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Author's Chapter Notes:

The first few chapters have a slow start but we hope you enjoy!



The sun was shining and it was a perfect day for moving in, it was even better for Lauren since she was already moved in and didn’t have to deal with university traffic. She had moved in a week earlier to set up her room and the basement for her chemistry experiments.

Lauren is renting a two bed, two bath house, but the rent was too expensive to be alone. She agreed to allow the tenant to rent out the other room to decrease her rent. Money is everything when you are a broke college student.

She knows nothing about the person except that they are a guy. As long as he stays out of her way, everything will work out well.

She is a chemistry major at a large university and in order to complete her degree she needs to present original research to her chemistry advisor and committee. She was ready to take on the school year and get started with her experiment, first she needed to figure out what to do.

Lauren may have had a fantastic day not needing to move, but Chris is having a stressful day. He left his old apartment and needed to move into the new one. His old one was too expensive and he couldn’t stand living with three guys. He just finished his degree in Archeology and was having no luck finding a job. Maybe he’ll get better luck during the school year, and with the reduced rent he’ll be able to still eat and go out with friends.

Chris pulled into the driveway in his small truck with his items; he knocks on the door hoping the other tenant is home.

Lauren hears the door and walks up to it, getting on her toes she checks the peephole, “A guy… must be my roommate.” Lauren opens the door and looks up at her new roommate.

His light brown hair, almost blonde is accentuated by his brown eyes and the sun outside. She looks up at him seeing he’s not super tall but definitely taller than her, but that’s not too hard since she’s 5’4’’.

The new guy smiles charmingly, “Hey, I'm Chris. The new tenant.” Chris exams his new roommate as he extends his hand out for her to shake. He thinks she's not too bad looking, but she is pretty shorty really not his type if he were being honest with himself. He smiles trying to be friendly, “It's nice to meet you, hope things between us go swimmingly.”

Lauren smiles liking his attitude and shakes his hand, “It's nice to meet you too Chris.” She pauses, thinking for a second, “Hm, why don't you come inside so I can show you around then I'll help you bring your stuff in?” She smiles at him.

Chris thinks about it, “Sure that works.” He sets what he grabbed inside as Lauren begins her tour.

Chris follows the short girl, checking her out some as they walk to the kitchen then the bedrooms and bathrooms. She stops in his room, “Here you go. Home sweet home. There's a basement too, but I took over a portion for a study room. Sorry,” she smiles clearly not sorry.

Chris looks in the room then down at the brown haired girl, “No worries, hopefully I'll be working a lot.”

“Hopefully. Lets get your stuff moved in,” she quickly moves past him and to the car.

Chris laughs to himself, “She's quick, will be interesting keeping up with her.” He rushes after her knowing she can't lift everything by herself.

The two of them spend the afternoon putting Chris’s things in his room and chatting while making dinner. Maybe this was the beginning of a wonderful friendship… or something else.

Lauren finishes making dinner and sets up their plates, “So are you a student or what?”

Chris proudly smiles, “I just graduated with a bachelors in Archeology. Hope to work in museums and do some traveling.”

Lauren looks at him surprised, “To be honest I didn't expect that. I mean most guys with that degree are dorky, right?”

He nods, “I was one of the few good looking ones.” Lauren rolls her eyes at him.

Lauren stares a bit and thinks, “yeah so he probably has abs and his smile is amazing. But that comment was pretty self conceited. He's tall but not that tall. Seems to be proud of it…but he’s hot.” Her train of thought shifts to her experiments and possible ideas.

Chris notices his roommate has zoned out, “Earth to Lauren, you still there?” She’s definitely pretty, but that’s because of her assets. Big boobs, nice butt, only problem is the height, too bad.

Chris decides to get to know her a bit, “So are you a student?”

Lauren nods, “Senior year chemistry major. But I still need to complete my student thesis and research to graduate this spring.”

Chris looks at her curiously, “What's your thesis? Is there anyway I can help you out at all?”

Lauren sighs, “I haven't figured it all out yet, but if I figure it out then I'll definitely let you help. You can be my little test subject.” She laughs some.

“Test subject? It isn't just a paper?” He looks at her a bit confused.

“Yes, but I also need to try and do an experiment related to it. Doesn't need to work but I have to try.”

“That sounds interesting, for mine I just had to do a research paper on any recent discovery made in my field.”

“Well every department is different. Chemistry it's easy to try an experiment or two.” She smiles feeling slightly superior with her major.

Chris shrugs, “Well as long as it's nothing dangerous I'm down.”

“Perfect. It shouldn't be. But for now I have zero ideas, I'll let you know when I get one.” She smiles and starts cleaning her dishes.

