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Author's Chapter Notes:

Has names listed before dialogue to mark off who's talking. I feel that some readers may find it a bit annoying so I apologize in advance. 

Once Isa had brought the tiny girl back to his home, he placed her on a table in his kitchen and searched his refrigerator, trying to find something light for her to eat.
Isa: I should be able to get something for her to eat. I’ll even get some water for her.
While this happened, the girl slowly got to her knees and looked around nervously, unsure what would happen to her in this strange and new place.

Isa: "Ah, here we go!"

Isa pulls out a sandwich and a water bottle, placing them close to the girl. He breaks off a tiny piece of the sandwich and also pours some water into the cap, then places them both in front of the girl.

Isa: "Here you go. This should help you get some of your strength back."

The girl took a small bite of the sandwich, and her eyes lit up. She hadn’t eaten something this good to her before, and she savored how it tasted as she ate. When she drank the water, it was the like rain hitting a desert, as she felt refreshed and full of life. It took her a few minutes but she was able to eat all of it.

Isa: "Wow. You must have liked it if you ate it all."

The girl nodded her head before looking at him a bit shyly, as if she had something to say.

Isa: "Huh? Did you need something?"

Girl: "Th-thank you….stranger….." She said modestly, looking away from him.

Isa: "Oh! You can talk! Er...I-I mean you’re welcome. I’m glad you’re feeling better after the food." He said nervously, hoping what he said didn’t give her the wrong impression.

Girl: "Can….can I have some more...please?"

Isa: "Oh, of course you can!"

Isa smiled and gave her a bit more of the sandwich and water. After a bit longer she finished it and patted her stomach a bit.

Girl: "Much better…."

Isa: "I’m glad you’re feeling good. Do you….have a name by any chance?"


She thought about it for a moment, and then decided it wouldn’t be bad to tell him since he did bring her to his house and fed her.

Lily:" My name? My name is Lily. What is your name…?"

Isa: "Oh! Excuse me I should have said mine first! My name is Isa. It’s nice to meet you Lily." He said politely and extended his finger towards her. She stares at it, unsure what to do.

Isa: "Go on, grab my finger and give it a good shake." He said with a smile.

Lily slowly and cautiously raised her hand, grabbing his finger and moving her hand up and down a bit. Seeing this made Isa smile, and she seemed to be okay with it.

Lily: "Um….where are we exactly?"

She asked, looking around curiously but also a bit warily.

Isa: "This is my house. It’s not a far walk from the alley and to be honest, this was the best idea I could come up with at the moment."

Lily: "O-oh, well thanks. I think…."

Lily was clearly still nervous about all of this, indicated by her expression and speech patterns.

Isa: "How long were you in the alley for? You’re filthy and you were really hungry…"

Lily: "I...I don’t know how long exactly...but I do know I’ve been there for a long time...to the point where all I could do was lay there and cry…."

Lily shivered a bit from the thought.

Isa: "Well it won’t be like that anymore with me. In fact I’m going to go ahead and prepare a bath so you can wash off get clean. No one deserves to be covered in dirt and grime. You can have a bit more to eat if you want."

Isa gently patted her head with a finger and left the room to get the bath ready. Once he left Lily took a bit more of the sandwich and water and was also left with her thoughts.

Lily(thinking): "Just who is he? He found me in that alley, took me in and fed me, and now he’s getting a bath? Why is he so nice? I’m so tiny and I haven’t asked for anything, yet here he is doing all this for me…."


Lily didn’t know what to make of all this. But there was something she could feel deep within her. She couldn’t tell what exactly it was and it felt like it had only just been born inside her. She didn’t have enough time to figure out what it was by the time Isa came back.

Isa: "Okay Lily. I created a makeshift bath for you in the sink of my bathroom. I also gave you a small chunk of soap and a short cloth to help with all the dirt."

Lily: "Oh, okay."

Isa lowered his hand right in front of her and Lily slowly got on. He lifted her up slowly and got to the bathroom after about a minute or so, then set her down. Sure enough the bathtub was filled with water, along with the other items he mentioned right on the edge by the water.

Isa: "I’ll let you wash up by yourself. I’ll come back after about 20 minutes and see how you’re doing okay?"

Lily nodded and Isa left the bathroom. Once he did Lily took off her dirty clothes and got in the water slowly. The water was nice and warm, which made Lily relax a bit as she also grabbed the other items and submerged her body, some of the dirt instantly coming off her body. She made sure to be thorough as she used the soap to scrub the muck off her body, using long slow movements rather than quick ones so she wouldn’t irritate her skin. By the time she was finishing up Isa was making his way back to the bathroom, knocking on the door once he arrived.

