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Story Notes:
A wife get's revenge on her cheating husband

John was a man who loved woman and cheated on his wife on several occasions. Diane knew about his cheating but loved him dearly. John was late from work one night and Diane was tired of his cheating way’s got on him. Where have you been you have been off with that slut Beth haven’t you ? No John replied ! Diane said you are lying you was with her . John replied so if I was what are you going to do about it ? Diane was tired of this but loved him so much she did not know what to say or do so she went to bed very upset. After a long night crying during the night she got up and went to work. Diane was so upset it was very visible. Carolyn her supervisor pulled her into her office to talk. What is wrong Diane Carolyn asked? Diane began to tell her how her husband John was cheating on her with Beth and didn’t know what to do ? Carolyn then said leave his ass don’t take this . Diane then said but I love him to much. Carolyn then said I understand I to had a cheating husband and this friend of mine years ago gave me this potion as she pulled a small bottle out with blue liquid in it. What is that Diane asked I can’t kill him if it poison ? No” No” Carolyn said it is not poison, this is shrinking potion but not only shrinking potion but it can give him life again. What do you mean Diane asked ? Well Carolyn said it will shrink him to less than a half inch and you can do one of two things use him as a slave or if he becomes a problem or you get tired of that you can swallow him alive and he will be digested and then he will become a micro cell in your body then he will go to your reproductive system and become your embryo and then you can have sex and he will become your baby and you can continue to love him as your child. Well Diane said I am 48 years old and don’t know if I can have a baby my age since I am going through menopause . Carolyn than replied it doesn’t make any difference no matter your age or even if you take birth control as long as your body can carry him full term you will be ok. Take this Diane and use it if you need to. Diane took the potion and went back to thinking about what she should do and if she should use the potion or not? Diane got off work and went home she decided not to use the potion and put it in a cabinet in the kitchen. John again came home late and Diane was very upset. Where have you been Diane asked ? John replied angrily I was with Beth bitch that’s what you want to hear wasn’t it . Diane got very upset and then told him this is going to stop tonight. John replied what are you going to do kill or leave me and then he laughed. Diane then thought to herself no you will be my slave as she went to the kitchen and got the potion and opened the bottle, then went and got a cold beer and poured enough out to put the potion in, John liked a cold beer when he came home. She then took it to John in the den where he was watching TV. Here you are honey I am sorry and then she kissed him on the forehead and walked back into kitchen and waited. John started to drink the beer, it tasted a little different then normal, more bitter but he was thirsty and continued to drink it. John began to feel dizzy and weak and then he passed out. When he came to he noticed a blue tent over him and wondered where am I, then he heard a booming sound and it shook the ground , he thought it was a earthquake. John then noticed a large thing or animal coming toward him, it got closer and he thought it can’t be I must be dreaming? As the object got closer he realized it was a huge hand and it was coming for him as he rolled on top of the hand he heard a thundering voice which sounded like his wife. Come her honey I won’t hurt you Diane said as she raised him up in the air. John was stunned his wife was huge as tall as he could see. Diane was a beautiful women age was catching up with her but she was still very nice looking with dark hair, brown eyes, huge breasts D cup and petite, 5’7”. John watched as she went past her breasts and he saw her huge cleavage and up to her face in front of her beautiful full lips. Hey honey can’t talk to much shit now can you. Guess what you are now my slave and do what I ask understand or else. John replied or else what you bitch? Turn me back to my normal size he demanded. Diane then spoke and said you are not in any condition to be demanding anything you will do what I ask or else. She then went over and had a seat on the couch and put down at her feet and told him kiss my feet so he did. Then she said start licking my feet he looked at her and then went over and bite her. Diane yelled and said you little ass hole and John started calling her a sorry slut and a bitch, I will never do the things you ask and won’t start cause I don’t love and never will so kill me bitch. No, No, Diane replied only better I will give you a new life and raise you like a good young man. What are you talking about you crazy bitch John replied? Well I gave you a potion that not only that made you shrink but I can swallow you whole and you will be digested and become a micro cell inside me and you well go to my reproductive system and become a egg just waiting to be fertilized by a man. John did believe her as she reached down to pick him up and then she carried him to the kitchen. Diane pulled out a bowl and put him on the table as she reached back into the cabinet and got some cheerios. What are you going to do you crazy bitch ? Well honey I am going to get a snack and go to bed and you will my special treat as she poured the cheerios in the bowl and then the milk. Ok John now for my special treat as she reached down and picked him up and put him into the bowl with the cheerios.

