uncontrollably as the giant foot shook and then the entire show rose. Her body was racked with gasps and tears streamed down her cheeks to be absorbed quickly by the giant sock, but only for a moment as the shoe fell. When it hit the ground, Sarah’s world shook as if she had crashed in a plane and the tiny girl was thrown against the big toe. The air was knocked out of her lungs and she lay against the enormous digit, gasping. Her eyes were firmly shut as she prayed and prayed to wake up from this nightmare.


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