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Author's Chapter Notes:

Both Act 2 and this Act took a couple days each when I was writing this before. I'd say those days spent carefully paid off, especially considering how much longer they are than the first act. :)

The next day, Lily was the first one to wake up. When she did however, something didn’t feel right. She felt….cramped. Uncomfortable despite how soundly she slept last night. But how?

Lily: "Huh? Why is it….so tight in here?"

Lily tried to get comfortable until she realizes part of her legs and feet were hanging over the side of the tiny bed. Somehow she had grown larger overnight, large enough to poke over her bed!

Lily: "Wait...I’m bigger? After just one night? But I haven’t grown at all before!"

She got up out of the bed and looked at herself. She didn’t look too much different than how she did before aside from her new size, and her dress still fit her okay. After she was done, Lily made her way onto Isa’s bed to wake him up.

Lily: "Isa? Isa wake up please! I need to show you something!"

Lily presses a finger against his cheek, and Isa starts to stir from his sleep.

Isa: "Mmm….wha? Oh...good morning Lily…..What are you doing on my bed?"

He sits up and lets out a yawn, his eyes not yet fully adjusted to see that Lily is bigger.

Lily: "I-I don’t know how, but I grew last night Isa! Just look at me! The bed was even a bit small when I woke up!"

Isa: "Oh….you’re right. You do look bigger…!"

As Isa eyes adjusted and he could see the somewhat larger Lily, his eyes became wide. Not only was he not expecting Lily to grow but also when a thought came to his mind: Would she keep getting bigger, or would this be it?

Isa: "Can you go back inside the bed Lily? I want to see something…."

Lily nodded and after getting moved back, laid down on the bed. Sure enough she was a bit large for it with her legs and feet over the edge somewhat.

Isa: "Oh wow. That’s certainly something alright. You’ve grown a few inches for sure…."

He looks at her closely, trying to see if there were any other changes he could point out.

Isa: "Nothing else seems to be different. Well aside from the fact that your dress grew with you. I hope it isn’t tight or anything is it?"

Lily: "No it’s fine actually. If there’s one thing I am feeling it’s hunger."

Lily’s stomach growled as if to echo what she was saying and without a second thought, Isa picked up and the slightly larger Lily and placed her on his shoulder, taking her downstairs.

Isa: "Well then I’ll make some breakfast for us. And it will be special since this will be your first time eating it."

He smiles and patted her head. As he did this Lily had that feeling starting to well up inside her again. It was the exact same one as yesterday, but it seemed as if it was biding it’s time like before. Once they got to the kitchen and Isa set her down, he got to work on making some eggs and bacon.

While he was doing so, Lily was deep in thought about her growth. She did like it and it did feel good, but at the same time a rather worrisome thought came to her. If her growth were to continue and not stop here, what would happen if she were to grow not only larger than Isa, but to grow absolutely massive? She could destroy buildings by bumping into or pushing them, pick up cards and other large objects with just a single hand. Worse of all, what would Isa even think of her at that point? The thought of all this was a mix of intrigue, but also fear. She looked up at Isa while he was cooking, trying to picture how he would feel.

His kindness and generosity made her think he would be okay with it and wouldn’t mind, but there was a part of her that was still uneasy about it. Once Isa was finished with breakfast, he brought it over for the two of them and poured some lemonade as well. As he sat down and was about to eat, he saw Lily’s face and could tell someone was bothering her.

Isa: "What’s wrong Lily? If there’s something on your mind you can tell me about it. I’ll listen and answer to the best of my ability."

Hearing this she looked up at him with eyes of hope.

Lily: "You….you promise you will?"

Isa: "Of course."

Lily: "Well….If I Were to grow bigger than this, and I mean bigger than you, and better yet this house, how would you feel about it?"

Isa: "How would I feel? Well I would surprised to say the least, but it wouldn’t change my opinion on your at all."

Lily was surprised to hear this.

Lily: "R-really? Even if I was to grow really big to the point where I could destroy and break things so easily? To the point where I could be considered a monster?

Isa: "Even if or better yet when you get to that point in size Lily, I will never think of you any different than I do already. You’re a human being as well as a girl, no matter how big or small you are Lily. I would treat you the same as I always have and I promise that I won’t leave your side."

