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Story Notes:

Feels good to post a story here after being gone for so long. Things have changed since then and I really like how this turned out. 


Author's Chapter Notes:

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Isa lived alone in a rather small part of a city. It was close to the ocean and in terms of people who lived there, it was a bit sparse. He didn’t mind the small number of people, but from time to time he did find himself feeling a bit lonely. This was yet another of those days.

"*Sigh* Why does the feeling always come back to me? It’s not like I’m unhappy in this city but....I do wish I could share it with someone, even for a little bit."

Isa was just lounging on his couch quietly. With this thought present in his mind he thought about doing something out of the house, since it tended to make him focus on that, rather than staying in and continue pondering this.

"Well....Maybe a walk will get my mind off of this."

He got up and after putting on a Jacket and casual shoes, made his way outside, starting in his normal route.

"Ahh....it’s so nice out here today...."

Isa took in a breath of fresh air, and after walking for a bit, took a break and stood outside a cafe he recently went to. He checked his phone when all of a sudden, he heard a noise that sounded like whimpering or sobbing.

"Huh? Is...is someone crying? Where is it coming from?"

He looked around for a second before hearing it coming from the alley that was right next to the cafe.

"It’s coming from over here....?"

He made his way into the alley and looked around, trying to pinpoint the sound. After a bit he stopped and looked down. To his surprise, it wasn’t a small animals or even his imagination. In fact, it was a human! A tiny girl to be exact, who looked to be about only an inch tall in height!

"It’s....a tiny girl?"

He got on his knees and looked at her closely. She was covered in dirt, and was only wearing rags for clothes. She had tears streaks on her face and was laying on her side.

"Um….are you okay tiny girl?"

Hearing his voice, she stopped sobbing for a second to look at up at Isa. She was surprised someone could hear her despite her size. Due to her wariness of him, she started to back up while also shaking her head “no”.

"Oh. Well that makes sense. You look like you’ve been thought a lot. Do you know how you got here?" Isa asked, keeping his distance but also his eyes on her. She wasn’t backing away quickly and even if she did try to run, there wasn’t much she could do. She also shook her head again.

"I’m sorry if I’m scary to you, it must be frightening to see someone many times bigger than you just looking down like this."

Isa tried to appeal to the girl so she wasn’t as wary of him. The girl stopped backing away, and kept her eyes on him. Before he could ask another question, the girl’s stomach growled a bit. Isa could hear it somewhat, and the girl gripped her stomach in pain.

"Oh! Was...that your stomach?"

The girl nodded her head. Isa, always willing to help those in need, moved close and reaches down with his hands. Seeing this, the girl shivered and backed away a bit, making him stop.

"Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to bring you to my home and get you something to eat. I can bet you haven’t eaten anything for at least a while."

Hearing this, the girl slowly moved closer to where his hands were. She didn’t fully trust him yet, but she thought that it would be better if she got something from him so that she wouldn’t feel and weak and starved as she was currently. Once she was close enough, Zay laid down his left hand, which the girl slowly and cautiously climbed into. He lifted it and then started heading back to his house. While they made their way back, the girl latched onto his finger, more out of fear of falling off rather than out of trust for him.

(thinking): "I’m….not sure what I’m going to do after I feed her…I just hope that maybe she’ll talk to me so we can speak a bit more freely…"





Chapter End Notes:

Let me know what you think of this please! I'm open to new ideas and advice ^^

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