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Chapter 01 – Humans, Pets?!

“Two jumps in a week, I bet you think that’s pretty clever don’t you boy?”

“You broke another mirror, you’re turning into something you are not…”, Naskia song.

The audience listened with interest as the beautiful sounds echoed through the lecture hall.

One girl, in particular, was just amazed by what she was witnessing and what she had witnessed. The unit tall girl, 138 feet/41 meters with short red-brown hair and blue eyes just sat silently, absorbing the strange unfamiliar but beautiful music a woman and a man were playing.

“Hmmm a man, should a human even be called a man as if he were a Titan?”, Wendy thought.

She read his blog a few times and thought it was a prank, but seeing the little human transform to Titan size and hearing him speak, she just couldn’t tell difference. He was just as smart as any Titan...... scratch that, he was smarter than any Titan she corrected herself.

When the performance was over, she heard everyone cheered up from their chairs. “See, I told you so, Wendy. This Niall guy is for real.”, her friend said excitedly.

As Niall was just finished with his closing statement and turned back to a small human when the holographic projector was turned off, his owners Loona and Naskia came running to his place. Wendy saw how lovingly Naskia was treating Niall, but not only the love one had for a pet, but one as for a boyfriend or husband.
Wendy de Reus, a 18-year-old freshman at the Tanhausser University was so intrigued by all of this. This exceptionally smart human, his inventions, the relationship with a Titan woman, the culture and planet Earth.

As she was letting it sink in, a blond woman with a confused and somewhat annoyed look in her eyes approached her.

“Stop being so impressed, Wendy”, Lyroo said. Come on, let's just go back to the Humans Owners Society room and get to work. We have a lot of work to do.

“Yes off course, Ms. Lyroo. You have to admit, that was an impressive display by those humans. I couldn’t even tell that he was human with his Titan-sized image and the way he talked. He could even become a teacher at this faculty with the help of holograms and..”, Wendy was caught off.

“Even if he is smart. He is too small and vulnerable to function in our society. They need to be protected and cared for as the lovable pets they always have been and always will be to us”, Lyroo said raising her voice.

Wendy was about to mention how smart Loona's little pet Nonah was in a spelling contest against a senior student like Lyroo, but decided to stop talking about the subject. She could see Lyroo was upset by the whole ordeal. She herself had agreed with most of Lyroo’s ideas and was proud to be part of the HOS and admired Lyroo’s passion for the well being of the humans throughout the Empire.

As they walked away from the cheering and celebrating sounds of the excited student crowds, Wendy lowered her head and looked at the carrier box her boss was holding. She stared at the passenger inside the box for a while and Scroof stared happily back at the Titaness who was lost in thought.

When they arrived at the HOS, the naked humans in their cages and terrariums jumped happily up and down. Happy that their masters arrived to give them love and attention.

The little-annoyed expression left Lyroo’s face and turned into a happy smile.
“Hi there little cuties, mommy is here to spoil you again.”

Wendy was always happy to see the human smiling little faces and their jumping and dances of joy. They were indeed the loving and very grateful creatures.

Lyroo took Scroof out of his box and put him in the nicest terrarium in the room. He was clearly her favorite.

Wendy started cleaning the litter boxes filled with human excrements in them, the humans moved out of the way when a pair of giant hands moved toward them. The average owner would clean them once per 3 Titan days but at HOS it was done twice per day.

They had new arrivals brought in by volunteers, stray humans who were abandoned by their owners.
There were 20 of them divided over 2 carrier boxes.

“Wendy let’s call it a day. Can you take some of the new arrivals home with you?

“Certainly, I would love some new pets”, Wendy said.  They each took a carrier box and then parted ways.

Wendy arrived at her room, unlocked the door and entered. She walked through the living room straight to her bedroom and put the carrier on her desk next to an empty terrarium. She opened both doors so the humans could step out into their new home.

“Welcome to your new home. It is safe now, no more surviving on the streets little ones”, Wendy said in a satisfied cheerful tone.

