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A slow and graceful descent through a flurry of stars and nebulae, the transition between worlds was exactly as he imagined it would be. The purples and blues of the cosmos shone phantasmically on the silk of the fairy's tunic, casting him in a dreamlike light.

Canaan's breath was held fast in his chest, and just as he felt the pause of his heart persist to the point of fainting, the gulf below him seemed to snap into clarity from it's indeterminable distance.

A great sphere rose beneath him, mottled in resplendant shades of blue, green, tan, and white, all astir with zephyrs of wind and rippling waves. He could only manage a muffled gasp of surprise as the earth beneath him rose rapidly, and his wings stirred into life, beating against the thickening atmosphere that gusted about and fluttered his hair and tunic wildly.

The features of the planet below came into striking resolution just as he managed to arrest his descent, his wings flicking one last time and parting the cloudcaps that seemed so close to the ground.The soft soil beneath his bare feet gave way as he skid to a halt, sliding across a patch of gravel before splashing into the shallow sea's edge. 

"Wah! So close!" Canaan gasped, brushing at his tunic to straighten it over his slender form. The water barely covered his ankles, and he shivered slightly at the chill his airy descent had brought to his bones. The air was warm at least, and the salty breeze conveyed to him he had arrived on a summers day. 

After taking a moment to adjust his unsure footing, he looked from the silt that rose between his toes to the shore behind him, where his ungraceful landing had gouged two long scars where he'd landed. The ripples from his landing lapped against the coast, brushing over rows of rectangular structures that seemed to jut from the water's edge like carefully arranged crystaline stones.

"Oh, is that one of their nests?" he observed, turning and striding towards the sprawl of boxy structures which filled the narrow valley before him. They were colorful little things, in a plethora of sizes and marked with different arrays of windows, signs writ in an illegible script, and unfamiliar patterns. They almost looked like real buildings, but made a dour impression on him, used as he was to the colorful and baroque patterns of home.

"They really are little houses! Does only one monster live in each?" Caanan mused, squatting down and plucking one up, a sand-colored box barely the width of his palm. Even gripping it as delicately as he was, his soft skin wore at the edges of the building and rent cracks through it's facade. 

"They must be really tiny, like sprites."

Canaan turned it about idly, looking for the monster he figured must be hiding inside it. His shaking didn't yield any growls or rustling, just quiet rumblings and more sandy glass and plaster rubbing off onto his hand. He at least expected some kind of hole for them to enter it, and none of the ones present could fit anything bigger than a mite inside.

"Huh, it's just a solid box, or like a honeycomb? It's kind of like a building, I guess." 
He picked away at it, breaking off one cell at a time until there was no way anything could be curled up inside of it. The 'nest' just seemed to be made of sand, fiddly strings of metal, and crumpled pieces of wood. "Maybe they just keep their garbage in them."

Finally with a clench of his fist the structure dissolved into powder and drifted into the water at his feet. A second and third 'nest' yielded much the same for his efforts to inspect them.

He looked back to the expansive hive quizically, resting his hands on his knees.
His mistress had been straightfoward with her instructions before she had sent Canaan on the quest that brought him to this distant world.

"Seek any nests that those nasty monsters are scurrying about in, and purge them however you want. They'll come back if you leave too much so be thorough! I don't have the time to waste doing it myself this time, so the task falls to you boy." Airomed had said, flicking her hips and looking down at Canaan, who had stood in her palm excitedly.

"Yes ma'am! You can count on me to smite em'." He'd responded enthusiastically, balling his fists in front of him. He had always wanted to explore another world, and bearing the burden of purging it of evil monsters was a small price to pay for getting the chance.

His eagre reaction was rewarded with a fanged grin and a glint of the eyes beneath her scarlet bangs.

"Have fun," she'd said venomously.

Then she'd casually tossed him through the portal.

Canaan stared impassively at the little city, rubbing at his chin before humming and rising to his feet again."This one must be abandoned or something. I should make sure they can't come back here once I smash their real hive!"

With sudden resolve, the fairy strode forward, reaching the coast in a moment and then stepping into the hive softly, his foot brushing several calf height buildings aside then settling onto the roof of a low, wide nest with a quiet papery crunch.Amidst the high-rises and trendy shops of the boardwalk the earth heaved with each step of the colossus.

Those cars and pedestrians that hadn't been swept out to sea by the fairy's landing were rattled and buffeted about, with those closest to his thunderous footfalls outright tossed away from the deep craters his weight drove into the earth.

A shopping mall in his path found itself flattened instantly, the dust and smoke such a collapse produced not even having a chance to escape from the unthinkable weight of his step. Only a dusty ring of exterior walls were left standing pitifully beneath the slow wriggling of his toes.

The sparse crowds which picked themselves up around the devestated footfall had only seconds to right themselves before the plataeu of the fairy's foot slid across the neighboring strip malls without resistance, leaving only a wide streak of scourged earth, embedded with the flattened remnants of buildings, roads, and vehicles. 

The boy blinked a few times quizically at how easily the nests crumbled to his idle proddings, and only confirmed that these must be old and dried out dwellings, like an empty ant mound. How else could he explain their weakness? Resolved to finish the uninteresting task quickly, he simply began to stride forward into the nest, landing a footfall in front of him then sweeping it broadly to the side with each step forward.

His sea-dampened soles became caked with fine dust with each pass, and he spared only a moment to brush at them once the grit of the devestated streets caked between his toes or under his nails. 

Only a few minutes were needed until the whole span of the seaside plain had been cleansed of the monsters presense, leaving only a collage of dark footptints in the earth, punctuated with what few shattered buildings his strident work had left behind.

Canaan set his hands on his hips and smiled confidently, letting out a little huff of satisfaction. 

"It's good to save my energy for the monsters. I'd better be as ready as I can," he announced to the now mostly lifeless valley, before scanning the horizon for any landmarks.

The island he'd found himself on was a wide, round one, criss-crossed with mountain ranges that divided it into dozens of densely settled valleys, each packed with nests, matted with short grasses, or bristling with mossy little forests. Leaving the dust-clouded wreck of the abandoned hive behind him, Canaan scrabbled over a shoulder-height ridge, the translucent hem of his tunic brushing over the trees and casting a flurry of leaves about his knees. 

As he slid down the reverse slope, his foot dislodged the stones and gravel, driving a landslide of splintering trees and boulders ahead of his leg, which struck deep into the frangible earth. The fairy let out a startled gasp, his wings fluttering in futility to stop his headlong tumble into the city beyond. 

The crunch of buildings beneath his chest, waist, and thighs were shameful to Canaan, but deafening to the humans below. The shock of his impact threw every manner of urban detrius up in a cloud about him, vehicles and buildings tumbling off his shoulders and onto the small of his back. 

Unscrunching his face and groaning abashedly, Canaan plucked a string of subway cars from the bridge of his nose. 

"Hng, so much for heroics." He muttered, rising up on his hands as the ground up remains of the city rained off his tunic into the rammed earth below. Ahead of his face stood a small cluster of skyscrapers, their shining glass facades dirtied and shattered by the shockwave his fall had buffeted them with. The fairy's mouth parted in surprise, and he let out a gasp of recognition as his eyes focused on the myriad of tiny figures that scrambled about in the exposed cells of the skinny nest before him.

"M-monsters?" He queried at them, wrapping a hand around the back of the skyscraper and dragging it towards him until his nose brushed against it's surface. The building rocked unsteadily but held together, and the throngs of tiny beings inside staggered and fell about, now the focus of his scrutinizing gaze. 

They looked like people, just small. Not small like him though, really tiny. They were by far smaller compared to him than he was to Airomed, and compared to her they would have practically been germs.

