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After Dave drove home and arrived around 5 o'clock in the evening, he didn't really do much for the remainder of that day besides surf the web and complete a couple of more missions in GTA:The Lost And The Damned, one of the games in his GTA pack. He ordered a pizza from one of the local pizza places and fell asleep on the couch in his underwear while watching "The Hangover" on HBO.

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010.

I woke up later then I think I ever had. Honestly the fact it was 1' o clock in the afternoon scared me.

"God, that was the best sleep I've ever had" I said to myself, as I get up from the couch. I go to my parent's bathroom and take a shower and freshen myself up. I walk out of the restroom in a white T-shirt and a pair of green basketball shorts. I check my phone and see if I got any missed calls.

I open up my phone and see I've gotten a missed call from Samantha and Mom, and some other number I don't recognize with a out of state area code, I call Mom first.

"Hello?" I say, when she picks up, I scratch my head.

"You alright sweetheart? Me and your father are in Atlantic City right now, your dad seems to be in heaven with all the casinos around us, I forgot he used to have a gambling addiction back when we got married back in '81" Says mom, I hear yelling and clapping in the background.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I say, walking towards the table near the couch, inspecting the 5 slices left out of the 10 slice pizza I had yesterday.

"What did you eat last night, Dave?" Mom says, sounding kinda concerned.

"Nothing bad, just a pizza I ordered from that Italian place near the 7/11" I say

"Well, alright then" Mom says, you can hear her walking and the sounds of yelling and screaming start to fade a bit.

"Love you Mom" I say, as I hang up the phone.

I microwave three slices of pizza from the other night, the Italian sausage, Ham, and pepperoni smell in my mouth lingering after I eat it. A pour myself a glass of Pepsi and call Samantha.

"So, what's up Sammy?" I say, teasingly.

"Don't call me that, that's sixth grade shit" Samantha says annoyed.

"Alright alright, what's up" I say, taking a swig of my Pepsi afterwards.

"Nothing much really, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today, maybe come over my house and listen to Nirvana and talk or something like that?" Samantha says.

"I'm down for that, when do you wanna do it" I say, noticing the time is 1:07pm.

"Ehh, maybe a hour from now. My parents will probably be out doing something at some chruch, probably helping out with some kinda feeding the homeless program" Samantha says, you can kinda hear her stomach gurgle in the background.

"Sounds like someone needs something to eat" I say, mockingly.

"Har Har Dave, I actually just had a whole sleeve of Oreos" She says.

"Sounds like a well balanced brunch" I say, sarcastically.

"You shouldn't talking Dave, I heard you open up a soda bottle and pour some into your cup as I was talking" Samantha says.

"Uhhhhh" I say, kinda surprised.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. So are you coming or what?" Samantha says, shifting around on her bed.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a hour. See you then" I say, hanging up the phone.

I go to my room and boot up my Xbox 360, I play GTA for about 30 minutes, just driving around and having shootouts with the police and stuff. After that I go online and check out Reddit, for about 15 minutes, answering and upvoting various posts. And after that I get dressed in my hoodie and blue jeans and head out the door and drive off.

I arrive at Samantha's house in about 20 minutes, noticing her parent's 2007 Lexus RX not in the driveway, I sigh in relief as I pull into the driveway. "Damn, finally a time I come over and her parents aren't home." I say to myself as I take my keys out of the ignition and and close my car door and walk towards the front door.

Samantha opens it just in time as I start to knock, her strawberry blonde hair knocking me in the face, I see her brown eyes looking at me. She's dressed in a Blue T-shirt that shows some of her navel if she ever reached slightly towards something, and pair of checkered pajama pants. "Just in time" she says, moving out of the way. "Fuck, it's cold out there" she says pushing her hair out of her face as I walk in through the doorway.

The house was what one would call a McMansion, in the living room you could see a PS3 and a couple of games laying beside it. The kitchen looked nice, you can see a couple of leftover cookies from Christmas, on a plate on the stove. I walked in and sat down on the couch.

