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Morning Kneads

by Balore, January 5th , 2019


Sarah and James were an ordinary couple with an ordinary morning routine. There was nothing unusual about either of them or about how their mornings looked like and anyone who claims otherwise is lying. I would swear about that on the Bible, but I don’t see one nearby, so my word will have to do.

Usually, he would wake up before her. Then he would lie there for a few minutes, staring at her face. At her cute little nose and cute little freckles scattered here and there across her cheeks, her short black hair and thin lips.  He would listen to her calm breathing and remind himself how beautiful she was and how lucky he was to have her and how it was a good thing he had missed that train in 2012 and went to the train station café, where she worked in at the time, to grab something to calm his nerves. Once he was done reminding himself of all those things, he would get up, stretch a bit and go for a stroll. And a hike. A hikestroll.

This morning, however, things were different. It was her to wake up first. As she opened her eyes (very slowly) and her vision cleared (also very slowly) she took a moment to just look at him. At his toned arms and scruffy face, his naked chest and how blissful he looked when he slept. And she would remind herself how lucky she was to have him and how it was a good thing her boss called her into work on her day off back in 2012 and how a very frustrated and very handsome man walked into the café she worked in. And once she was done reminding herself of all those things, she thought about making him bigger during the day because, as adorable as he looked at two inches tall she left him for the night, they really had to move the couch in the living room and she could use his strength.

If you believed any word I said at the beginning, you should be ashamed. But for the record, the rest of what I’m about to tell is true. I can go grab that Bible if you want.

And so, on the morning in question, Sarah woke up before James did. Tucked in the comfy embrace of the bed, lying on her stomach, she gazed at her husband’s tiny frame on the pillow next to hers. At first she thought about waking him up as well, then changed her mind. She was feeling a bit playful today and, with a healthy dose of childish glee, closed her eyes and decided to pretend to be still asleep when he finally gets up. Which he did mere minutes later.

In the stillness of the room she could swear she heard him approach her face, heard the sound his tiny feet made as he walked across the pillow. When he got close it took her every muscle in her face and every bit of her willpower not to smile and blow her cover. She felt him hug her cheek, his whole body pressing against it, she felt his lips as he kissed it, making his way down to her lips, which he kissed too. As much as she wanted to return the favour, she remained still, her expression unchanged. And the little man soon turned his attention to the rest of her.

She could feel him walk onto her index finger and onto her hand from there, then her wrist and finally her arm. Even though he weighted next to nothing at this size her skin was sensitive enough to register where he was going. At times she wondered whether it had always been this sensitive or whether he made it become so with his trips around her body. Whatever the reason, she welcomed the sensation.

As he reached the top of her arm, she felt him stop. Even without opening her eyes she could tell he was wondering where to go from there. Most of her body was hidden beneath the covers, with her head, arms and part of her back exposed. She could have him wander around her back or the meadow of black grass on her head but instead but then, she thought, it wouldn’t be much in terms of a trip. So instead she ever so carefully slid her leg out of the covers, making sure not to move too much and risk making him fall. “You’re welcome”, she thought as she felt him on the move again, his tiny feet eagerly marching through her back on his way towards her leg.

It’s worth noting that hers wasn’t the longest leg in the world, nor was it the shortest. In terms of quality it probably wasn’t the prettiest nor the ugliest either. Not for James, though. To him this was the biggest, longest and most beautiful leg in the world, as it belonged to none other than his beloved Sarah. Also, the fact he so often found himself tiny around it had something to do with his perception of it. Still, it was a shapely leg of moderate length, ending in a shapely foot of moderate size seven. And as Sarah lied down peacefully she could feel her tiny husband making his way down on its surface. It didn’t take him long before he reached her foot, even though he wasn’t in a hurry, and once he did she decided to have some fun. Not very mature kind of fun, but fun nonetheless. As James stood on the edge of her ball of the foot he noticed something was off. Her foot appeared to be getting bigger the more he looked at it and James knew exactly why. He sighed and turned, looking all the way back towards Sarah’s face and even from the distance he could notice a shade of a smile hanging onto the corners of her lips.

When she was done shrinking him, James stood a fraction of his previous height, no bigger than quarter of an inch. Her foot stretched all around him, being so enormous now it constituted a landscape in itself. Or, more specifically, it now took just a single part of her body to dwarf the entirety of his. Still, he wasted no time pondering over the size difference and carefully climbed down onto her sole. She could barely feel him down there as he made his way around, but still he tickled her. And every now and then she could feel something more, something else, a sensation of his lips, microscopic at this point, making contact with her flesh. A feeling she knew all too well.

Eventually, she decided they both had their share of fun and she grew him back to two inches in height, feel him expand against her skin in that sensitive spot. And then she opened her eyes and smiled, waiting for him to return, to trek all the way back to her. He took his time and so did she.

It was a slow morning for them both.

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