"Can you all really be a menace like mistress says? I mean- you're barely big enough to see."As Canaan whispered, the slight breaths of his speech pulled the dozens of humans at the precipice of the sundered building onto his face, some sucked unknowingly into the vacuous caverns of his mouth and nose, but most drawn upwards and landing across the narrow tip of the boy's nose or near the corners of his eyes.

The fairy paused for a moment in cross-eyed confusion before letting out a high pitched yelp, and flipping over onto his back, smashing through a dozen more towers and wetting the back of his tunic as his weight mashed a residential canal into a muddy plain.

"Pfght- gah! Stop that!" He cried, brushing at his nose and flailing childishly about, each swing of his slender arms and legs bludgeoning through skyscrapers and shearing the roofs off of lesser buildings with the gusts of wind their passing created. 

With a sudden jolt Canaan sat upright, his face flushed red and his fists clenched. "An ambush? Just like monsters to take the coward's route!" He belted out boldly, trying to salvage his pride as much as chasten his 'assailants'. He still felt like things were crawling in his hair, and his thrashing about had tossed a great deal of dislodged urban debris into the wide openings of his sleeves and across the lap of his tunic.

A trio of severed skyscrapers and several cars and busses, as well as countless displaced humans were rolling about the shining silk creases, which silouetted the fit curves of his thighs suggestively. With a quiet groan the fairy plucked  the buildings and the larger vehicles up, hastening to draw them away before more of their inhabitants could leap or fall out onto his tunic. Thumping his hand against the ground  by his side he obliterated them with a loud crack, turning back to the now unsheltered throng of monsters clinging to him.

"Hmph- I won't go easy on you just because you're little!" He promised, drawing his knees up and pooling the hundreds of miniscule 'attackers' in the dip between his legs. To the hapless humans atop his tunic his thighs were thicker than any structure their race had erected, and yet they shifted with each of the titan's breaths, moved by unimaginably strong cords of muscle that would look childish on a human of their size.

Seperated by only a relatively thin veil of silk from the colossus' skin, the moist and balmy summer scent of his sweat rose around them, and the transparent fabric swayed over menacing shadows beneath.

The titanic pillar to one side of them rose terrifically fast, one thigh suddenly casting them into darkness, the plain they clung to quickly becoming a cavern, and then a vice as Canaan brought his two thighs together, smothering the humans present between their unmatched tonnage. 

The boy crossed his thighs dutifully, smirking as if he'd won a duel, but the blush on his face betrayed a touch of embarassment, and indeed curious relish he felt defeating his enemies in such a way.

Parting his thighs revealed naught but a scarcely noticable dirtiness on his tunic. His stomach however felt warm, and a strange feeling rose to his chest. Canaan could almost attest to hearing his mistresses voice whisper within his mind, a faint and sultry murmur, as if spoken just beside his ear.

"They're so small aren't they boy, just like you," The heat in his chest flushed his skin, as it did when he was braced against Airomed's warm body, "Except you're so big now." The voice finished, the words lilted breathily, then silenced.

The fairy wriggled slightly in place, his hands unconsciously wringing before his rising breast. "It'll save time smashing all these buildings if I do it this way!" He found himself saying cheerily. 

Suddenly bringing to bare the force of a smiting god, Canaan lifted his hand and brought it down on the roof of a tall office complex, smashing it into the ground in a cacophonous burst of masonry and smoke.

"Hey- don't hide, you've already decided to fight me!" He challenged, waiting a few more moments before shoving another building into its foundations with his palm.A few more buildings obliterated saw the remaining ones around him vacated of miniscule occupants, who fled en masse away from the city-spanning fairy.His hand reached for where his eyes had hunted for the largest gathering of humans.

Both sight and grasp found a main street that had become a solid flow of 'monsters', who were leaving their nests no doubt to regroup and attack him if he was even slightly innatentive to their schemes.

He covered the far end of the street with his hand and then drew it towards himself, gathering up the countless tiny figures in a relatively neat sprawl in his cupped palm. Barely considering them for a moment before carring on with his duty he poured them between his thighs as before, though this time he tilted his legs further back, coralling the insidious creatures just atop his thinly-veiled manhood.

He delivered handful after handful of his foes onto the hammock spanned across his waist, until it was weighed down by thousands of scrambling foes.It didn't take long until his bulge pressed against the tunic, a dull tan ridge appearing beneath the white silk as his flaccid length plumped and lifted the throng of humans. The barrier of fabric did little to dull either the warmth or the sultry scent of his penis, which throbbed faintly with each distant heartbeat of it's colossal wielder.

Overwhelmed by their capture and the waking manhood beneath them, most of the humans simply clung to the smooth ridge of silk hoping against hope their captor had tender treatment in mind for them. Others, less convinced of this outcome, tried to flee across the wavering plains of his tunic, only to run into his thighs which rose high to either side of them. 

The scrambling of hundreds of feet atop his swelling penis only further deepened the blush that stained Canaan's face, and after only a few moments a dark stain spread atop the dull pink dome where his glans strained against the silk. The glistening dew that pushed through the tunic streaked down the curve of his tip, sweeping through hundred of humans and adhering them fast to the now sticky fabric. 

The fairy, rather than sandwiching his foes quickly as he had before, instead simply lifted his knees and kept his human foes piled atop his sensitive penis. Between the rubbing of soft silk on the now exposed head, and the tickling that spread across his entire shaft he began to feel himself feeling lightheaded, and his breath became heavier.

The 'monsters' who had been caught in the creases of silk on either side of his bulge writhed pleasurably, trying to escape from their prison. Those 'safely' still atop his length were left as mere prisoners to the increasing heat and mugginess that poured forth from the fairy's waist, the youthful face of their 'foe' staring down from them above with flustered smile that betrayed his growing arousal. 

Canaan's mind,  clouded as it was in perverse enjoyment again humored the faintest whispering in his ear.

"Go on, show them how they make you feel." A few careless thrusts of his waist and the boy suddenly shuddered, giving scarcely any warning before a long strand of thick cum spurted through his tunic and draped across the hem, carrying with it hundreds of humans who had been in the path of it's flight.

The next jolting eruption of his cock saw the dense crowd of tiny figures that had been caught in the fold before it dissapear beneath a thick layer of sperm.

"Mnh- ah," It took him a long panting moment to compose himself. "s-sorry but t-that's what you get!" He grinned, and awkwardly rubbed the back of his head. Looking down at the now 'defeated' force mired in the cloudy seed that stained his tunic he exhaled through his nose and raised his eyebrows. "Gah, I made a mess."

Canaan looked back towards the still largely untouched city  around him and pursed his lips slightly."T-there's still so many of you though," he said, appraising the churned up streets, which had since refilled with more fleeing monsters. His hand almost involuntarily began to raise towards the nearest enemy 'horde'.

His self-serving musings were interrupted abruptly by a sudden flash of heat on his shoulder, accompanied by a loud snap and the slight smell of singed silk. Canaan leapt slightly, then dramatically as a dozen more bursts sprawl across his back, followed only a moment later by the roar of jets passing low over his head, and curling off ahead of a trio of contrails. 

"Wh- what the heck?" The fairy stammered, rising to his knees only to be peppered by another salvo of explosions, which popped about his chest and collar, singing holes through to the pale skin of his chest. "Wah!" A yelp of shock boomed across the cityscape as he suddenly sprang flat, landing prone atop a stretch of brownstones and a park, churning them into vaguely reddish dust.

The missiles which contined to rain upon Canaan burst across his back, tearing though his clothing but leaving his skin not so much as singed. "Hey, stop that! I mean it!" The fairy whined, groaning as their unleashed firepower ruined his pellucid attire, leaving the creme colored skin of his back exposed to their now ineffectual bombardment.

