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Story Notes:

The more censored version with futa and waste content can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/questathana/art/A-Wasted-World-Giantess-Story-761824021 Story made for someone who I will call TinyKangeroo as my part of the art trade. Please comment, favorite and watch if you can. All feedback is appreciated. Pateron: www.patreon.com/questathana Commission me after looking at this journal https://www.deviantart.com/questathana/art/Giantess-and-Other-Commission-Journal-758830429 or on paypal at paypal.me/questathana .



Note: The dialog in this work is in an alien language, but for the sake of the story it will be translated to English as closely as possible.


    A teenage female with messy black hair and brown eyes spoke to a computer on a spaceship as she said “Oh I should not have drank so much of those weird alcoholic drinks last night at the Whirlwind galaxy. Ah some memories have come back to me by now. I remember hanging out by the pool and the club last night. It was so fun and I got so wasted. Such a fun time I had with that slime, android, mermaid and centaur. I can’t remember their names. Sorry girls. But like I need a shower and more importantly need to like go to the bathroom, Jesus. Oh shit did I forget to get more fuel?! Computer, how long until we reach next bathroom without wasting too much fuel?”

    This female was named Angela Gray and she was wearing blue booty shorts, brown boots, a purple t-shirt and pink panties as underwear. Her computer had an artificial intelligence she had grown a bit fond of it, so she decided to try talking to it every so often during trips. The ship looked a bit like a moon in order for it to blend in from a distance. The ship ran on tachyon particles that lost energy the faster they went with its minimum speed of light speed. However, if she went too fast she would drain the power quickly. Due to the fact she forgot to refuel those particles, she would need to preserve a bit until she landed. Angela would want to avoid wasting it all and be stranded in space.

    “I’m sorry to say, but it could take up to an hour to reach the closest one, which is in the Andonmonda Galaxy” The computer responded.

    “Oh crap, I can’t wait that long! I really need to stop forgetting to refuel. And I hate using that portable waste thing as those leaks can make a big hassle. Hm what to do…” The teenager thought for a minute while trying contain in her urine and feces. She then decided to say “Wait, are there any habitable planets nearby?”

    “The closest one is two minutes away. However, it actually contains civilizations of similar race. The reason it does not contain any bathrooms appropriate for you is due to the fact that the cities are about the size of each of your feet.”

    “Oh one of those tiny populated planets I have heard about. Set sail to there! I know they are kind of common, but I guess I never payed attention to them. I’m not going to be one of those people who go out of their way to destroy them. Just a girl’s gotta go sometimes heh. If some scientists or what not wanted to study that planet, I hope they understand. I’ll pay that fee or whatever if they find out it was me.”

    Angela Gray soon spotted the planet and set her teleport coordinates to that planet. She arrived there after the teleport as she spotted miniscule patterns on the floor just like the computer described. She knew that they were cities and had already crushed two. This lady was recently told some of the planet’s history while on the way down. She decided to joke a bit out loud relating to that by saying “You are already destroying your own planet, so you must not mind this!” Angela watched many cities fall apart as she stripped herself and tossed aside her clothing. After this, the astronaut’s crotch was no longer covered and every microscopic person around her could see the penis she had been hiding. She then decided move a bit as she let out a stream of diarrhea that spread on the ground. This teen proceeded to wipe her buttocks with another city she picked up from the ground. Angela Gray then made some normal poop a small distance away and used similar way of wiping her bottom. She then grabbed her penis gently and aimed carefully, to try to hit as many cities as she could with her urine. Finally, the lady moved a bit and let out some flatulence she thought smelled fairly unpleasant.


    Benedict Derral lived in Dover, New Hampshire and was currently on a day off from school. He decided to go for a walk to the local park inside of staying inside all day. Ben wanted a bit of a change of pace from being cooped up at home. This boy rarely spent time at the park, but decided to go there to enjoy the sunny weather that day with the hope of also catching glimpses of a few girls. Benedict arrived and got on his phone as he read the intriguing top story when browsing the internet. It was about a moonlike object that somehow got in our solar system. No one was panicking as it apparently was just seen and quickly discovered that it contained no threat. It looked like some massive space rock of some sort and Ben could vaguely see part of it from where he had sat down. People all over the world had excitedly talked about it with a small portion of them doubting the scientists. The world was intrigued about this weird second moon of sorts with people saying their thoughts, making theories and even some making memes. While the Earth was memorized by this strange object, many including Benedict, could see some kind of strange light descending from that cosmic rock to somewhere on this planet.