Isa: "I’m back Lily! How’s it going?"

Lily: "It’s going well. I’m almost done but please don’t come in…."

Isa: "Okay! I’ll get a washcloth that you can use as a towel and leave it on the sink close by."

He left and soon after, came back and cracked the door open just enough so he could fit his arm through and place the washcloth down. After that he closed the door and waited outside for her. A couple minutes later, she finished and climbed out of the sink, wrapping herself in the wash cloth.

Lily: "A-Alright…! I’m done Isa!"

He came inside after hearing her and drained the sink, then he looked at Lily eye to eye, while also making sure not to stare at the girl whose only shielding from being bare was said wash cloth.

Isa: "How was it? You look so clean now! Not a single speck of scum!" He said while smiling at her.

Lily: "It was...really nice. Thank you Isa…." She said a bit sheepishly.

She was thankful for the bath as she did feel refreshed, she just wasn’t used to feeling like this.


Isa: "Climb on my hand and I’ll take you to my room. I’ll get some things out for you as well as a fresh change of clothes."

He moved his hand right next to the edge and Lily carefully climbed in, making sure the wash cloth was still tightly wrapped. Once she was safely in Isa made his way to his room.

Lily: "Um….how are you going to give me some clothes? I doubt you have anything at my size…" She said looking down at herself.

Isa: "Actually I happen to have some dolls clothes that my little sister gave to me. It was a gift to remember her by after she left to go practice her clothes making skills."

Lily: "Does….that mean you live alone here?"

Isa: "Yeah. I’ll admit it does get a bit lonely from time to time. But I don’t think I’ll ever be lonely now that you’re here."

Isa petted Lily’s head using a finger from his other hand. While Lily was quiet during this she didn’t seem to dislike it. In fact a small part of her did, but she didn’t feel like letting him know that. At least not for a while.

After getting to his room, Isa set her down on his computer desk while he looked for the box with his sister’s doll clothes. While he did this, Lily’s eyes scanned his whole room. It was rather clean say for a couple things that were a bit out place. Aside from that and the computer behind her he had games, anime, books and a few other items that Lily couldn’t exactly make out.

Isa: "Ah here it is!"

Isa pulled out the box and placed it in front of Lily. It was a small red box with a bow on it. He opened it and there were a few sets of clothes inside, which quickly caught Lily’s attention.

Lily: "They...they look so pretty. Are you sure I can wear these? You...did say your sister made them."

She was clearly unsure about it but Isa quickly reassured her.

Isa: "Of course! Just pick something out and once you make a decision, tell me and I’ll look away."

He wondered what she would pick out, as all the outfits did look good. His sister was the real deal. A short time later Lily picked out what she wanted to wear.

Lily: "I’ll...try this one. Please turn around….."


Isa simply nodded and turned around so she could change. Once he did she unwrapped the towel and started to get the outfit on. She was able to slip it on her body without of an issue and once she did, made sure the outfit wasn’t caught up or folded anywhere.

Lily: "Alright, I’m done."

Isa turned back around and to his surprise, she was wearing one of the doll dresses. But this one in particular was his favorite. Not only was it in his favorite color black, but it was the dress where his sister decided to make extra special for him. It was a surprisingly good clash of styles, combining gothic Lolita with a more casual look.

Isa: "Oh my...not only do you look really good, but you’re also wearing my favorite of the outfits my sister made."

Lily: "Really? W-well it did look the most interesting and now that I’m wearing it….I admit it do like it….quite a bit." She said embarrassingly, moving her arms behind her back and shifting in place a bit.

Isa: "The different between you right now and you a couple hours ago is night and day. But now that you’re changed, do you want me to show my room off to you? I can imagine you’re at least a little curious, especially since you’re on my computer desk."

Lily: "Y-yeah. There’s a lot of stuff in here, and maybe if you show me, I’ll learn a bit more about you."

Hearing her answer Isa sat down in his computer chair and moved next to her, then started talking about his room. He brought up things like the room’s history, some of the things he’s done within these walls and also moves Lily when she wanted to know and look closer at certain objects in his room. Isa also did his best to answer whatever questions she had, making sure not to skip out on anything.

As Lily listened and asked questions about the room, she had that feeling inside her again. While it did catch her attention, especially cause it felt stronger this time, she pushed it down since she was too focused on Isa’s room to think about it. The two of them actually spent a while talking and by the time they were done, what caught their attention most wasn’t the fact that almost two hours had past, but Lily’s stomach growling. To which she responded by putting her hands on it and blushing a bit.

Isa: "Oh wow. We’ve spent so long talking like this that time just flew by. Let’s go downstairs and eat dinner alright Lily?"