"Fine, don't come and fight me fair! You aren't safe up there, monsters!" He declared rising suddenly to his feet as a shower of ground-up debris rained from his chest and thighs, followed after a moment by the now severed ruins of his tunic which fluttered and draped over several skyscrapers, casting the crowded streets below into an unnatural dim. 

Canaan clenched his fists in front of him and squared his shoulders, his translucent wings stirring to life and after a moment lifting him off the ground, the cityscape around his feet scattering to the winds with the sudden gust of air. The moment the boy rose from the earth, the immense blasts of arcane wind it took to lift a colossus of his scale buffeted the jets that swarmed around him, rending the nearest to dust and sending those further away careening out of control.

None of the aircraft had the wherewithal to notice that Canaan had abruptly grown a few hundred feet taller with the burst of might.

"I won't hesitate to fight you m-" His issued challenge hadn't left his lips when he was suddenly left looking about perplexedly, scouring for any sign of his enemies. He heard only a few dull thuds as the last jets spiralled into the ground around him, or drifted by silently as smoking puffs of chaff and the blossoming parachutes of bailed out pilots. 

"That's it?" Canaan muttered with palpable dissapointment. "Talk about weak, all you did was wreck my favorite tunic." His sullen glance at the shredded veil of silk quickly became a frustrated huff and he cracked his knuckles sternly."It's one thing to be evil, but that's just mean!" 

The fleeing humans below saw the now unabashedly nude fairy assume the stance of a vengeful titan, his taut, youthful body shining with sweat and his unfurled wings and hair aglow with light.

Clasping his fists together above his head, he leapt skyward with a powerful spring of his heels, seeming to hang for a long, terrifying moment in the air before crashing flat onto the city beneath him. The impact his earlier stumble had caused was dwarved by the explosive shock that drove the earth beneath him into a deep and jagged crater and dislodged entire city blocks from the crust beneath, blasting them skyward at great speed.

The buildings beneath and around him were instantly powdered and their debris sprayed all about, casting up a miles-high swirling column of dust, smothering the entire valley in a preternatural darkness, cracks of heat lightning spidering across it.

Those few humans who survived the impact amidst the rubble and fissures at the edges of the city could only make out the immense shadow of the fairy rise to his feet again, shrouded within the dim like a destroying god.

Canaan strode forward from the dark pillar, his shining body now stained with dust and spotted with trains, cars, and bits of twisted and ruined buildings. His serious counternance suddenly lightened, and with a soft sigh he closed his eyes and adjusted his shoulders and rubbed at his hair, freeing a cloud of powder and restoring it's sheen.

A quick glance below satisfied him that this hive wouldn't cause any more trouble for him or Airomed. Some mindful brushing of his hands cleared the twisted vehicles and stray monsters that were stuck to the sweat beneath his chest, in the crux of his underarms, around his navel, and in the crease between his butt. 

"Mmn. I hope Airomed doesn't need this place to be in very good shape once the monsters are gone." He muttered, looking to his feet as each footfall raised a cloud of fine dust from the hammered remains of the city.Leaving it at that he carried forward on his quest and scrabbled over the ridge of tumbled-down and split mountains towards the next valley, leaving behind a roughly human shaped crater of earth packed as dense as bedrock by his unthinkable weight.

The first footfall he made over the shattered ridge settled softly into the moss-like groves of a large plantation. "Farms? I guess that makes sense, they have to get food somewhere." 

Canaan knelt amidst the patchwork of plowed and sewn fields, which were speckled with finger-length silos and barns. From end to end of the verdant valley groves of fruiting trees waved their boughs at the fairy, punctuating broad spans of golden grain and green pastures. 

Spotting a large field of cattle, he leaned forward and plucked up one of the domed dairy silos up, snickering slightly at the tiny cows that scrambled away from his fingers. He pinched the top off and promptly putting the structure to his lips, downed the refreshing shot of cream.

"Ah- If this place was normal-sized it would be really pretty," He said with a sigh, crumpling the silo between his fingers, "It'll be extra good to get rid of all the monsters here then!" He said decisively, rising to his feet and carefully stepping past the scrambling herd of cows to tread softly onto the cluster of farm buildings that marred the otherwise verdant area.

"They're real spread out here though." He said, lifting his foot and picking at the sparse bits of debris that stuck to his sole. "Mm, it'd take ages to stomp them out, and I'd wreck all the nature here." He muttered, rubbing at the back of his head and glancing at the ground beneath him before starting with sudden realization, "Oh! It's the same as when Airomed needs me in more than one place, duh!" He declared excitedly, resting on his rear, taking care to sit on wheat field where only a few tractors scrabbled about.

Closing his eyes and muttering indistinct words which reverberated with an otherworldy tenor, Canaan was ensconced in an aura of violet radiance. As if unfurling from beneath their suddenly rendered wings, dozens of smaller forms spiralled gracefully into being in the air about him, each relatively mere inches tall to their summoner, but all of them made exactly in his image.

The newly spawned swarm of fairies looked to one another's indistinguishable faces for a moment before turning to that of their much larger progenitor, who rallied them authoritatively with a whistle.

"Hey, listen up guys! Do you see all those little farms everywhere? It'll be way too hard for me to take care of them without wrecking this place or hurting something other than the monsters, so I need you all to smash them up ok? Airomed is counting on us, so get to it!"

With a sweep of his hand his newfound army fluttered forth on their translucent wings, landing at once at one of the dozens of farmsteads that surrounded where Canaan had sat down. Though they were a mere fraction of Canaan's height, each still stood taller than any grain silo and easily dwarfed the humans that scrambled away beneath them.

Each member of his conjured army set to their task at once, striding up to some barn or farmhouse and laying into them with great purpose. Some struck at them with their feet or arms, while others wrapped around the structures and wrestled them into splinters.

For any barn or pen they came upon with animals held within they pried the doors or walls off and let loose the herds of horses, cattle, or fowl within, before thrashing the manmade structures into heaps of splinters or twisted corragated metal.Any of the 'monsters' they encountered amidst these little nests were set upon however the fairies concieved of. 

Two of them tossed a semitruck cab back and forth across a cornfield as if it was a mere ball, while another sat cross-legged watching, happily chugging the tanker full of beer that it had hauled.

When a vehicle full of humans had driven up to another Canaan in the midst of his kicking over a mill and started firing rifles at him, he swiftly pinned the truck beneath his foot.

"Some kind of sling or something?" He asked, unamused and unimpressed with it's effects. "Heh, let me show you a real weapon!" He teased, plucking one of the passengers from the car and setting the struggling human atop his bicep. He grinned widely as he flexed, the taut muscles pinching his attacker inexorably in place as the rest of his fellows continued firing ineffectually at his ankles.

Another fairy was perched atop a bus, his thighs crumpling the sides and cracking the windows as his butt weighed heavily on the roof. He was preoccupied with twisting the door off to get at the humans within when he suddenly let out a whine and grabbed at his back.  

"Hey, did one of you climb on me?" He complained, patting at his back at the sudden irritation he felt. The heat and itching suddenly intensified, and the pop and zip of bullets whizzing by raised this Canaan's hair on end."Wah! That hurts, cut it out!" He said, his legs kicking into action and leaving the crumpled bus on it's side as he dove prone behind the berm of the road, leaving himself comedically exposed for lack of cover. 

Several hundred meters ahead of him he made out a long line of green figures and vehicles advancing towards him, issuing forth muzzle flashes and streaming missiles and grenades across the field towards him. 

"Soldiers? They have real warriors? Now it's getting exciting!" He extolled joyfully, before turning to a few of the other Canaans nearby and cupping his hands around his mouth."Hey, guys! There's a real fight over here! Cmon!"