"So, where's Henry" I said, pointing towards the PS3 games.

"He went with Mom and Dad" Samantha says, walking towards the kitchen to grab a couple of sugar cookies off the plate and munching them down.

"Also, do you mind taking your shoes off? You know the rules, Dave" Samantha says annoyed.

"You know the rules, and so do I" I say, imitating Rick Astley as I take off my shoes and put them near the door.

Me and Samantha talk in the living room for about an hour and so and then she says "Do you wanna go to my room and talk or something, I'm honestly tired of being downstairs".

"Yeah, but I mean. Your parents could walk in any minute and they could hear my voice and I don't want them to think we're gonna...." My voice trails off.

"Gonna what? Have sex or something? Look David, my parents may not like you much, but I'm pretty sure they both know we won't fuck. They trust you that much, they know we're friends, not like friends with benefits" Samantha says, scratching her left ribcage.

"Well, ok then. But if they yell at us or something then I'll tell them it was your idea to go up stairs" I say, kinda sliding around with my socks on the carpeted floor.

Me and Samantha go upstairs, and she opens her door. I've only been in her room one other time, and that was in 9th grade to get something for her, and that was about it. Her room smells of lavender due to the plug in air freshener she has near her dresser, she has a small flat screen Sony TV on her dresser in front of her bed. Her walls are decorated in random band posters, stuff ranging from Nirvana, to Madonna.

"Wow, so this is your room" I say, looking at the Sum 41 poster near her bed.

"Yeah, it's a room. As you can tell I have a very wide taste of music" She says, eyeing the 3rd Eye Blind next to the Lady Gaga poster. She hops onto her bed, and I soon follow afterwards.

We sit on the bed and talk and talk, and then the conversation topic of "What we're into" comes up.

"Besides breast and ass and stuff like that, I've always kinda been into feet. I don't exactly have a foot fetish I say, but I do kinda get something out of it when I see a chick wearing a pair of flip flops and her toe nails are painted, I'll get a bit aroused. Not if it's my mother or relative or something, or just someone over the age of 40" I said.

"I mean, your dad did come from Arkansas" She starts off.

"Shut the fuck uppppp" I say, tired of the southern joke.

She sticks her foot in the air and forces near my face,"Eww nooo, I don't mean it like that" I can kinda get a whiff of her foot, it doesn't smell too much like anything.

She stops, laughing for a minute and then says "I don't really know how to explain it, but I'll try", she says, crossing her legs on the bed.

"So like, you've seen the movie "Honey I've Shrunk The Kids" Right?" she says.

"Yeah, like in third grade" I say.

"Ever since I saw that movie, like when I was 7 I wondered what it would be like, being like, tall y'know, like 100 feet tall" She says, kinda stumbling over her words.

"Go on...." I say, wondering where this is going.

"I've looked it up online what it is I'm exactly into, so it's called like Macrophilia. Like, you know that famous Jack Cooper guy?" She says, tapping on her legs a bit, her flesh bouncing a little.

"Yeah, the guy who was shrunk by some pills and is now a millionare?" I say.

"Like ever since I was like, 12 when he became famous and all, and like on Good Morning America, The Late Night Show With Jay Leno, and basically CNN and Fox News and all other 24/7 news stations would talk about him, if they weren't talking about politics and the election stuff that would happen next year. I think he even appeared on iCarly that year as a guest star." She says.

"And you're telling me all of that why?" I say.

"I used to dream of him, when I got older. Like last year, of like keeping him as a pet, letting him run up and down my stomach, him sleeping in my belly button. Me controlling him, like a pet hamster" She says, darting her eyes towards the window near the back of her room, wind rushing past it.

"Wait, when's your birthday" I say randomly.

"March 11th, 1995. Why?" Samantha says, confused.