Lily: "Yeah. And if it’s not too much trouble…could I have some more of that sandwich? It was really good."

She nodded and her mind drifted back to it for a second.


Isa: "Sure! And this time I’ll get you something else to drink instead of just water."

Isa lifted Lily up to his shoulder after she climbed in and they went downstairs and into the kitchen. Lily sat down on the kitchen table after Isa set her down and he went to work getting her food first before making his food. He got the sandwich out and gave her a piece equal to what she ate a while ago and true to his word, this time he gave her a small amount of orange juice.

Isa: "There you go. Don’t hesitate to ask for more."

He smiles and starts to make his own dinner, which was just a reheated slice of pizza and soda. He wanted to finish it off before it got really old and he would at some point forget about it. After taking care of that he sat down with Lily and started his food with her. While he was eating he stopped once he saw that Lily was looking at his pizza.

Isa: "Do you want some Lily? I don’t mind giving you some. Especially since I just want to finish this slice so I don’t have to throw it away."

Lily: "Yes please. What is it?"

She looks at the pizza with both intrigue and curiosity.

Isa: "Oh this? It’s pizza. Amazing food that is best when eaten on the weekends. Though this is just a reheated slice so it’s not as good as the real thing. But ignore that. I hope you like it."

He tears off some and Lily takes it once he holds it close to her. She eats it a bit slowly in order to get a good feel on everything about it. When she swallowed, her eyes lit up and she let out a little squeal of joy.

Lily: "Ahhhh! It’s...it’s so good!"

She exclaimed, continuing to eat it with a newfound will. Isa looked on with a smile as she enjoyed it.

Isa: "Haha, I’m glad you like it!"

He gives her just a bit more since she was almost done with her sandwich piece then went back to eating the rest of the slice. Lily happily ate the chunks of pizza as well as her sandwich, then washed it down with the orange juice he gave her. One she was done, she sat back and sighed in satisfaction.

Lily: "Ah. I feel so much better now….."

She smiled and ran a hand across her belly, feeling how full it was after an unknown time of her feeling empty.

Isa: "Feeling full Lily?" Isa asked as he started to clean up after he finished.


Lily: "Yeah. That was really good Isa. Thank you."

She sat patiently as Isa put away a couple dishes and then went back to his room with her. Once they did, he set her down on his bed and looked around his room again.

Lily: "What are you looking for now Isa?" She asked, watching him a bit closely while also taking in how soft his bed felt.

Isa: "I’m trying to find some stuff to make a tiny bed for you."

He manages to find a small box for her, and starts looking for something to use as a pillow and bedsheet.

Lily: "Oh...y-you don’t have to do that for me." She said modestly, still a bit surprised that he was going to such lengths for her.

Isa: "You deserve so much better than what you had before. It doesn’t matter that you’re tiny. You’re a human girl and you should be treated as such."

Eventually Isa was able to make something similar to a bed, using tissues, cotton balls, and a small silk cloth, combining them all into the small box. He put the makeshift tiny bed on the table close by his bed, then moved Lily so she could look at it as get in if she wanted.

Lily: "Wow….it really does look like a bed for someone my size. You’re so considerate Isa…"

Lily walked around and inspected it, as well as felt it all over.

Isa: "Thank you Lily. I’m gonna get changed into some pajamas in the bathroom and then come back. Sorry that I can’t really give you any Pajamas right now. Maybe at some point I can call my sister and see what she can do."

Lily: "It’s alright. Go get changed and I’ll just rest for now."

Isa nodded and after taking out his pajamas, left the room and came back completely changed. Lily has gotten into her bed by the time he got back. It was starting to get late and Isa yawned, getting into his bed after turning off the light and turning on a much smaller light nearby.

Isa: "I think I’m gonna go to sleep a bit earlier than I usual. You can go to sleep once you’re ready Lily. Goodnight."

He told her and after reaching over to pet her head one last time, turned over and went to sleep. Lily laid down as well and tried to sleep, but was wide awake. That feeling she had been pushing down was back in full force, and she couldn’t help but focus on it. This was all due to Isa’s kindness, generosity, and selflessness to help her. She didn’t ever want to leave Isa because he made her feel safe, something she couldn’t say before in the slightest.

More than anything else though, was the fact that she wondered what else she would do now that she was going to be staying with him. As she laid down and slowly closed her eyes to sleep, the feeling stayed with her and in a way not only kept her warm, but also put a smile on her face. There also seemed to be something else about the feeling that she couldn’t quite figure out, but she didn’t let that bother her. This was a major turning point in her life as she entered a world where she has someone she could ask help from and spend time with, instead of being all alone with nowhere to go.

Chapter End Notes:

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