A trio of nearbly fairies turned away from the police cruiser they had scrunched between their toes and rallied to their forward companion's call, fluttering to gather around him in a crouched phallanx of proud, youthful warriors. The fire from the human army intensified, explosive shells churning up pavement and splitting trees about them, but the magic that brought them into being protected them from the worst damage, leaving them with only buffeting forces of the explosions and the paled warmth of the blasts. 

Suddenly rising to their feet, the fairies strode forward, carried by their toned legs across the golden fields, clearing the distance faster than the aim of their enemies autocannons and rockets could account for. WIth their arms crossed in front of their faces, those projectiles which did impact did little to halt their charge, and only ellicited grins of excitement and exubilent and high war cries.

The glory of first coup went to the boy who had announced the enemies presence, when he dove onto one of the toy-like tanks, wrapping his arms around it and pulling it against his chest, it's barrel letting loose one more hair-tussling discharge of it's cannon before being bent back unto itself against his chest.

With a sudden jab the boy took hold of the base of the turret and pried it off, looking into it's hollow interior curiously.

"Huh, it's like some kinda metal turtle? I kinda expected guts inside." He muttered, before noting with surprise the finger-length tank commander hanging precariously from the gun mount within. Letting the hull of the tank drop in front of him, he pulled the human from the turret and cast the lump of metal aside. Turning the 'monster' about his fingers, the fairy snickered.

"You aren't tough without your little shell huh," he taunted, smirking as his companions strode past him into the fray of other vehicles and infantry, "it'd be kinda mean to just beat you up I guess." 

"You could make him useful at least. You know all about that, don't you boy."That voice again, lilting into his ear, as if the full lips of his master whispered tremendously beside him. As if they were bigger than his whole body, dwarfing him as he now dwarfed the human.

Just as his larger self had been effected by those lewd suggestions, the smaller Canaan blushed and averted his eyes from the tank commander.These same copies of Canaan appeared any time the original brought them forth, and thus he remembered those times past where they had been brought forth to manage the daunting task of pleasing Airomed. He remembered being held close to both of her sexes, the warmth and scent and sight overwhelming him even before the touch of the soft flesh itself came.

The aversion of the fairy's eyes lingered a moment more, then he turned to the still-clasped human, wearing an abashedly sultry look. The struggles of the tank commander ceased for a moment as he and the fairy locked eyes, a strange bridging of understanding forming as the camoflaged human glanced down towards the car-sized shaft that hung heavily atop a hanging pair of smooth orbs.

"Aww, hell n-"

The exhasperation was cut short as the fairy abruptly pulled the human against him, holding his arms wide to the sides of his shaft and pulling him face-first into the crease above his balls, letting the weight of his foreskin clad penis rest across his back. Pulled taught against his crotch like a thong, the boy huffed at the sensation of laboured breathing against his heated skin, and of the tiny hands that pushed against the smooth, yielding skin of his balls.

He'd never been on this end of this sort of thing before, usually it was his fate to end up as some piece of lingere for his demonic mistress, but at once he understood the draw as a bead of translucent precum slid down the back of his captives uniform, shimmering clear against drab olive. 

The other three Canaans had who had charged past him were stuck in admist the armored column, whose fire had tapered off as soon as the boys' stomps and punches had flattened their tanks and twisted the turrets off their troop carriers. The infantry who had held their ground were either punted across the amber fields or subjected to an absurdly one-sided bout of wrestling with the building-sized fairies.

Most lost their nerves and fled back into their carriers, where atleast the relatively thick armor might protect them from the heavy blows of their attackers.They were about to finish the crippled vehicles off when one took note of the fourths quiet moans.

"What the heck is he doing," one fairy asked confusedly, watching his fellow summon fondle himself with one of the monsters in hand, "is he pretending to be Airomed over there?" He taunted, eliciting a chuckle out of the other two. Their humored stares faded into curious ones though, after a few passing moments saw their explorative kin moan loudly and spurt a generous strand of cum onto his captive, draping him from helmet to boots.

Suddenly they looked pensively to their own and one anothers rising boyhoods then into one another's face, a pregnant moment of silence following.

"H-hey there were a bunch in those metal boxes?" One asked to another, who had been wrist-deep in the hull of an APC before his attention had been stolen.

"Wha? I mean, yeah there's a bunch." He muttered, removing his hand, which had a few grenadiers clinging to it and stabbing at it like a disturbed nest of wasps.

Extending a hand and peeling one of them from their melee, the inquiring fairy pressed the soldier against the underside of his thickening penis and started to stroke softly. The other two were transfixed as his foreskin rolled back and forth over his glans, which quickly soaked the human's uniform with his richly scented precum.

The first Canaan who had inspired such sensuous warfare strode over with a long sigh and joined the others as they sat on their knees, still blushing at their companion's experimentation. 

"You're playing with them, like that, too?" He muttered.

"You made it look fun, I dunno," another replied in a hush, "what happened to your human?" 

"He didn't seem to want to fight anymore after- after that. They're kinda lame." He replied, getting a nod from the others.

Their concensus was interrupted by a wavering gasp, and the sound of the other Canaan's release splattering across his captive and dripping in a white pool on the dark tarmac of the road beneath him. 

Just as the others began to chime up in jest at his 'outburst', he suddenly leaned forward and with a singleminded effort took hold of one of the partially crushed APCs near the side of the road. The vehicle chirped with the cries of surprise from the monsterous soldiers who had been hiding within, having watched their sergeant become a sex-toy for the immense boy.

Without hesitation he lowered the crowded vehicle to his waist, thrusting his cock into the tight interior. The rear port creaked in distress as it bent outwards to accommodate the fairy's throbbing width, which filled the space within entirely and pinned the squad of humans inside, replacing all the air within with the hot scent and dampness of his penis.

Again awed by the spontaneous lewdness their companion indulged in, the trio watched him slap the hull of the armored vehicle against his crotch, his balls bouncing softly off the rear wheels as the low hum of the engine vibrated and warmed his cocksleeve.

At this the others looked to one another then rapidly scoured the immediate surrounds for more APCs, finding them and gathering up as many soldiers as they each needed to fill their chosen toys with struggling humans. Those unfortunate combatants were pushed against the hot skin of the fairies encroaching cocks, until they brutishly pushed deep amidst the packed insides of the vehicles.

A quiet chorus of hums and moans rose, as the boys 'grappled' with each of their armored transports turned pocket pussies. One by one each of them hastened their thrusting, and then pushed deep, crushing through the drivers seats and deforming even the inches thick front hulls around the curve of their bellends. 

Each wore a different mask of pleasure, one's eyes completely closed, his thin lips parted and his husky breath rising with each stroke, another biting his lip, his eyes focused on the other fairies pleasures. 

The battle came to a pitch as one after another they came, quivering voices accompanying the sudden bursts of thick sperm from every seam of the vehicles. The armored windows and hatches popped open and oozed out the copious load each Canaan had filled the vehicles interiors to the brim with. The first to climax panted for a long while, before finally slipping the crushed remnants of the carrier from his sticky cock with a wet splat, a trail of cum hanging pendulously between it and the gaping door. 

"I guess we win?" He queried softly, turning to the nearest fairy as he milked the last of his passions out with a few creaking sqeezes of foil-like metal around his penis. 

"I dunno, I think they beat us." He replied slyly.The others quietly snickered, peeling any exhausted humans or ruined battlegear off of their wet, softening boyhoods.

They spent a moment cleaning themselves and watching a few of the sperm-drenched soldiers retreat away shamefully.

"We're kinda just messing around. It's really the big Canaan doing the hard work." He remarked, looking to the immense fairy as he sat crosslegged in the distance, his eyes closed and his face a mask of focus, only interrupted with the occaisonal flinch as a missile or burst of cannon fire popped harmlessly somewhere on his mountainous form.