Isa patted her head with a finger while also having a warm smile on his face. Hearing these words touched Lily. She teared up from how genuine his response was and she could see that he was serious about what he said. Lily hugged his finger tightly and the feeling inside her burned even brighter, so much to the point that she actually grew a few inches larger as she hugged Isa’s finger. Once she had stopped growing she was now past a foot tall, reaching one foot and 3 inches.

Isa: "Oh wow, you grew again Lily! And much more this time I think!"

Lily: "I...I think that’s because of your words and feelings towards me Isa…..But let’s go ahead and eat."

Lily changed the subject and started to eat her food, looking up at Isa with a smile on her face. Isa returned her smile and also started to eat, the both of them finishing their food and cleaning within the hour.

Isa: "Well now that we’re done, wanna go out somewhere? I think it would be good since you’d have a much better view of the world around you rather than that dark, dreary alley."

Lily: "Yeah, I would like that a lot Isa."

Isa: "Alright then. I’ll have you wait in the living room for me so you can see more of my house."

He moved her to a table in the middle of the living room before heading upstairs to change into someone for suitable to tackle the day with. As Lily waited she couldn’t stop thinking about what Isa had said to her. He was truly a good person and she didn’t ever want him to leave. A few minutes later Isa came back wearing a T-Shirt with a graphic on it, blue shorts and tennis shoes. He put his hand on the table and let her climb in, before raising it up and placing her on his shoulder.

Isa: "Alright. Let’s get a move on."

Isa took his key and left the house with Lily, walking without really a destination in mind at the time. Lily looked all around the neighborhood and city Isa lived in with amazement and curiosity.

It was so huge and colorful, with all kinds of buildings and other points of interest she couldn’t help staring at. After walking for a bit, the two sat down on a bench in the park that was close to his house to take a break. Isa also places Lily on the bench so she could experience it as well as look around the park from a different angle.

Lily: "Wow. It’s so nice out here. I never thought that I would be seeing all of this."

Isa: "I’m glad I can help you experience and take all of this in. And I’m more than happy to show you more of this Lily."

Lily: "I would like that a lot Isa."

She was smiling up at him when she felt that same feeling coursing through her body again.

Lily: "Isa? I...I think it’s happening…."

Isa: "Huh? You mean you’re about to grow again?"

Lily nodded, and soon after her body started to slowly grow. Her dress stayed on as she grew much more this time, ending once she reached 3 feet tall. Both of them were surprised with how much she grew this time, as opposed to the few inches of the first two spurts.

Lily: "Wow that’s a lot more than before….It felt different as well."

Isa: "For sure. I think you’re actually half my height now…."

He looked at her closely astonished by the fact that Lily was growing so much, though he wasn’t sure why.

Isa: "Want me to get something to eat real quick? I can’t imagine the growing is helping your hunger."

Lily: "Actually yes please. I’ll have a snack."

Isa got up and went to get them some ice cream, while Lily felt her body a bit, seeing if anything was different. At the same time, Lily felt like she had an idea as to why she was growing like this. But that would also mean telling Isa that she had feelings for him. Against her better judgement, she decided that she wouldn’t tell him until she had to. Isa would come back with two cones of vanilla, giving one to her before sitting down.

Isa: "I hope you like it. It’s vanilla ice cream!"

The two of them started to enjoy their ice cream. With her first lick Lily thought the ice cream tasted amazing! Cold, creamy and soft, she kept licking it to keep tasting it. Within a few minutes, Lily had finished hers while Isa was still finishing his.

Lily: "Mmm! That was so good! Thank you Isa!"

Now that she was big enough, she could actually hug his body rather than just his finger. She did so with a smile and Isa finished his cone so he could hug her as well.

Isa: "You’re welcome Lily. Wanna keep walking around for a bit."

Lily: "Sure! Let’s- Wait….I think it’s happening again!"

Sure enough Lily started growing again, faster this time as she ended up taller than Isa, at six foot seven. Isa was baffled by the fact that Lily, the girl who used to be only a couple inches tall, was now taller than him. The two also let go of each other while it was happening.

Isa: "Oh wow. Now you’re bigger than me. The growth has to be increasing and making you bigger than the last one every time…."

Lily: "Uh Huh. And…."

Lily was about to tell him why, but she stopped herself and blushed, not sure how he would react once he heard her thoughts on why.

Isa: "Huh? What is it Lily? Do you know why you’re growing like this?"

