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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hi! This is the start of a series that essentially one-shots with the same guy. Enjoy!

Mostly M/f action throughout.

Dave on Vacation

"This is the life," Dave said to himself as he stared out at the ocean. The view was incomparable. 

To his left the sun was setting, beams of light passing through the grove of palm trees. In the distance he could see someone's yacht sailing leisurely across the horizon. And here he was lounging on a beach chair, drink in hand. 

The view was capped off by the blonde pigtails that were bobbing up and down at his waist. Going to the caribbean during spring break had been a great idea. There was never any shortage of women to hook up with and no one ever noticed a few women that went toward his other pasttime of choice.

Thanks to his invention of the shrink ray, which he'd kept to himself, and his knowledge of marketplaces and trade goods Dave was a millionaire. If he'd really tried to, he'd be a billionaire but he knew they tended to gain too much attention. He just wanted to travel the world, see new places, meet new people. And play with them.

Take Cassandra, for example. He'd met her at the resort bar and after a few minutes of smalltalk she'd been more than willing to come out to his private beachfront suite.

She was already drunk enough that she didn't notice her friends had already disappeared from the bar, though they truly weren't that far away. 

One of the girls, a petite redhead named Elle, was swimming in Dave's half-finished scotch and water. Her struggles to stay afloat were only keeping the drink stirred, which Dave enjoyed. With every sip her tiny body came closer to his lips, and with every passing minute the fumes of the strong liquor got her slightly more drunk. But not too drunk to realize her situation.

Even half drunk the little drink-stirrer knew she was in trouble. There was nothing but confusion in her tiny mind. There had been a flash of light at the bar, then she'd been stuffed into some constricting area, like a tight sleeping bag. Then just as she had almost managed to get a hand free several other women, two of which were her classmates, had been stuffed into the same area. One of the girls had seen just enough before being deposited to tell them that they were in a blonde man's jeans pocket.

There had been rustling and squeezing as the man walked, and then one by one women were pulled screaming out of the pocket. When it was Elle's turn massive fingers had wrapped around her, she'd been pulled free with disorienting speed, then casually dropped into a glass. By the time she got to her feet a massive ice cube was dropped in with her. She barely dodged it but the cold radiating from it pierced her naked skin and she was shivering almost instantly.

Without any warning the ice cube was followed by two finger's worth of scotch, sweeping her aside in a wave of eye-burning liquor. Then her captor, a good looking blonde man from what she could see, added in just a splash of water. He'd taken a sip of the drink, not even sparing her a glance as she struggled unsuccessfully to climb the sides of the glass. 

That's when she saw Cassandra removing her top and kneeling in front of the giant as he sat down in a beach chair.

Dave took another sip of his scotch as he gazed out at the ocean. Cassandra's head kept bobbing on his cock, she really was talented. Her gag reflex was present but she was dedicated. And eager.

It had only taken a casual mention of his fortune to get her to come back to his room.

And thanks to the bartender's secret elixir she was so eager to have his cock in her mouth she hadn't even noticed her best friend, Katie, had been stuffed into his urethra while she had used the restroom. He'd already been hard when she came out and knelt in front of him, and Katie's dark hair hadn't been very visible in the dimming light. Dave had pushed her as far as he could into himself just in case Cassandra would notice but he needn't have bothered. 

As Dave moaned in appreciation of Cassandra's oral skills, Katie was living a nightmare. All around her there was saliva, precum, and the sound of her best friend's slurping. She knew how much Cassandra loved giving blowjobs, but she'd never have believed Cassandra would continue no matter how loudly she screamed at first. Now it was a struggle to breath at all as the amount of fluids around her steadily increased and every time the massive cock that held her was shoved down Cassandra's throat Katie was constricted even more. 

Dave took another sip of his scotch. Elle's tiny body pressed briefly against his lips as she couldn't fight the flow of fluid. He was tempted, but kept his stirrer in the drink for a little longer. 

