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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for the long wait. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy :)


Kim was sitting in her corner of the box waiting for ‘dinner’. She wasn’t sure what that creep was thinking of, but it had to be something diabolical. Maybe this love thing is a clever ruse, to give her a false sense of security, at least she hopes. The thing she wanted least was for this monster to give affection to her. But she has to stay strong. Maybe this will lead to her escaping, or at least not having to smell his rotten gas and shit.


After a long while of waiting and contemplating Kim hears the door open and sees Greg enter. He wasn’t wearing his usual tight boxers and wifebeater. Instead, he was sporting a casual plain grey T-shirt with a pair of basketball shorts. Kim figures this is probably what he wears when he’s not subjecting his victims to torture. As he approaches the box he offers his hand to pick her up. Not wanting to stir the pot, Kim walks on to the hand platform. Immediately the giant lifts his hand up. Kim was expecting the hand to fold as usual, but it didn’t. The giant starts to walk forward, opening the door with his left hand and keeping his right palm extended. He was clearly putting in some effort to be careful and not shake the hand with Kim in it. A smell found it’s way to Kim’s nose. It wasn’t the usual smell of cigars or odor of fart this time. It smelt like actual food, although she couldn’t make out what it was. Probably because her sense of smell has been irreparably damaged due to this man’s behind.


As they turned the corner to reveal the dining room table, Kim was taken aback by the display. One chair had a steak dinner with mashed potatoes with it. And adjacent to the meal, sitting on the table was a smaller table with a tiny slice of steak and a pinch of mashed potatoes. As the giant neared the table, he gently placed Kim next to the minuscule table. The table was clearly not made for her per se, as it was still large for her incredibly small size. But it was still in better condition than the obvious toy table in the cigar box. On the table lie what would be a crumb of steak to anyone else, but to Kim, it was probably the biggest steak she had seen. Strangely enough, it didn’t look too bad. At this point, it was better than a block of cheese. She pulled the chair out and sat down, and the giant did the same. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any utensils to cut the steak, but she decided to bite in regardless. It was surprisingly delicious. She quickly chomped a few bites of the meat and scooped up some mashed potatoes. As Kim was munching down on the meal, she felt the presence of Greg watching her. As she peered up she noticed that he was just staring at her, and hadn’t even taken a bite out of his food. The discomfort of the glare set on her, she put down the food and sat there awkwardly.


“You must’ve been hungry.” the giant chimed in. He then got his fork and knife and started to cut into his steak. After chewing his first bite thoroughly and swallowing he made a gesture at her and said: “eat.” Kim wanted to, but the mashed potatoes had simply made her mouth dry. She thought she would take her chances and see if she could push this whole thing to the limit. Her frail and mostly unused voice shivered out a few words “Could I get some water?” the tiny woman asked. The giant looked at her quizzically and leaned in with his ear pointing towards her. She yelled louder “Could I get something to drink?” The giant leaned back and looked upon the tiny figure. Kim looked at him in a frightened way, not sure of what his response would be. “How rude of me” the giant finally spoke, “of course you need some refreshments. I’ll be right back.” He then got out of his seat, walking into what Kim assumed was his room. After a few minutes, the figure returned with a small toy cup held between his thumb and index finger. He then placed the tiny it on the real sized table next to Kim. The cup to him was a very small toy, but to Kim was large enough to be more of a bucket then a cup. She proceeded to pick the cup up with both hands and take a few gulps of water. It was refreshing and much cooler and cleaner than the water he had administered previously. After quenching her thirst, Kim set the large cup next to the mini table and continued to work on her meal. It wasn’t long before Kim finished the meal in front of her. She glared over at Greg’s plate and found that it was hardly gone. Looking up at the towering figure, she wasn’t surprised to find him staring at her. She stood up from her seat and walked over towards him. She had to get something off her chest.