"Hey maybe we should help him out, if running things here is anything like it is for Airomed, he's probably pretty tense." 

This suggestion garnered a nod of concensus from the other boys, who immediately set to work, flying across the field to find another column of monsters to capture.

The prime Canaan breathed out slowly, feeling the threads of magic within him draw towards one of his clones to preserve them against the impacts of half-a-dozen artillery rounds. Shrugging off one barrage of such weapons would be trivial enough, but protecting dozens of copies, each embroiled in battle as they were was hard, much less while protecting himself from the 'massive' aerial bombs which occaisonally landed on his head or shoulders.

The effort was paying off though, as the last of the farms in the valley was finished off, leaving only the ongoing battle against the thousands of monsters which were pouring in from the opposite end of the ridges.The ongoing push and pull of battle kept him rapt, when his senses suddenly turned to a group of four fairies who had left the frontlines and had managed to find their way between his canyon-like thighs.

"What is it guys," He asked calmly, only opening one eye slightly before returning to the arcane reigns of command in his mind, "You don't look hurt, did you spot something?"

The squad contined forward, approaching the building-sized cock that rested softly atop the flattened golden stalks of a wheat field, filling the air with a warm and earthy scent."You looked real serious over here commanding us, but we figured we had things under control!" One Canaan piped up merrily, walking forward with an intact APC over each shoulder.

"We figured you could use a little fun, like Airomed does when she works too hard!" Another added, holding the hem of his tunic up to his chest, the fold created filled with a number of captive monsters.

"I dunno if I can spare attention guys, this is really hard. Airomed makes this kinda magic look easy by comparison." Their immense commander replied uncertainly.The little gang of fairies took no heed, instead stepping up to the tip of his penis which flaccid as it was, revealed only its pink tip from within its thick foreskin. Without any warning the first stepped forward, plucking one of the humans from his makeshift satchel and tucking the struggling soldier beneath the heavy blanket of skin.

Canaan had already started to return his attentions to the ongoing battle when he suddenly felt slight weight on his balls, and an intense tickling on the tip of his cock. 

"Hey, don't play down there, s-shouldn't you go back to-" His complaint suddenly stopped as he looked down and realized that the whole quartet had taken positions atop his crotch, and were setting about sticking dozens of the monsters' warriors onto the most sensitive spots of his boyhood.

"Wh-what's up?" He stammered surprisedly, his hands moving for just a moment as if to brush them off, before stopping short, his fingers curling as the pleasurable sensation of both the fairies movements and the struggles of the human 'prisoners' intensified. 

One boy sat atop the immense cockhead, with his legs hanging to either side and his hands busy stuffing his share of captives into the loose crown of foreskin that clung to the cockhead beneath. Sparing only a single human for his own erection, that fairy set to his mischief, pushing his feet back and forth, shifting the skin with each motion and turning the tight space beneath Canaans foreskin into an unbearable tumult of heavy, damp skin for the humans trapped beneath.

Another of the Canaans fluttered before the pink tip, feeding the soldiers one at a time into the tight confines of its urethra until a thick stream of precum made the task impossible, after which he merely rubbed his remaining captives against the underside of the immense penis.

"Waah! S-stop, really! I gotta- I gotta f-focus." The prime Canaan cried, then muttered, as the undeniable pleasure of his smaller clones ministrations immediately brought to mind the most lewd orders he himself had recieved from Airomed. There was no whispering of honeyed words, but it was as if they had been said all the same, the same intense flush of red crossed his cheeks. 

Instead of repelling this presumptuous group of fairies he instead leant back on his elbows feigning some irritation, but at the same time parting his thighs slightly, offering more space for his smaller selves to fully enact their lewd plan of battle. 

The two not clinging to the slowly stiffening member instead took their positions beneath it, one starting to gently deposit his share of humans atop the building sized balls. That fairy snickered as they struggled to keep their footing atop the shifting curves of heavy, loose skin that clung to anything it touched. Several found themselves trapped in the weighty wrinkles that formed as the immense balls jostled with each throb of the rising monolith above it.

The last Canaan stepped aside the pendulous scrotum and slipped between it and his commander's inner thigh, before infiltrating below his butt. The infiltrating boy had to lower to a crawl with a pair of APCs under each arm, parting the yielding skin to either side of him until his hair brushed against the ceiling of Canaan's anus. The whole space was steeped in the powerfully sweet scent of the fairys most private places.

A few soldiers tried to slip out of the hatches of one his captured vehicles, the smaller fairy's quick hand preventing them from tumbling to the hard-packed soil beneath his feet. Looking about this dim, stuffy environment, they found themselves trapped in what seemed to be a dark corridor of pale skin, only a slight trickle of light from either end and the headlights of the APCs offered illumination.

"You'd be better off just accepting fate little monsters," Their captor warned them, setting three of their vehicles down by his side and hefting the fourth one upwards until it's rumbling hood pressed against the mocha-colored wrinkles above him.

"I'd say your chances are better inside the armor than under his butt!" He huffed, putting his hands on the rear of the hull and pushing until the APC slipped into the tight clench of the fairy's asshole.

The Greater Canaan gasped at the sudden sensation of the warm vehicle entering his butt, the rumbling of it's engine seeming to fill his whole belly despite how small the hull itself felt.

"W-what are you doing with those, I said smash em' n-not-" He protested, sparing only a slight brush of his fingers against his inner thigh, before trailing off in his resistance to surpress another moan. Three more APCs followed, the unsyncronized vibrations of their motors bringing forth a more intense stream of precum from his now erect penis.

Try as best he could to retain his arcane control over his army, his thoughts were totally preocupied with the sensuous 'mutiny' he had on his hands. The other Canaans, who with his help had fought an easily-won victory, were interrupted from their own coups-de-grace against the tattered monster forces by the invasive, lewd thoughts of their commander, whose sensible orders and protection was now replaced with hesitant concessions to pleasure. 

They turned to face their titanic marshall and noticed the small squad of fairies who had made a playground of his crotch, and in each of their own squads came to the same conclusion as the first group. Immediately they set to snatching up any fleeing humans they could before fluttering on hastened wings to gather to their needy commander.

The aftermath of the battle became a blur to Canaan, as his loyal warriors piled a divisions worth of captured monsters onto his now unbearably erect cock. Any who couldn't find space against the pre-slicked pillar to offer stimulation turned to his balls or joined their comrade beneath Canaan's uplifted butt to push countless numbers of them into his twitching anus.

Biting his lip, Canaan felt a moan rise once, then again louder, and then finally let out a deafening cry as the ministrations of the all-too-eagre fairies pushed him over his limit. He felt his prostate quiver, and the captured vehicles within his butt proved unable to resist the immense pressure as they crumpled in an instant.

His balls twitched mightily, tossing human and fairy alike upward as the muscles beneath tensed and sent forth the leaping arcs of cum that jolted from the bright tip of his cock. His mind now completely alight with the blinding moment of release, all pretenses of maintaining his spells dissapeared, and with it the surprised smaller fairies curled back up in the reverse of how they had appeared, vanishing with a final collective cry of success, as they had often done when their efforts brought Airomed to satisfaction.

The hundreds of humans still scattered all about his battleship-sized cock were not so lucky, and flew in every direction, along with the barrage of pearl-white ropes of cum that splattered across his thighs and the battleground before him.

Canaan's face betrayed his satisfaction as his glans drooled out the last of it's tremendous load across what little was left of the army between his legs.Looking between his legs he was suddenly struck with a curious impression.

"H-huh, did you get smaller?" He muttered, running a finger through the sticky column of armored vehicles, raising his hand to observe the mote sized tanks clinging to his fingertip.

