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After finishing the cheese crumb, and drinking most of the water she had, Kim still couldn’t go to sleep. She felt as if she was going mad. In this room for sho knows how long, with the one ceiling light beating down on her. It was stuffy in the room and the faint smell of cigars was still lingering in the box. After a few hours, Kim fell asleep feeling defeated. As she was asleep she had a plethora of nightmares; all of them involved getting obliterated in some manner by her captor. Being stepped on, either by purpose or accident, seemed like the most ideal circumstances. Being eaten would be terrible. The idea of being slowly dissolved by his stomach acids, and to pass through his body just so he could shit her out made her skin crawl. Though out of all the cruelties, being drowned in a cascade of this vile man’s shit seemed the worst. Watching his hairy pucker let loose a torrent of logs and liquid. Even if you don't get crushed in between the shit, or drowned by diarrhea, then he’ll just casually wipe and send you to the abyss of the sewers.

As Kim was tossing and turning in her sleep, she suddenly woke up due to a terribly foul smell rushing to her nostrils. Just as she opened her eyes, she had to puke. A watery cheesy vomit spewed out of her mouth. She didn’t have time to get to the thimble either, forcing herself to puke on the floor. When she finished barfing, she looked up to find the source. The bare hairy ass of her captor was resting on the box. Before she could comprehend what the hell was going on, an eggy fart released out of the mountainous cheeks. The fart lasted at least five seconds, as it passed out of his anus warmly. Kim began to heave, but nothing would come up. She just sat their couching and dry heaving as the gas passed onto her.

“Phew, I love eggs,” the giant said as he turned around, “but they always make my gas reek.” He chuckles before getting a whiff of his own creation. He flies his hand around his nose a few times, clearing the air. “Well I’m off to work, and I got a special surprise for you when you get back.” the giant states to the heaving bug. “Oh, I almost forgot, here,” he says, reaching in his pocket. He grabs out a small piece of what seemed to be bread. “Well, I gotta get dressed. Don’t forget to get some rest, you’ll need it.” The giant proclaims. He then lifts his pants up and walks out the door. Kim was still getting over his butt blast. She looked over towards the measly food he gave to her and noticed that her water was still low as yesterday. She wasn’t in the mood to eat but knew that starving herself would just make her weak for her captors ‘games’. So she stomached most of the dry bread and drank the last bit of water. Still feeling tired, she marked one more day on the wall and fell back into slumber.

Kim woke up to the sound of the door opening, seeing her captor return. This time he was in jeans and a polo. “Are you ready for your surprise?” the giant asked. Kim answered with interest, not wanting to get on his bad side. The giant reached in his back pocket and held his hand toward the box. Unraveling his hand, the body of a women falls out towards the center of the box. Looking at the woman, she has a slender figure with long straight blonde hair. “She won’t be awake for a little while when she wakes up I don’t want you to tell her any of my rules. They’re meant to be learned, not followed. If I see that you’re telling her any of the lovely times you’ve had here, then you will be severely punished.” the giant declares, “Do I make myself clear?” he asks. Kim answers as loud and clear as she can, “Yes, master.” He nods and leaves the room. Just as Kim thought she was in the clear, the door reopens with Greg's head popping out. “Get ready to do some exercise,” he states, then closes the door.



Chapter End Notes:

Hope this will spice things up! Thanks for reading :)

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