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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter involves some scat, so if ya don't like that then skip. Thanks for reading :)


For what feels like an eternity Kim had been licking and rubbing her body onto this giant man’s foot. She wasn’t sure how much time had past and was getting tired. Just as her boredom peaked she saw the foot curl back and the man’s hand coming toward her. A slight struggle was still present in Kim, but she was tired and her energy was running low.


She saw that she was being brought closer to her master. She didn’t want to think of him as such, but she really was doomed to serve him or die. He then brought her back to his foot, placing her betwixt his big toe and middle toe. Clutching her between his toes, he brought his foot back on the table. “Lick my toes.” the man demanded. Kim followed the man’s order, stroking her tongue up and down the man’s two front toes. She saw that he was staring at her in a sensual manner. His boxers were quite tight on his crotch, and Kim saw his huge cock was almost bulging out of the undergarments.


Kim tried to ignore her captor but then he started to touch himself. He unwrapped his large dick out of the cramped underwear. He took his right hand and began to stroke slowly. Kim felt the urge to run again. But she couldn’t she was on the brink of passing out. Her tongue was dry as a dessert, and she was getting nauseous from being held up by his toes for so long. All the sudden his toes tightened up, completely knocking the wind out of Kim. She looked up at the man to see him vigorously stroking his cock. He quickly leaned forward and grabbed Kim out of the clutches of his toes. Kim was partly relieved for not being constricted to death. But she would soon wish she died.


When the hand opened up the man’s cock was just inches from her. She backed up as far as she could, fearing for her life. The man started to moan, his face turning red. Kim couldn’t believe this was happening, but it couldn’t be a nightmare. Kim knew she couldn’t even dream something this evil if she tried. Then the giant moaned loudly. His cum spilling out violently, covering both his hand and the tiny being in it. Kim was in tears at this point. She was no more than a glorified sex toy. This random stranger had just spilled his jizz all over her. No place was left uncoated. As the man finished his climax he dumped both his cum and his slave on the table, sitting in the office chair and breathing heavily. He then spoke “You were a decent slave tonight. I suppose you deserve to live, for now.” He gets up, picks up Kim, and heads for the door. When the man’s hand released Kim saw that she was in a bathroom. The water was turned on lightly and she was unceremoniously washed in the lukewarm sink. He rubbed her all over, clearly focusing on her breasts.


After the wash, she was put on the sink counter and he stood naked in front of her. The giant man looks at the tiny woman in front of him. He then speaks in an almost amused tone “I just want you to know that if I catch you running away from the box at night, this is where you’ll end up." The man then lifts up the toilet seat and takes a seat. “Sometimes I like to eat the ones that try and run” a loud, bassy fart then blasts out from the toilet, followed immediately by a putrid odor “but most of the times I put the runners in here alive. It’s more fun that way.” The man continues taking a shit, grunting as the logs pass into the toilet. The whole time he stares at Kim with a smug grin. Kim was defeated, her nostrils were singeing with the man's noxious gas. He proceeds to unravel some toilet paper and wipe himself, still not breaking eye contact. The man gets up, still pantsless, and picks Kim up. He forces her to look at his creation. “Trust me, that’s a casual shit. You don’t want to see what happens when I get burritos.” The mess inside was hard to look at. The water was completely full of shit logs. With yellow-brown stains on the side. Then the man bends over, making sure Kim is still watching and flushes. As the sludge gets forced down the toilet, the giant speaks to Kim in a direct tone "just wanted to make things clear."


After that mortifying experience, the man brought Kim back to the box. “You get two meals a day if your good, one if you make a mistake. Or maybe just none if I feel like it.” the man exclaimed. He then dumps her into the box. "I'm going to leave the lid open because you'd probably die if it was closed all night. See? Look how generous I can be." The man exclaims sarcastically. "Sleep tight slave, you've got a lot of work tomorrow."  Kim hears the man shut the door. She is too tired to cry and too scared to sleep. Eventually, her body is completely drained, and she passes out in the corner of the box. She just hopes that she wakes up in her bed and it was all a terrible dream.


Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading :)

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