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Story Notes:

Short story, writing for fun. Hope you enjoy it

Ashley is like any typical American woman. Being in her mid-twenties she lives simply. She works as a licensed massage therapist in a chiropractic office. Ashley has been working as a therapist for five years, it's a nice enough job but not a career but any means. It's not exciting for the majority of the time, but ever so often she will have a patient whose physical treasure peaks her interest. You see, Ashley is gay and still in the closet. In a profession where working very closely with people nearly naked or completely naked, discretion of her sexuality is best. She completes her job well and professionally but deep down she admires the women she massages. She is sure to soak in the curves and dips of their bodies and hold her excitement until she returns home to relive the experience in a new light.  Ashley takes pride in her work and is proud of the service she provides to her patients. She is always professional and cordial with her patients, never making lewd comments or lingering looks to suggest her private desires.

Day in and day out the same routine and she was accustomed to going home alone and repeating the process. What she didn’t know what a certain patient would change her through mischievous acts.
A tall woman walked into the clinic that morning inquiring about any open massage appointments. She was very specific that it had to be with a female therapist at the end of the day, preferably around 7 o’clock. The receptionist booked her for 7:30 with Ashley, explaining that the door may be locked when she arrived due to the office leaving for the night but Ashley would unlock the door for her. The woman nodded and was on her way out the door. Ashley received a call of her updated schedule for the day, 5 patients total with a new patient tonight. The day went on like any other and the moment of anticipation came. Ashley wondered what this woman would be like, all her information sheet said was her age of 33 and complaints of pain around her neck, chest, and feet. As Ashely imagined what she would look like, she walked in. Her stride was long as she walked to the front desk waiting to be checked in.She easily was over 6 feet, perhaps 6’3? She had long dark hair with brown eyes with olive skin. 

  “Hello, I’m Ann. I’m here for a 7:30 with Ashley.” She had a strong british accent. Her coy smile hinting at a flirting tone. 

  “Hi, I’m Ashley. Nice to meet you. If you’d like to follow me, we can get started with your massage.” She said cooly. 


Ashley shown Ann to the back of the office to the massage rooms. There was an awkward silence between them, as if Ann could tell Ashley was eyeing her closely. Ashley allowed Ann to undress and get under the covers of the massage bed, giving herself time to collect her professionalism. Ashley stepped into the room only to be welcomed with a naked Ann, with the blankets thrown on the floor and off to the side. 
“Oh, I’m so sorry. I thought you were ready for me.”“I am my dear. I get awfully warm with blankets. Is it alright that I’m like this?” “I have to cover you unfortunately, it’s against the law to have a patient uncovered while undressed.”“If you must.. But nothing heavy please. I don’t like the feeling of being constricted.”Ashley placed 2 long towels over her body, covering her generous chest and tantalizing privates. Ashley could feel the pangs of lust as she surveyed over Ann’s body.  She had a thickness to her that wasn’t overly heavy and a feminine touch that melted with sexual desire. Ashley began working her neck and around her shoulders, feeling the strong muscles underneath the skin and pulsing with life. But it wasn’t just a pulse she was feeling, she could have sworn she felt the skin stretching and growing. 

Chapter End Notes:

i'm writing more, will update soon.

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