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In a world much like ours, in the year 2056, women reign supreme. The sexual dimorphism between men and women , what little men remained that was, was greater than any other species had ever been. Men only constituted now a dwindling 30% percent of the population.This data was pulled from rough estimates polled, albeit keeping track of these demographics was of little import to the vast majority of women dominating the now matriarchal society,  Tinies, like David on the shelf of Tiger's Department and Whole Food's store, were a mere fraction of that at only 13 percent of the population. The shrinking virus had only affected men.


In one corner of the department store, cordoned as the "Tiny" section, tinies in see-through packaging were as objectified in the aisle as any other department store commodity, or more fitting, like any animal for sale at any pet store, for example. Women, and regular-sized men, could purchase such a tiny for 99.99 as casually and simply as picking up a box of crisps and throwing it into the cart, just before having perused the produce aisle, and before entering the cereal aisle.  

  David nervously stared out from his imprisonment. Shrinkwrapped and sealed tight, tinies like himself required little air to sustain themselves. Conveniently suited for low-oxygen environments, which they were grateful,or ungrateful for, depending on the tiny you asked. After all, no one had engineered the tinies to possess this convenience for the roles they were commonly tasked with, it just sort of fell in place that way, much to the misfortune of David. David was shrink-wrapped tight in his plastic box,struggling to thrust his momentum forward as he was buying browsed by the two sets of teenage eyes peering across him and the many peers flanking to the left, right,above,and below of his arbritrary spot on the shelf. He had seen other tinies willfully move their bodies to lean forward so their box would fall off the shelves, making prospective buyer's think they were funny in the head and defective, as if that mattered. Tinies that acted "erratic" and funny in the head meant refurbished tinies, tinies who had already been used, as all tinies go crazy after enough usage. It was a clever trick some new tinies had picked up to try and lower their worth, as fresh, un-used tinies were more sought after, for some reason.


David peered out in fear from his sealed box through the translucent,plastic-walled front of his packaging as one of the young,teenage employees grabbed a box with a tiny man inside of it during the late night/early morning of the always open store hours. Grabbing a tiny for a friend was one way to get off this shelf.He could sense the other tinies stir from fear, despite not being able to see or speak to one another in their packaged imprisonments, they all shared some special connection that made the hairs on the tiny little necks stand whenever one of their own was taken off the shelf. 

"Can I have another one..I don't like that one.."

Becca asked of her employee friend for many years 

"Oh what difference does it make, Becca,it's not like you'll ever be seeing much of him!""Okay..well, can you give me a friend's discount?"

"I could lose my job and I really need the money for school..but if you buy two you get a promotional deal right now.."

Becca considered it for a moment..

"I don't think mom's owned one of these in a long while..I guess I could splurge for two for a mother's day gift, one for her, one for me.."

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