As his wits returned to him Canaan looked about the valley, realizing with a slow gasp that his legs now framed the entire valley that he had formerly been just the largest occupant of. He panicked for a moment, curling his toes and glancing about at the checkerboard of fields beneath his now mountainous thighs, sighing in relief only once he realized the vast majority of pastures and groves he'd sought to preserve were intact, if occasionally marred by a crumpled vehicle or puddle of sperm.

"I'm big now? Bigger, I mean." He fretted, clenching his fists and holding his breath, as if to try and compress himself down. After a few futile attempts at venting what excess of magical power had filled him he let out a deep sigh and slumped his shoulders.

"I guess all the damage the copies soaked up had to go somewhere." He surrendered, cupping a hand over the peak of a nearby mountain, as if still in disbelief  No point crying about it, I guess this makes things even easier."

The fairy rose somewhat shakily to his feet, his collossal form casting a long shadow across the entire island he had been on. Fine, powdery soil drifted from his thighs and butt, swirling amidst the soft white clouds that now drifted around his body. His feathery hair shone golden now that they were above the clouds in the clear cold air of the upper atmosphere. His warm skin seemed to radiate at his newfound scale, a faint haze forming around his chest, arms, and waist and oscillating in the currents the slow beats of his translucent wings created.

The boy turned to either side, raising a palm to his brow and inspecting the gentle curve of the horizon for signs of more nests to dispose of. The island he'd been standing on had been almost entirely cleansed of humans, with only a few mountain and coastal villages remaining that Canaan wrote off as too difficult to stomp without completely ruining the wilderness around them.

"Guh, at this rate Airomed is gonna spend even more time than me finding all the hard to reach monsters." He said guiltily, before stepping over the knee-high mountains and into the cool waters of the sea beyond. "I dunno, maybe she'll like that though." He tapered off.

The coastal plain rapidly sloped into the deep sea, the churning waters rising up to Canaan's waist and sending a shiver through his hips. A few more steps though, and the feeling of geothermally warmed silt between his toes brought out a sigh of relief.

Though the monster's hives were soft and chalky, the earth beneath them was hard-packed and made his soles sore.

His eyes were set on the coast of the nearest continent, which appeared as just a thin green and grey band along the horizon from where he stood. After a few moments of walking in that direction, he felt a cool current of air buffet against his skin, the difference in temperatures bringing with it a zephyr of fog and clouds from the sea that mired the boy's view of the sea beneath him.

He hummed nervously but continued his trek forward.

"It's not like it's deep enough to be a problem. I guess I'll feel it when I get there if this keeps up."

With his shoulders alone standing above the veil of fog, he couldn't even see the ripples of the sea churning about his waist as it cut through the wine-dark sea. 

From the open sea in front of him countless trails of white foam began to converge , the wakes of a dozen human navies each represented by hundreds of mighty ships. The superpowers' fleets were on their highest alerts respectively, and in an unprecedented move united to respond to the singular threat to their existance.

Almost a million sailors and marines manned their battlestations and loaded the armaments of total war, awaiting the sight of their world's invader and the orders to lay into him.Their intel no doubt informed them of the many-thousands of feet tall creature laying waste to the island nation he had appeared without warning upon.

Their battleplans however were shown to be for naught as soon as their radars picked up the miles-wide signature of the colossal fairy. It wasn't but another moment before their spotters became aware of the unthinkably vast shadow striding towards them through the unusually warm gust that had preceded his arrival.

The distance closed in seconds, when suddenly the bank of fog was burst through by the boy's impossibly huge penis, swinging limply just above the surface like the rearing head of the world-serpent. Those ships nearest were practically lifted out of the water and skidded sideways across it from the displacement of so much air, settling into the rocking sea as the gulf was filled with a heady scent.

Some of the battleships in the rear of the formation had time to bring their weapons to bear, but the explosions of the deck guns shells were lost on the vast skin-colored monolith before them. The titanic member swung back through the fog towards them as the giant pivoted from one hip to another, this time swinging low and clipping just across the surface of the water.

Canaan could only feel the slightest chill of water on the underside of his frenulum, unable to percieve or imagine that its passing had swept over dozens of battleships, carriers, destroyers and cruisers, obliterating whole vessles in an instant or suddenly erasing half a ship, leaving severed bows or afts rocking dead in the water. Those ships who had been short of the passing swipe couldn't evade the titan's balls, which neccesarily swept forward behind the penis, sinking some ships without warning and beaching others atop the spongy shore until the slow bounce of the weighty orbs shook the thin-hulled ships apart.

The flanks of the fleet had veered wide, some columns of ships managing to escape being swept below by the horizon-spanning pillars of the fairys hips, barely managing to endure the intense wake which followed.

Their evasion did not mean salvation however, for as the fairy passed the wake made by his ample butt drew the survivors back in, some being rent apart in the churning waters while others managed to find themselves pinched in the soft crease between his butt and thighs.

A few slow steps across the continental shelf and Canaan had brushed the thousands of assembled warships aside, leaving not as much as a stain on the crotch that had destroyed the entire hemispheres combined naval power.

The sea shrank away from his waist, churning about his knees and then his ankles as he reached the gently sloping incline up to the shore of the mainland. His feet brushed through coral, silt, and sand until he found himself just beside the immense sprawl of a coastal metropolis, the waves his movement had stirred crashing against the piers and seaside high rises.

The fog which had rolled in with him parted to either side of his back, framing his immense form like a white curtain. To the millions of humans in the cityscape beneath him the horizon was filled entirely by the boy's form, from his feet resting in the sea to the  gentle waving of his shining hair and the impassive stare of his youthful face amidst the clouds.

Canaans stoic gaze turned downwards towards the world beneath, before his face suddenly brightened with a slight smile.

"Hey, there you are. There's alot more of you here than there were on that island. I'd say I expect a better fight here but-" The fairy said, appraising the fortitude of the now truly miniscule coastline with a prod of his toe, crumbling an entire block of coastal boardwalk into the sea and squishing it into a murky paste.

The boy raised his foot again, before resting it atop the brittle cityscape with a slightly damp crunch. Stooping to a squat he watched the chaotic flight of so many boats, planes, and vehicles away from him, the individual monsters on foot no longer really discernable to his eyes.

The valleys that he had trodden through before had been lined with mountains that had felt substantian beside Canaan's form. Now the land more resembled a wrinkled blanket, with flat mats of dense hives crammed between the palm-height mountains and the pencil-width rivers. Even at their nearly indiscernable scale however, Canaan spotted a few structures jutting forth from the otherwise plain landscape of glittering grey boxes.

Between his feet a stretch of upscale entertainment had managed to endure the impact of the waves his arrival had made, and standing amid a sprawl of parking lots and cars was an arena about the size of a small coin.

With a curious expression he plucked it up, trying as best he could not to deform the pitiably weak metal as he brought it up to his face to make out its infinitescimal details.

"Huh, an amphitheatre? It's like a little ring. I guess they watch fights and stuff too?" He muttered, his booming voice shaking the 'massive' colosseum and it's occupants who were far too miniscule for the boy to see as more than a multicolored smear on the inside of the white ring.

With a thoughtful hum Canaan brought the structure to the tip of his pinky and pushed it around the finger, the structure groaning and deforming, but just barely enduring the pressure, leaving the shining band intact.

"Nice! I was hoping I could maybe save a few trinkets from this place. Airomed didn't say I couldn't find treasure between smashing stuff, it's just that most of what you guys make is so weak."

Turning to the cityscape again he considered what other trinkets might be worth salvaging before he obliterated the monsters with the devestating efficiency of his newfound size. Little seemed worth such attention though, a few buildings which would've been impressive had be been the monster's size, but which now couldn't even endure a prod of his fingertip.

The nests here were taller than they had been on the island, and a few of them towered above the others with distinct spires and shimmering surfaces of glass. Canaan fumbled in his effort to pluck the first one he fancied up, instead merely smearing it into powder between his fingertips.