Lily: "Well….I might know. It may be right or wrong, but I don’t know if I can tell you or not…"

Lily looked at the ground, placing her hands behind her back and shuffled her bare feet against the ground. Isa, deciding not to probe her, didn’t try to get any more information out of her.

Isa: "Hey it’s alright Lily. If you don’t want to tell me right now that’s fine. You can tell me once you’re ready."

Isa put a hand on her leg and looked up to reassure her that it was okay. After that he stood up and held his hand out to her.

Isa: "Come on. I’ll take you to a spot I go to frequently and we can hang out there for a bit until you grow again."

Lily took his hand and stood up. With Isa leading the way they went to an arcade where they played games as well as got something else to eat. They spent a couple hours there and it was the early afternoon when they started to leave.

Lily: "That was great Isa! Those games were so much fun!"

Lily couldn’t stop smiling as they stood right outside the arcade entrance.

Isa: "Haha, Thanks. I come here all the time to play games and get out of the house."

Lily was about to hug him again when the feeling came back. She felt warm as she started to grow again.

Lily: "Oh! Isa it’s happening again! And...it’s even more than before!"

Isa watched as she stretched up, her body growing all over and leaving no part of her underdeveloped. This time she stopped once she was 20 feet tall, and once she was done growing, she got on her knees to stay close to Isa, while also blushing.

Isa: "Lily….you’ve grown so much. And...I actually think you look even better as you grow."

Lily: "Th-thank you Isa. I think at this point I should tell you. I-I think the reason why I’m growing like this is because of your kindness, selflessness, and generosity. And also….I-I like you Isa. You’re so amazing…."

This time it was Isa’s turn to blush as he looked up and listen to her words.

Isa: "Wow. Actually Lily, I...feel the same way. I like you as well. You’re really cute both when you were small and when you’re big. You’re also sweet and once you started to open up, I liked you even more. And that time we spent in this arcade, well it was the most fun I’ve had in a while."

Hearing all of this, Lily picked up Isa with her hand and stared at him for a second, before slowly bringing him to her lips and kissing him. Isa wasn’t expecting a kiss, but quickly adjusted and did the same. The kiss from the two of them felt like a trigger, a trigger that caused Lily to more than quadruple in height, and after their kiss was over, Isa looked even more tiny than before, as Lily was now 300 feet tall! The two of them stared at each other once they both realized what had happened.

Lily: "Our...Kiss. It-it…"

Isa: "Made you grow even bigger. But that’s perfectly okay Lily. Cause I’ll let you in on something as well. I actually really like big girls. And considering what we’ve already said and done, that just makes me like you even more."

Lily blushes and not realizing it, took a step backward and crushed a small building behind her. When she did regain her senses, she looked at moved off the building she stepped on with her barefoot. The building was completely crushed and there was even a footprint mark where she had stepped.

Lily: "Did….Did I do that? I hardly felt it under my foot when it did happen."

Isa: "You did Lily. That’s what happens when you’re really big. You can crush all kinds of things and do all sorts of stuff."

Lily looked all around to see how things looked from her new perspective. While some of the buildings reached her thighs or even belly in height, none of them were as big as her. Placing Isa on her shoulder, she picked up a building close by while also ripping it out of the ground. It took little effort and it felt so light to her. It was like lifting a pillow.

Lily: "Wow, this is so amazing….I could do anything I want at this size…."

Rather than dropping it, she placed the building back where it was on its side and then started to walk around. Her bare feet made footprints with each step and she shook the ground as well. The both of them were simply awestruck by what was happening.

Isa: "To think Lily. Not long at all ago you were a tiny girl that I found in an alley. And now you’re a titanic girl who also happens to be my lover. It’s...it’s just so amazing…."

Lily stopped walking once they had made it to the beach, as the sight of it had caught her eye since she could now see it with her size. Once they did she laid down on her side and placed Isa right in front of her face. She smiled and patted his head gently with her finger, similar to how he did to her when she was small.

Lily: "It really is. And the best part? We get to be together forever, and nothing will change that."

Chapter End Notes:

Over already? Yup! But don't worry, I actually have another story in the works that I may be able to post here in the coming days. I won't spoil what it is, but I will say that it will be a fan story based on a game series! Stay tuned and let me know what you thought of this Act as well as the story as a whole!

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