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Fifteen-year old Darran knelt down, plucked some green moisty grass from the soil and sniffed at it. He loved the radiant smell of nature in the early morning. 
Startled, he gaped up when the frantic voices of his friends shook him out of his moment of savor. In the distance, he saw them casting fireballs in their hands and throw against a steep stony cliff near an idyllic small lake; all girdled among a forest of pines. It was a place in the human realm they always went if the need to fool around was present. 
“Sheesh! Did you see that?!” Ackorn, one of his friends shouted after launching a pyroblast on the already scourged stony surface. On impact, it exploded in a cluster of smaller, sizzling fragments, swirling down, until the wet soil quenched the heat. The small, fubsy bloke beamed like a kindergarten bambino who successfully building a tower of blocks. 
“Not bad.” CJ, his other friend spoke in his characteristic deep grumbling voice. “But get a load of this.” He circled both arms and threw two blazing balls, which roared through the air, with a long tail of sparks behind it, and submerged into even a bigger one before it clenched with a splat against the still smoky cliff. Its reverberating explosion exceeded that of his friend by far. 

“Wooow!” Ackorn gasped in awe, admiring his proud-hearted friend. 

“Pitiful.” Darran mingled in, both boys shook up, looking at him with curiosity. 

He strutted towards his friends and pushed CJ aside. 

“Shut your faces.” He silenced his buds, rolled up his sleeves and mentally prepared himself. His buddies stood there, watching, in total deference, heedful not to make a sound.
Inhaling deep, Darran closed his eyes and recapitulated every subtle instruction the high mage had given him. His mind and body had to work together with absolute coherence if he wanted to succeed what he was about to do.
He recited the necessary words until, blue sparks awakened and danced about in the palm of his hands.
He brought both of his hands together in a shooting stance.
Darran rose his concentration even higher, maximized it, to a degree, where every possible extern stimulus was filtered out of his consciousness. It was only him and the maturing ball of electricity, crepitate in his hands.
He felt an excessive flow of power coursing through his body and directed it all to the core of the powerful attack to be.
In the far back of his mind, beyond his impregnable wall of concentration, he heard the gasps of wonderment of his friends.
He opened his luminous eyes and blasted off, in a swift motion.
It roared and sparked its way towards the stone wall, with a trail of small fading lighting bolts to split, crack and fade behind it.
With a resonant bang, it exploded against the thick stone wall, cleaved a massive crater in it, with gravel and sparks bursting every which way.
Its sound echoed over the tree tops, causing a flock of birds to flutter off. Both Ackorn and CJ made gestures and utter of reverence.
When all sound diminished, a sudden voice crawled out of the woods. 

“Congratulations brother.” The voice of a young girl spoke. “You definitely have the biggest cock.” 

They all spun and saw a girl with glossy maroon hair who approached them in a perky manner; her feet rustled through the high grass when her sneakers plowed through.
Darran’s feeling of euphoria immediately abated into nothingness when he saw his detested sister coming for them. How was she able to find them? Wasn’t it enough for her to pester him at home? Does she really have to intrude his spare fun time with his friends? 

 “What?” She said when she noticed all three gawking at her. "That's what this was all about right? A tinhorn cock-race.” 

 Darran looked at her with deep disdain and annoyance. 

 “What are you doing here Quisinda?” He snorted “your not supposed to be here.” 

 “Well, neither are you whipster.” She pinched his nose and winked at Ackorn with a seductive smile, swaying her dark red hair. The latter immediately melted with a sheepish smile.
With her hands on her hips, she scrutinized the cracked stone wall.

 “Impressive brother. Impressive indeed.” She whistled. “Can I play along?” 

Both Ackorn and CJ looked distraught, when Quisinda pointed her lovely, begging eyes to them. It was more than obvious they felt the tension between brother and sister and didn’t know how to stand around them.
Darran’s tolerance breached its limit when he saw her cocky attitude, manipulating his friends with her enticing lips and flirty winks. 

 “Fuck off. We don’t want you here.” He blurted. 

 At first, Quisinda looked at him, surprised, then; a smile formed on her face when she trudged to him.

 “Im sorry there brother, correct me if I’m wrong but; are you actually defying me?” Quisinda asked with a small laughter at the end of the sentence. She crossed her arms with a challenging look on her face.
Darran swallowed hard, but kept his bravado. He knew that his sister was very powerful as a mage, but he just couldn’t handle the fact that she was degrading him in front of his best friends. Besides, his quite recent destructive achievement, with the stone wall, gave his confidence a great boost. Maybe, after all those demeaning and painful years, he actually had a chance against her.
A red glow engulfed his body when Darran amplified, and directed all of his energies towards his hands. He had made his decision.
Two blue colored flames ignited in his palms, becoming more radiant by the second.
Beyond his whispering chants he heard his friends gasp in awe when they sensed the enormous power beaming off Darran. 

 “Make it count brother.” Was all Quisinda said when she realized her brother decided to go for the hard way.
She stood there, with an inscrutable look on her face, arms crossed. 

 “Don’t worry. I will.” Darran said. 

