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Story Notes:

Hi! This is my first story on here, so hopefully if there are formatting issues I can figure them out sooner. Hope you enjoy!

The Littlest Winner - E.1

The First Round

The four contestants stood in a line, in their small kiosks. Each were clearly thrilled to be there, they had all been lucky to get a spot on this show, and the energy from the crowd behind them only lifted their spirits even more. Of course, the thought that they might lose never crossed any of their minds. Part of this was the usual confidence anyone should have when approaching their dreams, and part was a anti-anxiety drug their drinks had been laced with. 

Without their knowledge, of course. It was one thing to watch others perform on television and another to be the one performing. The crowds loved seeing a happy contestant, right up to the moment of realization that they wouldn't be moving on to the next round. In fact, some of the best marketing came from the instant replays of a contestant's final moments.

From overhead, the host's voice boomed. The host's identity remained a tightly held secret, but only for the drama it seemed to provide. This game show was far from the only diversion of its kind. Just the most recent. If one wasn't aware of what was going on, you could almost believe these contestants hadn't been shrunk down to three inches tall. Most of the set pieces were specifically built to maintain that illusion up to the very end.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Littlest Winner!" he said, his voice full of excitement. "Today we have a whole new set of challenges, so let's move on in!"
The crowd laughed at this pun. So did the contestants, each certain they would be moving 'up' and not 'in'.

"In the first round, contestants, you will be completing an obstacle course as fast as you can!" On this note, each of the kiosks began to move sideways from each other. The contestants waved good luck to their competitors as they were moved apart, and in front of them a variety of obstacles rose up from concealment. 

"This course is fifty meters long, to you that is!" The crowd laughed again. "And you will be unable to tell where you are relative to your competitors. So you'd better be fast to keep your chance at one million dollars!"

As soon as he said this, a light in each kiosk flashed red, yellow, then green. There was the sound of a gunshot, and each of the competitors threw themselves forward. The course itself wasn't exceedingly difficult. As each of them leapt over foam pads and climbed various ropes and structures, there were some comical wipeouts. Even as each setback moved a contestant closer to their doom, they kept smiling, confident they were still ahead.

Unseen to them, the real winner was moving into position. The home viewers, and the audience, could see a beautiful young woman (normal sized of course), was getting on all fours at the end of the course. Another lovely woman, the ever bright-smiled Evanna who was the only face the show used for publicity, made a small ceremony out of welcoming her to the show. Then she took a small clear tube, which was affixed to the final 'leap of faith' obstacle in every course, and gently inserted it into the younger woman's rectum.

The tiny blonde just smiled. She'd been thrilled when she'd been accepted to be part of this, and another show immediately after. Tiny play had been her fetish for a long time, and a high-schooler getting on these shows was pretty rare. With the tube firmly in place, she resisted the urge to turn her head and look at who would be sliding down the 'wrong tube.'

In the end it was the bodybuilder from Reno who reached the end last, moments after the cheerleader from Houston. He didn't hesitate when he reached the leap of faith and was pleasantly surprised when his naked buttocks slid easily on the surface of the slide. In moments he was zooming along, and suddenly the darkness of the inital hole gave way to a well-lit area where he could see....his three competitors standing in a group next to the second round of games.

"No!" he yelled as the tube took a quick turn. Suddenly he could see his destination: there was what looked like a pretty blonde the size of a large building with pigtails kneeling in front of his tube, which ended in...

Unseen in the producer's office, a switch was flipped. The effects of the drug he had been given were neutralized, and his face turned from anger at losing to horror. He clawed vainly at the sides of the tube to slow his fall, but it was no use. He had slowed only slightly before he was thrown into her bowels, hitting the warm, soft flesh inside. He recovered as quickly as he could, but the girl wiggled her hips slightly and he fell to a knee. Before he could regain his feet again, he looked up with horror.

Far above him, a hand was wrapped around the tube. Desperately he leapt and got a hand on the end of it, but the lubricant that remained was too slick. He fell back down, and as he lay on his back the tube was pulled outward. The girl's sphincter closed quicky, but not before he saw Evanna lean forward with her award winning smile.

When he quickly shot into the blonde's rectum, her face turned to a wonderful smile. She resisted the urge to touch herself; the show she was in after would be more than enough to take care of her little itch. Evanna congratulated her on her new toy and slowly removed the tube. The blonde's anus sealed shut immediately, and Evanna gave it a quick lick for good luck. The blonde stood, her nipples visibly erect. She excitedly bounced, making her pigtails flop around and her little passenger fight even harder.

Then at Evanna's pointing, she jogged out through the studio door. She was glad for the opportunity she had gotten, and extremely excited to get a free tiny (assuming he survived the next show), but it had been cold in there for the naked girl. Her next show would be warmer. As for her tiny, he was fighting for his life, swinging his fists against the sides of her rectum and trying to orient himself. 

"Let me out!" he shouted, knowing it was useless. All his struggles amounted to was a pleasant vibration for his new owner. 

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