While Cassandra continued doing her best to inhale his cock, Dave reached into the snack bowl and pulled out a pair of tinies. At half an inch tall they provided a lot of flavor and a wonderful tickle once swallowed, but weren't the best for actually sating hunger. That was okay though, he'd had a fine dinner earlier.

The resort here made wonderful greek salads, especially when he sprinkled in most of a cheerleading squad that had chosen the wrong resort. Their athletic little bodies would give him a good boost of protein when they started breaking down in his body. Assuming they did. Sometimes Dave forgot which setting he used to shrink people. They were great stomach squirmers so far though.

One of his little snacks made her way into his mouth where he sucked on her as though she were a caramel candy. Tinies always had great flavor but these ones at the resort seemed even better than usual. It was probably all the fun that they'd been having that seasoned them somehow. 

"Here," he said to Cassandra. He grabbed her head to keep her from pulling completely off his cock and slid the other tiny into her mouth. Her lust filled mind didn't pause as her tongue slid out to grab what he was offering her. Before she even started to realize her treat was squirming she had maneuvered it to the tip of Dave's cock and used it to shove her tiny cousin straight down her throat. 

Knowing Cassandra had swallowed the tiny so readily was all it took to send Dave over the edge. He grabbed her by the pigtails and pulled her down on his cock until he felt her nose pushed against his skin. With a groan he released his seed and topper straight down her throat. She swallowed reflexively, which felt wonderful to Dave. As he came he swallowed the tiny he had been sucking on in a moment of euphoric pleasure.

The topper did its job well; as he began to cum the initial release was delayed a few moments. Dave got a rush from the feeling of power that a life had been given just to make his orgasm a little stronger. When he finally exploded down Cassandra's throat it was one of the strongest orgasms of his life. 

When he was done he held Cassandra down. In her drunken state she barely realized that she was running out of air. When she did her throat began spasming around Dave's cock, milking out every last bit of cum. Dave's eyes rolled in his head as he saved the feeling. Her hands reached for his as he held down her head but he easily overpowered the girl. 

After prolonging his pleasure for almost another minute, Cassandra finally ran out of air. When Dave felt her stop struggling he released her and she immediately fell backward. The feeling of the cool ocean air on his cock was a pleasant contrast to the heat of her throat.

Leaving Cassandra there for now Dave leaned back and caught his breath. His stomach tingled nicely with the addition of another tiny. Without looking he picked up his scotch and finished it off, letting the stirrer fall into his mouth this time as well.

Enjoying the taste of scotch that came with her struggling little body, Dave walked to the shower.


In the morning Cassandra woke up naked. This didn't concern her much, nor did her sore throat. Her tummy was gurgling a little but it was pleasant somehow. The light from the rising sun illuminate the room she was in nicely, but her hangover was clearly throwing off her vision.

The bed she was on was warm and soft, and somewhere close by the man she'd spent the night with must have been making pancakes. But the world just seemed off to her as she sat up. Everything was just too far away.

Then her hand sank through the mattress she was on, releasing heat and feeling like she'd pushed her hand into a loaf of bread.

"Oh shit," she said to herself. 

Just as her hungover mind was putting together the pieces, Dave began slathering his breakfast with butter. Humming to himself he used the back of a spoon to spread butter evenly on the pancake with Cassandra on it. 

She'd really woken up at just the perfect time, he though. When he'd covered the pancake and her panicking body with butter, he laid another pancake on top of her and repeated the butter. It was almost funny to watch the top pancake barely move in respones to her struggling for her life. 

After pouring syrup on his short stack Dave picked up his plate and coffee and walked to the chair where last night Cassandra had been eagerly devouring his manhood. While watching the waves calmly roll against the shore, he started to eat his breakfast. The pancake cut easily with the side of his fork, revealing a flailing arm that thrust its way toward freedom as he pulled aside his first bite.

This is the life, he thought as the first piece of pancake entered his mouth. In the distance a sailboat lazily headed west. Dave sipped his coffee and let out a contented sigh before returning to his pancakes.

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