Lauren ponders the experiment but is interrupted as Chris walks up behind her and reaches over her shoulder to put the dishes in the sink. He slightly bumps into her which doesn't bother her but the reaching does.

“Do you have to reach over me? I know I'm short but really?” She turns and looks up at Chris slightly angry.

Chris blushes slightly as he stares down at her cleavage, his height giving him a perfect vantage point, “Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.” He backs up feeling like a perv.

“It's fine, just don't do it again please.” What's up with him? Was he looking at my boobs. She thinks about it then turns to finish the dishes.

The two watch TV soon after and go to bed in an uneventful manner. However, the morning is another story.


Lauren wakes up and stretches, her tight tank top barely covers her and her pajama shorts seem to lengthen her legs to the eye.

She gets up half asleep and makes her way to the kitchen. She walks in surprised to see Chris awake and making breakfast. He stands by the stove with gray sweatpants and a form fitting shirt. Yeah, the abs thought was correct.

“Morning. You're up early.” Chris jumps a bit and turns to see Lauren.

“Gah! Don't scare me like that!” He turns around to face her and blushes again seeing how she's dressed, but tries not to make it obvious why, “Did you, um.. sleep okay?”

Lauren laughs a little seeing him get scared so easily, “I slept fine, thank you.” She smiles a bit, “What are you making?”

“Breakfast duh.” He laughs being a smartass.

Lauren scowls a bit, “You know what I meant.”

“What? I was just joking, sheesh calm down.” He continues to smile still finding it funny, “Just sausage and eggs do you prefer them fried or scrambled?”

“Scrambled please. Don't eat all the sausage big guy.” She sits up at the island and smirks.

Lauren reaches into her backpack and grabs a large notebook. She grabs a pen from the island and starts writing clearly thinking hard and making multiple lists and flowcharts.

During the night Lauren came up with a fantastic idea for her project. A drink that helps the endorphins of the brain be released to increase good thoughts, give more energy, and increase sex drive. Kind of like a drink to help depression and bad days, but in drink form so maybe it will last longer and be taken into the body differently than a drug. However the chemistry may be difficult to accomplish in so little time.

Chris laughs at her, “I'd only do that if you were vegan shorty.” He makes her some scrambled eggs and she notices he put in some peppers and onions with it, “Enjoy let me know how you like it.” He smiles and makes himself a plate.

“Thank you, and I'm not that short.” She sticks her tongue out at him and starts eating.

He laughs and teases her a bit more before eating just to mess around with her some, “Hmm idk it's so hard to see you from up here.”

She rolls her eyes, “Your not even that tall. What are you 5’8”?” She smirks wondering how sensitive he is about his height.

He smirks back, “Nope 5’10” and it's still taller than you shorty.” He keeps eating, “So how's the food?

She smiles, “Horrible, awful, I better not eat more.” She continues to eat and winks.

Chris actually does take offense to this, “My cooking is none of those things thank you very much.”

“I'm kidding dude, relax. It's super good.” She notices he's more offended by her bashing his food than his height. So odd.

He blushes a bit feeling a bit embarrassed, “Sorry I took culinary arts as a minor so its kinda a slap in the face you know, but I'm glad you're enjoying the food.” He smiles.

Chris notices the notebook, “Hey whatcha writing?” He says genuinely curious.

“About my experiment. The general idea and how I'll go about it.” She smiles and keeps writing once she finishes eating.

“Oh okay, interesting am I allowed to look?” He asks wanting to see what her idea is.

“Hmm…. Not yet. Not everything is fully thought out, I still need to do the equations and compounds I need. But you'll love it I'm sure.” She hesitates, “Question?”


“Are you always this happy or do you get upset sometimes or want more energy to do things?” She smirks hoping for a big yes.

He thinks a bit, “Yeah sometimes I get upset like when I work on a project and everything just doesn't go right and I definitely could use more energy from time to time. Why do you ask?”

“That's my concept, but that's all you get.” She tapes his nose with her pen and laughs

He blushes feeling like a child, “Why keep it a secret?”

“Because the experimental person shouldn't know everything and I like knowing more than you.” She smirks.

Chris rolls his eyes and laughs a bit, “Whatever you say weirdo, but hey I'm gonna be going to the store today do you need anything while I'm out?”

“Tea. Needs to be caffeine free; find some you like and I'll like anything. Just get lots of tea.” The first steps of her experiment start this weekend.

He puts it on his list on his phone, “Okay then I'll be off, see you later.” He gets dressed and leaves to go shopping.

While Chris is out Lauren decides to get everything ready without interruptions, she doesn't have much time, but she needs to be ready. The experimental process starts now.


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