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I missed her. She wasn’t far from me, not in any conventional sense, but I missed her still. Yes, her scent still lingered in the air and so did the warmth of her skin. But she was nowhere near as close as I wanted her to be.

I woke up in my usual spot, one of the five craters indented into the ground of my… household? Habitat? Home, let’s go with that. Last night I felt like I could use a bit more space for my arms and legs and thus I chose the biggest of them all. Not that I wouldn’t have enough space even in the smallest one. A minute or two of stretching and I was ready to go, my bare feet tapping on the soft surface in the dark. The goal: to reach the opening, where light shone from the outside. A quick walk from one end to the other.

The ground I walked through was mostly flat, if a bit uneven in a few places. I didn’t mind, I was perfectly aware of the tear and wear my habi- Home went through and I was grateful towards my caretaker for allowing me such a spacious and comfy place to live. Or at least to spend the nights in. I’m sorry, I’m not making any sense. It must be the air here.

I wasn’t in a hurry, so it took me a while to reach the centre, a faded, golden circle with an equally faded number 10 within it. The number being roughly as long as I was tall and the circle being wide enough to fit my entire body within it. As I passed it I wondered whether it would fade completely with time. Probably would, as all things do. How deep of me. I bet the one in the second home was still- Oh that’s right, I didn’t tell you. It’s a duplex. Or at least a sort of a duplex, anyway.

Eventually I reached the spot where the opening was, bathing in the light shining through. The sky was as always clear and white, just how I liked it. And so, so far away, too. Not too much of a journey, but a journey still. I sat down. Nothing else to do but to wait for my caretaker to come pick me up. She should be awake by now, I thought, if the light is any indication, or if the noises I’m hearing coming from the outside are.

And so I was right, much to my content, as I soon started to hear her approaching. As usual, I’ve heard her long before I saw her, the sound of her feet striking against the floor tiles. I stood up to properly greet her and a mountain of white rose before my eyes, stretching miles upon miles up to the sky. Her usual night gown, white with little red roses trimmed in seemed to glitter. I held my breath as the mountain began to lower itself until I saw her gentle face looming above me. Her short hair, dark and thick like a forest at night, the twin blue moons of her eyes behind thin-framed glasses, her fair skin and full lips from which her smile emerged to greet me. That sweet, reassuring smile she always had for me even before I began to dwindle, my main source of comfort as the world started to outgrow me. The one that seemed to say that everything’s going to be alright, no matter how small I get.

And as so many times before, unable to contain my excitement, I began to wave my arms frantically and cry out to my caretaker, much to her amusement. Even though she could no longer hear me at my state I’m sure she could sense my eagerness to be close to her. The smile grew wider and two enormous pillars descended from the sky. Before I knew it, she engulfed my half an inch tall body entirely between the soft walls of her fingertips, rising me higher and higher, as she stood up, finally depositing me safely in the basin of the palm of her hand. I was granted one more smile from my mountain of light before the pillars of her fingers closed in on me, trapping me in the safety and darkness within her hand as she carried me away.

The day seemed to have started off well.

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