Kim nervously walked to the plate. She had to get an ultimatum on whether Greg would ever let her go. She knew the answer in the back of her head but decided that since he was in such a ‘friendly’ mood, that she should get the answer directly. When she reached the plate Greg’s hand was presented to her as before. Just like last time, she walked on to his palm and was raised to his face. When she rose to the giant’s face, he immediately spoke. “What do you have to say, little one?” Kim raised her pipsqueak voice as loud as she could and asked: “When will I be able to leave, Greg?” Greg looked at the tiny figure with a look of disappointment. He smirked slightly and said “Why would you want to leave? I have everything you need here.” Kim was afraid he’d say that. She knew deep down that the only escape from this place was down the toilet drain. “You know what I mean” Kim interjected, “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life as a pet. I beg you, I won't tell anyone if you grow me back and let me go.” pleaded the tiny figure. As she looked at the giant face, she began to feel an uncomfortable feeling wash over her. The giant face in front of her didn’t look pleased. Suddenly the hand was quickly lowered to the table and she was unceremoniously dropped onto the table. Looking back up at the giant, she finds him pacing back and forth in front of her. Her first instinct was to back up but found that she was right in front of his plate of food.


“I don’t understand,” the giant figure said angrily: “I gave you a chance to live and prosper. I gave you food and treated you with care. And you still don’t seem to be grateful!” Before Kim could say anything the giant’s hand was already reaching for her. She was painfully grasped and brought up to the giant’s maw. “If you can’t appreciate my care, then it looks like you will stay with me forever.” the humongous man states. Then, before Kim could try to mitigate the situation, she found herself wrapped by the giant’s warm hand. She was kicking and screaming out apologies. Shortly, the hand opened and Kim found herself in the center of his palm, covered in sweat. His hand lowered to around the level of his belly, and he began to speak. “I gave you the greatest chance you’ll ever have. You had your chance to live bitch, now you’ll be with me forever!” His other hand proceeded to grab her by the waist, knocking the breath right out of her. Removing the view of his palm, Kim was shocked to see that he was dangling her above the mountainous pile of mashed potatoes. Kim would have screamed if the giant’s vice-like grip hadn’t made it impossible. Then, without warning, the fingers pinching her released. Kim was free falling right into the creamy mound of potatoes. It felt as if she was falling hundreds of feet. When she fell into the mound, she found it to give more resistance than expected. Instead of splashing into the mound like a pool, she found herself splating right on top of the pile of mashed potatoes. Her whole front was covered in the substance, and she found that she couldn’t move. The potatoes had acted like cement to her tiny form. She could barely hear the world around her, but she faintly could hear the giant’s seat slide in.


After minutes of agonizing waiting, Kim was suddenly mixed around in the potatoes. She saw a fork come in from under her and pick her up, just to reintroduce her to the mound. As she was being mixed in with the slush around her, Kim began to feel queasy. She wasn’t sure where she was exactly, or what direction she was facing. Out of the mound, she heard a loud belch echo out of her captor's mouth. A sign of things to come. All of Kim’s orifices were drenched in slimy mashed potatoes. Even when she swallowed the potatoes in her mouth, as soon as she opened to scream she found another mouthful waiting for her. This went on for several minutes; until a glob of potatoes was removed in front of her. She found herself staring at her captor, stuck in the edible substance. The opening only released her upper body, and her legs were still stuck in the gunk. Kim barely could muster the energy to scream. When she did, Greg’s eyes peeled straight toward her. He gave off an unsettling smirk as he inserted another piece of steak into his dark maw. He chewed the meat slowly, staring intently at the figure stuck in his food. As he swallowed the chunk, he lifted his head to reveal the chunk sliding down his throat. The bulge was visible to Kim, and she shuddered as he traced his hand down his throat, trailing his meal. A satisfying gasp left the giant’s mouth, and he eyed the woman in his food. “To be honest, little one, I’m stuffed.” the giant stated: “But I think I’ll have you as my dessert.” he finished. Kim saw the giant’s hand reach over towards her. He picked her out of the mound with intent.