 It seemed Quisinda intended to grant him the time of the world.
Darran would make sure that this would be the last mistake she ever makes. Her arrogance will be her doom.
He would make her pay for all those years of pejorative jinxes, like, turning his whole body into stone, except his head and force him to suck empty, until the last drop, a bottle of seawater.
Or, to conjure a hairy third arm on his back with a will of its own, in a state of berserk.
As of late, Quisinda seemed to be fond of reducing his size to that of an action figure and plunge him in all kinds of survival situations, like, fighting mystical three-eyed rats with the ability to sneeze hydrochloric acid when threatened.
Darran was unfailingly powerless to stop her. Being older, Quisinda was constantly a few steps ahead of him, with more knowledge, intellect and power. His futile attempts to counter-spell her hazard assaults merely resulted in derisive laughters and extended tortures.
Recent years, however, the ever-present gap between them simply became bigger. This was due to the fact that Quisinda was a positive marvel, shredding every dished sorcery challenge like a beast.
No one knew where her potential would take her and here was Darran, ready to challenge her for a fight, with his best buds as audience.
He brought his hands together, emerged the blue flaming elements into one, melting it into an even bigger element and prepared to blast her smirk off with a full blow in the face.
Darran wrenched every bit of arcane energy from his fibers, concentrated it all to the one point in his hands. He wanted to make sure his sister would feel the full potential of his powers. He wasn’t even sure if she would survive this attack, he didn’t care though, good riddance. He hated her to the core.
“You rile me with the linger there brother.” He heard Quisinda fuming. “Allow me to kill some time while I wait for your... finishing touch.” 
She brought up her index-finger and in a matter of seconds an enormous radiant ball of red energy sprouted, balancing on the tip of her finger, outshining Darran’s conceived element by far. 
He felt an immense energy beaming from it, pushing the force of his own carefully conjured spell aside like a matchstick who tries to compete with a fire pit.
Darran’s complacency staggered when he looked into his sister’s radiant eyes and heard the loud crackles of her floating enchantment. It flickered and brightened up her face, giving it an eerie look.
He noticed an almost indistinct crooked smile forming on one corner of pretty lips when she looked back at him.
A subtle sign she had sensed his shaky attitude.
How can a girl her age radiates such ridiculous power? Was it a mistake to challenge this teenage marvel? 

A clear answer pronounced itself when Quisinda suddenly pointed her finger to the stone cliff, intonated some extraneous words and blasted it whole to a million pieces. The ear-shattering explosion thundered every present noise back in its hole, echoing every which way through the thick woods. Subsequently, an avalanche of innumerable pieces of stone streamed down, rolling like waterfall, when the once solid, centuries-old cliff crumbled into a large heap. 

 “And that’s how its done gentlemen.” Quisinda said with saturated hubris, after all wreckage lulled. 

 Aghast, eyes bulgy, Darran had just witnessed a true display of power, a destruction spell of master degree, pulled off by his seventeen-year-old sister, without breaking a sweat.
He immediately regretted his bravado from earlier and made his spell dwindle, like a fading candle, with meager hopes of mercy. 
Quisinda looked at him, wonder-struck. 
“Wait a minute… am I missing something here?” She asked when she saw his shriveling spell. “Weren’t you about to melt my face off?” She asked.

Darran stumbled over his own words, all fidgeted. “I-I was just m-messing around.” He said with a mortified smile. “You k-k-know me… right?!” 

“I know you alright.” Quisinda’s face turned dark serious. “...and you should know me too.” She walked over to him. Quisinda was a few inches taller than him, so he had to look up when she placed herself right in front of him. Her boobs almost touched his chest when he felt her hot breath in his face. 
The cute freckles on her cheek got outshined by her green irises, which spat fire when she spoke.

“No one challenges me and backs down before I had my share of fun.” 

An awkward silence fell whereby Darran eyed his friends in hopes for some reinforcements. This was to no avail. He could see in their eyes that they were even more petrified of this ginger powerhouse than him. 
He swallowed deep and fetched some courage before turning his gaze into his sister’s green watchers. 
He felt too proud to beg for forgiveness, so he braced himself for whatever Quisinda had in store for him. He was completely delivered to her whims now. 
Suddenly, he noticed her becoming bigger. He soon realized that was only an optical illusion for he was the one shrinking. 
He saw her healthy bosom slid by when he was already shrunk to the height of her pale, flat abdomen. 
“Please don’t!” He begged. “Anything but this… please!” His voice raised a few octaves out of despair. 

He was slowly shrunk passed her denim shorts and saw the folds in them when her polished hands rested on her slender hips. 
He looked up and witnessed her firm, bare thighs rising, looming over, like emerging pillars of doom.
When Darran’s size descended beneath the lower half of her shin, a slight of worry streamed over when he didn’t feel the shrink process slack. She had usually shrunk him to the size of an action figure before she plunged him in her twisted games.
He got struck by panic when he had shrunk further and even her sneaker transformed into a monumental architecture and subsequently, sunk below the blades of grass until they appeared like tall trees to him.
It was like he was suddenly emerged into the world of insects. Everything was gloomy dark around him, apart from a few scratchy sprits of sunlight, wrestling their way through the thick roof of grass.
He looked every which way and could see distinct details of once trivial things, grains of sand that now seemed like small pointy rocks and a common grass leaf which looked like some otherwordly tree.
The sound of rustle and cracks yanked him out of his contemplation when he pivoted and witnessed a sight which got him beset by deep anxiety.
An ant, at least the size of a small car, was groping about with razor-sharp mandibles, just a few metres away from him.
Darran now realized how incredible tiny his sister had made him. He never deemed her that capable.
It pierced his already present fear for her only deeper.
With powers like these, she was downright dangerous, maybe a serious threat to society even if malicious intentions brewed up in her mind. What more was she capable of? 

A rumbling thunder yanked him out of his amazement.
It came from the sky. He couldn’t see much due to the packed, overhanging grass, but he knew that it was merely the sound of his now massive sister laughing. It sounded like the booming laughter of God herself.  






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