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Story Notes:

Hey guys, sorry I've been gone for so long. I'll be putting my previous story on hold for now. In any case, I hope you enjoy this one. :)

Author's Chapter Notes:

Just a little introduction with some foot play. Hope you enjoy :)

It was a cold November night in the big apple. Midnight approached rapidly and Kim had to get out of the bar before it got too late. Kim is a short petite girl, 27 years of age. She had just recently moved to New York for a great business opportunity. She’s fresh out of college and hungry to move forward in her career. Little did she know she had picked the wrong time to be out late.

As Kim exited the bar she started the trip back to her apartment. She was pretty blasted and just wanted to get some sleep. Hurrying home, Kim thought she’d cut through an alley. As she was passing through the dim alley she felt a sting on her arm. Immediately she reached for her pepper spray in her purse. But as she dug through her bag her vision began to blur and spin, and she felt sick. Before she knew it she fell unconscious. The last thing she felt was a warm touch around her.

When Kim awoke she noticed that she wasn’t in her bed. The surface around her naked body felt strangely like wood. The landscape around her was dark and musty. The overwhelming odor of cigars permeated her nostrils. Then out of nowhere this place she was in seemed as if it was lifting up. Kim fell to the ground due to the sudden change of altitude. Just before Kim was about to upchuck due to the sudden change of velocity, what she perceived as the sky opened. As the blaze of light struck her Kim noticed that she was in some sort of huge box. She could see that the ‘sky’ that opened was a latch door held by hinges.

Just as Kim was getting used to her surroundings, the box started to tilt and she began to fall onto what looked like a wooden table. Kim was certain she would die from this drop, but as she plummeted down to the surface below she was surprised to be alive with no damage. Looking around, her she seemed to be in a plain room with nothing in it. But the unmistakable feeling of being watched could be felt. As she turned around she began to scream.

A colossus of a man stood at the other end of the table. His steel eyes staring down at the bug before him. He was wearing very tight boxers, wedging tightly against his girth and plump ass. He was slightly chubby, with a loose wifebeater on. His hair was a mahogany color with shaved on the sides and unkempt on the top, and his chin sported a 5’o clock shadow.

The giant speaks in a commanding tone, “I brought you here for one simple reason. That reason is for my pleasure. Your past life is gone and you now live to serve me.” Kim was shocked, her immediate instinct was to run but looking at her surroundings she saw that there was nowhere to go. Her urge to run got the better of her and she bolted to the end of the table. Kim peered down to the floor. The fall was comparable to jumping off a skyscraper. Before she could make a choice she saw the man’s hand envelop her. He put her in a grip to tight to struggle, his vice grip took the breath out of her. When the hand was released she was at face height with the giant.

“Listen here you worm, I could easily kill you right now. You’re my slave now and slaves who disobey get discipline.” The hand enveloped Kim again, she could feel herself descending. She was then dumped out of the hand onto the table with a huge pair of feet before her. The dominant voice of the giant sounded again, “For your first order, I demand you to clean my feet.” Kim stared awkwardly at the giant. The stench of the feet clouded Kim’s senses. “Do it! Or so help me I will snuff your useless life out of existence!” the giant demanded. Not having any other options Kim approached the soles. The closer she got the more horrendous the smell became. As she got to the wall of skin she was thinking “Why me?”. Just in that moment of hesitation, the giant picked his foot up slightly and slammed it back down, just missing Kim. “One more mistake and you will be nothing more than paste on my foot!”

Kim quickly got up from the shockwave that the foot sent and started to massage the giant foot to the best of her abilities. “I can barely feel that you need to put more effort into it. Your life depends on it.” the giant said confidently. Kim put her whole body into the foot, trying her best to please this horrid monster. “You need to lick it, I said to clean my foot.” Kim was horrified, hoping she would wake up from this nightmare. She remembered his previous speech about being paste on his foot and brought her tongue to the man's foot. The foot tasted disgusting, to say the least, but Kim wasn’t worried about that. This was a life or death situation. The only thing she thought was if she hadn’t gone drinking tonight this would have never happened.


Chapter End Notes:

I do plan on updating this story more often than the last one. I'm sorry for those who enjoyed my previous story, but I decided to focus more primarily on M/f stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

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