As Kim was raised to Greg’s maw once more, he burped directly in her face. Had Kim’s senses not been toast from the past days of torture, she would have probably vomited from the smell of steak and potatoes trailing in the giant’s belch. “You had your chance, pathetic bug.” the giant stated mockingly: “But now you will serve a purpose greater than you ever could. Not only will my body take what little is worth from your meaningless form, but you’ll also serve to add to my immaculate shit. I cannot wait to see your skeleton embedded within my shit!” Kim heard the giant’s words and was speechless. Before she could cough up any words, the giant continued his speech. “In minutes you’ll be floating in my stomach, with my acids surrounding you. Slowly dissolving you. I imagine because you’re so small, my body will be finished with you before the morning comes. Then you’ll be compacted in my intestines. Slowly transforming from a useless being to an even more worthless turd. And tomorrow, when I feel you pushing at my asshole, I’m going to shit you out; or at least what’s left of you.” Then suddenly he moved his hand away from his face and stood up. A sickening smile crept up on his face. “Here, I’ll give you a preview of the future.” He then dropped his hand towards his buttocks and cupped it right around the ‘back-door’. Kim’s face was seemingly directly in front of the giant’s asshole. She had suffered many of this man’s gas attacks, but couldn’t help but cry for help as she heard the gasses churn in the ass in front of her. Then a hot wash of gas washed over her. The fart was mostly silent, but the heat of the meaty fart was enough to make tears come from Kim’s eyes. It lasted just over 6 seconds and by the end, Kim was reeling on the floor. She vomited up what she ate, and was writhing on his palm.


After passing the deadly gas unto the tiny form in his hand, Greg grabbed the tiny by the legs and raised her to his maw. Kim was coughing up the rest of her meal as she was raised above the giant’s face. He proceeded to dangle her above his mouth, and as his maw opened Kim began to scream as loud as she could; praying to whatever would hear her. Unfortunately, the only god watching her was salivating to drop her in his gaping maw.


As Kim fell, she saw the world in slow motion. Descending upon the giant’s tongue, as she reached the destination the mouth closed as soon as she was on the waiting tongue. The giant spent no time waiting to savor his dessert. Kim was being swished from one side of the mouth to the other, each time lasting a little longer. She felt herself being sucked on. The mashed potatoes covering her were washed off instantly into the man's saliva. As she got passed to the other side her body slammed against the teeth of the beast. She realized that at any moment he could chomp down on her body. The troubling thought was that if he did, that would be the merciful thing to do. After many minutes of sucking and savoring, the giant plopped the tiny back on his tongue. The mouth suddenly opened to reveal that Greg was standing in front of a mirror. It was clearly the bathroom mirror. As Kim stared outward, looking at herself in this monster’s mouth, she for a second drove up to make it out. But then the head of the giant started to tilt backward. The saliva covered tongue offered no purchase for the tiny woman's hands. Kim found herself sliding back slowly, unable to stop the forces of gravity. Abruptly, she fell back and started to slide into the esophagus of this monster. It was coated in the snot and muck of her kidnapper. She was desperately clawing at the flesh in front of her, begging to be caught by something. But the journey down ended quickly, as a strange opening below her opened up, she was bluntly dropped into a dank, dark, and reeking pit. Kim already recognized this as the stomach of Greg. What she knew was her doom. Under her was an already partially digested dinner. A load of mashed potatoes above dozens of chunks of steak. There also seemed to be the remains of some other food, possibly some fast food from earlier in his day. Kim darted from the acidic mix below her. It didn’t burn but it made her body tingle in an unnatural manner. She found herself on a mound of mashed potatoes over a large piece of steak. She could barely see with only some light coming through the stomach walls. Kim was tired and beaten. She was sure her fate was sealed.


Chapter End Notes:

Just to let you guys know, next chapter is probably gonna be the last. Let's just say it's gonna end with a bang, or maybe a *plop*

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