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‘Hey guys,’ Lily purred, uncoiling in her huge black leather gaming chair like a snake. She had been a dancer and gymnast since she was a child and her fluid movements were known for transfixing her fans. ‘Glad you could join me tonight. I’m so happy so many of you could make it. As most of you will know, tonight is a very special anniversary for me. Think of it like a birthday.’

Her studio, as always, was wreathed in darkness. Her milk pale body was illuminated only by the bank of blue monitors in front of her and the red flicker of candles. Her aesthetic was unique among her industry and had gained a large online following.

Her long blonde dreadlocks slipped across her slender shoulders as she moved closer to the cameras. Her small, pert breasts caught the light, black tape hiding her nipples.

‘You guys are my top supporters, my upper tiers of Patreons. You’re the ones who are making my party a special one. You’re the ones I have to thank.’

She paused, drawing one silver leg up to her chest. She wore little other than a pair of tight, black latex underwear and matching knee high boots with a thick platform sole.

‘So it looks like we have about fifteen minutes until the unlock. I’m gonna use this time take a trip down memory lane. Who wants to hear the story of my first crush?’

Lily, aka Lilith D’Vastation, knew they did. Many of them will have heard the story before but as with most tales, it only got better in the telling.

She smirked as a hundred messages flashed across her screen.

‘Ok, are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.’

She reclined in her huge chair like an queen, an empress, a goddess. To them, she was.

‘I was 19,’ she began, her voice dripping with seduction, ‘and at a party. I crashed out early, vodka was still new to me, so I wasn’t there when it happened. I remember coming downstairs the following morning and finding the place empty. It was late, 11.00am at least and hot that day. I still remember how the leather on the couch stuck to my bare legs. I sleep nude now, as you know, but that day I was wearing a Sabbath t shirt and my undies.

I assumed everyone had left. My housemate had done an ok job of cleaning but I knew there was going to be plenty of work left for me to do. I cleared most of the space, dropping cups and empty bottles into the trash but I’ll admit I didn’t last long. I was hungover, obviously, and quickly returned to the couch and fell asleep. When I woke up the second time, I discovered I had only been mostly right before.

Almost everyone had left.

Do you know how rare multiple reductions are? It basically never happens. When people turn into Shrinkys it’s an isolated incident. What happened at the party was like lightning striking twice, well six times to be exact.

I still can’t tell you how I managed to even notice him. It must have been the second miracle that day. One minute I am crashed out, the house finally somewhere approaching tidy, the next I am staring down at my half inch housemate.

He was hysterical, it was crazy. He’d come right up to my hand and stood there waving. The size difference was unbelievable. The guy wasn’t even as tall as my fingernail. If I hadn’t seen him, if I had just moved my hand a little bit he would have died. Just like that it would have been over. Just like that he would have ended up like his friends.

The guy was red faced and pretty much having a breakdown when I picked him up. I had to be so gentle, it was almost impossible not to hurt him. I held him on my finger, being rock steady so he didn’t fall. From my chest to my knees, that distance would have ended him.

I had to bring him right to my face before I could even hear him. He was shaking so badly but I can still hear his words as clear as day.

‘You killed them.’

He repeated this over and over, gripping his head as if to get the images out.

I killed them, four people. Two died when I sat down, smashed immediately between my thighs and the sofa. I didn’t feel them, I didn’t notice them pass.

I killed one more when I moved a bottle and smashed him against the table. The bottle was dropped into the trash, his tiny body smeared onto the side of it.

The last one I stepped on. Apparently she was screaming, screaming for her life as she ran across the floorboards. I didn’t hear her, I didn’t feel her as my foot caught her. I didn’t feel her as she was compressed beneath the ball of my foot, her bones breaking, her flesh turning to liquid.

He had seen everything, watched helpless from the arm of the sofa as his friends were destroyed.

I remember feeling so strange, my head ablaze with the realisation I had taken four lives; four lives that had been ended without me even noticing. I held a fifth person in my hand and a sixth was hiding somewhere in my house. Maybe they thought I killed their friends on purpose, maybe they feared they would be next.

I had never felt so powerful. I closed the small guy, my former housemate, in my fist. I needed time to think.

Many of my top tier will have seen the video before. It was my first and still it remains one of my favourites. I think the shitty angles and early Iphone cameras really make it. I watched it this morning, my legs look great and I can’t believe what a baby face I used to have. It made me laugh to see me try to sneer, to look menacing. I think we all agree I have gotten better with practice.

I can’t even tell you what compelled me to end it like that, never mind filming myself doing so. I’d kept him in a glass jar for a day or two, just watching him and seeing how he reacted to the slightest touch. He was just so helpless, so weak. I remember masturbating in front of him, the jar between my legs. He had always wanted me but now the roles were reversed, now he was just an object to be used for my amusement.

I love that the camera phones shake a little as I approach, that wasn’t an edit, it was really like that. The bit where he starts to panic and pull on the string holding him in place is one of my favourites. I think then he truly appreciated that this wasn’t a game, that he was really going to die.

I have masturbated to this video so many times, is that weird? I know its me in the video but its more the memory that gets me going. Just talking about it right now with you guys is a turn on.

I think you can see that in the video. My nipples are like bullets, even from that angle.

I called him a bug, an insect. I told him how beneath me he was, it was hammy as shit I know. Still, when my foot rises over the screen and you see him really panic, that’s what gets me. Ten years later I can still remember the feeling of his body fluttering against the sole of my foot. The sound of his terrified cry becoming a choke then a rattle as he was compressed beneath me will stay with me forever. You can’t see in the video but his head and arm were positioned perfectly between my toes. I saw him die, saw the look of horror on his face as I pushed down and obliterated him.

My heart was beating in my chest by the time I was done. I smeared him across the floor with my foot, it was wonderful.

I waited three months before uploading it to Youtube. As you all know, the response was fantastic. Now I’m here, on my ten year anniversary, to thank you for your support. Your donations have enabled me to produce only the best content, without all of you none of this would be possible.

That’s why I wanted to do something special for our ten year anniversary.’

She lowered one foot from her perch, letting the platform sole of her boot rest on a sealed metal can. It resembled one of those industrial tins of bean or corn you could get at the store, its sides printed with serial numbers. She pushed it over, letting it fall onto its side before rolling it back and forth.

‘I wanted to do something really special and I think I have just the right thing in mind. You guy’s want front row tickets? Well stick around and keep donating, it’s going to be spectacular.


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