John fell on top of a cheerio and he grabbed hold of it as it was as large as a ship. John looked up as Diane was looking down smiling with spoon in hand. Diane lowered her spoon into the cereal and got a spoon full and than looked down at John and said I want you to watch next time it will be you, just watch as I gently chew and swallow my treat and watch it go down my throat and into my tummy, the next time it will be you as she put the spoon in her mouth and started slowly chewing and then she swallowed as John watched as it went down through her throat and to her tummy. John began to beg and plead with her but Diane dipped the spoon down and under him he felt himself go up slowly as looked up and continued to beg. Diane just smiled and said no you had your chances and blew it now you will be mine as she continued to move the spoon toward her mouth. John was very scared and nervous but was in awe as Diane brought him past her massive breast’s and then he looked down and saw her cleavage then he looked up and saw her large face and full lips as they parted to speak, I saw you looking at my breast I hope you like them because you will get to suck them when you are born in 9 months or so she said bye honey I love and I will continue to love you as my child as she opened her mouth and moved the spoon toward it. John reached up and grabbed her upper lip as he went bye then her lips closed and he felt heavy pressure on his body as the spoon was being pulled back out of her mouth. John then saw the spoon come out of her mouth and thought he has ok but then he felt her lips part and saw her huge tongue come out and grab him and pulled him in he was now inside her mouth as the mushy cheerios was being tossed and chewed gently then the chewing stopped and he and the cheerios was being pushed to the back of her throat by her tongue he Knew this may be it. Diane then had second thoughts and spit him out on a napkin. She then dug him out and told him I can’t do this because I maybe to old and won’t be able to carry you full term. She pulled him out and cleaned him up and put him in a small jar and carried him into bedroom but I have another plan as she looked at him and smiled. It will be a surprise honey you will have to wait and see. John was very scared and didn’t Know what Diane had in store for him tomorrow as he sat there, the only thing he knew was she couldn’t go through with swallowing him and maybe she was going to turn him back to his normal size tomorrow. John knew he could have been in his goddesses tummy but was glad he wasn’t. The next morning came and John was awaken by Diane, good morning honey you behave yourself while I’m at work and be ready for your surprise as she blew him a kiss and turned and walked out. John yelled for her to come back he was sure she was going to turn back to his normal size. Time past bye slow and he finally heard the door open it was Diane, she came into the bedroom and said hey honey you ready for your surprise as she walked in. Well first I have got to go in and make a cake your favorite chocolate and she smiled and walked back into kitchen. Yes John thought not only is she going to turn him back to normal size but she is going to fix his favorite cake to makeup to him that’s what she always did to makeup to him. John waited about a hour and here she came walking into bed room and picked up the jar he was in and carried it to the kitchen. Diane then turned the jar up and he rolled onto her hand. Ready for your surprise she asked? Yes John said hurry up and turn me back to my normal size please , I knew you would have a change of heart. Diane laughed and held him to her face you silly fool I’m not going to do that, with that she lowered John on to the cake with chocolate icing on and said enjoy your desert honey. John was angry what make’s you think you can do this tonight , you had me in your mouth and didn’t have the heart to swallow me. Diane smiled true honey but maybe some of the women at the auxiliary meeting will enjoy you and I will watch you be swallowed and then you be there child. Don’t worry I’ll see it to it you will get a nice mom as she put the cover over the cake and picked the pan with the single layer cake. John knew he had to get out of this some but the more he moved the more he sank into the cake. The drive was short as Diane picked up the pan and carried it in. John could hear all the women talking and knew after the meeting unless he could get out of these he would be done for but he was stuck. John could hear the president say meeting adjourned and could her the women talking. Then the cover was taken off and John could see Diane above him. Diane looked down and whispered I have to put some chocolate icing on you as she took the knife and put a little on top of him. She then started cutting the cake into and putting them onto plates. John was then lifted up on a slice and put onto a plate. John wiped his eyes so he could see when he noticed Donna walk over and pick the plate he has on up. John could not believe this, Donna was a beautiful women with shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, 