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Author's Chapter Notes:

A giantess story with some introspective development of the protagonist, this time. Next chapter will be added soon. Reviews are always welcome!

It had taken me many weeks of preparation and many sleepless nights, but I was finally ready for my adventure.

I’ve always had a thing for giantesses, a silly fantasy of mine that I’ve always experienced secretly, hidden by the comforting anonymity of the Internet. Everything I’ve ever done to satisfy my innocent kink had been limited to reading stories and browsing pictures of giant ladies.

Until the day I learned it was possible to experience my dream first-hand.

Searching around the Web, I discovered the existence of a device capable of reducing the size of objects and people, with no damaging effect on the target and easily reversible. At that moment, I knew I had to get one, no matter what. I tried do forget about it, to ignore its existence, but the idea of shrinking myself was too alluring to resist. The mere idea of becoming small enticed me, drawing me back to the same point, its attraction getting stronger and stronger every time I tried to ignore it. It was simply impossible for me to get over the fact that, in any moment, I could have had the possibility to live my dream: to live in a gigantic world, populated by gorgeous, breath-taking giantesses.

Eventually, I ended up obtaining of one of those devices. Then, I started to wonder how I should have used it. Which opportunity would have been the perfect occasion to accomplish my endeavour? I spent an immeasurable amount of time thinking about a solution, each one seeming more recklessly stupid and yet more exciting than the previous. Only one thing was sure: nobody had to know about my plan. If I had been discovered, it would have been too awful to explain why I wanted to do that. I had to act alone, without anybody’s help.                                                                                                                                                                                 

After many days of serious consideration, I finally decided how I wanted to do it. One day, I would have simply vanished, without anyone knowing where I was. I would have lived in close contact with real life giantesses, in their houses, and the best part was that they wouldn’t even have known it. Constantly hiding from their eyes, I could have lived the rest of my existence contemplating the grandeur of their everyday life, always passing from one gigantic girl to another. I would have lived for the day, abandoning forever the lasting concerns of life. No more worries about finding a place in the society, earning a salary or starting a relationship: only the majestic sight of those goddesses.

Needless to say, none of this happened as I had imagined it. Only now, looking back at my plan, I can see how stupid and simplistic it was. It was foolish to think that I could have lived such a life. But at the time I was too excited to understand that, blinded by lust and thrill. I thought that, at that point, a normal life wasn’t something I wanted anymore. So many people had one, and mine had to be different: it had to be a shrunken life. And moreover, I was persuaded that, after all, nobody would care if I disappeared forever. It was my choice, and my responsibility, to accomplish my ultimate fantasy. So, I gathered in a backpack supplies for a few days, some clothes, the shrinking device and set off on my adventure on a spring morning.

I knew exactly where to start. From the first moment, when I thought of me shrinking at the feet of a giantess, I had only one person in my mind. Of all the people in the world, I wanted her to be the first. To me, she was the most beautiful, attractive and the nicest girl I’ve ever met. She was everything I wasn’t: always cheerful, dynamic, extrovert… She was simply perfect. I couldn’t think of anyone more fit to be a giantess, no, a Goddess for me to adore, the subject of my complete dedication.

Her name was Alyssa.

We were friends since high school, and we went together to the same college. She always seemed to perfectly understand people, and when I was with her, I felt like I could tell her anything. What I never told her, however, were my real feelings for her, which were extremely intense, and equally shameful. I was terribly ashamed of my unrequired love, and I decided to keep it all inside, for fear that I might lose her friendship. But now, it was different. I could have expressed all the love I wanted without fearing to lose her anymore, in the form of endless worshipping and praise from my new size. She wouldn’t have known it, but I would. And that prospect made me feel happy and, I must confess, slightly aroused.