With a slightly more careful method the second time he managed to lift another by it's base carrying it intact within his palm. 

"It's pretty impressive compared to the rest. I wish I could've seen it when I wasn't so huge." He remarked, turning it over a few times, each movement eroding more of the structure away like dry sand. "Oh well, no point getting too distracted I guess." 

Brushing the distraction against his thigh and turning back to the matter at hand he suddenly assumed an even lower stance, before plopping himself sidelong against the city's coastline, squishing several miles of beaches, piers, and high-rises into damp sand beneath his firm sides.

"It's most efficient if I do it like this. I wanted a fair fight but it'd be too tedious now, sorry monsters!" With his apology issued the fairy began to simply roll into the city, each turn of his fit body obliterating miles of dense metropolis beneath him. Every part of the miniscule cityscape was flattened and churned apart beneath his firm collar, his tight chest, in the curve of his flexing arms, under the firm plane of his abs, or between the valleys of his crotch and thighs.

As he rolled over on his other side the monsters oblitaration came beneath the points of his shoulders, the small of his back, or under the weight of his butt, whose softness did nothing to offset it's apocalyptic mass as it pressed the city into packed-down dust. And so it alternated, until after only a few moments Canaan had erased the entire metropol, with the damp gray dust that was it's only remnant either coating the flattened plain he had formed or clinging to the high points of his body.

Unlike before he wasted no time, rising to his feet and quickly leaping into the next sprawl of city he could spot. Sweeping his legs forward he slid into the midst of it, his rear landing with a thunderous noise, renting deep fissures across the city before him. Buildings splintered apart and clattered against the insides of his thighs, thrown forward by the impact of his landing. Casting his feet wide to either side Canaan started to swipe them about, purging every cluster of nests beneath the smooth soles, stopping only to occasionally clench his toes to undo any particularly stubborn row of human architecture. It took only a few dozen satisfying stomps to reduce the county into a checkerboard of black footprints. 

The fairy let out a huff, sweat already beginning to streak through the gray dust across his body, revealing the pale skin beneath in long trails. Now towering above the shade of the mountains he was bared to the heat of the sun, great drafts of steam pulsing forth from his pores into the atmosphere around him.For the first time his work was truly undistracted and totally unresisted, at least as far as the boy could tell. The thousands of aircraft, ground installations, and vessels at sea were unleashing every weapon at their disposal, but even as they put the payloads of their past wars to shame they did nothing to harm or even tickle the miles-long limbs of the titanic fairy.

Sparing little consideration for his quarry, the boy progressed from one county to the next, flattening cities in mere moments, varying between wrestling against the ground and merely pressing them into sand beneath his feet. A mere half-hour passed and he had erased several countries from the globe, only their woodlands and mountains enduring the human-seeking annihilation he carried out.

He was in the midst of sweeping his feet back and forth across a tangle of suberbs when he keenly spotted a small glowing point in the sky above him. Raising a hand to his brow he narrowed his eyes as the glimmering seemed to split into two points of radiance, then four, and finally dozens.

The boy widened his mouth in curiosity only to realize the shooting stars were approaching him rapidly. He had only a moment to cross his arms and assume a firm scowl before the cluster of sprites darted infront of him. Canaan had expected more planes, but as soon as he noted the projectiles were aimed at his chest and jolting ever closer at such a rapid pace he feared they were another form of attack.

A vibrant purple grid of light unfurled before Canaan's arms as he cast forth a protective net, bracing to endure the rapid blinding flashes that followed. His eyes were shut tightly and his teeth were bared against both the radiance and intense heat, which required every ounce of his focus strength to endure. Even through closed eyes he could see the light, and the change in pressure alone made his ears pop.

The force of the blasts drove his ankles into the stone beneath him, but he managed to stay on his feet and withstand the solar radiance that surrounded him.The all-encompassing heat and light seemed to diminish just as fast as it had burst, and the boy looked about slowly in surprise.

He was unscathed, as was the landscape beneath him. Despite the fearful impression the attack had made, it had been absorbed completely, and accordingly his now swolen, crackling arcane shield could be withdrawn into himself. As soon as the retracted the protection however Canaan was again blinded, this time from the sudden shock of magical energy rushing into his body, which swelled in his chest and coursed through his every limb. 

He hadn't imagined that after so many dissapointments by the monsters weapons that they would have an attack which would so severely tax his ability to defend. Likewise once he had endured the blistering attack his bounty of captured energy surpassed anything he'd encountered so far.

As soon as his sight was restored he could tell at once that the human's world below him had diminished greatly. He could feel the curvature of the ground between his toes and his heel, and now no part of the landscape stood comparable to even his pinky toe.

"Wah, it's round!" He cried somewhat obliviously, suddenly dropping to his knees and hugging his arms close to the crust of the planet beneath him. He was bigger than some of the landmasses now, and his form stood high above the shell of atmosphere, which swirled around his folded thighs and forearms like soap in bathwater.

"I can barely even see your hives now," Canaan fretted, poking a finger at the now diminutive grey patches beneath his face. The cityscape adhered to his finger like dust, leaving behind only a dark crater with the whirls of his fingerprints impressed upon it, "I wonder if you can even tell whats attacking you now."

His idle observations were interrupted with a sudden start, as he wheeled his head about to gaze at the span of earth that his immense body arched over. His eyes beheld his penis, which  jutted downwards and scraped softly against the land beneath, scribbling a trail though mountains, rivers, and the monsters civilization alike.

A flush rose to his cheeks, the formerly meticulous task of exterminating the humans was now so trivial he was accomplishing more unconsciously than he had in hours of exhausting crusading. He rose slightly to sit on his haunches, searching for the more obvious clusters of nests to continue his task. His prior athletic methods would despoil the monsters and nature alike, and he worried a too-zealous tackle might split the world in half.

"I can't really even tell you and the ground apart now, you're just like patterns on silk."With great care the fairy pressed his fingernail into the soft earth besides a tremendous human city, pushing his fingers into the crust beneath it until he could peel the small veil of civilization from its planet.

He couldn't help but smirk in pity at the diminished state of the humans, their resistance summarized now by a few barely visible and insensate pinprick explosions across his palm. Without fanfare Canaan had his fill of curiosity with the coin-sized city and spared no time pressing the millions of humans into his chest, before drawing his fingers across his soft pink nipple, leaving a faint grey stain on the warm skin.

The feeling as he suspected was cooling and stimulating against his skin, which now freed from the protection of the atmosphere grew balmy and sweaty and in the rays of the distant sun. Another moment brought another stolen city, which found itself rubbed into his underarm, it's powdery buildings absorbing the boys perspiration with surprising effectiveness. 

The blush that adorned his cheeks only intensified, as the lack of opposition from his quarry left him with little else to enliven his task but these lewd investigations.

"I don't think I have much time left before you're all taken care of, humans," He mused, as he wiped another handful of metropoli across the pale curve of his inner thigh, "I'm still kinda pent up too." He added, tracing his now mostly depopulated hand across the hanging bulk of his balls and up the underside of his cock.

Thinking to the endless examples of vulgarity that Airomed had rigorously taught him, he set about rubbing every nest of humans he laid eyes upon unto his loins and sensuous places. A series of country-sized palmfuls found themselves pressed against his butt, each brought closer and closer to the soft pucker of the boy's anus, until one found purchase amidst the tight tan wrinkles.

Canaan leaned forward and chuckled shyly as his butt waved back and forth, the sight of his hips thrust skyward an unexpected weapon in his crusade.A few bounces of his hips and the countless humans that remained scattered in the curve of his ass tumbled either into the gaping abyss above or below into his thighgap to be clapped into nothingness with each leap of his boyish waist.