5’6”, petite. John was good friends with her husband Jimmy and always wanted to have sex with her but didn’t because of Jimmy. Donna walked over to the table and sat down. Diane came over and sat across from her. John looked up and could see Donna, she was gorgeous even if she was 40 years old. Donna took her fork and dug into the cake and he watched as it was raised toward her mouth, past her c cup breasts which looked so firm and then in front of her mouth with those nice lips. Then Donna asked so what is John doing tonight? Diane replied oh somewhere with another women getting eating up by another women as she laughed . Donna asked what do you mean? Well John has been having an affair and he loves oral sex. Donna just looked in disbelief and said I’m sorry as she put the fork full of cake inside her mouth and started slowly chewing her desert. Donna looked at Diane and said why don’t you leave him as she put the fork back down to the cake and grabbed up another piece of cake this time John was on the slice. Well Donna I love him to much Diane Replied. Donna then said as she was raising her fork up with John on it, why don’t you two go on a cruise or something and try to make it work. Diane then replied maybe I might be able to talk him into that . Donna started to raise the fork upward and he was in awe as Donna passed her breasts and then he looked down and saw her cleavage, they looked gorgeous like to mountains and nice and tan then he was in front of her face, he started to yell but she could not hear him because she was talking to Diane. Suddenly her mouth opened and she moved the fork toward it he tried to reach for her lips but he was stuck and she didn’t have the thick lips like Diane’s. John watched as her tongue rolled out to meet him and she pushed the fork forward into her mouth. He felt her wet tongue as he flipped onto it. John looked outside and saw Diane smiling as she closed her mouth. John then felt the heat and her saliva was getting thick as she slowly chewed her desert. John was tossed one side to the other then he noticed light as her lips parted but then he saw a cup coming up with liquid in it. John then knew he had to grab something but couldn’t as the drink washed him down her throat down he went as her esophagus pushed him further down he could hear her still talking to Diane, then he could hear the thumping of her heart as it was loud. John then dropped into her stomach it smelt terrible. John stayed afloat but felt strange as he was being pushed downward and being digested he could also smell smoke as she was smoking a cigarette after her meal. That was the last thing John remembered as he passed out. When John came to he felt as if he was floating and moving fast. Then the thumping sound started again and getting louder and louder and he was going faster and faster. He wondered where am I then he knew he was in Donna’s bloodstream headed somewhere but where? Then the sound got faint and then he was pushed in a tunnel and then a small tube and came to a stop. John remembered Diane’s conversation and knew exactly where he was as he was in Donna’s fallopian tube’s . John knew his destination , he was soon to be Donna’s baby. John had a weird feeling and could feel everything Donna was feeling. Donna started feeling bad one day bloated and sick feeling. John knew what that meant as she was on her menstrual cycle a few days later John fell into a nice soft spot only it was musty and wet. John knew he was in her uterus and he was waiting for sperm to fertilize him. Donna was getting very horny more so then normal and couldn’t wait to get home, the afternoon dragged on and John could tell that Donna was very horny by the way she was moving and could feel her emotions in himself and knew Jimmy was in for a good night. Quitting time was here and Donna rushed home and changed into a sexy gown and waited for Jimmy. As Jimmy walked through the door Donna pulled him to the bedroom and stripped him. John’s world started to get hotter and wetter as Donna went after Jimmy. Donna’s body started to quiver and shake and Jimmy was only getting her hotter. Then Donna moaned and yelled out take me baby and Jimmy did. John could tell Jimmy had penetrated his big cock into Donna as Donna was rocking and moaning more and getting hotter and more musty where he was. Donna climaxed time after time as Jimmy was getting faster and deeper into Donna. Then I heard Jimmy and Donna yell with excitement as both climaxed together one more time and Jimmy shot his load into Donna. John did not know what to expect as he waited as his world was still. Then John felt something biting him and then felt something grab him and he couldn’t breath for a moment and after a minute he could but it was different it was as if he was breathing with Donna he could also breath everything Donna could smell. He noticed a long tube sticking in his stomach he knew this was his umbilical cord and that was the reason he could breath and taste everything Donna was. Donna smoked a cigarette John could smell it. Everything Donna ate John could taste. John