That fateful morning, I went to her house. I made sure nobody was at home at the time, and I cautiously approached one window, on the front. It was only slightly ajar, impossible for anyone to break through, save for someone very small. As I prepared to shrink, I felt terribly guilty. Not only what I was about to do was clearly illegal, it was also terribly wrong towards Alyssa: I was about to betray her trust, and our friendship. But then, a rush of adrenaline and excitement made me forget everything. Holding the shrinking device in my hands, I activated it, and I shrunk down to the height of only a few centimetres. At first, it was nauseating, I felt my guts revolting, and I thought I was about to throw up on the windowsill. Then, my body adjusted to the size shift, and I looked at the towering wall of glass of the window: it was enormous. I looked around in awe, as I realised that my dream came true: I was now a shrunken person. I excitedly squeezed through the narrow opening of the window, and I ended up in the oversized living room of my friend’s house. From my perspective, everything was unbelievably big: the pieces of furniture of the living room were like immense monuments, in the shadow of which I would have lived my new life. Eager to explore that new world, I climbed down the tent of the window and I reached the ground. Before me stretched a seemingly endless expanse of carpet fibres, tall enough for me to take shelter beneath them, in the middle of which stood a coffee table, tall as a skyscraper, and beyond that, an impossibly huge couch, that dominated the landscape. Amazed by that impossible view, I decided to cross the jungle of the carpet, and to go settle under the couch, where I would have rested safely. But that was easily said than done. As I stepped into the thick forest of fibres, the air became dense with dust, and the fibres, taller than me, tangled around my limbs. I went forward for a long time, before realising that I was lost. It was a nightmare: I started to panic, and I ran around frenetically searching for a way out for who knows how long.

Until a sound startled me.

First, the sharp clang of a key unlocking the door, that produced a squeak when opened, and was slammed shut only a moment later. Then, a booming pacing, far away at first, but getting closer and closer with every thunderous step. The ground beneath my feet started shaking. I peeked over the carpet fibres and what I saw made my heart thump wildly: Alyssa was home.

I hadn’t planned her to come home so early. I wasn’t ready at all. But was it really that early? How much time did I lose in that maze? Such question didn’t matter anymore: my giantess friend was there, and I had no time to lose. But I didn’t seem to be able to take my eyes off her. From my point of view, she was impossibly tall. Her short, chestnut hair flowed through the air as she heavily sat down on the couch, in front of me, letting out a long sigh. Tired from the hot morning, Alyssa stretched out on the couch, taking out her phone and seizing the opportunity to relax. Her cheeks were red, due to the hot temperature, and a few small drops of sweat ran slowly across her forehead. Her beautiful, emerald eyes were lowered on the phone screen, looking at something that made her smile for a moment. She was dressed casually, but she was stunning, nonetheless: she wore a multicoloured, striped t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, Suddenly, my view was blocked by the bottom of her gigantic shoes. The white rubber sole, slightly dirty and consumed, came dangerously close. Alyssa pressed the rubber tip of one of her shoes against the heel of the other, and absentmindedly kicked it off, freeing her hot, socked foot. The enormous white shoe, decorated with three black stripes, came crashing on the carpet towards me. I threw myself down and, thanks to the fibres, the massive footwear stopped before hitting me to death. I stood back up, and I saw the shoe knocked over on one side, its entrance right before me. I knew I had to reach a safe place before getting noticed, but the opportunity was just too tasty to ignore. I couldn’t resist, so I passed through the few fibres left and I reached for the dark cavern that was my friend’s shoe. As I stepped in and saw the faded print of a heel on the bottom of the shoe, and my lungs were filled with a faint, yet unmistakeable, foot odour. Hers.

I felt my heart accelerating its beat as I got increasingly aroused. Alyssa’s feet, my deepest desire, were at my reach, no more than a few strides away. I immediately got out and began crossing once again the carpet’s forest, this time towards the godlike creature that stood out against the whole landscape. As I approached her, I noticed that the other shoe was gone, too, laying beside her stretched legs. Now, before me stood her massive feet, clad in white, cotton socks, one of which was slightly torn on the heel, revealing a small glimpse of the pink flesh beneath. As I reached them, I noticed how imposing they were, towering over me from their impossible height, and how lucky I was to behold such sight. I slowly walked toward one of her socked heels, the smell of sweat become more and more distinguishable. When I arrived in front of it, I timidly held out my hand, almost in reverence, and touched the textured, cotton surface: my hand sank a bit in the warm, soft skin of my friend’s foot. Excitedly, I proceeded to hug the heel with my whole body. My face was buried in the socked, smelly surface, and my body was engulfed in its warm embrace.                           

I became one with her foot, no matter how humiliating it could sound. I was finally living my fantasy. In that moment, I knew everything I had done was worth it, and I felt a shade of accomplishment, and maybe, of happiness.

Only a second later, it became horror.


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