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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been both busy, and haven't been in the headspace to write. This chapter isn't so much cruel, but a necessary step to move the plot forward. 

The giant man staring at the little woman in the palm of his hand had nothing but the look of want in his grey eyes. The tiny helpless bug looked up at her captor with a mixture of mostly fear, but a lot of hate. Just as Kim thought he would just finish her off now, he closed his palm and started walking. She was afraid of the destination. She wasn’t sure if she could take the palm opening up to the unassuming tile floored bathroom. The glance her torturer just shared with her was unmistakable. A devious look of passion. Kim knew that she would rather have died many days ago then have this freak fall for her.

As light reentered Kim’s eyes she found herself back at the box. The hand descended towards it slowly. This was an unusual change, as she was always just casually dropped in there without a second thought. The fingers of the hand extended to make a platform down to the wooden repurposed cigar box. As she stepped down to the floor of the box the giant lifted his hand back up and spoke. “I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about you I adore. You go with all my schemes, inhale my gas, and still have a look of optimism on you. It’s a huge turn on. Usually, the slaves try to run on the first day or prove to be easily broken within the first two to three days. You're one of the only ones that’ve gotten this far. Even the ones that last for a while usually bore me. They don’t want to SERVE me. You, on the other hand, you’re fun. You do exactly what you’re told, and keep things interesting.” As the giant speaks he looks at Kim, who is slowly backing herself to the back of the box hearing his strange speech. “I’m going to do something special for you. I shouldn’t, given the fact that that you are my property. But since you’ve been such a good little toy, you deserve some reward. After I clean the mess in the kitchen and flush it all down I’m going to prepare a meal for both of us.” The giant starts to head towards the door, but before leaving gives one last look-see at Kim and brandishes an uncomfortable smile. As the door shuts Kim lets out a gasp of air.

She can’t believe this. Stuck in some creeps apartment for days, being raped, and tortured. And now all of the sudden this creep loves her? She’s not sure how to approach the situation. If she continues how she is, she’s bound to a life of servitude until one day where either she screws up and ends up in a stinky pile of feces. Or she can take the easy way out and screw up on purpose and end up in the same position. Kim wants to have hope that somehow she’ll survive this. Someone is bound to catch this lunatic stealing whatever substance from his job. But there’s only one thing worse than a crazy person trying to kill you. That’s a crazy person falling in love with you. At this rate, suicide is seeming more palatable. But Kim knows that’s not her way. She can get through this trial, she just needs to have some hope.


Chapter End Notes:

Sorry for the chapter's brevity. Hope you enjoyed reading nonetheless :)

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