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This story follows the adventures of Hito Shuji, a young 16 year old who has always had a secret foot fetish, when one day he's visited by a mysterious ancestor in his dreams, who claims to make all his wildest fantasizes come true. These claims soon become true when Hito finds out that he's been shrunk in his sleep. After being shrunk Hito accidentally hitches a ride in his athletic step sisters shoe and is taken straight to her track teams locker room, in which he becomes the center of attention for all the members, and even their coach. Will Hito be able to handle himself when he eventually becomes the track teams personal foot toy?

Disclaimer: There may be sexual scenes or moments in this story. If you are uncomfortable with sexual themes or scenes this story is probably not for you.

EDIT: (8/26/19) Thanks for 10k look forward to a special chapter that'll happen eventually 

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Published: July 12 2019 Updated: September 21 2019
Story Notes:

this story contains multiple paths and scenarios that can be traversed by using the appropriate chapter names.

For example in certain chapter youll be presented with a choice at the end like, "After entering the girl slowly approaches Hito, but it doesnt seem like she's noticed him yet. Should he try to get her attention or hide?" In which choosing the first option will lead to you going to [current chapter] A and choosing the second option will lead to [current chapter] B.

Exploring different routes can lead to encountering different scenarios and different characters.

this is my first work on this site so please feel free to review. I'll be mainly working on individual routes, but there are a few select routes that i want to finish first so please be patient if the route you're currently on only has one choice. @ me on twitter at @RandomInterWeeb if you have any suggestions, questions or comments.


7/16/19 Update: next chapter might be a bit delayed I'm kinda busy with life rn

1. Chapter 1: Just The Beginning by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1062 words)

this chapter will focus on fleshing out select characters so there won't be as much fetish content, comparatively to other chapters, furthermore the first few chapters will be mostly unaware. 

Heres a quick description of the characters that will appear in this chapter 

Hito Shuji: a 16 year old, highschool sophmore with an optimistic, and caring personality. With his parents working abroad, Hito lives alone with his older step sister Akari. Even with his fetish Hito has too much respect for his sister to do something like steal her socks or shoes when she wasnt looking, which is also one of the reasons nobody knows about his obsession. He has an overwhelming amount of free time due to him not partaking in any clubs or sports. Hito may have developed his fetish due to an incident that occured years ago, in which he was taking Akari's dirty laundry out to wash when fell down the stairs face first into her laundry basket full of her unwashed, and sweaty socks.  

Akari Shiro: an 18 year old, highschool senior with a sporty, tomboyish attitude. Pretty clumsy at times, but always reliable when it counts. She's the top long distance runner in her track team, who always seems to perform her best when Derek is cheering in the stands. She's pretty superstitious, and believes in lucky charms and stuff like that. Akari often relies on Hito when it comes to general subjects like math or science. She has her suspicions about Hito's fetish but for the most part she's pretty oblivious. due to her being a long distance runner her feet, socks, and shoes tend to have a very potent aroma which had always secretly aroused Hito.


2. Chapter 2: Time to Make Some Choices by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1150 words)

As you can tell by the title, this will be the first chapter with a branching story path. Will you make the correct choice or the wrong one (just kidding there aren't any wrong choices [well I guess a wrong choice would be the branch that isn't complete yet but who knows]) 

Also, I was going to put a quick description of the characters that will appear in today's chapter but I just decided to save it for their respective chapters. Btw this is my 2nd time writing this chapter due to good old Microsoft updating and causing me to lose all my progress. So, if some parts seem to be rushed it's due to some pent-up irritation. I'll try to add a new chapter every day but this one might be late so please bear with me. 




3. Chapter 4A: Lovey-dovey Shizu hours by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (724 words)

Hooray I've decided to update this story every week on Monday. Please enjoy!

4. Chapter 3B: The Wholesome Adventures of Yuuki Haruko. by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 1] (772 words)

     wow, I should've started this route a lot earlier. Welp better late than never, I guess. 


    As the title suggests this routes gonna be a bit more wholesome and "plot-full" and don't worry there will still be an occasional foot scene from time. I hope you enjoy! 


5. Chapter 5A: The Yandere's grasp and the mistake by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (866 words)

Hey guys this is kind of a special chapter. I let one of my online friends toss some ideas for me that helped me develop this chapter while also trying to work on the 10k special as well as try to play Astral Chain(which may preocupy most of my writing time.)

Hope you enjoy.

6. Track Team's Lucky Charm 10k/15k special! by RI_Weeb [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3620 words)

Hey sorry about the lack of content I have school now so :P. But on what little free time I had I was able to write this extra long future event chapter as a sort of reward for getting this book to 10/15k page views.