The humans in the other terrariums jumped up with joy. A family of humans consisting of 2 parents and 2 young human children ran to the glass. The little boy and girl were screaming of joy, “Big Wendy is back” as the Titaness enormous head filled up the view of the tiny human family smiling kindly at them.

The great thing about humans is that they were easily trained. Labeled as class two sentient species they were a lot of fun to have as a pet, more interesting than other pets, at least to Wendy.

She also wanted to be a vet and was recently interested to study human behavior with groups of humans in one terrarium.

Most people on campus found her weird that she would buy clothes for them to wear and give them more luxury than most owners.

The last of the new group of humans had entered their new home and Wendy could close the door and put the carrier box away.

She immediately filled the water tanks and the food supply up and looked at the humans as some of them moved slowly towards it and some of them not moving a milli unit. Most of them looked at one particular human male as if they needed permission to eat or drink. Then they started walking to the drinking tanks and the food.

“He must be their leader, handsome looking little thing, aren’t you”, Wendy said, as she tapped at the glass wanting to get his attention.

He only gave her a short look and then concentrated again on the men and women.

She smiled at him and then also looked at her other humans. Normally she would play with some of them after school, but her mind was concentrated on something else.

On Dr. Niall Freeman and Earth.

Wendy decided to go for walk outside, she decided to go tot he faculty and use one of the holorooms.

At the door, she put her card into the card reader and the door opened. Inside she punched in the codes and got a big amount of different programs Niall left behind to choose from.

“Wow, this so much more than I expected, I don’t know where to begin”, Wendy said.

She decided to let the computer decide at random. It chose Rotterdam(The Netherlands).

The description mentioned a vibrant young city with very interesting architecture with very old classic buildings and very modern skyscrapers in its center.
“Rotterdam the Netherlands sounds interesting and good representation of an average modern Earth city”, Wendy thought out loud.

“Computer start program”

The room slowly changed around Wendy and was transforming into a city. Before she knew it she was standing in the middle of a square.

Wendy looked around in amazement. There were people walking around in strange clothing and strange 2 and 4 wheeled contraptions went passed her. She saw endless shops and restaurants around her, people, families walking, having conversations with each other, buying different goods.... wear clothing.

She had to remind herself that these were humans walking around her in a human city, but they looked so much liked Titans and seemed to be behaving in the same way.

They had transit systems, primitive aircraft, people had small pads just like Titans.

She knew somewhat from Dr. Niall’s stories what Earth had, but seeing it with her own eyes and experiencing it at human size was just amazing.
“Wow, these are nothing like the humans bred in The Empire. These are certainly not pets.”, Wendy said.

Wendy decided to try out some other programs too from around the globe. She noticed how amazingly diverse Earth was in its culture, languages, Flora and Fauna.

The population of 7 billion, that number amazed her too. Wow, so many people on one planet. Archavia, the most populous Titan world had only close to billion people living on it.

“I so want to visit Earth, visit these wonderful places.” But then she reminded herself, that she probably would not have the same experience because, in reality, everything would be 24 times smaller.

She just got a little naughty thought.

“Computer, back to Rotterdam but with the Titan-human size filter off”, Wendy said.

The holosuite was changing again. Now she looked around her and everything looked so different.
The wonderful city of Rotterdam now looked like a miniature city. Most buildings were still taller than her barely, only highest were a couple of units taller than here.

The people reacted to it and scattered away from the enormous Titaness.

“Hehe, I must look like an absolute supergiant to them”, Wendy said when she looked down at the humans.

She picked up one of those four-wheeled contraptions and looked inside.
There was a family sitting inside the car and they looked terrified. She put the car on the rooftop of a nearby building.

“Please step out of your primitive mobile contraption humans”, Wendy said.  A male and female stepped out and their 2 children.
Wendy took a long look at them. She looked around her saw some people staying there and watch her. She saw police cars approaching her and some primitive flying contraptions she didn’t recognize. They had rotating blades above them and could hover around.

“Computer end program”, Wendy said.

“This is absolutely gorram insane. Earth humans and Titans.........are the same?”, Wendy said.

“Frak, I need to meet this Niall. I have to contact Ms. Bass and ask her permission I’ve I could lend him a few days.”

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