As his pucker softly clenched about the offered cities the fairy turned his attentions to the cushy bulk of his testicles, which conformed to the city-loaded hand that fondled at them. Those humans who by great chance avoided immediate obliteration against the loose skin found themselves clinging to the humid island-sized balls, unaware of the fairy's sperm within them which now dwarved anything alive or manmade.

With a rough exhalation his destroying palm finally cupped around the now thick shaft of his penis, another stolen nation bracing against the smooth skin before dissolving into a shower of dust and trickling between his fingers. A bead of his arousal formed at the tip of his cock, and with that sign the fairy abandoned his prior hesitance to indulge his desires himself. 

At a rate that consumed an entire nation of 'monsters' in mere moments, Canaan pried cityscape after cityscape from the earth and set them against the underside of his shaft. The soft slapping of his masturbation echoed across the increasingly depopulated continent beneath his thighs, millions of humans being rubbed into oblivion with each stroke of the boy's foreskin clad penis.

His stream of precum muddled with what urban detrius stuck between his fingers, leaving some thousands of structures and humans mired to the twitching surface each time he drew his hand away, lasting only until another handful of land was pressed against his penis.

The humans mostly dwelt along the equator of the planet, and so Canaan crawled around the axis there, leaving a trail of coasts and plains divested of habitation, criss-crossed with footprints, and splattered with transparent drops of sweat and precum. After having circled the largest continent the fairy was panting heavily, his lidded eyes scouring for what few cities remained.

As he approached the last untouched coast of this land he rested on bent knees and faced out to sea, towards the only other inhabited continent he had seen. His penis had risen to unbearable stiffness, and jutted powerfully from his waist, throbbing and streaming both a continuous stream of transparent arousal and clouds of steam, resembling a waterfall which put any natural wonder of the world to shame. 

The boy's sizeable cock had become unwieldy for just one hand, and with a huff of pleasure he took to peeling up two handfulls of nests at a time and wrapping them against the thick member. He traced a finger around the head of his penis, stirring what few structures survived his grip into the sticky fold of his foreskin, before the next strokes of his colossal member rubbed them into paste beneath the stuffy mountain-thick blanket of skin.

When it seemed to Canaan that he had the last city in hand, he finally permitted his resistance to falter, his mindfulness to his quest having stifled his rising pleasure for as long as he could. His thoughts however still turned to Airomed, for whom he had endured this whole geas. The vision of her curves, of the swell of her breasts, of the crease bethween her thighs and her hips, all flooded his mind. 

"A-airomed." He panted, his breath turning to vapor. And then again a whispered reply, like a feather around the tip of his ear, "Go on boy, finish what you started."

The fairy shuddered, his hips suddenly lifting him and thrusting his spear forward. Canaan shut his eyes tightly and let out a warbling moan, as the stream of precum that ran from his glans onto the mountains beneath him suddenly gave way, and with a continent-shaking jolt his release leapt forth.

The narrow band of sea between continents was a neglegable to the boy, and his first rope of pearly ejaculate arced across it in an instant, landing upon the untouched civilization on the far shore with a soft thump, before rolling and splattering across the landscape. A miles long strand of cum bounced through the cities there, stripping the ground of buildings and sliding up the slopes of mountains with the momentum that Canaan's penis had imparted it with.

Only once it's movement was exhausted did the warm goo stop in it's path and sprawl out, rolling heavily over millions of humans and filling the land with the fairy's masculine essense.

Then again and again it came, as Canaan's balls let forth the full sum of his passions, dozens of arcing ejaculations spattering the distant landmass and piling atop itself, covering the monster's nations in a release that even at a human scale would have been unnaturally potent.

By the end of the fairy's cumming nearly the entire continent had been coated with a sprawling  churning sea that submerged all beneath its cloudy depths.

Canaan's face wore the look of exhaustion and relief that such a potent release deserved, and his hand parted from his shaft with a sticky splat. He opened his eyes to behold a landscape almost completely mired in white, only the peaks of mountains standing unscathed above the gooey deluge as it ran slowly into the sea.

"Nng- huh- I-Is that it?" He panted, sniffing once and running his forearm across his glistening brow, scanning the horizon around him. The land to either side of him was a checkerboard of dirty patches where cities had been pried forth, and of verdant forests and fields that still rustled pacifically in the now sweat and semen tinged atmosphere that ensconced the world.

He let out a deep sigh and wiped his hand across a patch of barren earth, before rising to his feet and setting his hands onto his hips. 

"There might be lots left, but I can't really see them anymore," the fairy remarked, now mostly alone to hear it. He couldn't see the sparse villages dotting the mountains or valleys that had avoided his wraith, and the thought of tracking them down made his already spent endurance feel the full burden of his fatigue.

"Getting lazy?" The sky suddenly rumbled as a sultry voice rolled over him, this time certainly not originating from within his mind. The clouds below Canaan roiled as some collossal mass pushed down from the gulf of space above.

Without warning a set of slender fingers wrapped around the boy and lifted him upwards, the round surface of the world pulling away from him with disorienting speed.He wriggled slightly for a moment in surprise, before turning upwards to behold the countenance of his mistress, staring down at him with a bemused look and a pinky held to her full lips.

"Took you long enough didn't it boy," Airomed inquired softly, the full expanse of her curvaceous body stretching far above and below the sphere of the world beneath, which was scarcely the size of a beachball before her thighs."

Canaan let out a gasp and leaned forward, his hands gripping around her finger,

"Wah! M-mistress were you watching me- handle the monsters?" He asked, his eyes darting aside at the 'cleansed' globe below.

Airomed gave a slight tilt of her head, her ruby hair bobbing about her neck and her eyelashes shutting in an expression of disinterest. "That would be against the point of sending you to do it for me wouldn't it?" She sighed, her fingers rubbing at Canaan's back firmly but with consideration for his relatively miniscule size,

"I had put a ward on this world, to let me know when you had gotten around to doing what I'd asked. You missed quite a few, but it'll be a lot less tedious to clean them up than before.

"One of her lidded eyes opened looking at the mottled pastel tones of the planet, her smirk fading slightly, "You- you got my planet all sticky," She muttered, "I wasn't exactly expecting that,"

A prod of her free hand against the flooded continent left her fingertip coated in white. The demoness  rubbed her fingers together and drew a string of cum between them before squishing the suspended remains of the city that had been submerged in it.Canaan stared for a moment before faintly chuckling, his face reddening.

"Eheh, t-they started it, really! I couldn't help but think of how you would have dealt with this kind of thing." He hurriedly explained, rubbing the back of his head with some embarassment.

Airomed let out an impish hum, "It's not so bad. There'd be a lot less of the thing for me to use if I'd handled it myself," She extended her hand forward, a roiling band of red mana ensconcing the planet beneath, which suddenly contracted into a ball no bigger than her palm, which she daintily held between the tips of her fingernails.

"An intact world with no irritating inhabi-" Airomed caught herself and emitted a quiet cough before cannily carrying on, "no vile monsters to despoil it will be very useful to me. You did well, boy." 

Canaan smiled shyly as his hands held the tip of her thumb tightly, he had almost forgotten how comforting the immense presense of Airomed was compared to holding the role of titan himself. He turned towards her face with a beaming expression at her compliment, "Really? Thanks mistress! I'll never fail you if it's your desires I'm working towards!" He announced proudly.

"Hmm, once I've set this world safely away what say I let you prove your ability to sate my desires." The demoness whispered sultrily, baring her fangs in a wide grin. 

Canaan had only time to let out a nervous laugh and cling tightly to her thumb as she swept the hem of her silk drapery over her head and vanished in a whirl of crimson energy, leaving only the endless starscreen of space about her, the only witness a solitary gray moon now berift of it's world.


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