continued to grow inside Donna and after a month or so Donna knew she was pregnant. Donna went to the doctor who confirmed that she was. Donna was happy but how she was on birth control pills. Donna was 40 but in good health she had a child already that was 20 years old and on his own. She started to wondered what would Jimmy say? She rushed home and fixed a nice supper for Jimmy she would tell him then. Jimmy came home and they sat and ate the supper Donna fixed, after supper Donna told Jimmy she was expecting a child Jimmy was very happy and Donna was relieved. Donna and Jimmy had sex that night and John could feel Jimmy’s big cock as it pushed against him tome after time. It was getting hit and musty again as Donna climaxed time after time. Then Jimmy shot his load and things got quite and he could smell cigarette smoke as Donna was smoking. When John had a craving for something to eat Donna would eat. John one day had a craving for oysters which Donna never liked but she went to a restaurant and at oysters. John was growing and getting bigger and kicking as he realized he had arms and legs. Donna would put her hand on her tummy and rub it gently and this would calm John down and put him to sleep. Donna was almost full term and John was running out of room to move. Then one day he flipped over and he stretched and he felt Donna contract as he felt like he was being pushed. Donna was in labor with John as she rushed to the hospital. There John started to feel his head being pushed into a tight hole. John knew he was going through Donna’s vagina as he continued he could feel fresh air but it was getting tighter as he could her the doctor say push. Then his head popped out and he could see Donna’s vagina has it was stretched but it still looked very nice. John got to thinking how he would had love to had sex with her and have his cock inside there. Then John started to realize that he was thinking about his mother now and that was not proper as he continued to be birthed . John finally was born as the doctor carried him over to a table to weigh him and then he spanked him on the tail and he tried to speak but only crying tones came out. The doctor handed him to the nurse to clean and cloth him.

John was taken to the nursery with all the other baby’s , he could hear all the other baby’s cry. Then he was picked up by the nurse and was told by the nurse time for feeding lets go get some milk. John was hungry and a bottle of milk would be nice he thought? As the nurse took him down the hallway and into a room he saw his new mother Donna and the nurse handed him to her . Donna kissed him on the cheek and smiled as she asked him are you ready for some milk? John couldn’t believe his eye’s as she pulled her breast out and lowered him to it. John was amazed at her beautiful breast and huge nipples as he started sucking on it. John was trapped in this baby and he knew it. He thought how wonderful it would have been if he could have only been able to play and suck them as an adult.

He was taken home with his new parents when one day he heard a knock at the door and it was Diane.Donna invited her in as Donna took her to him in the crib. Only thing John could do was watch as the woman that was his wife took him in her arms and kissed him on the forehead. Donna asked her how her and John was doing and she replied I have not seen John in a year. I heard he took off with another woman. Donna told her how sorry she was Diane replied don’t be I have meet and soon to marry a wonderful man. Donna told her how happy she was for her. Then Diane said something that shocked him she told Donna she was 4 months pregnant and was not working and that her soon to be husband who had plenty of money said she didn’t have to go back to work and if Donna needed a baby setter she would gladly do it for her. Donna thought about it for a few seconds and excepted besides she needed to get back to work. Donna asked Diane how about next week Diane agreed. John was in disbelief

The next week came as Donna took John to Diane’s house Donna kissed him and handed John over to Diane as they said their goodbyes. Diane then looked at John and smiled with evil eye’s as she put him in her bed. John fell to sleep and when he woke up he saw Diane laying there asleep. He could not control his self and started crying. Diane woke up and looked at him and smiled and asked are you hungry? Well let me feed you then I know you like Donna’s milk and she gave some of her breast milk in a bottle but I know how much you like sucking on breast’s , you always have been a breast man. Diane began to pull out her huge breast and put John’s mouth against her nipple it may not be as good as Donna’s but it’s milk as john started to suck on it. Diane replied besides I am leaking milk and it is a shame to waste it. John was still sucking as Diane was enjoying it. John noticed she was getting hot and bothered as she started playing with herself. Diane then looked down and kissed him on the cheek and told him you still get me all hot and bothered even as a baby.

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