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Story Notes:

this story contains multiple paths and scenarios that can be traversed by using the appropriate chapter names.

For example in certain chapter youll be presented with a choice at the end like, "After entering the girl slowly approaches Hito, but it doesnt seem like she's noticed him yet. Should he try to get her attention or hide?" In which choosing the first option will lead to you going to [current chapter] A and choosing the second option will lead to [current chapter] B.

Exploring different routes can lead to encountering different scenarios and different characters.

this is my first work on this site so please feel free to review. I'll be mainly working on individual routes, but there are a few select routes that i want to finish first so please be patient if the route you're currently on only has one choice. @ me on twitter at @RandomInterWeeb if you have any suggestions, questions or comments.


7/16/19 Update: next chapter might be a bit delayed I'm kinda busy with life rn

Author's Chapter Notes:

this chapter will focus on fleshing out select characters so there won't be as much fetish content, comparatively to other chapters, furthermore the first few chapters will be mostly unaware. 

Heres a quick description of the characters that will appear in this chapter 

Hito Shuji: a 16 year old, highschool sophmore with an optimistic, and caring personality. With his parents working abroad, Hito lives alone with his older step sister Akari. Even with his fetish Hito has too much respect for his sister to do something like steal her socks or shoes when she wasnt looking, which is also one of the reasons nobody knows about his obsession. He has an overwhelming amount of free time due to him not partaking in any clubs or sports. Hito may have developed his fetish due to an incident that occured years ago, in which he was taking Akari's dirty laundry out to wash when fell down the stairs face first into her laundry basket full of her unwashed, and sweaty socks.  

Akari Shiro: an 18 year old, highschool senior with a sporty, tomboyish attitude. Pretty clumsy at times, but always reliable when it counts. She's the top long distance runner in her track team, who always seems to perform her best when Derek is cheering in the stands. She's pretty superstitious, and believes in lucky charms and stuff like that. Akari often relies on Hito when it comes to general subjects like math or science. She has her suspicions about Hito's fetish but for the most part she's pretty oblivious. due to her being a long distance runner her feet, socks, and shoes tend to have a very potent aroma which had always secretly aroused Hito.


The sun was setting as young Hito Shuji, and his sister, Akari walked returned home after one of her track meets.


      "Man, I'm beat! I can't wait to wash all this sweat off and relax.” She stretched her arms and removed her sock Oh, can you put these up in my room." she swiftly took her socks off and tossed them towards Hito. The smell was almost overpowering and it felt like they were absolutely drenched in sweat. Of course, this wasn't a problem for Hito due to him actually liking it, but to avoid suspicion he went with a typical response that any other caring brother would probably have. 


    "Wow, these really stink are you sure you don't want me to wash them?" he asked, holding them far away from his face while subtly getting a quick sniff in when she wasn't looking. 


    "I know they reek but, those are my lucky socks. I've worn them for the entire season, and you'll have to put up with them for a couple more weeks until the seasons over." She said, entering the bathroom and locking the door. Once the coast was clear Hito took a big whiff of her socks taking in their strong pungent scent. This moment for Hito felt like an eternity, and he had every intention of enjoying this sensation for it was probably the best opportunity he's ever had. It was as if all the cards were in his favor, but even though he deeply enjoyed it he couldn't help but feel that what he was doing was extremely perverted and creepy (because it kind of was). He took one more, big whiff of the socks before going upstairs to put them away on Akari's bed. But before returning to the living room Hito quickly glanced at Akari discarded running shoes. Without even noticing Hito's hand began reaching towards them.  


    "No. I can't..." He restrained his hand as much as he wanted to experience the ecstasy that would come from smelling the beaten-up running shoes that she's had for a good 4 or 5 years now. As he steadied his breathing and backed away, only to feel a light tapping on his shoulder which caused him to jump. 


    "What are you doing?" she smiled at him. 


    "Nothing, just spacing out. I think I'm gonna hit the hay." He started to walk upstairs towards him room.  


    "I was planning on celebrating, since i tried so hard at the meet but, if you're not feeling well, we could always postpone it..." She pouted clearly trying to guilt trip him, and it was clearly working. 


    "Fine we could watch a few movies, or something" The two sat down on the couch and began to watch a series of non-descript action movies. However, this movie marathon didn't last long for Hito because he passed out shortly after the first movie. 


    "Get up!! You wasted potential!" A strange unfamiliar female voice called out causing him abruptly 'wake up.' however when he awoke, he was in a foggy pitch-black void, 


    "Where am I?!" He asked. 


    "Well your body's asleep in the living room but your mind is in the 'dream world' with me." She said 


    "Oh, so is this one of those lucid dreams? That's pretty cool I guess..." he looked around underwhelmed.  


    "Let's just cut to the chase. I've been observing you ever since your little incident 5 years ago, and I'm impressed with the amount of self-restraint you've been able to show. As a reward your wildest dreams will now come true!" She snapped and a ray of light fell onto him. He began to float upwards towards it. 


    "Wow, that's really nice of you but, who are you?" He questioned her.


    "I'm just an old relative...kind of" she laughed and Hito finally woke up for real this time. However, his surroundings seemed...different. Everything seemed bigger for some reason. For Hito the reality hadn't sunk in yet, until he walked into a massive black glass wall. Then suddenly the wall began to vibrate, and light up. And then he finally realized that the wall was actually his sister's smartphone. 


    "No way, I've been shrunk!?" he backed up only to bump into a strange fleshy wall. "Huh? Why does this scent smell so familiar?" He turned to the wall and sniffed at it. After thinking about it for a minute he finally realized what it was. "Wait..." his face grew beat red and slowly backed up to get a better look. And sure, enough that strange fleshy wall was of course Akari's foot and it seemed to be tilting over. 


    "Yaaaaawwn. What time is it?" She began to sit up, which caused the 'ground' also known as the couch cushion to shift. Trying to run away Hito failed to notice that he was running straight towards the edge of the couch, and by the time he realized it was too late. He closed his eyes as he plummeted straight towards the ground, however the landing was pretty soft. As he got his bearings a pungent aroma bombarded his nose. Hito had fallen straight into Akari's running shoes that she left by the foot of the couch. Once he realized where he was in absolutely mesmerized by his surroundings. It was everything Hito had wished. He couldn't control himself anymore. Any self-restraint he had was crumbled. He began rubbing his face and body all over the memory foam insole.  


    "Crap I'm gonna be late for today's training session!" Hito started to roll towards the toe section. The shoe began to shake as Akari ran upstairs to grab her gym bag. "And of course, I can't forget these babies." Hito knew exactly what she was talking about and his excitement was practically bursting out of him (in more ways than one). As she put her shoes on Hito submitted himself to Akari's "lucky sock' clad foot. It was going to be a long day for him and he couldn't wait to enjoy every second of it 

Chapter End Notes:

this concludes the first chapter hope you enjoyed The next chapters will probably be more descriptive as Hito experiences new feet and new scents on his little adventure

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