    Ben was going to go back on his phone to check about whatever just occured, but he soon felt a bit of a rumble and heard the news start playing. Apparently someone brought their laptop to the park and everyone nearby was crowding around it to try to find out what was going on. Benedict Derral came closer and listened in to these events. The news talked about how this light materialized into a miles tall entity, on top of Massachusetts and close to Connecticut. The figure oddly almost looked exactly like a normal, messy, teenage girl besides of course her massive hight. The female already crushed the cities of Waterbury and Middletown with her feet and that had apparently caused the tremer Ben felt earlier. This was so surreal for the boy, as he felt like he was dreaming a story he happened to stumble upon on the interwebs. Benedict decided to pinch himself and realized this was no dream. He then saw the news zoom up close to the various parts of this giantess and saw disgusting details like sperm, alcohol, sweat, dried vomit, some kind of foreign goop and faint amount of feces and urine. By that point, he noticed people quicky gathering their most important belongs and leaving with Ben going to soon follow suit.

    Benedict Derral quickly snapped out of it and called a taxi to get him as far away from the enormous girl, while still constantly checking the news on his phone. Ben quickly called his family and friends to make sure they were trying to head away from the destruction. They were all pretty panicked, so this boy made sure to keep the conversations quick and get the point.  After that was all done, he just spent time looking at his phone and the outside. He felt rumbles from time to time and looked up the destruction caused by gigantic objects such as a t-shirt destroying the cities of Northampton and Springfield and entering into Connecticut. The shorts had landed in Hartford and destroyed that whole city as well. Then two boots had landed with one having destroyed New Haven and the other having destroyed Danbury.  The socks had destroyed Milford and Bridgeport with each sock destroying a city each. Finally, panties were thrown onto New London and destroyed the whole place. Many died by suffocating or being crushed by various materials such as the clothing themselves, a relatively small amount of feces, building sized clumps of dirt and ginormous remains of alien, dead insects. Thousands more were either absorbed or eaten alive by the foreign goop or by colossal sperm cells. The rest who died in these events were boiled alive or drowned in either vomit, alcohol, urine or sweat.  

     Next, a downpour of a large amount of diarrhea spread to the cities of Providence, Warwick and Newport. The giga giantess then proceed to pick up all of Worcester and wiped her behind with the whole city. She entered New Hampshire and made and left a large amount of feces covering Nashua, and wiped her bottom this time with Manchester. She proceeded to drown cities with the urine from her penis as she wiped out Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill. Lastly, she moved to stand on the city of Concord and let gas out of her anus that spread until,  only for her to walk a bit to Dover. The rumbles became more and more powerful, but luckily Ben Derral and his driver were still able to go despite the interference. However, when the boy’s hometown of Dover was crushed it felt like a nuclear explosion and rightfully so. This car then got knocked over leaving the driver dead and Ben alone. Despite this, Ben quickly went on to call his friends and family once again, but sadly barley anyone gave a response. The boy broke down in tears as he assumed the worst had happened. A whole city along with many places and people Benedict Derral had known, was lost forever.



    Angela Gray felt fully done going to the bathroom as she processed a button on a device that teleported her quickly back to the ship. She had apparently become one of the biggest murderers during the whole history of that planet. Angela was ranked among the mass murdering dictators as she annihilated about 2.17 million people in total, all by going to the bathroom.  Angela Gray decided to say one last sentence before she left for home with it being “Computer, mark this world down as a bathroom.”


Chapter End Notes:



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I reposted this because I had to change where I wrote who it was made for due to personal reasons. For some reasons it did not change in the search results so I am doing this sorry...  


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