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“Come on come on, we have to keep running.” One of the four girls said, grabbing her friend’s hand; they had been out enjoying a casual rampage. At just shy of 1000ft tall they were certainly a formidable force, their footprints being left in streets as they ran through the city. It was only a few strides in before the entire horizon on their right side became a blur. Boom.

“Aww. Where do you think you’re going?” the voice said, far, far from the sky. These girls seemed large, and they actually were. At their height the average person was not even an inch tall to them; but as the dust settled and they slowly brought themselves back to their feet they stumbled backwards, craning their necks. On either side of them was a pair of keds, black with the white sole.  Jeans led upwards along the monolithic legs to a black hoodie. The girl was unfathomably massive. Aubrey stood at a jaw-dropping ten miles tall. A six foot tall person wasn’t even a millimeter to her. And these 1000ft tall girls didn’t even reach her ankle.

Aubrey shifted her weight as she lifted up her left foot, all the neighborhoods and buildings that were once there now a shoeprint. A shadow was cast over the girls as she moved it towards them, hovering it. Even further down than the girls were the normal people, far beneath the notice of Aubrey as she pushed her hair out of her eyes while peering down with a sinister smile. Debris and rubble rained downwards and crashed into the city, the remnants of the nearby neighborhoods and also foreshadowing as to their upcoming fate. “Run. RUN!” the one girl said, trying to get the others to comply, but they were mostly frozen in place, stumbling backwards. “Bye bye.” She taunted, before slamming her foot down.

It landed with a resonating thud. She couldn’t even feel the buildings crumpling like dust beneath her shoe, the girls were also not felt much at all. Her stomp was felt throughout the entire city, buildings shaking as windows cracked. Lights flickered and plates and glasses fell out of cabinets while families sat in their basement. Dust fell off rafters as lamps were shaken about. Those under Aubrey’s foot had no chance of survival, it seemed to happen almost instantly. The shadow of her foot closed in just as fast as it moved over them and before they knew it they were compressed and crushed. “It never gets old.” She laughed, looking down at the city, unable to even make out individual people at her size. Only buildings and landmarks. Suddenly her eyes lit up. “Holy shit.” She noticed that one of the girls did manage to run, diving at the last minute to make it out from under her shoe.

The girl was knocked on her ass from the stomp, being sent rolling and tumbling through the city, rather battered and worse for the wear, she lie in the middle of a suburb as Aubrey began to take off one of her shoes, pressing the toe section of one shoe against the heel of the other and slipping it off. She had on some pink socks, cottony and thick as she moved the foot over the girl, once again engulfing the entire city beneath the shadow of her foot.

The girl was finally coming to as she fought back against the toe pressing on top of her, but it was no use, her thrashing was hopeless. Aubrey pressed down, her big toe large enough to cover most of the girls torso. She pressed it down once roughly, slamming the girl against the city and knocking the wind out of her. “Come oooonnn. You’re gonna have to try a lot harder.” Aubrey teased, her toes eclipsing tons of people as she slowly pressed down on the thousand-foot-girl.

The foot slit forward slowly, the big toe soon covering the girls face while the ball of the foot and it’s pink sock covered her torso, the girl continued to fight and kick, but breathing was getting harder and her energy was diminishing; the heel of Aubrey’s foot was set down on the city, each thread of her socks about as thick as rope. Buildings collapsed in on themselves like sand, glass cracking as people fled. Car horns and alarms blared but it was all hopeless, Aubrey’s heel planted down, turning millions of dollars of city and countless lives into a crater of her heel, many lives and buildings caught in the fibers and threads of her socks as she finally felt the girl stop fighting back. She lifted her foot and begin to put her shoe back on, briefly stopping to brush off all the rubble. “Hope you all had fun!” she snickered, before walking off, each step shaking the ground and leaving a footprint over a mile long.

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