"Because you being 12 during the events of that, I was thirteen. November 15th, 1993" I say.

"Oookayy" She says.

"So, you're not weirded out or anything?" She says, with a bit of fear in her voice.

"Nah, not at all. I mean when you go on the internet and see wayyy weirder shit people talk about and say that their into, this pales in comparison. Plus, everyone probably has one weird thing about them anyways. No one's really normal." I say, comforting her.

"Thanks Dave" She says, smiling a toothy smile at me.

"No problem, I smile back. "Who knows, one day you might be towering over Salem, and destroying the rest of Oregon with those size 10 feet of yours, imagine Samzilla!" I joke.

"You're really funny, you know what" She says, as she hops off the bed and heads into the bathroom.

About 10 minutes later, we're downstairs again. I turn on my Blackberry and see the time is 4:30pm, I also say "Hey, Samantha. Do you think I should get a new phone".

"I mean, you've had the phone for two years, you haven't really had it for long" She says as she changes the channel from TNT to Spike, 1000 Ways To Die is on the TV.

"I really want a iPhone honestly, I mean all the rich kids and school have 'em, and it looks wayy better than this Blackberry crap" I say.

"Yeah, I guess so" She says, putting her legs on the couch.

About a couple minutes later when the show cuts to the ad break, gets up and brings back a family size package of Oreos.

"Looks like you've took out the first row" I say.

"Yeah, I have" She says, as she starts on the second row.

After about 15 minutes or so, the whole package is empty.

I notice this and see her slightly bloated belly, gurgling.

"I didn't think you loved Oreos that much" I say, surprised.

She burps and says "You don't know Samantha that well then". Patting her belly softly.

"Why did you refer to yourself in the 3rd person?" I say.

"I mean, shit I don't know why either" she says, we both laugh.

She changes the channel after a minute and says that the show was getting too graphic for her, she changes it to MTV, airing "Mean Girls". I groan in objection.

"Hey, I watched some of your guy stuff. Now let me watch this" she says, getting up to go to the kitchen.

She walks back, with a huge glass of milk in her hand.

"I never really knew you had a big appetite" I say, looking as she gulps down the glass of milk.

"I eat like this at home, not out in public" She says, before she takes another gulp, finishing off the glass.

As we watch the movie, her belly groans and gurgles. Her belly is bloated, not super bloated, like a 2 month pregnant belly. it's about 5:15 at this point. She taps my shoulder and asks "Hey uh, I know this is kinda weird to ask but do you wanna listen to my belly".

"Why? Is that another one of your fetishes?" I say.

"I guess, but it's more of a thing a ex of mine loved to do to me back in 9th grade" She says.

"You mean Josh?" I say, remembering the guy I used to hang out with all the time, me and Adam only talked to each other and hung out once every blue moon. "He moved to Dallas, didn't he, like after 10th grade?"

"Yeah, that Josh" She says, her belly groaning.

"Well, okay then" I say, she lifts up her shirt off of her bloated belly.

I get to my knees and lay my head on her belly, like a pillow. It's like World War three inside her belly, constant gurgles, groans, and gloorps, and gloops, and air bubbles forming and in her belly, only to come out as a burp a couple of seconds later. I lay my head on her belly for about 25 minutes.

"I kinda like this" I say.

"Thought you would" She says, stroking my head as she watches the movie.

I hear the garage door open. I stand up and she puts her shirt down. Her mom and dad come in talking, with their 8 year old son Henry in tow.

"Oh, hey Mr.Fletcher" I say, putting on my shoes as I go out the door.

"Hey..Dave" He says, putting down the Wendy's bag on the table. I get out of the house and get into my Honda Civic and drive home, I faintly hear Mrs.Fletcher screaming about all the Oreos being gone on the table and Samantha trying to explain.

I pick up a Big Mac Meal on the way home and go inside the house and eat. I finish up the GTA 4 story, and go to bed around 1 in the morning.
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